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Global Championship Wrestling
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Default Global Championship Wrestling

Global Championship Wrestling

Chairman- Stephanie Mcmahon


“The Showstoppa” Shawn Micheals
Eddie Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
“The Alpha Male” Monty Brown
“The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
Shelton Benjamin
Paul Burchill
Matt Hardy
Doug Williams
“The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels
Jeff Hardy
William Regal
Petey Williams
Lance Storm
Jonny “The Bull” Stamboli
Paul London
Jody Fleisch
Chavo Guerrero
Jamie Noble
Sonjay Dutt
Jerry Lynn

Tag Teams

America’s Most Wanted (“Wildcat” Chris Harris and “Cowboy” James Storm)
The Dudley Boyz (Bubber Ray and Devone Dudley)
The Eliminators (Perry Saturn and John Kronus)
La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway)
“The Future” Frankie Kazarian and Micheal Shane


Jim Ross
Joey Styles

Backstage Interviewers:

Josh Matthews
Terri Runnels
Scott Hudson

Weekly Show

Monday Night Mayhem

Pay Per Views

January- Guilty As Charged
February- Uprising
March- Bound For Glory
April- Retribution
June- King Of The Ring
July- Hell On Earth
August- Beach Bash
September- Fall Brawl
October- Haloween Havoc
November- Highway To Hell
December- Holiday Hell


GCW World Championship
GCW Television Championship
GCW X Division Championship
GCW Tag Team Championships
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Monday Night Mayhem

A New Era Has Began

Fireworks and pyrotechnic explosions booms across the Mayhem stage as “Not Falling” by Madvayne blasts into the arena over the screaming fans who wave signs of support for their favorite Superstars as we cross over live to the Announcer’s Desk where Jim Ross and Joey Styles sit ready for the night ahead of them.

Jim Ross: Welcome to the first Monday Night Mayhem in the history of Global Championship Wrestling, I am “Good Ol” JR and sitting beside me is Joey Styles.

Joey Styles: And I am sure the build up for this event will not be let down, by our superstars our the owner, Stephanie Mcmahon. I must addmit that this is how I felt when I was apart of ECW, I felt like it was going straight to the top.

Jim Ross: Well Joey, let’s hope that it is not like ECW because we don’t want this to go bust.

Joey Styles: Very true, JR.

*All Grown Up*

Joey Styles: Here comes the boss, Stephanie Mcmahon.

Stephanie Mcmahon walks out to huge heat most probably because what she did in WWE. Stephanie is wearing a black top with black pants. Stephanie stops on the top of the apron and she looked around at the fans who are still giving her heat, Stephanie walks down to the ring disgusted by the fans. Stephanie walks up the steel steps and steps through the bottom rope, Stephanie poses while in the ring to another boo, Stephanie grabs a microphone from the timekeeper.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Welcome to my creation Global Championship Wrestling.

Fans cheer hearing the new federation.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Now I bet you are all wondering why, why I left the WWE and created GCW?

Jim Ross: I have wondered that, it does not make sense, Joey.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Well it is simple, My dad, Vince Mcmahon.

The fans explode into boo’s.

Joey Styles: Vince Mcmahon does not seem to be a popular name here tonight, JR.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Kept me, his little princess off the television. So I thought the little princess had to rebel, and I have rebeled the best way possible, I have rebeled by taking some of his talent mixing it with some indy talent and now I have made some competition for the WWE.

Jim Ross: That she has folks.

Stephanie Mcmahon: And the sompetition is going to be stiff, the sompetition is going to be very stiff. You see I have brough some top talent from WWE like Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Micheals and even “Good Ol” JR.

Stephanie points to JR who is sitting at the announce table, the fans give a little cheer as JR is mentioned.

Stephanie Mcmahon: But my main purpose of coming out here tonight was not to come and talk about my dad. The thing I came out here tonight for was to address the GCW Championship belts. The belts are the Tag Team Championships, the Television Championship, the X Division Championship and the title that everybody strives to get through there career, the World Championship.

