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"Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 1.
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Default "Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 1.

With the advice of our excellent GDAWG, here's the first edition of a wrestler. As some of you already know, i'm wrestling in EWR, the biggest independent federation of wrestling in Canada...So, there's a lot of possibilities that this little "Diary of a wrestler" looks like what i lived when i began to wrestle...Hope you'll like it.
Woah...Next saturday...Next saturday, i'll live my dream...I mean, for the first time, somebody gives me a true chance...Well, to tell you everything, i just had a call from Sunny War Cloud, CCW's owner...CCW is an indy federation in Quebec City who doesn't stop to grow and to gain credibility...You're certainly wondering why he called me?...Well, it seems that i'm capable of being a wrestler, that i'm capable to step in the same ring as these great wrestlers...To be crystal clear, after an intensive month of training, i'll get my first match in CCW Junior, the OVW of CCW, if you prefer...I'll wrestle a guy who, just like me, is beginning...His wrestling name is Mr. X-Treem...Well, he looks like he believes in himself...My wrestling name has been chosen yesterday: Steve Parker. Man, you don't know how i can't wait for this...

3 days passed...Somebody knocked at my door, at home...The man gave me a pack having a "PWInsider" logo on it. After he asked me to sign a little piece of paper, i opened the pack: my knee-pads, my elbow-pads, my wrestling tape and my shorts are in there...More than ever, i'm ready to wrestle.

The week after, i finally stepped in a wrestling ring for the first time...Woah...It feels weird...Didn't tought the ropes were so soft...Didn't tough the ring was so hard...My coach, Sunny War Cloud, let us having fun with the ring for a minute before calling us in the middle of the squared circle...We were 4 students.

"Welcome.", he said with a serious voice. "Now, we'll train...We'll train hard, and the last thing i want to see is somebody injured...Got it? So listen to what i'm saying and don't act like a fool!"...Woah, for the first time, i saw how Sunny was with people...And i kind had respect for him when he told us that.

After we learned to bump correctly on the mat(we were all former backyard wrestlers, so we knew how to bump), we went on basic moves: body-slam, suplex, hip-toss, headlock takedown, etc. I kinda wondered why we didn't learned how to punch and kick first...When i asked him this question, he answered: "wrestling isn't about punching and kicking. it's an art. If you want to punch and kick, go to any bar and act like a fool...But here, we don't."...GULP! That's how it feels to be replaced...

One week passed...Man, my back hurts...I feel like i'm 80 years old...But the more things goes, the more i'm being familiar with the bumps on the ring. The fallowing month, i wasn't even feeling the when i was falling...

"Big day, this saturday", said Sunny..."Jay(me), you're wrestling against Steven(Mr.X-Treem)...I don't care about who wins: i care about seeing a good match...And i know you're both capable of...OH!...One more thing: don't try to send each others through tables, got it? You two have a fair match, final dot. GOT IT?"...I was wondering if he was reading my mind, sometimes...Anyway, me and Steve made a rock-paper-scissors: he won. Well, i'm losing my first match...So what?

We're finally here...THE big day...

*To be continued*
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