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Brock vs. Goldberg..How it should of been..
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The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.The_One should go home and get his fuckin' shinebox.
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Default Brock vs. Goldberg..How it should of been..

We all know how bad this match was at WM 20..So I wrote my version of how it should of gone down..And I think it would of been doable by both men..No DQ in my version..Tell me what you think..

The Bell Rings..Lesnar vs. Goldberg has begun..This match is No DQ..The staredown in the middle of the ring..The crowd at a fever pitch..Both me Lock up..Lesnar Drives Goldberg into the corner..ref forces a clean break...Lesnar Slaps Goldberg...Goldberg is in a rage..He Drives at Lesnar with a shoulderblock..Lesnar Stands..Lesnar taunts Goldberg...telling him to knock him down..It looks as if Goldberg is going to go off the ropes for another shot..But no..He stops..and nails Lesnar with a right hand that drops him to the mat....Lesnar nips up...Both men staring at the Lesnar is enraged...Both men lock up..This time Goldberg Drives Lesnar into the corner..and batters him with 4 chops..Lesnar reverses and tosses Goldberg into the corner..and gives him a few of his pattened Shoulderblocks..Whips goldberg across the ring and into the corner..Tries to follow him in with a clothesline..Goldberg moves..Lesnar stops before he hits the corner..Turns around..and Get's smacked with a straight kick from Goldberg that sends him to the outside..Goldberg Follows lesnar Out...Picks Lesnar up and tries to Drive his head into the steps..Lesnar blocks..and Drives Berg's head into the steps..Goldberg looks a little dazed...Lesnar attempts to whip him into the steps..But berg Reverses it and Brock hits the steps Back First....Goldberg picks Brock up..Hooks him...It looks like he's trying a Jackhammer on the outside of the ring...Brock with the block..and Drives Goldberg back first into the apron..and nails him with clubing forearms to the chest..He rolls Goldberg back into the ring....and whips him into the ropes..Goldberg ducks a clothesline..and Nails lesnar with a straight kick to the stomach..bounces off the ropes..and hits Lesnar with a knee lift...He picks Lesnar him a big time bodyslam..and follows it up with elbow drop after elbow drop..a total of four...then goes for the first cover of the match..1...2...Lesnar kicks out....Goldberg goes to pick Lesnar up..Lesnar takes him down by both legs..gets on top..and batters Goldberg with rights and lefts...The crowd is split down the middle as you hear boos and cheers for lesnar's Actions..Lesnar picks Goldberg up..Gives him a couple right hands..Hooks him..and delivers a nice belly to belly suplex...cover..1...2...Goldberg kicks out with force..Lesnar gets up..bounces off the ropes..and nails goldberg with a nice legdrop..cover again..1..2...Goldberg kicks out..Brock looks frustrated..He goes to pick Goldberg up..Goldberg nails him in the gut with shots..and whips Lesnar into the Ropes..and deliver a Huge Back body Drop..Lesnar gets up..and Goldber clotheslines him out the ring....Goldberg comes out..and grabs a's legal..He takes a swing at lesnar..Lesnar catches his arm and kicks him..Goldberg drops the chair..Brock picks it up..and nails Goldberg in the Back...Goldberg doesn't go down..Brock is aiming for his head..Goldberg dodges the chair..and hits lesnar with a low blow..Lesnar goes down to his knees in pain..Goldberg Picks up the Chair..and gives Lesnar a huge shot to his head..Lesnar goes down hard..Lesnar is bleeding badly..the crowd at MSG is in a Frenzy..Goldberg is smiling..He picks Lesnar up..Sets him up against the ring post..grabs the chair..he's going to take his head off...Brock dodges the shot..Goldberg turns around..Brock picks goldberg up and drives him into the ring post back first..Goldberg's in pain..Brock slowly gets up and grabs a TV monitor...Goldberg is too his knees..he turns around..and Brock nails him in the face with it..Goldberg goes down in a heap..but no blood..Brock wants goldberg to bleed..he looks under the's taking him a long time to find what he wants...He's found it...a barbed wire bat!...He looks at it..seems satisfied..But what he doesn't know is is that Goldberg is up..Brock turns around and Goldberg runs him over with a shoulder tackle...Goldberg picks up the bat..and scrapes it across Lesnars god Lesnar is bleeding like a hog...Goldberg throws the bat in the ring..and does the same to lesnar..he covers lesnar..1...2....Lesnar kicks out..Goldberg picks Lesnars head up and pounds it....Grabs the bat again..Lesnar stands..Ducks the swing from Goldberg..Hooks Goldberg Up..and nails him with a german suplex..Lesnar sees the bat..the blood streaming down his forehead..Goldberg Turns around..and Brock Drops him with a shot to the head with the Bat..Goldbergs opened up now..even worse then Brock..Lesnar has seen his blood..he's in a frenzy..He picks Goldberg up and throws him into a corner....He gives him kick after kick..and drives goldberg down into the corner with his boot..Lesnar wants that bat again..he goes to the opposite corner to get it...Brock turns around..Goldberg explodes out of the corner and nails a spear!..Lesnar is down..Goldberg makes the cover..1...2...lesnar barely gets his shoulder up..Godlberg is shocked..he goes outside..looks under the ring..and finds a leather strap..he rolls back in..Brock is still down..and goldberg whips the living hell out of Lesnar..shot after shot..a total of 7 times to lesnar's back..He raps the strap around Lesnars throat and chokes him..he goes for antoher cover..1....2....Lesnar kicks out again..Goldberg is frustrated now..He's calling for the Jackhammer..he goes to pick Lesnar up..Lesnar nails him with a low blow..Payback!..Lesnar gets up..and drives goldberg into the mat with a DDT..cover..1...2...Goldberg kicks out..Blood is covering the ring..Lesnar's up to his feet..the crowd is going crazy..Lesnar gabs the strap..The crowd knows what's next..He props Goldberg up against the Turnbuckle..and whips his chest...5 times..until it's beat red...He then grabs him..and nails him with a belly to back suplex..cover..1...2.....Goldberg kicks out again..Brock's calling for the end Now..He's going for the F5..He's got goldberg on his shoulders..but goldberg escapes..Hits Lesnar with a right hand..whips him into the ropes...Double Clothesline!..Both men had the same idea..Both are down..The crowd in a stunned silence..Goldberg and Lesnar Chants fill the Arena..Lesnar is first up..Lesnar goes to the outside..Grabs a chair and brings it in...As soon as he comes in..Bam..Spear..This time Goldberg's going for part 2..He picks him up..He nails the Jackhammer!...1......2.............Lesnar kicks out!...Oh my god..Goldberg is going nuts..Goldberg sets himself in the corner...for another spear...Brock slowly gets up..Sees Goldberg coming..Sideswipes him..Goldbergs shoulder smacks the ringpost..Goldberg Stumbles out..Brock catches him and out of nowhere hits the F5!..Cover...1......2..........Goldberg is up!...No way..Brock can't believe this..He goes over to Goldberg..Goldberg nails a right hand....and another Spear out of nowhere!!..But goldber can't takes him 20 seconds to get to lesnar..he makes the cover..1...2...Again Lesnar kicks out!.,..My god what will it take..Brock Trips Goldberg up on the way to his feet..Lesnar sees the chair in the ring..picks it up...Goldberg gets up..Lesnar nails him with a chair to the head..Picks him up..nails him again...picks him up..a thrid shot to the skull!..Lesnar puts the chair down on the mat..Picks Goldberg up..F5 On the Chair!...Cover...1....2....3!...Lesnar wins!..MSG goes crazy as both men are down and EMT's come to check on them..
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