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JWA{James Wrestling Assiocation}
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evilgrin JWA{James Wrestling Assiocation}

*All the Current and Past Slammasters Events, are here..the latest is at the bottom...

PW Fans Forum,
I was in a wrestling league with a group of friends then I was forced to move and I continued with it. I recently found this message board and plan on posting my shows and things here on this board. Hope you enjoy them and please provide me some feedback. I have provided an outline of what the shows were, I have posted all of my shows, the early ones may be out of order. However the latest show always is at the bottom.

JWA{Jiggy Wrestling Alliance}

TV Shows:
Tuesday night in Texas

JWA World Heavy.
JWA World Tag

Prez of JWA:
H. Ross Perot

Tommy Talker{Tecmo World Wrestling NES game}
Jim Ross
Backstage interviewer:
{My version of Funaki}

Roster{17 guys}
1. Doom{Ron Simmons and Butch Reed}{Smackdown and
2. Brock Lesner{Smackdown}
3. Scott Steiner{WWE}
4. Shane Douglas {NWA TNA}
5. D.L. "Tank" Abott{Saw Abott spelled all sorts of
ways on the net, so the spelling may change all the
6. Ric Flair{WWE}
7. Johnny The Bull{Smackdown}
8. Steve Austin{WWE}
9. Bill Goldberg{WWE}
10. Jeff Jarrett{NWA TNA}
11. Chris Chavis{MLW}
12. Bob Sapp{K-1}
13. Ken Shamrock{UFC}
14. Horseshu{WWA}
15. Doria{}
16. Supreem{XPW}
17. LA Giant{Pride Fighting Championship}

Reed and Simmons

{Heels}The Revoltion:
Douglas, Lenser,Jarrett,Flair,Tank, The bull, Steiner,

Austin, Chavis,Shamrock,Sapp,Goldberg,Horseshu,

Neutral{Non babyface or heel}
LA Giant,Supreem

PPV's{Once a month}
Jan.-Seasons Beatings{World War 3 Battle Royal}
Feb.-Feb. Fallout{Reg. Match PPV}
Mar.-JWA Cup{16 man tag King of the ring
used to be only matches take place on weekly TV
leading to the PPV}
Apr.-April Asswhipping-Reg. PPV
May-King of the ring-{16 man singles tounry like JWA
cup only for singles}
June-Satan's Playground{King of the death match type
July-Japan Super Show{JWA stars battle IWGP and other
Japan promotions
Aug.-Sunfest-Reg. PPV
Sep.-Wrestle War-{War Games}
Oct.-Halloween Havac{Spin the wheel make the deal
Nov.-Starrcade{Leathal Lottery and battle bowl}
Dec.-{Wrestle Maina type event} New Years Eve
Bash{Reg. PPV with blockbuster matches}

Title Picture:
World: HHH{they will lose it on my first show and be
U.S.: Haku{they will lose it on my first show and be
Tag: Dolls with Ballz{Transexual tag team}{they will
lose it on my first show and be out}
Unified champ: it's not unified yet
WWA: Coffee Guy
IWGP: Invader #4
NWA: Paul Roma

Let me know what you think, I may try a first show on
my own later and e-mail it over. To further explain,
the guys who have belts will be taken out of the
picture on the first show or something cause I got to
cut it down to 17 or less.

JWA{Jiggy Wrestling Alliance}

TV Shows:
Tuesday night in Texas

JWA World Heavy.
JWA World Tag

Prez of JWA:
H. Ross Perot

Tommy Talker{Tecmo World Wrestling NES game}
Jim Ross
Backstage interviewer:
{My version of Funaki}

Roster{17 guys}
1. Doom{Ron Simmons and Butch Reed}{Smackdown and
2. Brock Lesner{Smackdown}
3. Scott Steiner{WWE}
4. Shane Douglas {NWA TNA}
5. D.L. "Tank" Abott{Saw Abott spelled all sorts of
ways on the net, so the spelling may change all the
6. Ric Flair{WWE}
7. Johnny The Bull{Smackdown}
8. Steve Austin{WWE}
9. Bill Goldberg{WWE}
10. Jeff Jarrett{NWA TNA}
11. Chris Chavis{MLW}
12. Bob Sapp{K-1}
13. Ken Shamrock{UFC}
14. Horseshu{WWA}
15. Doria{}
16. Supreem{XPW}
17. LA Giant{Pride Fighting Championship}

Reed and Simmons

{Heels}The Revoltion:
Douglas, Lenser,Jarrett,Flair,Tank, The bull, Steiner,

Austin, Chavis,Shamrock,Sapp,Goldberg,Horseshu,

Neutral{Non babyface or heel}
LA Giant,Supreem

PPV's{Once a month}
Jan.-Seasons Beatings{World War 3 Battle Royal}
Feb.-Feb. Fallout{Reg. Match PPV}
Mar.-JWA Cup{16 man tag King of the ring
used to be only matches take place on weekly TV
leading to the PPV}
Apr.-April Asswhipping-Reg. PPV
May-King of the ring-{16 man singles tounry like JWA
cup only for singles}
June-Satan's Playground{King of the death match type
July-Japan Super Show{JWA stars battle IWGP and other
Japan promotions
Aug.-Sunfest-Reg. PPV
Sep.-Wrestle War-{War Games}
Oct.-Halloween Havac{Spin the wheel make the deal
Nov.-Starrcade{Leathal Lottery and battle bowl}
Dec.-{Wrestle Maina type event} New Years Eve
Bash{Reg. PPV with blockbuster matches}

Title Picture:
World: HHH{they will lose it on my first show and be
U.S.: Haku{they will lose it on my first show and be
Tag: Dolls with Ballz{Transexual tag team}{they will
lose it on my first show and be out}
Unified champ: it's not unified yet
WWA: Coffee Guy
IWGP: Invader #4
NWA: Paul Roma

Let me know what you think, I may try a first show on
my own later and e-mail it over. To further explain,
the guys who have belts will be taken out of the
picture on the first show or something cause I got to
cut it down to 17 or less.

The rosters that UZW and FUW have

Rey Mysterio Jr.
M-Dogg 20
Kid Kash
Mick Foley{Comish}
Mickey Whimpwreck
Molly Holly

Jerry Lynn
Jay Brisco
Mark Brisco
Teddy Hart
Harry Smith
Samoan Joe
Paul London
Chris Sabin
Michael Shane
AJ Styles

Mike Awesome
The Sandman
Steve Carnio
Jack Victory
Balls Mahony
Hulk Hogen
Road Kill
Lex Luger
Simon Diamond
Bam Bam Bigalow
Chris Candido
I have since expanded my roster and added more stables, as well as belts..I hope you enjoy the show.
Tuesday Night in Texas {Show#00}

Show: The first Tuesday night in TX
location: Dallas Texas {Texas Stadium}
commentary: Tommy Talker and Jim Ross

fireworks go off and the show begins

Talker: Tonight we welcome you to the very first
broadcast of JWA’s Tuesday night in Texas and I am
joined by “Good Ol’” JR, Mr. Jim Ross

Ross: Thank you Tommy and tonight we will see a HUGE
night of action and folks, the powers that be in the
JWA have a huge card tonight for the great fans of TX,
and tonight we get it under way by going down to Gary
Michael Copetta!

-WWA Title: Coffee Guy vs. the Spoiler-{MATCH #1}

Copetta: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is
for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship, and your
referee is Jack Doan{Doan smiles to the camera},
already in the ring is the current #3 challenger to
the WWA title, The legendary Spoiler!{crowd gives a
who the fuck are you chant at the spoiler}.

{Talking over the TV audio signal}
Talker: The fans here are sure vocal about the man
known as the spoiler….
Ross: Tommy, I sure as hells don’t have a clue why the
fans would disrespect the Spoiler with that demeaning

{The music of the champion {WWA} hits}
Copetta: The next man coming toward the ring is the
former Internet snitch and is a huge athlete standing
6’8 and weighs 340 pounds. The one and only Coffee
guy, along with his manager the former NWA TV champion
Beautiful Bobby Eaton.

Talker: That was not a very good intro from Gary, what
did you think Jim?
Ross: Well personally if he would have had some
Barb-B-Que sauce he would have been good to go.

They showed him coming out of his locker room and down
to the ring. At the entrance ramp, Ric Flair came out
and hit him with a steel chair. Then sucker punches
Eaton and then hand cuffs him to a ring barrier He
then dragged Coffee Guy down the ramp and threw him in
to the ring. Spoiler made the cover.!
Coffee Guy just kicked out, and Flair was in shock.
Coffee Guy waited for Spoiler to get up. He did, and
Coffee Guy charged at him. Spoiler hit a super kick
out of desperation. Ric Flair came in to the ring with
a chair, and Spoiler mafia kicked the champion! Flair
rolled out of the ring, and Coffee Guy was holding his
back in bad pain from previous events in the night
{Steaming from being jumped in the back by Spoiler}.
Spoiler got up and stomped away on Coffee Guy’s back.
Spoiler went for a suplex, but Coffee Guy blocked it
off. Coffee Guy punched Spoiler in the gut. He picked
him up and military pressed him to the outside of the
ring. Coffee Guy then followed him outside the ring,
still holding his back. Coffee Guy picks up Spoiler.
He went for a jackhammer, but Coffee Guy broke free.
Coffee Guy kicked Spoiler in the stomach, and then
threw him back first in to the turnbuckle. Coffee Guy
then rolled Spoiler in to the ring. Cover!!
Coffee Guy picked up Spoiler. Coffee Guy tried to send
Spoiler in to the turnbuckle, but Spoiler reversed it.
Coffee Guy fell to the ground. Coffee Guy got to his
feet and Spoiler was ready to hit a spear. Spoiler
charged at him. Ric Flair pulled Coffee Guy out of the
way, and Spoiler went shoulder first in to the
turnbuckle. {Talker and Ross debated whether Flair
knew what he was doing} Within all this Spoiler and
Coffee guy double clothesline each other and they both
were down, Jack Doan counted each man and eventually
Spoiler made his way to his feet and grabbed Coffee
guy and fisherman suplexed him and got a 2 count,
Leading Coffee Guy to roll to the outside and get
nailed with a chair from Flair, Flair then rolled CG
back into the ring, where Spoiler had Jack Doan
distracted which led to Flair grabbing mace from his
pocket and spraying CG and then chucking the mace into
the crowd, where the fans would use it on a guy
wherein a #1 Dad t-shirt. Meanwhile back in the ring,
Spoiler had grabbed a pair of knuckles from his trunks
and nailed a dazed CG, which led to a version of Jeff
Jarrett’s Stroke move, and a count of 1…2….3 and new
WWA champion.
Copetta: HERE IS YOUR WINNER, and new champion: The

Post Match:
The Nature Boy grabs the stick from Copetta and hands
it to the Spoiler, who rips his mask off and looks at
the crowd and says.

Spoiler: I will tell you just who fuck! I am you
bastards...I am the one and only “Chosen one” Jeff
Jarrett! Now you people know I used to be tag partners
with this man{pointing to Flair} and I also would like
to announce I plan on taking this WWA belt and uniting
this with the other singles titles, NWA and IWGP and
JWA titles!{breathing heavy, he hands the mic to

Flair: Okay listen up! {As he looks at a fan in a Lex
Luger t-shirt}...hey buddy take that piece of crap
off, ACW, what bunch of jobbers they are, you got
Hogen, Luger, Stink, and oh wait don’t wanna leave out
the Commish, Pyscho Cripple! Okay now onto Jeff. I
helped him win this because I am trying to start a
Revolution and Jeff is the first man of many.

Jeff {Jumps back in}

Jeff: What kind of damn name is Coffee guy anyway? All
I can say is I am sitting back and watching that big
ape, Bob Sapp vs. the JWA Champion, Mr. WWE
himself…HHH, what you ruin Raw so you come here? Well
you maybe a great worker but buddy you got a belt that
the midget handed you. {Making reference to JWA
President H. Ross Perot}

-Ad Sweep-

Talker: We are back here on the JWA and tonight we
still have to come the JWA tag title with the unusual
tag team of Dolls with Ballz vs. the team of “The All
American” Ron Simmons and his 3rd partner this month,
“The World’s most dangerous man” Ken Shamrock. Plus
the JWA title on the line, HHH vs. the Beast Bob Sapp!

Ross: Dolls with Ballz? We sure don’t have those in
Oklahoma? Let’s go back to D-Wayne who is standing
with the current champion of JWA International, Brock

D-Wayne: I am standing with the JWA IHOP champion Book
Lezner, Bock what the hell is the deal with these
tattoos, you like Satan or something?

Brock: What the fuck are you talking about? You’re
supposed to ask me why I am here on Tuesday night in
Texas. Well anyway, I am here because of the recent
actions of NWA champion “Pretty Paul Roma”, where the
hell do you get off punk?

D-Wayne {snatching the mic away from Brock mid
sentence} Okay you want to know where I get off, I
used to get off the bus at Wal-Mart when I needed to
buy some food or something.

Brock {Snags the mic from D-Wayne in disgust} Gees,
who the hell hired you boy? Roma, you ass you come out
on Tuesday night in Texas last week and attack me when
I am tagging with the worst excuse for a human
being…{Brock looks at D-Wayne standing smiling up at
him and says,}..Make that #2 worst excuses, that loser
Bob Sapp, he just is…
D-Wayne {steps in with another mic} Hey I am a piece
of crap and all but man I do my best to be the best
internet guy I can be,

Brock: Don’t you mean interview guy, oh god. Get me
the hell out of here, all I can say is Roma {in the
words of Goldberg, your next!}

-LA Giant vs. Horseshoe-{MATCH #2}

{Back at the ring} Copetta introduces…
Coming to the ring at this time is the former JWA U.S
Champion and is the man who recently was named by PWI
the hottest young talent in Pro-Wrestling today from
New Jersey, Horseshoe!

{The music of “Rock you like a hurricane” blares out
of over the loud speaker with the entrance of the
procession of KKK members which led to the ring, the
LA Giant}
Copetta: The next man in the contest is led to the
ring by the Klu Klux Klan and standing 6’9 and 319
pounds the LA Giant!

Talker: The KKK brings out the biggest piece of crap
on this planet the race bating LA Giant,

Match up starts with a tie up, LA Giant gets the upper
hand with a knee to the gut, and he hits a thunderous
clotsline. He tries to lock in the Giant slayer, but
Horseshoe gets to the ropes quickly. LA Giant heads
off the ropes and tries to drop the leg on Horseshoe,
but he makes his way out of the way and LA Giant falls
to the outside. Horseshoe follows. He hits a few
rights and attempts to send LA Giant into the steps,
but its reverses and it’s Horseshoe who gets sent into
the steel. He picks him up and scoop slams Horseshoe,
and gets into the ring. Ref begins a 10 count on
Horseshoe 1...2...3....4...5...6...7...8 Horseshoe
makes his way back to ring and is greeted by a kick to
the back by LA Giant. He sends Horseshoe into the
corner and goes to work on the arm of Horseshoe by
banging it off the top turnbuckle, he sends him into
the opposite corner he charges towards him, but Holly
gets his elbow up and hits a bulldog on LA Giant
covers him 1...2.... Kick out. Both men are up and LA
Giant swings at Horseshoe, but he ducks and hits a
Russian leg sweep. Both men are down and the ref
starts the 10 count. 1...2...3...4...5...6 Horseshoe
makes his way up and hits a suplex but he cant take
advantage as his arm is bothering him he is shaking it
off, and as he turns LA Giant hits a trapping suplex
and goes for the pin 1...2... Kick out. LA Giant
thinks he had him and begins to talk with the ref he
goes back after Horseshoe and as he goes to pick him
up Horseshoe hits a quick roll up and the ref counts
1...2...3. Horseshoe picks up the victory. LA Giant
can’t believe it and attacks Horseshoe after the match
and locks in the Giant Slayer he holds it in for about
3 minutes until a group of refs break it up.

