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Column O' Nonsense: Using The Ring
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Default Column O' Nonsense: Using The Ring

Close your eyes and picture a match. Let's say average length. Just imagine two of your favorites going at it. Now ask yourself this: how much do they use the steps, posts, ropes, and turnbuckle? Now take out any use of the Irish Whip or any instance of "pushing" an opponent. What are you left with? Probably an aerial move of some portion off of the turnbuckle, if you have a cruiserweight. That's it.

Now think about the ring. Look at it and all the parts of it. You have the mat where 90% of wrestling takes place (and rightfully so). You got the turnbuckle where most wrestlers only travel to do a cliche....excuse me....Superplex or jump off to do a move. Next, we find the ropes only used for Irish Whips. Outside we have the steel steps which serve as a hard end to mostly short Irish Whips. Then you have the steel post where most are inadvertently pushed into. That's the ring and all its surroundings. So the question is, why don't they use it?

Why is the turnbuckle only used for a Superplex or a finishing move for most cruisers? Why are the steps only Irish Whip walls? Why are the ropes only springboards for Irish Whips? Why are the posts only used inadvertently? Why am I asking you these questions?

Glad you asked; or rather, glad I asked. Think about this. In the world of wrestling today, people scream about the innovation that wrestlers use. Is there such a thing? Most still stay in the ring and follow the cliches of the NWA/WWWF/WWF/AWA in the 70s and 80s. What cliches? Front Suplexing someone onto the turnbuckle only to deliver a Superplex. Using the ropes for nothing more than a way to springboard an opponent into a move or submission. Whipping someone into the steps to damage their shoulder. Pushing someone into the post to damage their chest or head. Yes, those are all cliches, but it doesn't have to be this way, people.

There is so much potential in the steps, the ropes, the posts, and the turnbuckles. Why can't the storytellers in the rings figure this out? People like Mysterio, Guerrero, and Taker find potential in the ropes. Mysterio figured out that he can get higher air than a turnbuckle if he springboards himself off the ropes, not to mention less time to counter than a turnbuckle move. Taker deduced that being on the top rope adds a sense of leverage and pain that will work to his advantage. Hell, Guerrero took it one step farther by realizing he could run up and reduce the chance of countering by increasing the quickness of the move. Look at the intelligence and ingenuity used there.

Hell, Indy superstar Randy Walker must have figured out that opponents can see turnbuckle moves a mile away as you climb like a slow old man to the top and they get the time to quickly recover and think of a possible counter. How do I know this? Well, the guy uses every springboard variation possible. Hell, the man uses a springboard 450 Splash so the opponent won't see it coming. Now, that's ingenuity.

It doesn't even stop there, wrestling fans. Look at the steps. Do you have to use them for just an Irish Whip stop? How about putting a leg or body part there and slamming it into the steel? How about a drop toe hold into the steps? Now let me make another point here. You are probably all saying, "Well, I have seen this before," but answer honestly, how much? When you answer that question, you will see why I am ranting to this degree.

The other night, I watched Hayabusa Vs. Jushin Liger in what I think was from a Super J card. Now before this match, I got excited. Why? For those of you who don't know, one of the things puro wrestling is known for is innovation. Imagine my surprise when I saw Liger Front Suplex Hayabusa onto the turnbuckle and then deliver a Superplex. Oh, let me tell you. That just made my day...

It's crap, and doesn't need to happen. Look at Pegasus Kid Vs. Black Tiger from the 1994 Super J cup. Watch the match. Look how they use the ropes. Pegasus Kid uses a front Suplex onto the ropes to give him more velocity when he executes a regular Suplex. Brilliant! Black Tiger uses the turnbuckle for a Tornado DDT (you have heard and seen it, but how often is it used?). Amazing! Even more, these little things that can be incorporated into the matches can even lead to greater things. Looking at that match, the Tornado DDT led to a masterful counter in which Pegasus Kid threw Black Tiger almost the full length of the ring. That shows the power of Pegasus Kid. How much power does it show when you counter a Superplex with a punch? Wait, do you even show power? Now yes, you can argue that I am not even making sense because the Tornado DDT is just using the same elements as the Superplex, but look again. When you execute that, you are using 2 sets of ropes and the turnbuckle to execute it, and man, does it work in delivering a powerful move.

Now that I have rambled on and on and on and on, you may be asking yourself, "What the hell is he trying to say?" Simple. Use the ring. Use every facet of that ring.

