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"Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 2.
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Default "Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 2.

The referee called for the bell...I was effin nervous...But i knew that X-Treem was way more nervous than me, since his father was in the attendance...We looked at each others for a short 10 seconds that looked like a decade to us...We both replayed the tape of Sunny's advices in our head: "Don't act fool, think simple and clean for you're first match, don't cheat or try to be fancy"...

"Well, then!" I slapped on my shoulder(which is the sign to say i'm ready)...X-Treem then looked at me...smiled cockily...and leaved the ring to run in the crowd! "What the fuck!?" was my first words as he completly destroyed the plan of our match...Then, i got angry and fallowed him...not without taking a steel chair in my hands! When he turned back and realised i was fallowing him, he never got enough time to realise a chair shot was coming to his head: he ate it all in the teeth...

After that chair shot, i was thinking about Sunny, backstage, certainly ripping the hair out of his head in frustration, so i wasted no time and dragged X-Treem back in the ring...I went back with basic moves, then, as we gave all our energy in technical moves...During approximatively 6 minutes, we were countering, locking, suplexing each others on the mat non-stopped...And then, something very particular happened: i heard something...i heard something sweet to my ears: the cheers. Yes, 200 persons cheering for us, for me, for X-Treem, for the performance we were giving at our very first show...

The rest of the match was all about basic moves(a Moonsault is a basic move for me) and eventually, X-Treem reversed my own "PsychoTrip" finisher into his Triangle Choke...I knew it was the end of the match, as i had to tap-out, but in the bottom of my heart, i didn't wanted to leave this ring at all...So i played an act, trying to reach the ropes like i was capable of, screaming in pain, as i was hearing X-Treem whispering to me, his teeth all bloodied by my chair shot: "tap...dammit, tap!..." That's what i finally did...

After the match, something incredible happened...X-Treem and I shook hands under the cheers of the crowd, giving CCW Junior a little ROH aspect...But the incredible thing was that Sunny's music blasted the speakers while we were in the ring! The crowd then cheered even more for the CCW legend, as our coach looked seriously at us...

"Ouh...I think the chair shot was too much", i tought...But when he arrived in the air, grabbed my left arm and X-Treem's left arm to lift them in the air, i understood: not only he was proud of us, but soon enough, we would have a push...

Backstage, after the match, i've been congratulated for my technical performance and my in-ring skills by nearly every other CCW wrestlers...I was impressed, but confident, since i was now "part of the gang"...Sunny then came to me and told me: "You know what? Last time i heard the crowd cheering in somebody's first match was when Sly(Sylvain Grenier) arrived in NCW...Don't give up and train...You'll become a main part of CCW"...Then, he leaved. He told X-Treem the same thing...

Didn't had what it takes to sleep, that night...I wasn't feeling any pain...I wasn't feeling any fear...I was...just...proud of me. I was proud of finally being able to say: hey, i'm a wrestler...

*To be continued*
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