WINNER: Horseshoe
{We go backstage, where D-Wayne is being locked in a
closet by Ric Flair and the camera follows down toward
H. Ross Perot’s office}

Backstage segment: in Perot’s office is HHH and he is

HHH: Okay Perot you said if I came to this freaking
promotion after you lost your World champion to UZW
when Rhyno walked out of here after being pissed at no
more new opponents. Now you put me in that no talent
Sapp, what the fuck is going on here?

Perot: Well Hunter all I can say buddy is if you want
another opponent I would suggest calling the board of
directors and complaining if not I suggest you leave
me a note in my suggestion box.

HHH: Where the hell is that at?

Perot: Okay, go write your complaint down and wad it
up and throw it in any dumpster you can find and I
will get it, see ya HHH, I got to go make an
announcement about the next PPV in the ring.

-Ad sweep-

-Tank Abbott vs. Chris Chavis-{MATCH#3}

Back in the ring:

Copetta: The next match is a 3 way dance for the
right to face the JWA world Champion at Next Week’s
Tuesday night in Texas for the World Heavyweight

{Music belts out of “Metaliica’s Better than you..and
the Tank comes to the ring once in the ring Abbott
looks into the crowd and smiles at a guy wearing a
mask which looked like LA Parka}

Copetta: Introducing the #4 challenger to the JWA
world title, former UFC superstar this is David Tank

{Then the PA blares out the theme of Chris Chavis the
former Tatanka from WWF}

{Then from under the ring rolls out the 3rd man in the
match, the former WCW champion Scott Steiner, known in
many circles as “White Lighting”}

Match starts the Steiner & Chavis running at Tank, he
knocks them down with a double arm clothesline. He
then picks up Chavis and throws him into the corner,
and goes to work on Steiner. He picks him up and hits
a Power bomb. He goes for the pin 1.. Chavis breaks up
the count. He hits Tank with right hands, but is hit
with a knee to the midsection by Tank. He gets Chavis
and goes for the gorilla press slam , but Steiner
gives him a kick to the gut and Chavis slips behind
him as Steiner Hits DDT 1.. Kick out with authority as
Steiner goes to the outside. Chavis tries to get some
offense in and he hits a few punches, which really
aren’t affecting Tank at all. Tank shakes them off and
hits a quick belly to belly suplex. He throws him off
the ropes and hits a spine buster. Steiner is on the
top rope now and goes for a dropkick{but slips off and
nails the mat. the fans chant you fucked up!}Meanwhile
Chavis goes to the top rope and attempts the same move
but throws him aside, and goes after Steiner, who is
coming toward Tank, but gets a kick and DDT. Tank goes
for the cover 1...2...3 Tank picks up the victory.
After the match HHH comes to the top of the ramp and
the two stare at each other and you can hear Tank say
don’t be worried about me deal with Sapp first.
-Ad Sweep-

Back from break:
{Backstage segment} The Prez. Of JWA H. Ross Perot is
prepping for his announcement when a knock is heard at
the door and it’s current UZW superstar, Rob Van Dam.

Perot: Who the hell are you boy?

RVD: Whoa, man you are joking right? Just in case you
were living under a rock, I am {as he does the thumbs}
R-V-D, and I am here to deliver the contract that some
dude from the JWA sent me, I am very happy in the
promotion I work for currently..

Perot: Why the hell would you turn us down?

RVD: Hey, I thought you did not know who I was, man
that’s some cool shit, and you got any of that stuff
your smoking left?

Perot: Well…no, but that’s beside the point..

RVD: Well I did not want to come to a place that HHH
is champion of, come on, dude, why would I make that
mistake twice…

Perot: Well I got enough cash to buy that piece of
junk the UZW and then you will be bending over and
saying, “Hello to Texas!”

HHH Storms in..
Perot: What the hell is this Grand central station…
HHH: Okay now you have done it, Tank is #1 challenger
to my belt, well guess what no deal not next PPV and
by the way not ever.

HHH Storms out as RVD looks at Perot, Steph must be on
the rag or something….

{Back to the booth}

Talker: Well JR, let’s re-cap so far we have saw LA
Giant beat by Horseshoe and a new WWA champ in the
form of Jeff Jarrett….
Ross: Tommy we also have heard from a very pissed and
confused Brock Lesner, along with a great 3 way dance
between Steiner, Tank and Chris Chavis. We also have
still to come tonight a big announcement by Ross Perot
and 2 big title matches, from this point it’s all
championships, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s go back to
Gary Michael Coppetta

{Music hits of “All American” Ron Simmons as he comes
to the ring slapping fans hands and talking to the

Talker: We have saw Big Ron Simmons, tag with
Horseshoe and they barley lost the tag gold but the LA
Giant broke that up along with the KKK, and Jim we
also have saw Ron narrowly lose the chance at the
belts when he teamed with the former Global Wrestling
Federation Champion The Patriot. However tonight he
goes for the 3rd time.

Ross: Tommy, will 3rd time be the charm, you know I
have followed the football background of Ron Simmons
at FSU and being the first black world champion back
in the now defunct WCW. However Simmons has a tough
task cause these Trannys sure a good tag team.

{The music of Ken Shamrock hits and he charges the
ring as Copetta makes his entrance announcement}

Copetta: The World Tag team champions are from the
city of San Francisco and are formerly known as Blake
and Beau Beverly…The Dolls with Ballz!}

Ding Ding

Simmons and Bo start things off, and Blake climbs out
and stands on the apron, Bo and Simmons lock eyes and
Bo goes for a clothesline but Farooq ducks it, he
turns and knocks down Bo with a shoulder block, Bo
gets up and Farooq bounces off the ropes and takes him
down with a second shoulder block, Farooq picks up Bo
and whips him into the ropes, Bo bounces back and
Farooq gives him a back body drop, Bo falls hard onto
his back on the mat, Farooq grabs Bo and jerks him up,
he grabs his waist and picks him up and runs him into
the turnbuckle, Farooq then begins to choke out
Benjamin with his foot, the referee counts to four and
Farooq releases the hold, Farooq lifts Bo up to the
top rope, Farooq then gets up too but Bo pushes him
off, Bo then gets to the second rope, Farooq stands up
and Bo jumps off and takes Farooq down with a missile
dropkick, Bo’s feet connect with the chest of Farooq
sending him to the mat, Bo also is on the mat, he
starts to crawl over to his corner, he finally makes
it and tags in Blake, Blake jumps in as Farooq is
getting to his feet, Farooq turns around and Blake
sends him to his knees with a back elbow to the face,
Blake begins to stomp away at the back of Farooq, Haas
finally stops after a four count from the referee,
Blake grabs Farooq and lifts him up, Blake gets behind
Farooq and gives him a few elbows to the back then
drops him with a neck breaker, Blake rolls onto Farooq
for a cover 1… 2… Kick out by Farooq!, Blake gets up
frustrated that he didn’t get the win, he grabs Farooq
and lifts him up, Blake grabs Farooq’s head and sends
him back down to the mat with a snap mare, Blake rolls
Farooq onto his stomach then locks in a camel clutch,
Farooq lets out a cry of pain as Blake applies
pressure to his back, Farooq starts to crawl towards
the ropes but Blake applies more pressure on Farooq’s
back forcing him to stop, finally Blake lets go and
gets up, he spits on Farooq then walks over to his
corner and tags in Bo who goes right to work by
dropping an elbow on the back of Farooq then rolling
him over and going for a quick cover 1… 2… Kick out by
Farooq!, Bo gets up and looks around wondering how he
didn’t get the win, frustrated he turns back to Farooq
and mounts him and gives him a few stiff rights to the
face before the referee forces him off, Bo gets off
and tags in Blake, Blake jumps in and walks over to
Farooq, he picks him up but Farooq pushes Blake back
into a turnbuckle, Blake regains himself and runs at
Farooq but Farooq ducks his clothesline attempt and
knocks him down with a clothesline to the back of the
neck, Haas falls to the mat holding his neck, Farooq
grabs him and lifts him up, Farooq gives Blake a hard
body slam, Farooq falls back against the ropes holding
his back, he quickly goes back on the offensive, he
grabs Blake and lifts him up, Farooq gives Blake a few
knees to the gut then gives him a T-bone suplex, Blake
lands hard on his back on the mat, Farooq gets up and
walks over to Blake, but Blake has sends him face
first into the second turnbuckle with a drop toe hold,
Farooq’s face hits the turnbuckle and he slides to the
mat holding his mouth, Blake slowly gets up and dives
and makes a tag to Bo, Bo gets in and runs over to
Farooq and lays a few kicks into his lower back, then
Bo grabs Farooq and lifts him up, Bo then gives Farooq
a backdrop, Bo quickly hooks a leg for the cover 1… 2…
Kick out by Farooq!, Bo gets up and kicks the
turnbuckle in frustration, he then grabs Farooq’s leg
and locks in a half Boston crab applying pressure on
the already hurting back of Farooq, but Farooq is
close to the ropes and grabs hold of them forcing Bo
to break the hold, Bo does and walks over to Blake and
makes a tag, Blake gets in and walks over to Farooq,
he lifts him up and gives him a kick to the gut then
plants him with a DDT, Farooq’s head hits the mat with
a sick crack, Bo gets up and taunts Farooq a little
bit then drops an elbow on Farooq’s lower back, Bo
tags in Blake, they both begin laying in kicks on the
back of Farooq, the referee finally forces Blake out
of the ring, at this point on the other side of the
ring, Ken Shamrock is pulled off the apron by the
masked guy with the LA Parka mask and is slammed into
the ringside steps and is then shoved under the
ring.{as security nails him and leads him out}
Meanwhile back in the ring, Bo lifts up Farooq and
grabs his waist and gives him a quick backbreaker,
Farooq lets out a cry of pain as his back connects
with Bo’s knee, Bo quickly goes for a cover 1… 2… Kick
out by Farooq!, Bo gets up and get up to the top
turnbuckle, Farooq gets to his feet and turns around
and Bo jumps off looking for a missile dropkick but
Farooq moves out of the way at the last second causing
Bo to crash to the mat, Bo rolls around on the mat
holding his side in pain, Farooq winces in pain and
grabs his back and he bends down and lifts up Farooq,
Farooq gets behind Bo and lifts him up and gives him a
backdrop, Farooq goes for a cover 1… 2… Kick out by
Bo!, Blake jumps in the ring and gives Farooq a hard
elbow to the face sending him to his knees, the
referee forces Blake out of the ring, Farooq gets up
to his feet and points at Blake and starts yelling at
him, Bo gets to his knees and quickly rolls Farooq up
with a school boy 1… 2… Kick out by Farooq!, while the
referee is paying attention to the action in the ring
Blake walks over to the barricade where the titles are
laying and grabs one of them and walks back over to
the ring, he sets it in the ring by the turnbuckle,
then gets back up on the apron, in the ring Bo has a
surfboard stretch locked in on Farooq, Farooq cries
out in pain, Bo releases the hold and tags in Blake,
Blake gets in and walks over to Farooq, he lifts him
up and gets behind him, he gives him a few elbow to
the back then a knee to the back sending Farooq to his
knees, Farooq stands back up holding his back, but
Blake sends him back down with a bulldog, Blake gets
up and taunts Farooq and the crowd boos, Blake gets in
the ring and the referee sees it and tries to get him
out, this gives Blake time to grabs the title, he
lifts up Farooq and bounces off the ropes and gives
him a hard shot to the back with the title, Farooq
lets out a cry of pain and Blake slides the title out
of the ring, Bo finally gets out of the ring and the
referee turns back to the match in the ring, Bo
quickly locks in another camel clutch on Farooq,
Farooq struggles to get out of the hold but he can’t
make it to the ropes, he has no choice but to tap out

Winners and Still WWE Tag Team Champion, Dolls With

The referee gets out of the ring and grabs the titles,
he hands them to Bo and Blake who raise them above
their heads to a chorus of boos from the crowd, the
walk up the ramp with their titles on their shoulders,
Butch Reed runs out from backstage past Bo and Blake
down the ramp, he slides into the ring and helps
Farooq to his feet and up the ramp

JR: Bo and Blake retain their titles, with a little
help from the title as well.

Talker: But the important thing is that they won. But
boy did they do a number on Farooq’s back, I sure hope
he is okay and what the hell is Hacksaw Butch Reed
doing out here? We have not seen him in over 10 years,
hell I thought he was retired?

{The cameras pick up Reed saying to Simmons, what the
hell are you doing to yourself, Ron?}

~Commercial Break~
Talker and Ross promote JWA CUP PPV with the following
matches scheduled:
*JWA Title:
HHH or Bob Sapp vs. Tank Abbott
*JWA CUP Qtr Finals and Semi Finals
*Bob Sapp vs. Supreme{Retard on a pole match}

Back From Break:
Ross Perot is in ring…

Perot: What I am here is to announce that in exactly
25 days at our next big Pay-Per-View event, The JWA
Cup, we will have not only the traditional finals of
the 16 man tag tourney which will begin next week on
Tuesday night in Texas but we will have a JWA World
Heavyweight title match between the winner of
tonight’s main event of Bob “The Beast” Sapp and the
current title holder HHH and they will be facing the
#1 challenger from earlier tonight DL Tank Abbott.

{HHH music hits and he comes trucking to the ring}

HHH: Okay Perot I told you I did not want to face
Abbott earlier and I am telling you know if you put me
in there with him, I am walking out of here now!

Perot: Okay, go ahead but if you walk out of here now,
you will not get the salary of world champion and
those refugees that are hiding in that honker of yours
will go hungry,

HHH: Stand here and make jokes but if I walk out of
here who you going to get to replace me, I am “The
Franchise” of this company, and something else Mighty
mouse, I still have not wrestled tonight.

