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ACW Victory Road.
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Default ACW Victory Road.

Join us live from Madison Square Gardens for the first time. On November 7th witness the first Four hour pay per view Victory road.

Match ups.
Edge versus Triple H*
Rowdy Roddy Piper Returns.
Jericho/Beiniot vs Americas Most wanted.
Bokker T Versus Monty Brown.

Many more coming soon.
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Default Restults part one.

[txt] Victory Road

We Kick off live from Madison square Garden for Victory Road.
A promo hits showing footage of the last three weeks leading up to Victory Road. Then the pyro goes off as the cameras pan the crowd as we are welcomed by are announcers Mike Teaney and Don West.

Mike “Hello everyone and welcome to Victory Road live here tonight from Madison Square Gardens. What a night we have set for you I am so excited are you Don.’
Don “ You bet I am I can not wait to find out what the fans picked for the main event Between Edge and Triple H. But first lets kick off with some Tag team action.’

‘Were Ready’ Wildcat Chris Harris and Cowboy James Storm make there way into the ring. ‘Break the walls down!!!!!!!!!’ One half of the tag team champions Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring with a microphone. Jericho “ Welcome to Victory Road and tonight you people are going to witness the greatest pay per view of all time, that’s because you are watching Chris Jericho and those two ass clowns better get ready for some tag team action.” “Crippler” then plays as Chris Beniot enters with his tag team championship.

The match begins with Chris Beniot in the ring with James Storm. The bell rings as Storm puts Beniot in a headlock. Beniot reverses it into a arm lock. Storm then stunners Beniot and goes for the cover 1…2… kick out by Beniot. James picks up Beniot but Beniot elbows James into the stomach and chops at his chest 5 times knocking storm into the turnbuckle. Beniot tags in Jericho as Jericho bulldogs storm face first onto the mat. Jericho begins to taunt to the crowd getting a great fan reaction. But while he is taunting storm gets up and schoolboys Jericho and goes for the pin.1…2… kick out. Jericho gets up and punches Storm but storm returns the favour with a surprise dropkick. Beniot and Harris begin to clap for their partner to come to them as the referee counts the two competitors down. 1…. 2…. Jericho and storm begin to get closer to there partners.3…4…5…. 6…. ‘Storm is inches away’ 7…. Harris and beniot are tagged in. They run to each other and chop each other. Beniot then knees Harris in the ribs and goes for the cross face but Harris escapes.
Harris then hits Benioit in the back of the head. Harris then goes for the cover 1…2… kick out by Chris Beniot. Harris then starts pounding on Beniot and knocks Jericho off of the apron. But beniot is already standing up and hits three awesome German suplexs. He goes for the cover 1…2… kick out. Both men are lying face first on the mat as the referee counts them down. 1…. 2…. Chris Harris and beniot slowly walk towards there partners.3…4…5… Harris tags in storm. Beniot tries to tag in Jericho but he is nowhere to be seen. Storm locks beniot in a leg lock but beniot wont give up. Jericho is still on the mat. Storm wont let go and Beniot has no choice but to submit.
Winners Via Submission and new world tag team champions Chris Harris and James Storm 7:23.

“Aint no stopping me” Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring.
“Whoo” Rick flair then struts down to the ring.

The bell rings as the match begins. Flair hits a suplex but Shelton gets up and hits flair. Ric hits a low blow and whips Shelton into the rope. Shelton wakes and hits flair with a boot knocking flair down. He hits the leg drop. Shelton picks up flair but flair wakes and hits a low blow. Ric picks up Shelton and tries to go for a clothesline but Shelton ducks and hits a drop kick. Flair gets up and a low blow and goes for the figure four.
Shelton is screaming in pain and agony but doesn’t give up. Shelton gets up and hits a super kick. He goes for the cover 1…2… kick out. Flair tries a figure four but Shelton reverses into a small package. 1…2…3.
Winner Shelton Benjamin.

We are then taken backstage were we see The Rock standing next to Josh Matthews.
Josh “Rock tonight you will go one on one against the legend killer Randy Orton what are your thoughts.” Rock “My thoughts the rock will tell you his thoughts. Finally The Rock has come back to Madison square gardens.[Crowd cheer] Randy Orton the Rock tonight is going to show you what it is all about. Because with the Millions [Crowd say and Millions] the Rock is going to kick your candy ass. If Ya Smellllllllllllllllll what the rock………………………………………………….. is cooking.”

Mike ‘Wow The Rock is ready tonight but is Randy Orton.’
Don ‘Well we will find that out later tonight. But this Friday not only will we have the debut of Impact but we will see the debut of Kane.’
Mike ‘that’s right man what a night we still have set for you. Up next Rey Mysterio will defend his X division championship against AJ Styles.’
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[txt]“Who am I” begins as sparks go off AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring. “619” Rey Mysterio enters through the crowd.