Stephanie pauses as the crowd stay silent.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Firstly I am going to address the Tag Team Championships. These Champinships will be decided in a 4 team tournament that will start this week and will end next week here on Mayhem. The teams that will be in this tournament will be La Resistance (Heat), The Dudley Boyz (Huge Heat), The Hardy Boyz (Huge Pop), and The Eliminators (Huge Pop).

Joey Styles: The Eliminators have been reformed here in GCW.

Jim Ross: Joey, don’t forget The Hardy Boyz also.

Stephanie Mcmahon: And La Resistance tonight will face off against The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz will be up against The Eliminators.

Stephanie pauses as the cheers for The Eliminators and The Hardy Boyz die down.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Second a belt that I made for the lighter competers, the one’s that thrill us night in, night out, the X Division Championship. The match that I thought up is also a original and that is Ultimate X. The rules in this match are there is 14 foot high scaffold poles in each corner of the ring attached to the posts. Steel cables criss cross the ring at the top of the posts to form an X. The X division title belt is hung from the middle. The winner is the man who can bring the belt down and there are no ladders.

Jim Ross: What a match that sounds, Joey.

Joey Styles: JR, we have’nt heard the people in this match yet.

Stephanie Mcmahon: The people in this match are 3 men that I thought deserved the shot, those men are Paul London (Pop), Chavo Guerrero (Huge Heat), and Jody Fleisch (Huge Pop).

Jim Ross: What a match.

Joey Styles: Three great athletes that will put everything on the line tonight to walk out the first ever GCW X Division Championship.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Did I mention that this match will headline the show.

Stephanie smiles around at the fans.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Next Week.

Stephanie gives another huge smile as the crowd erupt into boo’s.

Joey Styles: Next week, damn I was hoping that it would be tonight, JR.

Jim Ross: I think that the fans wanted it to, Joey.

Stephanie Mcmahon: Next the Television Championship. This Championship will boost many careers into a second gear, and in two weeks time we will have ourself a Television Champion, the way this Championship will be decided will be in a 6 man gauntlet match between Test (Heat), Doug Williams (Huge Pop), Petey Williams (Huge Heat), “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner (Huge Heat), Paul Burchill (Huge Pop), and Shelton Benjamin (Huge Pop).

Joey Styles: What a match that also will be in 2 weeks time.

Stephanie Mcmahon: And last, but oh so most certainly not least, the Wold Championship. The greatest competers alive have held the World Championship, superstars like Magnum T. A (Huge Pop), Ric Flair (Huge Pop), and people like Hulk Hogan (Huge Pop) and so many others. But somebody else will be crowned the World Champion over the coming weeks, because we are going to have ourself a tournament for the title which will climax at our first pay per view, Holiday Hell. And the superstars in this tournament are going to be “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles (Pop), Eddie Guerrero (Huge Heat), Chris Jericho (Huge Pop), “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown (Huge Heat), Abyss (Heat), Sting (Huge Pop), Chris Benoit (Huge Heat), and “The Showstoppa” Shawn Micheals (Huge Pop).

Jim Ross: What great superstars are in this tournament for the World Title.

Stephanie Mcmahon: And the matches will start tonight with 2 matches which will be Eddie Guerrero one on one with “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles and Abyss taking on “The Showstoppa” Shawn Micheals in the main event. And next week it will be Chris Benoit will take on Sting and “The Alpha Male” will go up against Chris Jericho.

Joey Styles: What matches, but possibly the biggest will be tonights main event between “The Showstoppa” Shawn Micheals and Abyss.

Stephanie Mcmahon: And you can all thank ME.

Stephanie drops the microphone as the crowd boo her last comment, Stephanie gives a huge smile as she exits through the bottom rope, Stephanie walks down the steel steps and then walks up the ramp as the crowd stop the booing.

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