{With that Bob Sapp’s music of ICP’s “Homies”
brightens the arena}

Perot: Hey look here comes your opponent, have

-Ad Break-
Sapp runs at HHH and dropkicks his leg. He runs at him
again, but HHH hits a knee to the gut, and tosses Sapp
off the ropes and hits a shoulder block and takes him
down to the mat. He whips Sapp into the corner and he
hits 3 knees to the midsection, and then hip tosses
Sapp out of the corner. He picks Sapp up for the
Gorilla Press slam, but he slides out behind HHH and
kicks his knee out. He now drives his knee into the
knee of Sapp. He Gets Sapp up and hits the standing
dropkick He goes to cover him, but before the ref can
count Sapp throws HHH off him. HHH tries to go back
after the leg, but Sapp sidesteps the dropkick to the
leg, and he Gets HHH up and hits a clothesline. He
gets him up and he tosses Sapp over the ropes and
heads out after him. He picks him up and drops him off
the barricade. He now tries to whip him into steps,
but HHH counters, and Sapp hits his hurt knee right
off the steel. Sapp heads back in the ring , and the
ref begin to count 1..2...3...4...5...6... Sapp gets
back on the apron and HHH runs towards him and Sapp
back body drops him right on to the floor. HHH is now
holding his back in pain. Sapp gets him up and drives
his back into the barricade numerous times. He rolls
HHH back into the ring, and he hits a belly to back
suplex on HHH. He covers him 1...2... No kick out by
HHH. He gets him up and hits 2 knees to the gut and on
the third knee he hits a vertical suplex. He now sends
him to the corner and hits some rights to the gut and
sends HHH into the other corner, Sapp charges in and
Sapp moves out of the way and he hits a flying forearm
and both men are down 1...2...3...4...5...6. Both men
are up and they exchange rights, and HHH gets the
upper hand with a rake to the eyes and takes out
Sapp's knee again. He now locks in a single leg Boston
crab and is putting all the pressure on the injured
knee of Sapp. Sapp is in the lock for about 2 minutes
and then he finally gets to the ropes. He heads off
the ropes and tries for the moon Sault and he hits
1...2... No Sapp kicks out. HHH is frustrated and goes
for the maneuver again, but Sapp gets the knees up.
Both men are down and the ref counts
1...2...3...4...5... both men get up and HHH heads off
the ropes and tries to hit the double axe handle, but
Sapp catches him in a body lock and belly to belly
suplex on HHH, 1...2... No HHH gets the shoulder up.
Sapp gets him up and hits the gorilla press into a
power slam and hooks the leg 1...2... No kick out by
HHH. He gets him up as HHH is fighting back hits a
kick to the nuts and hits the rocker dropper 1...2...
No Sapp kicks out. He goes to get him up and sends him
off the ropes, but Sapp reverses and sends HHH into
the ropes and hits his version of the Spear. He
waits for HHH to get up and when he does he hits the
Power bomb and pins 1...2...kick out barley by HHH.
Both men gain their feet under them and after a toe to
toe exchange between both men, Sapp nails HHH with a
front kick sending him to the mat, Then Sapp motions
to Perot at ringside he will be champion soon, Sapp
turns around into a spine buster! HHH takes off his
elbow pad and bounces off the ropes but Tank rushes
down and distracts the ref. HHH hits an elbow drop and
pins Sapp but the ref is distracted! HHH gets up and
tosses Tank in the ring and locks in the sharpshooter!
Tank screams in pain as he taps out. Sapp gets up and
turns around, dazily and clubs HHH in the back sending
him outside. Sapp gets up and stomps on Tank and
chucks him out of the ring. The ref rolls out and
tells Tank to leave. Sapp grabs the head of HHH and
tries to pull him back in as Supreme races down from
the crowd with a steel chair at hand! Supreme clocks
Sapp in the back with it and smacks it on his
shoulder! Sapp goes down on one knee as HHH pedigrees
Sapp! Supreme looks on as HHH hooks the leg, 1-2-3 at
Winner and still the WWE Champion: HHH

HHH celebrates as Sapp tells Supreme that he's dead JWA CUP! Supreme motions Sapp to bring it
on as Tuesday Night in Texas! Goes off the air.
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

Charlie Manson{AAA}

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evilgrin JWA Saturday Slammasters Show #02

(Footage is shown of Slammasters last week of the
mainevent, and endswith The Rock power slam by The
Rock and he calls for the People’s Elbow but Blake
Springs to his feet and hits the Rock bottom but HHH
breaks the count and hits the pedigree for the 1..2..3
as The Dolls with Balls and HHH sneak away with a
victory. It then shows the JWA Cup logo on screen turn
to the brackets and current results when.)

(Footage Ends)

(Jim Ross and Tommy Talker end up on camera at the top
to promote the nights action.)
Ross: Tonight folks we have an action packed card
filled with JWA Cup matches and more matches will be
announced for the Pay-Per-View event of the same name.
We also have some exciting matches not affliated with
the tounry to take this crowd to it's feet, as we come
live here from Hobart, Tazmania, the Fecal dome is
electric and we are live, Tommy run down the rest of
the card for the folks at home.
Talker: Sure will JR, Fans tonight we have JWA cup
matches with Ron Simmons taking on the World's
champion, HHH and also we will have Johnny The Bull
taking on Bo of the Dolls with Ballz. LA Giant will
tangle with The Freak, Scott Steiner. Plus we have
Chris Chavis and Horseshu teaming up to fend off the
challenge of Ric Flair and The WWA champion Jeff
Jarrett. We have several big matches and a Big time
Mainevent with IWGP champ Invader #4 facing off with
NWA World champion "Pretty" Paul Roma. Let's go now to
Jackleg Pete, who is standing with "The People's
Champ", The Rock!
{We go to the back}
Pete: Okay, I am standing here with Rock....
{as he is cut off by The Rock}
The Rock: Excuse me, who in the blue hell are you?
The Rock: It doesn't matter who you are!
{Pete stands there in disbelif}
The Rock: One more thing, address'ed me
as "Rock", Don't get these people confused, some could
be sitting there reading a book, some could be there
sitting there playing with the family pet and some
sick Freeeks!, could be sitting there stroking the one
eyed Purple monster!
The Rock: You will address me as the Pie eating,
{Rock then get's nailed by Steiner with a pipe and
Steiner grabs the mic}
Steiner: This asshole, The Rock comes out here and
wastes people's time and he waste's space, now I want
my damn title shot..I am a former WCW world champion
and former WWA champion and I am now wanting the JWA
belt, I could care less about anything else, and after
tonight when I make another step toward the cup. Once
I win the fucking cup, these bastards in the JWA will
not be able to stop "White Lightening"!


~HHH vs. Ron Simmons: JWA CUP Round #1~

Triple H comes to the ring with everyone booin him. He
holds up his world title, bragin that no one could
ever take it from him. Ron Simmons then comes out to a
mxed reactoin. The match starts out with Simmons
getting the upper hand, knocking around triple h all
over the ring. Triple h gain somewhat of an advantage
by hitting Simmons with a low blow. Triple H goes to
the annouce table and grabs his belt and a chair. He
hits Simmons in the head with the chair and places his
head on top of his belt. Triple h then smacks Simmons
in the head with the chair a few more times, and
almost gets the three count. Triple H gets in the refs
face and before u know it Earl gets a pedigree.
Simmons is slowly staggerin up, and triple h throws
him to the outside. They start to fight in the crowd,
and up the stairs. Some wise ass fan then trips triple
h on his way up the stairs giving Simmons the
advantage. Simmons takes a fans shoe, and hits triple
h in the face who is now staggerin. Simmons then
trhows triple h down the stairs and the crowd starts
to chant holy shit, holy shit. Simmons throws triple h
over the barricade, and starts beating him up the
entrance ramp. They start throwin eatchother intpo the
entrance props. as triple h is thrown into the set,
Simmons 3 point stance's him through and the set
collapses. Both men are busted open, but Simmons is
the first to his feet. Simmons goes for the
gordbuster, only to get in countered into a ddt.
Fustrated w/ Simmons triple h throws Simmons off the
stage. Triple H goes down there and starts httin
Simmons with everything he can get his hands on. They
start fightin backstage where Ric Flair(barred from
ringside for this match) locks in the figure four
while triple h stomps Simmons. Triple h then picks up
Simmons and throws him into a gating area. Triple h
locks Simmons inside a caged area and tells flair to
make sure Simmons dosnt go ne where while he gets the
"Special Weapon". As Triple H goes to get his weapon,
flair cant resist but go inside and beat on Simmons,
but it bachfires and Simmons gets the spinebuster.
Triple H comes back and sees flair all beat up, but he
cant find Simmons. Simmons comes from behind with a
ring bell and clocks triple h in the head. They start
to battle around the arena, finnaly making there way
back to te ring where Simmons throws triple h in the
ring. Simmons charges at triple h but gets the drop
toe hold into the belt in the middl eof the ring. He
then picks up Simmons and goes for the pedigree, but
it is reversed. Simmons then hits the spinebuster. He
goes for the cover, but Earl is only semi consiece and
makes a very slow count
1................................................. ....................................2............. .................................................. .................kick
out!!!!!!!!!. Simmons cant believe it. He goes to
revive the ref, but gets hit with a neckbreaker from
behind. Triple h goes for the cover
1...........2..........kick out!!!! Triple h then sets
Simmons up for the pedigree but it is once again
reversed. Simmons then sets up a table in the ring. He
goes for the f-5 but it is reversed, and triple H
irish whips Simmons, then catches him in a back
breaker and puts him through the table. He then picks
up Simmons and hits him with the pedigree.
1...........................2..................... ........3!!!!!
Simmons losses his JWA cup match to triple h, and
triple h leaves the arena boooed louder then ever
before. As he passes Flair who is down, HHH looks at a
downed Flair and spits on him.
{as soon as the ringside area is cleared, the theme of
Jeff Jarrett hits the PA and out trucks "The Chosen
one" to the ring with Mic in tow, as Jeff poses on the
ropes, Flair makes his way to the ring}
Jarrett: Okay, listen up slapnuts..I just got here 2
minutes ago and find oour lovely world champion
abusing a legend such as Ric Flair. All I can say you
punk is you jump on Flair, you jump on the champion of
the world.
{Jeff looks at the crowd}
Jarrett: Now that we have this out of the way, I am
here to make a huge announcement, we have put our
heads together{as the crowd chant, "Fags"}
{Flair grabs the mic from Jeff}
Flair: No, he does not mean that, you assholes!, Hey
Cripple make me sick, you come to the arena
and ask me for help with Simmons and then you go out
there and you spit on me? You are a total jerk and I
know that this surprise is not gonna make you too
happy but too bad. slapnuts. We are taking over and we
are taking no prisoners!

Commerical Break

~JWA CUP Round #1: Bo {from Dolls with Ballz} vs.
Johnny The Bull:Steel-cage~

{Before the match starts, H. Ross Perot comes out onto
the ramp and announces that this match will be a
steel-cage match where the winner can be determined by
pin or submission}

[The dream match is here! The time is now! “FBI theme”
hits and out walks the FBI's Johnny The Bull! The Bull
walks down to the ring with a cocky look on his face
but still seems to have time to high-five the fans all
the way down to the ring. It looks like he is playing
the face. “Dolls with Ballz theme” hits and out walks
the home town boy, but it looks like he doesn’t have a
spot in the hearts of the locals. Bo walks down to the
ring to a tremendous amount of boos. The Bull gives
the crowd the finger and then climbs into the cage
with Bo “Sirens” then hits and the crowd goes insane.
Steiner appears through a wall of smoke and stands in
awe of the crowd. Steiner then walks down to the ring,
letting the fans pat him on the back as he walks past.
Steiner then climbs into the cage and into the ring.
All three men are standing in the cage and the ref
closes the door, locks it, and the bell rings. The
crowd starts chanting “Steiner" Steiner!” but then
quickly turns to “Rocky! Rocky!” Bo then looks to the
fans and talks trash. The chant then turns again to
“Make up your mind !{Making refernace to his male and
female private parts} The crowd is already sucked into
this match, and the first punch hasn’t been thrown.
Quickly, The Bull pounces at Bo and they lock up. The
Bull gets the advantage and whips Bo into the ropes,
Bo bounces off and Johnny The Bull goes for a spinning
heel kick, but Bo slides under Johnny The Bull's leg
and then stands up behind Bo. Johnny The Bull then
grabs Bo from behind and into a reverse waist lock. Bo
is about to German suplex Johnny The Bull, until
Steiner comes behind Bo and attaches a reverse waist
lock of his own! Steiner then goes for the German at
the same time Bo goes for the German on Johnny The
Bull and the crowd is treated to a double German
suplex! Bo gets folded up as he hits the canvas, and
holds his neck in pain. Bo quickly rolls to a corner
as Johnny The Bull lies on the canvas, holding his
neck. Steiner then picks Johnny The Bull up to his
feet and then throws him straight into the cage! The
cage shakes with force as Steiner grabs Johnny The
Bull and throws him into the cage, head first, again!
The crowd is popping for this display of brutalism. Bo
quickly composes himself and sneaks up behind Steiner
and lifts him up in a reverse fireman’s carry (like an
F5 position but instead of facing down, they are
facing the roof). Bo then summons all his strength and
then throws Steiner off his shoulders and follows
through with an inverted DDT! The crowd pops and Bo
quickly bounces off the ropes and then hits a
summersault splash on Steiner. Bo then pins, 1, 2,
kick out! The crowd chants “2!” and the match
continues. Bo then goes to pick up Steiner, but Johnny
The Bull comes out of nowhere and bulldogs Bo to the
canvas! Bo grabs his face in pain and Johnny The Bull
has a sick smile on his face. Johnny The Bull then
attends to Steiner, picks him up and hits a scoop
slam. Johnny The Bull then goes over to a corner and
starts to climb it. Johnny The Bull gets to the top
and measures Steiner, but out of nowhere Bo gets to
his feet, climbs the turnbuckles, grabs Johnny The
Bull and hits an arm-drag off the top rope, resulting
in Johnny The Bull flying off the top rope and landing
on Steiner! Bo is still positioned on the top rope and
looks down at Johnny The Bull and Steiner laying on
the canvas. Bo then positions himself and then hits
the “Shooting Styles Press” on both of them! The crowd
lets out a pop and Bo makes a double pin, 1, 2, double
kick out! The match continues. Bo rolls off both men
and Johnny The Bull and Steiner begin to compose
themselves and get to their feet. Steiner and Johnny
The Bull lock up and get into a good, strong collar
and elbow tie-up, but again, out of nowhere comes Bo,
who springboards up the corner turnbuckle ropes, turns
around, and then leaps off the top rope with a flying
cross body onto both men! The crowd pops and Bo rolls
to his feet again, full of energy. Steiner then
quickly tries to get to his feet but Bo scouts this
and bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothes line
on Steiner. Steiner ducks this but Bo then
springboards off the second rope (like a Lionsault)
and then connects with Steiner with a cross-body! Bo
then hooks Steiner’s leg and pins, 1, 2, Johnny The
Bull makes a diving save and brakes up the pin. Johnny
The Bull then picks up Bo and throws him as hard as he
can into the cage! The cage shakes again and the crowd
is shocked at how much force was used. Bo falls
between the ropes and the cage wall as Johnny The Bull
quickly turns his attention back to Steiner. Steiner
is slowly getting to his feet, but Johnny The Bull
meets Steiner with a knee to the face. Steiner falls
to the canvas, holding his jaw in pain. Johnny The
Bull then picks Steiner up and whips him into the
ropes. Steiner bounces off and Johnny The Bull hits a
drop kick, sending Steiner to the canvas again. The
camera then catches Bo slowly getting to his feet and
standing on the ring apron. Johnny The Bull then turns
around to face Bo and Bo jumps to the top rope,
springboards off it, flips into the air, lands on
Johnny The Bull and follows through with a
hurricaneranna! What a move! The crowd is chanting
“Bo! Bo!” Bo Then pins Johnny The Bull, 1, 2, kick
out. The crowd falls silent once again and the ref
checks on Bo and Johnny The Bull. Steiner is slowly
stirring and looks at Bo, rolls him over and pins him,
1, 2, kick out! The crowd pops but Steiner is not
happy. Steiner then rolls Johnny The Bull over and
pins him, 1, 2, Bo breaks up the pin! Steiner is now
furious as the match continues. Steiner picks up Bo
and throws him into the cage. Bo bounces off it and
Steiner catches him and throws him into another wall
of the cage. Steiner seems to be opening up a can of
whoop ass as Steiner catches Bo again and throws him
into another wall! Bo smashes against the wall but
then, with no warning, breaks right through it! One
side of the cage is busted open and Bo is laying on
the ground at ringside and the crowd lets rip a “Holy
Shit!” chant! Bo is busted open and Steiner is sitting
in a corner of the ring, breathless. The crowd keeps
chanting “Holy Shit!” as the referee checks on Bo on
the outside. Steiner then goes over to , picks him up
and hits the Steiner bomb and pins him. The referee is
still on the outside and Steiner calls him back into
the ring. The ref side steps the twisted cage wall and
slides back into the ring and slowly makes the count,
1, 2, kick out! Steiner is absolutely livid now! Why
can’t they just lay down? Bo starts to stir on the
outside and Steiner doesn’t like this. Steiner picks
Johnny The Bull up again and signals for the Steiner
bomb again! But Bo slides in and breaks up an
attempted pin, referee's try to come into the side of
the broken cage to get Steiner out of there. LA Giant
then comes down with a chair to clean house and once
this is noticed by the men inside the cage. Bo grabs
Johnny The bull and begins going toe to toe with him,
once this happens Steiner rolls to the outside and
grabs a table to bring into the ring. He begins to set
it up and all the while, the referee's are given a
signal to come back to the backstage area and LA Giant
get's to the ring and swings at the ropes where
Steiner is standing. The chair nails the ropes and
springs back into his grill and KO's him, Steiner then
goes over and nails both men and throws Bo to the
outside of the ring, Steiner drags Johnny The Bull
over to the corner and attempts a powerbomb when it is
reversed and roll threw, The bull then slams Steiners
head into the table, after this takes place Bo rolls
in and swings the chair that KOed the LA Giant and
nails The bull outside of the ring. Bo then picks up
Steiner and attempts a piledriver and nails it, Bo is
forced away from Steiner with the force of the move
but pushes Steiner over for a pin, 1 , 2, and Johnny
Thebull tries to break up the pin but is too late! 3!