The bell rings as AJ and Rey get face to face. AJ slaps Rey in the mouth. Rey returns the favour with a slap. AJ then locks Rey into a headlock. Rey reverses and pushes Rey into the ropes. Dropkick by Rey, he goes for a cover 1…2…. Kick out. AJ jumps up and surprises Rey with a clothesline.
AJ then taunts to the crowd, then stomps rey continually. He picks up Rey and signals for a power bomb but Rey reverses by picking up Rey and taking him down. Rey goes for the cover 1..2… kick out. Rey then puts Styles in between the ropes and hits the 619. Rey then goes onto the apron and signals for a west coast pop. He connects with AJ but Styles hits a Styles Clash. AJ goes for the cover. 1…2…3.
Winner AJ Styles.
Mike “Wow what a match up that was ladies and gentlemen.”
Don “That was exciting but ladies and gentlemen we are about to have live in the ring Pipers Pit here with Rowdy Piper but who will be his guest.”

Bagpipes begin to play as Rowdy Roddy piper makes his way down to the ring. He begins to speak. Piper “Well look who is back, that’s right me rowdy piper and tonight I have a very special guest his name is Kevin Nash”. The crowd go wild as Kevin Nash makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Piper “Welcome to Victory road and welcome to the pit.” Nash “its great to be here piper.” Piper “Nash I have one question for you Why are you here tonight what is the reason?” Nash “I will tell you piper I am here for one reson and one reson only I am here because I am on a mission and that mission will be reveled in a few short weeks I promise you will be pleased.” Piper “Im excited about this but dose it involve you”? Nash “Now that would be telling.” Nash and piper leave together.

Dusty Rhodes versus Jeff Jarret.

The match begins with a stare down Jarret spits in the face of Dusty. Dusty wipes off the spit while laughing he then punches jarret continuously and then Elbow to the head. Dusty goes for the cover 1…. 2…. kick out by Jarret. Dusty picks up Jarret but Jeff hits the low blow on Dusty. Jarret then hits the figure of four on dusty. Dusty is in agony but wont give up.He reverses and turns it into a backwords figure of four. Jarret lets go. Dusty then hits a few more punches but misses a elbow. Jarret reverses with a dropkick. As Dusty falls he knocks down the referee. Jarret goes under the apron and grabs a stell chair he then hits dusty on the head with it and goes for the cover but the ref is down. He then attempts another shot but hits the rope as the chair bounces back into the face of Jarret. Dusty hits an elbow drop and wakes up the ref and goes for the cover 1…2…3.

We are then shown a promo for the first showing of impact this Friday live.

Mike “Well we are just a match away from tonight’s main event.”
Don “ But up next we are going to see live The Rock go one on one against Randy Ornton.”

“Evolution” Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. “If Ya Smell what the Rock..Is cooking.” The Rock makes his way into the ring. The match kicks off with both men in a headlock Randy then reverses it into a neck breaker. Orton goes for the cover 1… kick out. The Rock jumps back up and ducks a closthline and starts hitting Randy and then raises his hand and smacks Randy in the face knocking him down. Rock then starts stomping Randy and then goes for the cover 1…2… kick out by Randy. Ric Flair makes his way to ringside. The Rock hits the Rock bottom and goes for the cover but Ric Flair is distracting the referee. The Rock goes over to the ref but Flair pokes Rock in the eyes and then knocks down the ref. The rock jumps up and knocks out flair with a fist. Orton hits the RKO.Nick Patrick runs down the ramp and counts 1…. 2… kick out by The Rock. Randy then RKO Nick Patrick. But the Rock is waiting and hits the Rock bottom. Then Hits the peoples elbow. But Batista comes through the crowd and power bombs Rock. The ref wakes up as Randy covers The Rock 1…. 2…. 3.
Winner Randy Orton.

We then go to the backstage area were we see The Coach standing next to Edge. Coach “Tonight Edge you have the chance at becoming the next Worlds champion can I get your thoughts” Edge “Simply put tonight Triple H will not walk out worlds champion I will.”

Main Event.
Edge versus Triple H. [ladder match]
The match begins with edge and triple h looking at each other HHH slaps edge in the face. Edge smiles and then slaps triple H in the mouth. HHH puts Edge in a headlock Edge pushes Triple H into the ropes and elbows him. Edge then Suplexs Triple H to the outside. Edge then gets a ladder and puts it in the middle of the ring, edge climbs up but hhh comes back in and pushes Edge off sending Edge into the crowd. HHH then puts the ladder in the ring and slowly climbs up the ladder touching the belt, but smiles and walks down the ladder and goes over to Edge. Edge surprises hhh with a clothesline. Edge then once again attempts to go up the ladder he then reaches the top but the lights go off and then Fire comes out of the turnbuckle when Kane makes his early debut. Edge Is then knocked off the ladder as Kane allows HHH to climb up and grab the belt.
Winner Triple H.

Post match: After HHH celebrates he shakes Kane hand but Kane choke slams HHH and walks out of msg. [/txt]
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good show Dale
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