Yes, I am a fan of mat wrestling, but there comes a time when the wrestlers need to realize that they are wrestling in a ring and barely even using fifty percent of that ring.

Take a lesson from Flair and use the ropes to wear down a leg for a submission move. Take a lesson from Tajiri and even use the ropes to perform a submission.

Learn from Guerrero and use the ropes in every facet from springboards to slingshots. Learn from Vader and use them to tie up a wrestler for a bigger beating.

Study the skill of Kane and use the steps to drive the legs into the steps in an attempt to immobilize them. Study the skill of Triple H and use the base of the steps to mount someone on top only to form the most painful sandwich with steel as the bread.

Absorb the intelligence of Shark Boy as he uses the turnbuckle as a way to add to an existing move even more. Absorb the intelligence of Chris Hero as he uses the turnbuckle to wail an opponent more with the Tree of Woe.

Discover the ingenuity of Bret Hart as he uses the steel post to add more leverage at times to a Figure Four Leglock. Discover the ingenuity of Undertaker to use the post as well as a steel chair to add to a shattered ankle.

Now, that's a lot of people I just mentioned, but they all focus on just one area. Just wait...wait until two wrestlers use all of the aspects of the ring. That will be the match of the year. That will be the match of a decade. That will be the match of a lifetime. As soon as two wrestlers bridge together every facet of the ring into a beautiful story that shows the resilience, intelligence, ingenuity, and power of each wrestler, we will finally have the best match ever. That's right. EVER.

Well, now it's time for the MOTC. And for this column, I have the thing to back up my point to the best degree possible. I already mentioned this match earlier in the column, so it should be no surprise. This match is one that uses the ring (minus the posts and steps) to a great degree. Watch the match. Watch how the use of the ropes accentuates the ingenuity of one and how the use of the turnbuckle makes the other look like a power plant. Go watch this match. I'm sure you can all spare eleven minutes to watch such a great match. This week's MOTC is:
Pegasus Kid (Chris Benoit) Vs. Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero)
1994 Super J Cup

New Feature: I will now offer each MOTC to be downloaded. They will stay up until the next column.
Right click here & choose "Save Target As..."

What about the QOTC? Well, for this column, I decided to pool the internet's resources and find a quote from an incredible wrestler to back up my point. This quote basically sums up everything I tried to get across in this column. Hey, maybe I can take a lesson from him in terms of brevity. Without further ado, this week's QOTC:
"Innovation in wrestling? Is that when ten matches on a card all feature an Irish Whip into the steel steps?"
Spanky answering the plea that wrestling has plenty of innovation today.

Well, let's just get this cheap plug out of the way and then you can all go watch that match. Right? Please? Anyway, this time I want to plug a lot of things, so sorry. First, I want to talk about the Triad Top 50 Columnists. For those of you who don't know, for the past two weeks, a simple contest has been going on involving Wrestlezone forums, Wrestling News World forums, and The Wrestling Voice forums. Basically, we started with an open list of nominations and narrowed it down to 50 columnists. Now that we have the 50 names, we will vote on them and place them 1 to 50 till we have the top 50 columnists of the IWC today in order! If you have a favorite columnist, get to those forums and vote. This is all about the consensus of the IWC, and every vote counts, so make sure to check it out. I also still have my site which I co-own with fellow columnist Mike Steele called The Wrestling Voice, and it is doing wonderful. We have just passed our 5 month anniversary, and we are still improving. As of right now, we have columns done by members, wrestlers, and guests; interviews of popular stars; reviews of everything wrestling related; games to keep you entertained; forums to express your opinions; an e-federation to help you escape the horrible booking of today; a live center which will offer the first ever play-by-play reviewing of a PPV (No Mercy); an interactive section where you can vote on the best match of the 90s; a roundtable similar to the one in PWI which addresses major topics of wrestling today; cartoons to express the opinion of the IWC and, of course, make you laugh; an audio show run by yours truly along with Adam Perez that tackles a plethora of topics per show and offers a multitude of different views; and of course, contests to win free stuff, which is the best thing of all, right? Even more, The Wrestling Voice is surely the voice of the IWC, expressing practically every opinion in every way, shape, and form; although, if you think you have more to add, apply! We are always looking for more columnists, interviewers, game makers, reviewers, cartoonists, and more! Just go to TWV and fill out an application!
The Wrestling Voice - Get Your Voice Heard!

Well, that's it from "Column O' Nonsense." This is Dougie Nunny signing off and hoping I dropped your IQ lower than the innovation in wrestling today.

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