Here is your winner and advancing to the next round is
Bo of Dolls with Ballz!

{WE then go to the backstage where Bob Sapp is
standing with Jackleg Pete}
Pete: Last week, Supreem went nuts and rumor has it,
he wants a piece of you..
Sapp: Well he can have it anytime he wants, Hey
Supreem..I will put your fuse out and I also plan on
kicking your tale too.
{. Ross Perot stolls up and grabs the Mic}
Perot: Okay the last match was a total mess and I will
let everyone know after the break what we will do
about it,
{As he speaks, Supreem runs up with a cane and whacks
Sapp and beats him several times then grabs the stick
from Perot}
Supreem: Okay, Sapp you really are what your last name
implys, you punk ass bitch!
{Supreem throws the mic down and leaves}

Commerical break

{We come back to the booth}
Talker: Fans, tonight we have had some chaos like
crazy and we still have to come tonight, the US title
match between Haku and Supreem and The Rock has been
challenged by Tank, so who knows. However Ross Peort
gave us some info on the last match.
Ross: We have some news on that, for the record Bo is
the winner of that match but Perot has made a very
wacky ruling by saying, that Johnny The bull is moving
on in the tounry and Bo is out for some reason. We
also found out LA Giant and Steiner will go head to
head due to Supreem injuring Bob Sapp before our last
break and they will both compete tonight. Let's go to
the ring...

~Chris Chavis and Horseshu vs. Ric Flair and Jeff

Horseshu uses his power to beat down Flair into a
corner. Chavis is taged in. He gives Flair a back drop
on his head.
Jarrett looks worried for Flair. Chavis knocks Jarrett
off the aporn. Flair is up and gives Chavis a low
blow. Horseshoe gets in the ring quickly and stops
Flair from pinning Chavis. Jarrett gets in the ring
and hammers Horseshoe. Chavis gets up and punches
Jarrett. Flair calls for a Table from Jarrett.
the ref tells Flair no. Chavis nocks Flair down.
Jarrett sets the table up on the side of the ring.
Horseshoe grabs a chair and wacks Jarrett down.
Sasauge Ninja runs down quickly to the rescue for his
Brothers{he thinks}. Horseshoe grabs him and power
bombs him throught the table. Chavis gives Flair a
Razor"s edge to win the match.
Winners: Chris Chavis and Horseshoe

Jackleg Pete is trying to stop Tank to do an interview
Tank: Okay, what do you want asshole?
Pete: is it true you want The Rock tonight?
Tank: Yes, clownshoes I do want “The Brauma Dumbshit”,
all I can say is Rocky better go get Bullwinkle or
somebody cause I am gonna tear you apart like Kobe
Bryant on a white girl!

~JWA CUP: Bob”The Beast” Sapp vs. Scott “Big Poppa
Pump” Steiner~

{LA Giant is replacing Sapp due to injury}

These to monsters stand face to face in the ring for
at least a minute or so just staring each other down
in the end show breaks the stare with a right hand
Steiner smashes LA Giant into the corner and chokes
him with his boot Giant whips him into the corner and
then whips him into the other corner Steiner stick his
boot up this time and stops the show in his tracks LA
Giant grabs Steiner by Throat and slams him down with
Steiner Slam ( Modified Choke Slam ) amazing the crowd
with his strength but he wasn’t finished there he
grabs him and locks in the Steiner recliner then
finally breaks it after a lack of action, Steiner then
grabs LA Giant and belly to belly suplex and covers
him for the win 1..2..3 with crowd watching on
Winner: Scott Steiner

BACKSTAGE: Brock Lesner challenges the NWA board to
give him a title match due to the win over Roma in JWA
cup tounry and then challenges Greg Valentino to a
match tonight to prove that he belongs in the JWA.


~IWGP World Title{Invader #4} vs. NWA World
Champion{Paul Roma}~

Roma and Invader #4 make there way to the ring with
Roma starting on the offense taking Invader #4 into
the corner kicks to the gutt and Invader #4 is down in
the corner Roma picks him up and whips him across the
ring to the corner Roma charges but is booted right in
the mouth
Invader #4 heel kick to the back of the head and there
he goes up top he signals for the five star and he
goes for it but Roma rolls away and to the outside
Invader #4 waits in the ring and then all u see is
Roma smiling Invader #4 turns round right into the
arms of that giant Masked man a huge power slam and
Big splash on Invader #4 from the top rope he then is
picked up into a huge sit out spine buster and he left
lying in the middle of the ring. Invader #4 then get’s
to his feet and charges down the ramp to get Roma, he
then pulls him back to the ring and after several
exchanges and some stalled action. 60 minutes later,
the bell rings and both men are announced as the
winner, and the match is a draw!


BACKSTAGE: The Rock responds to The challenge by Tank
as yes and he also challenges Steiner to get off the
roids then sign a match with the great one.

~Brock Lesner vs. Greg Valentino~

BACKSTAGE: Jeff Jarrett challenges the WWA/NWA/IWGP
and JWA to clear up this world title situation and
challenges for unification and says that other titles
are not spilt this way so there needs to be a tounry
or something done.

~US Title: Haku vs. Supreem~
The JWA US champion came to the ring seeming, somewhat
out of it and he ended up coming in and fighting with
Supreem. The match was short and was riddled with bad
spots, finally Steiner came down and beat both men
beyond belif with a bat setting up a no –contest.
Ad break
BACKSTAGE: Supreem is gone on another rampage and has
been assaulting people and yelling that he wants a
rematch and he also wants Steiner!

~MAIN EVENT: The Tank vs. The Rock~
The match is scheduled for TV time remaining, The
match is fast paced and both men get down and dirty
with brutal blows to each other. However once Rock
begins to prep for the People’s elbow, The bell rings
and Gary Coppetta announces that the match was over
due to time constraints.
{Ross: We are out of time and we will see you next
week from Slammasters when we come to The Georiga Dome
for a blockbuster card on our final stop on the road
to the JWA Cup!, good night everybody.}
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

Charlie Manson{AAA}
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evilgrin JWA 3rd Show

*March 27th at Atlanta,GA from the Gerogia Dome JWA
Saturday Slammasters

*JWA Cup video package airs and we come zooming in to
the set of Ross and Talker as the Pyros hit and the
JWA music hits as we are live from Gerogia dome
Talker: We welcome you to JWA Saturady Slammasters
from Hot Lanta as we are less than 24 hours from the
first JWA cup on Pay-Per-View. Tonight we have tons of
big time matches including IWGP, JWA, world titles on
the line. We also have a US title event scheduled with
Haku coming to the USA for the first time with the
belt in toe as he defends against the "Freak" Scott
Steiner. We also have tag titles on the line and a
great WWA title match. I send it to the ring and Good
Ol' JR.
{Standing in the ring is Jim Ross}
Ross: Folks, tonight we have tons of matches and our
main event is for the 10 pounds of gold when HHH takes
on NWA champion, Paul Roma for the JWA world
heavyweight championship title. However tonight I want
to bring out to this ring, the #1 challenger to the
WWA title and tonight he get's his shot, from Japan
the Super Strong Machine!
{The PA then blares out ..."Can you smell..." as the
Rock trucks out to the ring in a $4,000.00 shirt, he
poses on the ropes and then get's in the ring}
Ross: Rock, what are you doing..
{Rock grabs the mic and shoves Ross out of the way}
Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to HOT Lanta!
Rock: Now you were prob. expecting, the Super Strong
Turd!, well no baby!, you get the eye brow raising,
pie eating, ass whipping, beat the machine like a
drum, gonna make the ladies cum, knows that HHH's nose
is bigger than his cock...The ROCK!
{Crowd chants Rocky}
Rock: Now I have already taken care of the SSM and
tonight I am here to grab a title from "The Chosen
One" Jeff Jarrett and I also am here to challenge The
Big broken daddy, Scott Steiner to a match but all
will be taken care of when I win the cup tomm night.
{Music hits and it's Jarrett and Flair onto the ramp}
Jarrett: Listen up Slapnuts, you can come out here and
make challenges and run your mouth but you aint going
to get me in no ring anywhere tonight.
Flair: Hey punk, you want a shot..guess what no!
{Rock takes off his shades and looks at the men on the
Rock: Okay, let me review for those just tuning in
here...Jeff Jarrett proved he never picked up a
dictionary..aint is not a word monkey..and also I may
not get you in a ring but apparently Flair left the
cock ring on you after your little monkey love session
in the back!
{crowd goes nuts as Flair storms near the ring and is
held back by Jarrett}
Rock: Let's finish this..
{Jarrett interputs}
Jarrett: Yeah, you want a shot you can have one and
then I can go on and win the cup tomm night and go on

and clean up the Heavyweight divison!


~IWGP World Title: Invader #4 vs. LA Giant vs. Johnny
The Bull~
The Bull makes his way to the ring and as he comes in
he is jumped on the way to the ring by
Horseshu,Invader #4 makes his way to the ring with a
great cheer from the crowd then LA Giant gets out
there and the crowd give him shit right from the word
go!!!!! Giant starts on the offensive as he gives
Invader #4 a clothesline right in the middle of the
ring pulls him and gives him a vertical suplex
1......2.... kickout by Invader #4, LA Giant pulls him
up again whips him into the ropes crash ducks a
clothesline and kicks LA Giant in the guts hooks the
arms and delivers a underhook suplex 1......2......
kickout by LA Giant again Invader #4 kicks LA Giant in
the gut and delivers a DDT 1....2..... kickout by LA
Giant again Invader #4 starts to get frustrated and he
goes up top LA Giant gets and Invader #4 goes for a
hurricanrana but LA Giant reveres ti into a side walk
slam cover 1......2........ kickout just by Invader #4
they take to the outside whip into the wall LA Giant
on Invader #4 and spear into the gut of #4 LA Giant
throws crash in the ring again cover 1.......2........
kickout again by Invader #4 LA Giant looks very pissed
off as he picks up Invader #4 and lifts him up top on
the top rope he signals for the end but Invader #4 has
other ideas and givges LA Giant a front vertical
suplex of the top 1.........2..........and no he
kickout again Invader #4 is shocked he kicks LA Giant
in the gut and signals for the Invader #4 landing he
lifts him up LA Giant reveres it and kicks him in the
gut and hooks the arms as he goes for his Tiger Driver
and he hits it 1......2.......and here comes Paul Roma
over the railing and he then pulls LA Giant out and
begins to whip his ass, while in the ring Haku appers
out of no where and gives the claw to Invader #4. Refs
come in to break the frakeus up,

Result: Match is thrown out and still IWGP champ,

Invader #4
{We go to the back and Jackleg Pete is standing with
Bob "The Beast" Sapp and Ken Shamrock}
Pete: Tonight we have The Beast and The World's most
dangerouse man taking on Supreem and Brock Lesner,
what are your thoughts.
Shamrock: I have heard all the rumors of Brock leaving
and we all know Supreem is dangerouse but they don't
scare me one bit
Sapp: Ha ha ha, Supreem..I am coming for you..ha ha ha

~JWA World Title: HHH vs. "Pretty" Paul Roma{NWA
HHH starts things off with a huge boot to the face he
picks him and delivers a huge powerslam right in the
middle of the ring cover1.......2.... kickout by Roma
and HHH doesnt like that he gets very pissed so he
lifts him up again right in his shoulders spins him
round in to a modified xfactor cover 1......2......
kickout again by Roma now HHH looks very pissed he
kicks Roma in the gut and goes to the second rope Roma
is bent over facing the ropes HHH is on the second
rope what in gods name is he gonna do here he goes for
a scissers kick of the second rope but Roma ducks and
HHH hits the mat hard Roma delivers a DDT to HHH
1......2.......... kickout my HHH with ease Roma goes
for a rolling clothesline but HHH has had enough he
picks up Roma and Deilvers the Ground Shaker ( sitout
spine buster ) but he doesnt go for the cover he goes
up top and delivers a huge splash to get the
1.......2......3 and Roma is out here HHH sprints
backstage and back to his dressing room
Result: HHH still the JWA champion
Ross: All I can say, HHH got out of here quick..
Talker: HHH is pissed he was the second match but I
feel sorry for Roma, he was sick and it showed,
hopefully he can get another shot down the line.
However, HHH is pissed to the hilt due to his non-push
by JWA powers that be.
{We go the back where Roma is being helped by ring
medics and Tank comes up and nails Roma with a long
light bulb}


{We go backstage and Jackleg Pete is standing with the
#1 challenger to the US title, Scott "Freakzilla"
Pete: Well...
{Steiner slaps pete and chucks him threw the wall in
the back}
Steiner: Okay, shut up you asshole..I heard the pebble
earlier and bitch, I am coming for your ass. Second,
the bitch known as HHH is pissed that he was the
second match, after I take your belt, you will be in a
main event{well not for very long} Finally, a storm is
brewing and I am happy to be apart of it.
{We go back to the ring}

~JWA World Tag Team Titles: Dolls with Ballz vs. Ron
Simmons and Horseshu~
The teams came to the ring but then out of no where,
music hit and onto the ramp came, Sausage Ninja and
the Undefeated #1 superhero from the 1970's Birdman.
They were announced as the 3rd team in a inpromoto 3
way dance for the tag gold. Simmons and Bo start of
with Bo over powering Simmons he backs him into the
corner and starts kicking away at the gut of the All
American he whips him across the ring and into the
corner Bo charges at him agive him a running
clothesline drags him into the middle of the ring and
gives him a running leg drop 1.............2.....
kickout by Simmons he fights back on Bo as he kick him
in the gut nails a DDT tag to Horseshu he beats down
on Bo and gives him a thunderous vertical suplex again
a quick tag to Simmons he comes back again and nails a
clothesline 1.....2...... kickout Simmons picks the
big man up again tries to whip him into the ropes but
he wont move Bo pulls Simmons back and gives him a
boot to the face tag to Blake he comes in and delivers
a diving headbutt on Bo 1.......2......kickout by Bo
Blake lifts him up and whips him into the ropes he
comes of right into a thrust kick 1.......2......
kickout by Bo he looks very tired now as he looks to
tag Simmons but cant quite get there as Birdman drags
him back and gets a tag to Sauage Ninja Ninja nails a
spinning DDT to get a 1................2 kickout but
Bo is lying motionless in the ring Blake looks very
concerned for his partner Bo is across the other side
of the ring and Ninja is standing over Bo talking
smack to his face suddenly Bo pops up and nails a DDT
on Ninja he then turns his attention to Birdman whos
still talking smack to Blake Blake tells to t urn
around he does and gets nail by a clothesline Tag to
Blake as he comes in clothesline to everyone and nails
a big boot to Simmons and vertcial suplex again to
Simmons Blake is cleaning house Bo is on the outside
hes got one of the title belts he gets in the ring and
is ready to nail Simmons with but Ninja comes from
behind with a bulldog 1.......2...... Birdman breaks
it up the crowd is into it now as Blake drops Ninja
wit ha sidewalk slam and Birdman and Bo are on the
outside Blake covers 1..............2..........
kickout again by Ninja this is great match Birdman
gets in the ring and signals for his Sweet Chin Music
Ninja turns round and ducks the attempt and gives Bo a
superkcik of his own 1..........2...........and then
the ref clears everyone out but the legal man, however
while this happens, Birdman is saw holding a pair of
knuckles and lays out Bo and 1...........2...........3
and we have NEW JWA Tag Team Champions

Result: NEW JWA World Tag Team champions{Birdman and
Sauage Ninja}

{Post match, Teddy Long and Butch Reed comes storming
down the ramp and Reed cleans the clocks of the former
champs and Horseshu and picks up Simmons and they head
to the back}

{We go the back where H. Ross Perot is standing with
Jackleg Pete}
Pete: We have a major announcement, what is it Mr.
Perot: Well, Jackleg, we have gotten word from the WWA
after our handling of the #1 challenger tonight, they
are yanking "The Chosen One" out of the tourny tomm
night and we at the JWA are replacing him with The

{Crowd goes nuts}

~Chris Chavis vs. DL "Tank" Abott~
The match never even get's off the ground, cause after
Chavis is in the ring and Tank makes his way down the
ramp. HHH comes out and nails him over the head with
the JWA title belt and flips Chavis off in the ring
and storms to the back
{We go once again to the back where Jackleg Pete is
talking with LA Giant}
Giant: Tonight, I gaurantee that tonight I will
walkout the champ but I did not cause of the black
power in this country but I will walk out of the PPV
with the belt and if i don't I will go to compton and
wear a Sandwitch board sign saying, "I love big black

~Bob "The Beast" Sapp and Ken Shamrock vs. Brock
Lesner and Supreem~
Once all men are introduced, Supreem and Sapp go into
a tussel and battle to the back and Shamrock then
jumps on Brock. crowd do not like Lesner at the moment
the two stare each other down with Lesner having a
good height advantage in this one Lesner starts on the
offensive with with right hands into the th corner and
Lesner beats Shamrock down he lifts him and gives a
doublechoke hold slam he stomps on him as he lyes on
the ground He lifts him up again and he nails a DDT
1.....2 kickout by Shamrock Shamrock starts to fight
back but Lesner again just overpowers Shamrock and
lifts him into the for a miltary press and slams him
down again 1.......2...... again shamrock kicks out
Lesner goes up top for a clothesline but shamrock
meets him there and gives a belly to belly right in
the middle of the ring 1....2....... kickout just by
Lesner shamrock whips him into the ropes and gives him
a corner splash 1...........2... kickout as Lesner
looks a bit dazed and confused Shamrock grabs him and
he readys him for the Scorpian death Drop but Lesner
reverese it into a nothren lights suplex
1...................2....... kickout by Shamrock
Lesner gets up kicks shamrock in the gut and nails him
a fall forward powerbomb o my god thats it what impact
1..............2........... kickout by shamrock Lesner
cant believe it as he calls for a Chokeslam grabs him
byt the throat and lifts him into the air but Shamrock
esacpes out and some how nails the scorpian Death Drop
1..............2............ kickout again by Lesner
Shamrock cant believe it Shamrock sets Lesner up for
the Ankle Lock he locks it on and Lesner is writhing
in pain he tries to make his way to the ropes and he
just makes it but the damage is done and Lesner looks
hurt again Shamrock nails the DDT right in the middle
of the ring 1..........2...... again Lesner kicks out
om my god what power by Lesner Leg drop by Shamrock on
Lesner cover 1..........2.... kickout again Shamrock
pulls him up and whips him into the ropes Lesner comes
off Shamrock misses the clothesline Lesner stops and
turns and slaps the hand right across Shamrock throat
he lifts him and down right in the middle of the ring
and signals for the F-5 and nails it
1..........2..........3 and that is that good win for
Brock Lesner very impressive as he leaves Shamrock in
the middle of the ring and we catch a glimpse of
Supreem and Sapp still duking it out in the backstage


{We go the back as Jackleg Pete is chatting with Teddy
Long, Ron Simmons, Butch Reed}
Pete: What the hell is the deal here?
Long: You got some pretty lips cracker...ha ha..I aint
no queer but I will tell you that tonight we have new
tag champions in the form of Birdman and Sauage
Ninja..what a screwed up place this company is, first
you have the white cracker trannys with the straps and
now we have some a-hole with a mask and some dork with
sauage links for nun chucks..may god help us all. Well
the baddest team on the block is back and Doom is here
to restore order and it begins tomm night. Also I
heard White boy Perot out here saying Jarrett's out of
the cup...guess what add "Big" Ron to the list, he is
out of your horrid tounry. Oh yeah, we also got the LA
Giant running out here and yelling some hard bullshit
about Compton, you could not last there, player and
you could not last on the set of The Banana Splits!
{We go back the ring}

~WWA Title: Jeff "The Chosen One" Jarrett w/ Ric Flair
vs. The Rock~
Ric Flair's music hits and he makes his way to ring
side for the match
then Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring with the
crowd giving him heat
The Rock's music hits and the crowd errupts as he
makes his way to the ring this is gonna be great match
lets get going Rock goes straight on the offensive
and he takes Jarrett down with his power but Jarrett
shows his and powers back they struggle with each
other for 3 minute at least rock breaks the grip of
Jarrett and whips him into the ropes clothesline by
rock lifts him up and powerslam by rock goes for the
cover 1........2 kickout by Jarrett rock takes Jarrett
into the corner and lifts him with a belly to belly
suplex 1.....2.... kickout again by Jarrett Jarrett
pokes rock in the eyes as he starts his offence he
lifts him on his shoulders and nails a revers somaon
drop 1....2.... kickout by rock good move by Jarrett,
Jarrett takes it to the outside he grabs a chair and
swings it but rock ducks and he hits the ring post
rock comes back with clothesline these two battle
around the ring and up the ramp to the stage rock
throws Jarrett in to the set Jarrett is busted open
and rock has a cut above his right eye from the
beating he took a couple of weeks ago again rock
throws Jarrett into the set rock picks Jarrett up,and
nails a spine buster on the steel o my god that was
sick a sick move by rock as Flair looks on at ring
side he looks worried they battle back to the ring
again but this Time Jarrett throws rock into the steel
steps head first he throws him in the ring and these
two warrirs are busted open badly Jarrett nails a
spine buster slam for the cover 1...2...... kickout o
my god that was close we were that close to having a
new champ they battle into the corner wheer rock takes
control he lifts Jarrett to the top rope and delivers
a huge vertical suplex he goes for the cover
1...2..... kick out again these two are lyeing
motionless as Bob Sapp's music hits and he comes down
the ring Flair meets him before he gets in the ring
and starts talking smack right in his face Sapp just
looks at him and punches him right in the mouth he
gets in the ring and delivers the Splash to Jarrett
and then goes up top and nails Rock with the top rope
Splash o my god that is it Flair is up and in the ring
again he nails Sapp in the back with a chair shot RVD
is down athen the lights go out and the Sign The
Franchise comes up on the screen then the lighting
strikes and the music hits as the lights starts to
flicker o my god king here we go who is it then light
s are dim so we cant see who it is but as they get to
the ring the lights shin right on them to see its the
Franchise with Scott Steiner and a man with a mask on
who's is very tall they hit the ring Douglas grabs The
Rock by the throat and with Steiner's help chokelsams
him down Steiner grabs Sapp and nails him with a
modifed tombstone what impact o my god then this tall
man who Douglas calls him the Phantom well thats what
it sounded like he picks Sapp up and nails him with a
huge spinning DDT and then Steiner picks The Rock up
and nails him with a huge Powerbomb not one powerbomb
not 2 powerbombs but 3 powerbombs right in the middle
of the ring the ref tries to stop this but the Douglas
grabs the REF and gives him the franchiser o my god
its carnage what in the hell is going on Talker the
three men leave the ring Sapp and The Rock roll out of
the ring and then it leaves the ref and Rock and
Jarrett Jeff looks like he first up amazingly he roll
over to Jarrett draps his arm over Rocky and gets the
1..........2.............3 and what a match Jeff
Jarrett is still the WWA heavyweight Champion
Ross: My god, is this what Flair, Jarrett and Steiner
have been promoting this past month or so?
Talker: All I can say is I heard "The Franchise" Does
not even work here

{We go back to the JWA champion HHH}

HHH: I requested this time, to announce, I am leaving
this company as soon as my contract is up..I am sick
of being shit on by these assholes in this company and
I am sick of the bullshit with Perot and pitting me
with clowns like "Tank" and now apparently he has went
out and screwed The Rock or whomever. All I can say is
once I am done here in the JWA, I will be champion and
the belt is coming with me!
{HHH turns around and get's nailed by Tank and the two
men battle till refs and secrutity break it up with
Tank yelling, I am coming for the belt Cripple H!}


~US Title: Haku vs. Scott Steiner~

Haku comes to the ring first with heaps of heat from
the crowd, Steiner makes his way to the ring next to
the crowd chanting his name they start of with Haku on
the offensive and a big clotheline sending stiener to
the ground Haku poses to the crowd as he shows his
muscles but Steiner pops up and kicks Haku right in
the gut and give him a t-bone suplex 1.....2.....
kickout Haku not given in yet, Steiner again grabs
Haku in a suplex belly to belly this time 1...2...
kickout again Steiner doesnt look to happy as Haku
gets up Haku right hand Steiner again and again
Steiner is back in the corner Haku takes him out and
give him a sidewalk slam 1....2.... kickout again Haku
takes it out to the outside Haku whips Steiner into
the post hitting it hard Steiner growns in pain
Haku picks him up and throws him over his shoulder and
takes him over to the broken announce table he drops
him right on it and Steiner is in real pain now Haku
is domientaing this match he throws Steiner into the
ring covers him 1....2.... kickout again by Steiner
Haku looks surprised now Haku signals for a chokeslam
and he hits it 1........2....... kickout by Steiner ,
Steiner gets up right hand to Haku kicks him in the
gut and hookd the arms going for his underhook
powerbomb he lifts him but Haku gets out and lifts
Haku into the air over his shoulders and drops him in
a spinning neckbreaker and goes for the cover that
will be it1........2......... what the hell Ric Flair
is here he pulled the ref out and just nail Haku with
a pair of brass knuckles Steiner takes advantage and
nails the underhook powerbomb o my god what impact
does Steiner have enough energy to cover he gets there
arm over crowd counts with the ref
1.............2................3 thats is we have a
new JWA United States Champion Scott Steiner

JR: YES! YES! He did it Talker he did it o my god what
a match that was great
Talker: NO JR!!!! that is not great the JWA is losing
all there belts whats going on here and what is the
deal with this new faction?
{Announcers are cut off by the music of "The
Franchise" Shane Douglas, as Douglas, Jarrett, Lesner
and Steiner celebrate with Flair in the ring}
Flair: I told, you assholes, a storm was brewing and a
Revoltion was coming...whooo!{Flair hands the mic to
Jarrett: Now, everyone knows I am the greatest WWA
champ ever and now I am joined by men with a common
goal{Jeff hands the belt to Steiner}
Steiner: Holla, if you hear me!...Now let's get this
stright, I am the man and I am the champion and now I
am the baddest man on the block, the biggest arms on
the planet and now I am the best wrestler in the whole
US of fucking A!{He then throws Douglas the mic}
Douglas: Now all you nimrods in this company thought I
had signed with a brand new upstart wrestling
promotion, guess what I signed a deal with the JWA
when they first got going, check the roster
sheet...HHH. Oh, I will get to you in a second, I was
gonna hold off on this till tomm night but fuck it!, I
figured the people of Atalanta needed a change...They
needed a REVOLTION!
{He checks the crowd and smiles}
Douglas: Now onto the current state of affairs, I am
here to announce I am taking back my promos, my
character and I am taking back my spot..Cripple H, you
go take care of DL and then you come see "The
Franchise". We have the US champ, the WWA champ, the
greatest world's champion of the 80's and the 90's and
now you have the final piece to this puzzle, the god
damned FRANCHIIIIISE!, so here is what we do and that
is tomm night is the JWA cup and guess what folks, The
Revoltion is coming to break the house, Jarrett has
the night off, Steiner wins the cup and I sit back and
watch pieces of crap like HHH and other shit heads
like the Sauage Ninja and Birdman defend belts they
don't deserve, this is wrestling, not some fucking
freak fest. We plan on cleaning this place up and it
starts tomm night in the Omni!
{The Franchise theme hits and "The Revoltion" storm

Fade to the JWA logo
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

Charlie Manson{AAA}

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evilgrin JWA Saturday Night Slammasters{4/3/04} from MSG in NYC

JWA Saturday Slammasters{4/3/04}

*Location: MSG in NYC

The Pyro goes off as the crowd goes wild for JWA in
MSG as we join the broadcast team..

Talker: Ladies and Gentilmen we are L-I-V-E as only
live can get from MSG and tonight we have a wind of
change coming to the JWA. I know will send it to Jim
Ross in the ring standing with Richard Head the JWA
operations manager,let's go to JR.

Ross: Thanks Tommy and tonight I am here in MSG with
Richard Head, Dick, what is the reason you are here?
Head: Well Jim, tonight I have come to clean house and
I have some help to clean up this company, our last
Pay-Per-View event "JWA Cup" and tonight we have the
fallout and it was severe. I want to call out H. Ross
Perot, the current head of the JWA.

{Perot's music hits as he walks to the ring knowing
what is coming, he get's in the ring with a mic in

Head: Okay, I have called you here to announce that
due to several issues at the PPV, we are going to have
to terminate your contract...
{Ross cuts him off}
Perot: Okay, want me out of here, fine.
2 choices bucko...1} pay out my contract and send me
home or 2} get me off TV and pay my ass
{Head looks into the crowd and back at Perot}
Head: Fine, fine, fine, you can have it your way, go don't have to go home but you aint staying
{The two begin to argue off mic, when the pa system
blares out a glass shattering as Austin 3:16 trucks
out to the ring, and both men are frozen in fear as
Ross yells Stone cold in the mic, Austin then poses on
the ring poles and then snatches the mic from Perot}
Austin: Well you don't work here so you don't need
{Austin looks into the crowd as they chant Austin..}
Austin: Now, let's see here...since you did not let
good ol' Dick Head finish...{As Austin smiles at both
Austin: Sorry Dick...damn I ment Rick, sorry buddy,
however I am planning on letting you know Ross why
your done,
Austin: First off HHH is unhappy, personally I could
give a crap if Hunter is unhappy but apparently the
jackass's in the back think so. Second, roster issues,
good gawd, you got tons of guys sitting in the back
feels like WWE back there. Oh yeah, forth...the fact
we have a hardcore title that was declared vacent and
never been a new champion established and finally this
is the why the hell is the NWA/IWGP/WWA
allowed to be on our TV shows and PPV's?
{Austin then listens Perot ramble on and finally goes
over and stuns him and rolls him out of the ring}
Austin: Okay enough of that piece of crap wasting
air...What am I gonna do about all this?{What chants
fill the arena and Austin has fun with them, he then
turns and yells, okay guys I gotta work now, he then
turns around as the crowd cheers}
Austin: Now as far as roster problems go, well let me
deal with the belts...Brock quit{What chants} Brock
left{What}Brock scaddled{what}Brock got the hell out
of dodge{What} Brock took his roids and went
home{What, as Austin laughs} Now, onto the JWA
international belt, gone..Brock quit so I am gonna
quit wasting brain power on it. Ross made a ladder
match tonight, now it's for the hardcore belt, and
WWA/IWGP/NWA have 90 days to unify the belts or they
will be off JWA TV, now onto the roster problems...17
well I know we got more back there than that number.
So I am gonna ask Gary Micheal Copetta to get me a
chair so I can sit at ringside and watch a four corner
ladder match, so I want "Pretty" Paul Roma,Invader
#4,Haku,Johnny The bull to get their ass out here and
let's do this thing
{The wrestlers come to the ring as Austin rolls out to
sit at ringside}

-4 Corner Match winner keeps his job: Paul Roma vs.
Haku vs. Johnny The Bull vs. Invader #4-
The group ends up breaking down and slugging it out
and Austin looks disgusted as the match carries on for
20 minutes, finally at the 21 minute mark...Austin
rolls in and looks at all of them as they ignore him
and keep brawling, Austin then does a mini myni mo and
goes over and chooses Haku and beats him down and
stuns him then does the same to all four guys and roll
them out of chucks them over the top rope.

Post match:
Austin grabs a mic..
Austin: I heard the borning chants and frankly I was
about to sleep, it's like watching an Eddie Guerro
promo at a Pay-Per-View, the beaner won't shut the
fuck I figured we already have a good roster so
I fired all of them...{Austin then toasts beer with
the crowd}

Jackleg Pete is standing with the new tag champs
Birdman and Sauage Ninja and a hott chick
Pete: Who is this babe, guys?
Birdman: She is not a babe, she is a beautiful woman
with giant breasts...
Ninja: Okay calm down birdi..well Jackleg Pete..this
chick is none other than Doria from and she
is a B movie and softcore porn star
Pete:Why is she with you guys?
Birdman: She is with us as a manager and she is going
to guide us to the World Tag Team title belts...
Pete: Okay, but I think you guys already have the
belt, don't you?
Ninja: Well we have the JWA belts but we want the JWA
World Tag Team belts..damn don't you listen buddy?
Pete: Yeah I do listen and I am being told by my
producer your fricken dorks and don't have a clue
let's go to the April Assuault controll center with
Lance Russel

{The April Assult promo is shown and Lance Russel
comes onto the screen}
Lance Russell: Fans, the next big event from the JWA
comes to you Sunday night April 25th from the Wayne
Foundation Center in Gothum City as we bring you April
Assualt and 1 match has been signed, as Doom the duo
of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed come to tangle with
Horseshu and Chris Chavis. More matches and more
things to be announced in the coming weeks and I will
have it for you in the controll center. Let's go back
to the ring with Gary Michael Coppetta...

-Chris Chavis and Horseshu vs. The Blood Pigs-
Well this is gonna be a squash match isnt it but
anyways will see what happens
Chavis starts of the match and goes right on the
offense on Blood pig #1 vertical suplex by Chavis on
Blood pig #1 1..2.. kickout but a kick to the gut and
a pile driver on Blood pig #1 sends him to the ground
again tag to Horseshu and its all on Jackknife by
Horseshu on Bloodpig #2 and a big boot to Blood Pig #2
Chavis stands there ready for the 3 point stance he
hits it on Blood Pig #1 and they get the 1..2...3 and
that is that what a squash match that was not even a
sweat broken by the #1 challengers to the World tag
titles,as they take the easy victory and move on to
take Doom on at April Assualt, when the winners turn
around and get nailed by singapore cane shots by the
Blood Pigs when the BP's remove their masks to reveal
they are Lance Storm and Justin Crediable..the Impact
Players are in the JWA!
Backstage as The Dolls with Ballz walk down the hall,
Austin stops in front of them and is stunned by what
he see's...
Bo of Dwb: What the hell you looking at?
Austin: Okay, boyz..or as I should say girls or {he
shakes his head} hell I don't know what the fuck I am
looking at?
Blake: Your just mad we look good
Austin: ha ha ha ha..look ha ha ha good, oh geez, well
enough pleasent intro's..where the hell you things
The dolls look at him pissed out
Austin: Well, where you going to poweder your balls or
Blake: No , I am going to change clothes for later,
and Bo is going to the ring for his title match
Austin: Uh, what title match if you mean Lesner, you
trannys are not smart either..he quit and I threw the
title away earlier,
Bo: Well I am going and I guess maybe someone will
want to get some
{The dolls storm away as Austin looks at them with a
pissed off look on his face and utters}
Austin: They either are ugly looking women or a couple
of guys who can't get laid..
-US Title: Scott Steiner vs. Blake of Dolls with
Steiner comes to the ring as the sirens blare and he
then grabs the stick from Copetta,
Steiner: Holla if you hear me, Now you NYC piece's of
crap will respect Freakzilla and tonight I was
supposed to face off with one of those nasty ass
T-Girls from Dolls with Ballz but I heard her or him
talking with "Stunning" Steve in the back.{The crowd
chants Austin} Steiner looks at the crowd and rips off
his shades and yells..
Steiner: Okay Austin come out here and I will whip
your broken down ass, I want an oppoent and I want it
now, and Steiner you dick you better send me somebody
or I am comin back there and drilling you, actually I
would like to drill that Doria back Steiner
is cut off by Dolls with Ballz music and Blake from
the team sprints to the ring. Steiner goes on the
early offense and gives Blake the belly to belly
suplex right in the middle of the ring he covers Blake
1..2... kickout whips him into the ropes and he gives
him a back body drop kick to the gut and a underhook
powerbomb by Steiner 1..2..3 and what the hell that is
that what squash match Blake didnt even get any
offense in Steiner has got the the US Title in hand.
Jackleg Pete is standing with The Rock,
Pete is shoved out of the frame and Rocky speaks..
The Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to
M-S-G!{Crowd goes nutts}
The Rock: First of all, Shane Douglas is calling
himself the Franchise, HHH calls himself the
Franchise, well The Rock is going to call no one The
Franchise and wait
{Rock notices Bo stretching outside}
The Rock: I will call that thing,a Freak!
The Rock: Now let me throw this out to Shane Douglas,
it aint over buddy, it's far from over as you now have
something I wanted and that was those yellow trunks,
no no, I ment the title shot, those trunks look like
something you found at a gay porno shop. Oh and
Voltron..I mean clownshoes...first we
have Steiner, Mr. Steriod your gonna drill Doria, well
you can't drill something that has been drilled, wait
let The Rock spell it, steiner, Doria, she
slut. Now onto Ric Flair, Whoo, whoo your middle aged
and crazy and your chest muscles look like old gravy
and now onto Jarrett, Mr. J-e-double F- J-A-Double R-E
Double T, well you like spelling, you wanna spell with
the Rock, I will give you a word, Jeff Jarrett,
S-H-I-T or J-A-C-K-A-Double S...figure it out monkey,
One more thing Douglas..take Flair's ruby robe and
slip it on, now grab a Jeff Jarrett "My Baby tonight"
single and place it in a cd player, grab some of
Einsteiner's roids and gobble them down like tic-tacs
and slip on your gay porno store blue light special
trunks and Revotlion your ass out of the JWA...Wait
don't let The Pie Eatin..Revoltion Beating..I used to
play with blocks bigger than Steiner's cock..future
Champ, The ROCK!..if you smell what the rock is
{Rock's music plays in the arena}
-4 man Ladder match for the JWA E Divison Title: DL
Abott" Tank" vs. Supreem vs. Bob Sapp "The Beast" vs.
All four men come down and begin wrestling except Sapp
and Supreem, but Tank and Horseshu begin to battle it
out on the outside.
Crowd goes nuts as Sapp makes his way to the ring for
the frist time since making his big PPV debut back
last week
Supreem gets alot of heat from the crowd and the match
gets underway Supreem shows his strength as he goes to
work on Sapp as he lifts him up over his head he
chucks him on his shoulders and delivers a death
valley driver right on the button and he goes for the
cover 1....2... kickout Sapp showing his stability
Supreem sets him up again on his shoulders and gives
hima reverse somoan drop 1..2... kickout and sapp
again show his heart sapp goes on the offense with a
clothes line and an elbow drop sets him up for a
scorpian death drop as the crowd lifts for the first
time he hits it 1..2... and that is no he kickout o my
god hardly anyone has got of that but Tank show his
raw power by grabbing Horsehu and Sapp by the throat
and pulling them outside the ring Tank gets in sapp's
face grabs him and drops him with a spine buster 1..2
Tank hasnt finishe there he wants to deliver more pain
and goes for the sit out powerbomb but suddenly Matt
Morgan hits the ring grabs Tank hits a F-5 right in
the center of the ring and leaves him motionless as
Horsehu and Supreem stand tall on the outside just
then the lights go out and The sentence BTK returns
tonight comes up on the tron the lights come back on
as we see Sapp and Horseshu and Tank lying in there
own blood. Supreem rolls from under the ring and
scales the ladder and snags the belt and runs away
scarred to death at what the ring looks like.
-IWGP World Title:{Ladder match} Greg Valentino vs.
Mystery Man-
Valentino comes out and challenges anyone from the
back to come out and fight for the IWGP belt, out
comes to the ring a sprinting man wearing all black
and a mask, as Ross yells out,
Ross: What is the deal here, Talker the night of a
1,000 masks?
Lots of moves with the Ladder. Valentino gives Masked
man a Suplex off the ladder!. Valentino gives masked
man a German suplex off the Ladder!. Masked man and
Greg Valentino get huge bumps in this match and huge
appaulse from the Crowd. Masked man gives Valentino a
big elbow off the top of the ladder. Masked man climbs
the Ladder and looks like he will win the match. When
first The Ultimate Warrior emerges out of no where to
sit ringside to watch the match, second, thing is The
US champion comes to the ring and shooves the masked
man off the ladder and then double arm powerbombs
Valentino onto the fallen ladder. Steiner then rips
off the mask of the masked man, he rolls out and
points at the Warrior at ringside and Warrior and the
masked man who is reveled to be Macho Man Randy
Savage. Secruity clears the ringside and the ring.
Steiner is shoving people out of the way to get to the
office, where Austin is sitting watching TV and
Steiner slams his hands down on the desk and yells at
Austin to find him challenges and Austin then yells
that he does not appreicate the interferance in the
IWGP match.
-Doom: Ron Simmons and Butch Reed vs. Birdman and
Sauage Ninja:Non- Title-
Simmons and Reed bring in steel Chair's to the ring.
Austin comes out and says this match has no rules
besides the match must end in a pinfall and also Reed
and Birdman stay but the other two have to head out.
Reed trys to hit Birdman in the head and misses.
Birdman drop-kicks the chair into Reed's face. He
knocks Reed all the way out of the Ring!. Birdman
looks around the ring for something. Birdman jumps
over the Ring and hits a cross body on Reed. Birdman
looks around the Ring and finds a trash can. Birdman
wacks Reed in the back. Birdman and Reed get into the
Ring. Birdman wacks Reed with a steel Chair (that was
in the ring from before). Birdman is out and Reed goes
to the top rope and goes for a Splah and hits!. 1-2
suddenly Sauage Ninja breaks the count up!. and gives
Reed a round house kick to the head. Simmons comes
down and attacks Sauage Ninja. Reed is lying on the
middle rope. Birdman gets up and goes for the 619! and
he connects! 1-2...Then out of the crowd comes the Bad
Boyz with softball bats and they whack Doom and whack
the tag champs and causes a no contest. The Bad Boyz
then chase Teddy Long and Doria away from ringside.
The Bad Boyz then yell they are back and they want the
belts and they want it now!
HHH and Matt Morgan are standing with Jackleg Pete
Pete: Okay guys, tag team main event tonight and you
got Flair and Douglas, what the hell is up?
HHH: Matt Morgan is my insurance policy and I also
brought him in to counter act all these elements that
are fucking with me, HHH, The game, The Franchise. You
know what I mean, Jackleg Pete. Now that Austin 3:16
is in charge I will have more problems. Since Austin
is making matches why don't we kill 2 birds with one
stone. Flair and The Revotlion wanna run their traps
as well. I will get them both, 1} HHH challenges Ric
Flair at the next Pay-Per-View in Gothum City at The
Wayne Foundation Arena to a World Heavyweight title
match, The JWA version. The only version that matters
and #2 Austin make this match and you can choose a
stipulation, I will choose one and Flair can choose
one. Now get the hell out of here I have a match to
prepare for.
{Back at the ring Bo of The Dolls with Ballz is in the
ring and he is complaining about he does not have
respect out of managment{Austin} and an oppoent now
since Lesner left the company and the JWA dumped the
International version of the world title. He wants
action, he begin to sings Poisen's "I want action
tonight". The lights then go out and when they come
up, a man in a long black trench coat with black
gloves and a red hockey mask, holding a rope in 1 hand
and a silver baseball bat in the other. Bo then
charges him and get's clotheslined but sweeped with
the bat at the same time{it's like the Elimenators
total elimenation move only with 1 person} This huge
man then goes and gathers 4 tables and sets one up in
1 corner per, The mystery man then grabs Bo and flings
him to the ropes and windes up and swings the bat
toward his grill and flattens Bo on the mat. The
mystery man then snatches Bo up and Powerbomb's Bo
into each table and holds on after each Powerbomb,
Mystery man then draggs Bo from the last table like a
cavewoman and flings him over the top rope and hangs
him with the rope over the side of the ring then he
proceeds to leave ringside. The crowd is stunned and
so are everyone involved including Tommy Talker and
Jim Ross, we then go to commerical break.
Promo for April Assualt PPV is shown with ticket info
and the theme to the PPV is played The Darkness with
their hit "A thing called love"
We re-join the broadcasters, they look still shocked
from the violent acts that just took place.
Talker: Fans, we are very sorry about what just took
place on our air. that was totally unpredicted, you
think when someone goes to the ring and challenges and
when the lights do go out and they come back up you
believe a star will be in the ring. I will have to say
we had never saw this man before and this was just{as
talker shakes his head, Ross jumps in}
Ross: Folks, what Tommy ment to say was Commish
Austin, from the police from the wrestlers in the back
and others thought this was a stunt or skit. We do
want to update you on Bo of the Dolls with ballz, he
has been taken to a medical center here and he was
badly beaten. We also managed to let this thug leave
the arena, however Austin will address it later on
tonight. Tommy?
Talker: Well all I can say Jim, is this was not
rigged, most people say Pro-wrestling is staged and
fake but geez what we just saw was not staged, they
took Bo on a back board
Ross: Should have been a pine box
Talker: This was tragic but let's go back to Jackleg
Pete..No no where the hell are we going, this has just
screwed so much crap up, let's get down, they have the
ring cleared let's get it to Gary Michael Coppetta and
let's try to get back on track here..
Ross: I felt this way 2 other times in my professional
life, when the late Owen Hart died in Kansas City and
when Vince brought Bishoff onto Raw the first night.
However at least here we don't have a crime scene.
-The Main Event: HHH and Matt Morgan vs. Ric Flair and
Shane Douglas-
The Game's music blares and Morgan comes to the ring
and clears the Ref and the announcer out and then The
Game comes to the ring and does his pre-match stuff
and then points to the belt and hands it over to
Morgan. All of a sudden the arena becomes dark and the
lights dim down. Then Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple
plays over the PA system to a thunderous chant of boos
from the compasity crowd of 22,000.)
Ross: Well I guess we know who’s about to make an
appearance here tonight. He’s none other than the
Franchise Shane Douglas!
Talker: Jim, you’re right. You know this team of
Douglas and Flair will be teaming for the first time
after 10 years or more of hating each other.
Ross: Tommy, the thing here is the fact both teams are
teaming for the first time, this should be interesting
to say the least.
Ross: Tommy, another thing is why the hell does
Steiner think he can be out here, he is not a manager
of any kind!
(Shane walks out to the boos and raises his arms
signaling a three for the Triple Threat. He‘s followed
by Ric Flair and Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett.)
(They walk down the isle and begin to jaw with the
fans at ringside. One man threatens to jump the rail
but event security pulls him back to his seat as Shane
and Scott laugh to each other.)

Talker: Well all I can say is why the hell does
Douglas and Flair need Steiner and Jarrett?
Ross: It's the numbers game and I hope Austin curtails
this situation soon
(They enter the ring and look very confident as Ric
Flair grabs a mic.)
{HHH and Morgan go to the floor}
JJ: Hahahaha! Yes! It’s me.. Good ol’ Double J, Jeff
Jarrett! But to you NYC idiots it’s the Chosen One!
(Trash is thrown his way.)
JJ: Now it seems that Shane and I along with
Freakzilla and The Natch have a problem coming from
Fido and Cripple H over here...some advice, Kid{as he
looks at Morgan}as soon as you get over, HHH is gonna
screw you like a girl, hard and fast!
However you want to challenge Ric Flair for the PPV,
well how bout we counter your challenge with one of
ours, why don't we do this slapnutts, you go find some
partners and let's do a 8 man or a WarGames match?
(Crowd grows quiet as Jeff lowers the mic for a
Ross: Oh my!
Talker: What a challenge!
Ross: This is unheard of!
(He continues.)
JJ: This situation with that HHH used to be big man on
campus, DX and Evoltion and the he is
reduced to having some punk kid carry his bags and
belt. However, now Douglas has it all a title shot, a
great support group and all you got HHH is rip off of
Franchise material and ripping off other wrestlers
(Jarrett passes the mic off to Shane who walks around
the ring for a moment and then speaks.)
Douglas: Yeah! Hahaha! I’d have to agree when a friend
of mine called me up on the phone and said NYC
sucked.. I couldn’t agree more! But I knew that
already, but how much this town sucks is besides the
point! You see just like Jeff said a moment ago.. The
JWA Tag Team champions are going to be in some trouble
because the Franchise and Double J are looking to take
that tag team gold in the future. But the fact of the
matter is that we are going to beat the hell out of
you two if you accept our challenge..cause remember it
will be you two cause no one is gonna jump on Double
J, The Franchise, The Dirtiest player in the game and
Big Poppa Pump!
(He looks around for a moment and then speaks again.)
Douglas: You know.. Austin, that egotistical, self
righteous pr*ck! Is out here and demands that I defend
my XPW title in the most obscure match ever pulled
together in JWA history. He also bores me by talking
about how he was a great World Champion and that he is
going to clean up the JWA.. Austin give it a rest, you
know you’re not the same man you were five or fifteen
years ago. You only want to come back out here and
wage a war with the younger talents because you’re a
glory hound! See right now I’m doing you a favor by
not defending the XPW World Title due to the fact that
is the past, but the bottom line right now is that
Shane Douglas will get his World Title match if
Cripple H wants it.. And once I do you can bet that
the JWA Title will be around my waist for quite
sometime, and Stonecold you maybe the commissioner of
this company but the bottom line is that you don’t
mean jack sh*t to me or the JWA. So once I capture my
title, I’ll do what I was going to do the first time..
And that’s run your old a** out of JWA for good,
*mocking Austin*WHAT!
(Austin chants begin as Shane looks around and then
talks some more.)
Douglas: Hunter… Herst… Helmesly.. The JWA World
Champion.. The man who single handedly like I
predicted all along! Screwed up The WWE, costing me a
chance at becoming a WWE champion in the company
because he’s jealous of the fact that I can beat him
in any World Title match fair and square. According to
the rules Jean-Paul, I knocked your a** out legally,
end of story! {What I am making refernace to is the
off air match at the PPV}As far as you and Morgan go..
*Jarrett whispers in Shane‘s ear* Oh yeah and that
punk Perot limper! If you three pieces of crap want to
fight it out with the Revotion style.. You’re on! Any
time! any where! And seeing how Perot can’t move so
well I’ll be sure that his a** gets there in a wheel
chair just so he can get his beating as well! Hahaha!
(Fans chant F**k You Franchise!)
Ross These people are letting Shane Douglas have it,
Talker: Only in JWA, Jimmy! It gets no better than
(Shane looks p*ssed off as he hands the mic to Jeff
and begins to kick the ropes and scream.)
JJ: Now all of you damn slap a**es out there need to
shut the hell up because you’re p*ssing off the best
damn group of wrestlers in this promotion!
(“Slap this” chant starts on one side and the other
side ends with “d*ck Jarrett“! Jeff is gone nuts as
well but continues to speak.)
Very funny! You people took that out of a second grade
textbook right?!
(They boo in anger.)
Now the fact of the matter is that the Revoltion is
exactly that, a threat to the entire JWA if you like
it or not! So be prepare to face the worst when it
comes to f**kin with the Revoltion!
(Shane takes the mic once more.)
Douglas: It comes to my attention that the JWA wants
Shane Douglas, HHH, and then two other JWA stars to
battle it out in a four way dance for not one but two
titles! That’s if HHH doesn’t make it to the end of
the battle royal this weekened on the Non telivised
Sunday slam card in Vegas.. The fact of the matter is
that the Franchise Shane Douglas, the man who’s
dominating the JWA as of right now to the point that
it makes that old f**k face Austin jealous! Is going
to once and for all put all the skeptics away and
successfully defend his JWA World Title! I don’t care
who gets p*ssed off when I say this but the fact of
the matter is that the Franchise is going to be at
this pay per view and that the Franchise is going to
be World Champion wheather it's IWGP, WWA, JWA, and
Austin your running HHH so the belt is interchangable,
you or him does not matter but once it’s all said and
done I will have the belt and HHH's dumbass will be
(Jarrett‘s theme plays and he and Steiner leave the
ring angry.)
The match get's underway
Lots of back and forward wrestling including a
superplex by Douglas to HHH and German suplexes by
Morgan to Flair.

Winners by DQ Douglas and Flair. This happend when
Flair had HHH in the figure four and Morgan hit
Douglas and Flair with a singapore cane.

Post Match: Douglas grabs the mic and yells,
Douglas: Okay Austin if you were taking a nap, prob.
based on your old and you suck, but I called you on
the carpet. You have no power and you have nothing we
want. However I missed some people earlier, one more
thing to HHH as he is being carried up the ramp by his
"help". Hey morganm when your sick of being a white
nigger call The Revoltion. HHH I want my Cup
entitlement the night before Flair takes you apart.
Now onto the FUW...what the hell is that a group of
losers and no talents, they have Cena..and he
continues to call himself, The Franchise, I could
insult and call you M and M and Vannilla Ice but I am
not going to do that, I am going to just say cut it
out, kid. You maybe the Franchise some day but for
now, shut the hell up! onto FUW
managment..please{as Douglas goes down to one knee}
Let my people go!..Hall and Nash are doing nothing
there and you know Austin's worst nightmare would be
The Tripal Threat, The Revoltion and the NWO joining
forces and stomping his ass into the floor. {Douglas
then comes up from his knees and stares into the
camera and hands Flair the mic}
Flair: Whoo...Whooo..The Nat-ure boy is here to signal
a new era is dawing, and that is World championship
for Ric Flair..Whoo at the PPV, I will have my hand
raised and I will be a champ, wheather it's Muscle
head Greg Valentino or WWA championship or HHH's JWA
belt. I will be champ...Whooo
{Flair hands the mic to Douglas}
Douglas: One final thing and that is Austin is a son
of a bitch...and our tag champs, Birdman and Sauage
Ninja...What the hell is that combo doing with golf?
Birdman is a total jackass and Ninja boy is screwing
old grannys in the back of a meat market, no wonder
you to queer's were not hitting on Doria, oh and your
the tag champs that is what those gold belts mean,
they are not just to hold up your pants, so you don't
really need good ol' Doria, cause we know you aint
gonna screw her brains out, plus she is a fucking
skank...I would rather stick my dick in a bear trap
than in her cunt!
Austin is standing in the back with Tommy Talker
Talker: You have asked for this time, at the end of
the program
Austin: Yes, I have and I will deal with The Revoltion
and Franchise later but I am here to praise the stars
tonight for a great card from Steiner's US title
defence to the ladder match but I do want to address
something but before I do, next week's Main event will
be live from the Staples Center in Los Angles on April
10th and a great main event of Shane "The Franshise"
Douglas vs. The Rock, Now I want to address this crap
earlier tonight with this punk, this clown, there is
not a word to describe my hate for the masked mother
fucker earlier tonight, I am not sure who he is and I
could care less but next week we will have more of an
update on this and the condition of Bo from the Dolls
with Ballz.
End of show
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

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evilgrin JWA Show {Main event: Rock vs. Shane Douglas}

JWA Saturday Night Slammasters-

*Highlights from last week’s attack by the Masked
mystery man and highlights of the tag team mainevent
is shown.
*The JWA logo is shown and pyro goes off in the
Staples Center in LA as we join the announcers Jim
Ross and Tommy Talker

Talker: Tonight folks we have the re-match from the
last JWA cup PPV between Shane Douglas and The Rock.
What will the Franchise have in store for the People’s
champion and Mr. Walking tall.

Ross: Folks we also have any update on that grusesome
scene from last week, we now can say that this man
from last week is the killer who once terriorsed
Wichita, Kansas. Known simply as BTK. This man has
come to the JWA but why is he here, let’s go back to
Jackleg pete who is standing with “The Natureboy”.

Jackleg Pete: We have the natch, what is up with the
new lawsuit?

Flair: Okay, we aint here to talk about that, look it
up on the asshole, we are here to talk
about HHH, now Trip’s..I want a title match and those
3 stipulations still stand. 1 from Austin, 1 from
myself and you can pick 1. Take it or leave it, I
don’t really care. However, The Revoltion will get
that title one way or another.

{back to the ring}

-Singapore Cane match-
Impact Players{Storm and Crediable} vs.
Revoltion{Jarrett and Flair}
ON THE figure four FOR THE submission AND WIN.

Jackleg Pete is standing with the GM Mr. Austin,
Austin then begins his rant

Austin: Okay, punk..We have a major problem here with
the scene from last week. Now Bo of The Dolls with
Ballz is still in the hospital and he is hurt big
time. Now I am here to announce that earlier when Ross
and Talker discussed this being BTK. Yes, indeed this
is BTK which stands Bind Torture Kill. I now have a
tape and if the guys in the truck can roll it.

{Video rolls which is filled with violent
pro-wrestling scenes of the past and then the tape
rolls of BTK attacking Bo last week on Slammasters.
BTK’s voice comes on durning the highlight, “I am here
to nothing but brutality and I am here to break
people!”{BTK then laughs in a ghoulish tone and the
video ends}

{The scene follows a frantic Camera man running down
the hallway toward the Dolls dressing room, where a
stage PA is cuffed to the door and knocked out and
bleeding with a note attached to him reading, “Good
thing Blake was not here cause I was”}

-US Title: Scott Steiner “Freakzilla” vs. Ken “The
Rock” Shamrock-
Valentino INTERFERED AND nailed Shamrock with a chair
on mistake Steiner WENT FOR Steiner Recliner FOR THE
tap AND WIN.

The Rock is shown with his foot on top of a downed
Jackleg Pete and then the camera zooms in on the
people’s eyebrow}

Rock: Finally, The Steiner whippen, Jarrett A-Double
S..Whoomping, Flair is a wacked out Fruit booty,
Douglas is a Closet homosexual and The People’s champ
will be Walking tall straight to the Stap…The Rock!
{Crowd chants Rocky, Rocky}
Rock: The People want The Rock to meet The Franchise,
so tonight…The Rock will be laying the smack down on
Dean Douglas’s candy ass!
{Rock then get’s into a pose like the Franchise}
Rock: Cut my fucking music..cause I am rampant closet
freeeeek! Now I am here to run my mouth and then get
beat on like a drum.
{Rock then takes his shades up and looks at the camera
and proclaims}
Rock: The great one will come to the Staples Center,
and tonight he has come for one thing and that is to
beat The Dean and then go on and win a title chance,
quicker than a prom dress around 2am…if you smell what
the Rock is cooking!

-Bad Boyz vs. Doom-
HITS G-Dogg IN THE FACE FOR but the pin could not be
completed as the match is ended at the timelimit draw
of 45 minutes.

Scott Steiner is saw rampaging down the hallway toward
Austin’s office, Steiner goes in and get’s in Austin’s

Steiner: Okay, bitch, I want Valentino and I want that
punk ASAP!
Austin: Well you need to back up off me, and you can
have it but at the Pay-Per-View
Steiner: Fine, whatever rules I don’t care I just want
this asshole!
{Steiner then turns to leave as 3:16 turns Steiner
round and says something before he shuts the door in
Scott’s face}
Austin: Hey whatever rules..well let’s do an iron man
challenge, I would love to see you to sterioded up
freaks fighting it out and then gassing at the 20
minute mark.

-Non Title: Macho Man vs. HHH-

Commerical Break

-#1 to the IWGP Tag title: Animal and Dr. Death Steve
Williams vs. Zoom 1 and 2-
The match begins quick, just as quick as it ends with
Animal throwing #1 over the top rope and Dr. Death
nailing the Oklahoma stampede on Zoon #2 and the pin
for the win and #1 challengers to the IWGP World Tag
title, Animal and Steve Williams

*Williams and Animal leave the ring as Supreem and LA
Giant come in and cut a promo on their tag team match
later with Chavis and Horseshu

Commerical Break

We come back to the ring where Blake from Dolls with
Dolls is in the ring and yells for the Masked man who
we now know is BTK. BTK then drags out a coffin to the
ring and then get’s into the ring and destroys the
lone member of the Dolls with Ballz tag team. BTK then
ties Blake to the bottom rope of the ring. BTK then
goes over to the coffin and grabs out a gas can and
another rope. BTK then goes over and un-ties Blake and
then slams Blake into the steel steps. BTK then
deposits Blake into the box, BTK then wraps the rope
on the box and then pours the gas onto the Box and
lights it and leaves.
Medics get out to the ring and puts out the fire and
rushes Blake to the hospital.

Commerical Break

Ross: Geez, when the hell will someone stop this
fucking thug and get him the hell out of the JWA…
Talker: Calm down, JR
Ross: Well Tommy I am hot over this, this bastard is
gonna do what he wants and god, I love The rattlesnake
and what he has done in the JWA but he can not stop
this BTK bastard.

Talker: Don’t wanna cut you off, but let’s go out to
the ring and Macho Man…

{We go the ring}
Savage: Okay let’s do this tonight, HHH and Ultimate
Warrior are throwing a fit and all I can say is why
don’t we just do this, I want the both of them next
week and I want them tonight and I aint leaving till I
get these fuckers!, oh yeah!!!

{Glass shatters and here comes 3:16}

3:16: Hold on..hold on..hold on…Savage this aint a
problem, all I want to do is get this damn BTK and all
this crap ended. I don’t need your ass out here
throwing a fit and as far as HHH goes, your not in
contention for a title shot and the Ultimate one can
do this, he can sign a contract or get the hell out of

Savage: Now Austin, let’s do this…I will leave if you
can make me a promise that I want one of the two of

{Austin looks around and calls for the police. They
then arrest Savage and dumps him out of the ring}
Austin: Okay, now let’s do this, your screwed and
that’s the bottom line cause Stone cold said so!

Commerical Break

-DL “Tank” Abott vs. Bob “The Beast” Sapp-
Both men brawl and eventually it spills to the outside
and both men are counted out

JWA Controll Center:
Russell: Lance Russell in the JWA control center and
now we can now announce that the mainevet of the PPV
broadcast from Gothum city is now HHH vs. Ric Flair
for the Heavyweight championship of the world and both
men get one stipulation and the new GM Steve Austin
get’s to pick one.

-Horseshu and Chris Chavis vs. Supreem and LA Giant-
The match goes 15 minutes with back and forth and
finally a count out victory is declared when Tank and
Sapp come down and attack Supreem and Horseshu.
The match is declared thrown out

Commerical Break

{Before we go to the ring for the mainevent, we go to
the office of Austin, where Richard Head is standing
talking with Austin}

Head: Okay, we have had double this and thrown out
that and on top of this you have BTK coming back and
torching an athlete. What is the deal,?

Austin: Hey I figured I could handle this job but I
can’t and won’t use force on these a-holes and I don’t
want this company and you to get sued and all.

Head: Well I am tired of coming in here week after
week and seeing problems and I brought you into clean
this place up.

Austin: Well I don’t know what to tell you?

Head: I know what to tell you, Mr. 3:16, why don’t I
do this, I will give you power to do what you need to
do and get the job done. Eventually once you have
beaten some ass, they will all respect the law and
rules and you will not have anymore problems.

{Austin and Head shake hands}

Austin: That’s what I like to hear.

-Shane “The Franchise” Douglas vs. The Rock-

(Shane Douglas is seen in the back after talking to
the Big badd booty daddy just moments before appearing
behind the curtians awaiting his entrance.)
JR: Well Tommy, it seems as if Shane Douglas is really
tickin' off a lot of people here in the JWA as of
late. He's got the entire federation on his heels and
with Austin’s new power, His Revoltion men will have a
tough task.
Talker: Unfortunaly so, Shane Douglas just might have
one tall task ahead of him seeing how he's gaining
enemies left and right, even rumors of his own men
having problems with him.
(Perfect Strangers hits over the PA and the arena
turns blue as the thousands in attendance begin to boo
him. Shane Douglas appears before the mass crowd.)

JR: There he is. There's the guy that's been trying to
invade the FUW as of late. I mean isn't it bad enough
that we have JWA stars feuding over the championships
in this company?! Shane Douglas's invasion isn't
helping matters!
Talker: Maybe he might actually serve a purpose?!
(Shane begins to walk towards the ring while jawing
some of the fans at ringside and even spiting on a
poster of some little kid that has Bob Sapp on it.)

JR: Isn't that just amazing?! Come Douglas, don't you
have a heart? He spit on some kid's poster!
Talker: Hahaha! That has to been one of the most
funnier things I've seen in this new year!
(Shane enters the ring and takes a mic. He waits as he
takes in the hate from this compasity crowd.)

F: Hahahaha! It seems that now HHH, I've begun to get
underneth both you and Matt Morgan’s skin as I
continue to break you two down before our match on
Slammasters, the night before the PPV! You two really
don't have a clue what you're begining to get into!
See HHH I'm going strech you out and beat you down,
then Matty boy I'm going to just pick you apart! And
I know for a fact that the two of you put together
can't beat me even if you really tried.
(He begins to step side to side as he contiunes.)

See boys I see this match as an opprotunity for me to
put my foot in the door of the JWA, I look at this
match as a way to not only complete my personal own
"invasion" but to shut each and every single person in
this company the hell up! I'll silence you Cliq pr*cks
for trying to judge me, and once I do it this month in
Vegas you'll see what a diffrence between a Franchise
and just another big name which is what I'll do once I
win this title match.
(He pauses as JR and Talker cut in.)
JR: Man, Douglas sounds confident as this World title
match comes up on us.
Talker: There's no doubt that Douglas speaks pure
confidence but in Vegas we'll see his wrestling
JR: He's got the skills to get to the top but how is
going do it while here in the JWA?
F: HHH and Morgan might think they are an unstoppable
team right now but it's not going to matter because
the Franchise Shane Douglas isn't going to lay down
for you two morons or anyone else for that matter. You
two are going to realize what it's like to finally
lose to someone who's better than you are.
(Shane puts down the mic and walks towards the ring
side table.)
The Rock then comes down and poses on each turnbuckle,
he then grabs the mic Douglas laid down and begins to
Rock: Let me see here, The Franchise, The man…The
myth…the legend and now he can be known as the
bulldog. What I mean Mr. Douglas is that you remind,
the rock of the cartoon with the 2 dogs, the bad ass
one and the yappy one who sucks…That would be your
Rock: See The Rock, saw you talking to only man in
this company with a smaller ***** than Fat Bastard
from Austin Powers fame, Scott Steiner. Now I would
like you to come into the ring so we can begin the
asswhipping, I have a movie to return, you piece of
{rock get’s cut off by Jarrett who comes in and
attacks, but the Rock nails him out the ring}

Douglas starts of with some punches and takedowns he
whips Rocky into the corner and starts kicking away at
him with some fury The Franchise then poses for the
crowd as they cheer him on The Franchise then flips
off the crowd, cuasing them to boo loudly and turn on
the former ECW World champion. Douglas goes back into
the corner and this time The Rock counetsr him with a
clothesline then a leg drop and he covers The
Franchise for a 2 count whip into the ropes from Rocky
and a running high knee by Rock puts The Franchise on
the mat cover 1...........2. know kickout by Franchise
aother whip Rock but this time he misses a spinning
heel kick and Douglas hits one of his own and goes for
the cover 1..........2....... no kickout by The Rock
that was close though Rocky almost had it Rocky starts
on the offense again they go to the outside thgis time
and they pound on each other but Douglas takes the
advantage he whips Rocky right into thye steel steps
he then throws him abck into the ring and goes foir
the cover 1............2...... kcikout again by Rocky
whip into the corner by Douglas and then he kicks
Rocky to the ground Franchise calls for the Bronco
Buster and he hits it and he rides Rocky for a while
Douglas calls for the finish but Rocky counters the X
factor with a DDT 1.............2........ kickout
Douglas whips Rocky into the ropes and then goes for
the Jumping heel Kick the Douglas ducks and Rocky
nails the ref and he is down just then out comes Tank
he gets in the ring and naisl Rocky with the DDT what
in the hell is going on here whats Tank doing
Franchise gets up and nails the franchiser for the
1.........2......3 and that is that Douglas gets a
dodgy win here with the help of Steiner ,Douglas cant
believe what just happened what is going on here

{Revoltion then joins the Franchise in the ring and
begins to beat down The Rock. Douglas then goes to the
outside and grabs a sledgehammer and brings into the
ring and just as the Rock is about to get nailed, The
Glass shatters and Austin comes down to the ring and
cleans house with a barb-wire baseball bat. Austin
then grabs the mic and yells to the Revoltion}

Austin: Hey punks, you like to jump people and
apparently Tank is the newest member of your little
posse, Okay boys I will be in The Motor city next week
and I will be there with The Peoples Champion
{Rock then smiles at Austin}
Austin: I invite you punks to show up in Mo town next
week at The Cobo Hall and do this, The Rock and
someone of my choosing, to meet Steriod Steiner and
The so called Franchise. You up for it?

{Revoltion have to hold Steiner back and Douglas calls
for a mic}
Douglas: Okay, Austin you shit eating hick, you bring
whomever you want, and I would suggest you call the
Navy, Army and National Guard to meet us in Cobo Hall
next week and Rocky Maivia can show up and meet Shane
Douglas and Scott Steiner.

Austin: Okay we will see you there, and that’s the…
{Douglas cuts him off}
Douglas: Rock and your pals are going to be getting
your asses FRANCHIIIISED!, now hit our music.

{Austin is left in the ring looking pissed as Rocky
raises the people’s eyebrow}

Fade out to the JWA Logo
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

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evilgrin The JWA Saturday Slammasters {April 24th 2004}

The JWA Saturday Slammasters {April 24th 2004} Live
from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,NV

*A video package is shown of HHH using Shane Douglas
catch phrases, with spilt screen of Douglas using the
sayings. Then the video shows the words “TONIGHT”,
then clips of Douglas and HHH in action. Then the
World title belt is shown and on each side of the
graphic is Douglas with the ECW title and HHH is
wearing the WWE world title.

*The pyro goes off and the pan shot of the arena with
signs and people cheering for the JWA kicking off in

{We go to the ring with special guest announcer
Micheal Buffer welcoming everyone to the MGM Grand and
he then announces the stats for “Hacksaw” Butch Reed
and The Doom music hits as The former WCW tag champion
comes down the long silver ramp. Teddy Long is not
with Reed for some reason. Then Horseshu’s music hits
and he sprints to the ring and begins the match with
Reed with right’s and lefts.}

-Horseshu vs. Butch Reed-
Ref: Jack Doan
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Reed gets up and gets hit down hard again. Horseshu
gets on top and starts choking Reed. Horseshu then
starts stomping Reed with his bootheels. Horseshu
picks Reed and knocks him down repeatedly with elbow
smashes. Whips Horseshu in the ropes and Reed ducks a
closthesline and dropkicks Reed down hard. Horseshu
then goes under the ring and pulls out a table and
sets it up outside the ring. Reed reaches back under
the ring for a railroad spike. Horseshu comes to his
senses and goes under the other side of the ring. Reed
goes to reach for something else and gets nailed.
Horseshu crawls out from under the ring with his own
railroad spike. Reed then goes back under the ring and
gets a cheese grater. Horseshu low blows Reed and
starts grating Horseshu’s face as blood starts to
pour. Reed throws Horesshu back into the ring and goes
for the top rope. HE comes off with a splash but Reed
moves and Horeshu hits canvas. Reed then gets the
railroad spike and jabs Horeshu repeatedly with the
spike. Reed throws Horseshu in the turnbuckle as
Horeshu bounces off and hits the mat. Reed goes for a
ringside chair. But Horeshu comes over the top rope
with a flip to knock down Reed. Horeshu sets Reed on
the table and Horseshu grabs the chair and goes for
the top rope. Horeshu comes off the top rope with an
Arabian Facebuster through the table. Reed withers in
pain and then goes for the pin....1.2…. and down to
the ring comes Teddy Long to distract Jack Doan the
referee and then Ron Simmons comes out of no where to
spinebuster Horeshu, which causes Doan to turn around
and declare the match a DQ victory for Horeshu.

Winner: Horeshu by DQ

{Post match happenings: Reed and Simmons begin to whip
ass on Horseshu then the areana hears a glass shatter
and Austin stalks down the ramp, Austin nails Long
with a stunner when “Peanut head” would stand in front
and threaten Austin. Stonecold then get’s in the ring
and cleans house. Austin demands a mic and he begins
to talk about the second mainevent with WWA/IWGP
unification match with Jarrett and Valentino. Austin
then announces that there is a new referee rule to
take effect at the Pay-Per-View with 2 ref’s located
at ringside to prevent things like just happened from
taking place. Austin announces that he will be ref in
the unification match due to the fact he wants the
titles unified tonight or at least a few belts taken
care of, He then announces that he is sick and tired
of BTK and that tonight he is taking a stand by
banning BTK from the building to a chorus of cheers.}

{We then go to the announcers booth with Tommy Talker
and Jim Ross}

Talker: Fans, tonight we have a huge card coming live
here from Vegas, it’s Vegas BABY!
Ross: Yes, Tommy we are in Vegas…and tonight I am
gonna get fucked up after we go off air…
Talker: Hey Jim, that is neither here nor there..but
tonight we have the showdown that has been years in
the making between “The Game” and “The Franchise”. We
also have tonight a great 6 man tag with the Impact
Players teaming with The Tank and their opponents are
going to be the former WWF world champion “Macho Man”
Randy Savage and his partners, this is a stretch, you
have to know Austin put this thing together, Savage is
teaming with the Bad Boyz. However, we have a big
treat after the break with Jim Ross conducting a face
to face interview with HHH and The Natureboy Ric Flair
about their showdown tomm night at April Assualt.
First, let’s take a quick break and come back, live
from sin city Las Vegas and the MGM Grand


{Back in the ring is Jim Ross}
Ross: Ladies and Gentilmen, tomm night at the
beautiful Wayne Foundation Center in Gothum City is
the showdown of the ages, and tonight they are here to
get the final smack talk in before we go live at April
Assualt and only on Pay-Per-View, Cable TV.
{Crowd cheers and starts to chant “Fuck The Game” as
The music of “The Game” HHH hits and the JWA champion
comes to the ring, HHH does his usual in ring routine
with the water and all. HHH then grabs the mic from
Ross and yells into the crowd.}

HHH: Hey if you don’t like it, go ahead and leave but
if you leave, I will just keep this title and I will
tell you people something, your still gonna be you and
I am still gonna be “The Game”!
{Crowd boos, and then the boos turn to jeers as the
music of “The Natureboy” blares into the building and
Flair comes down in a nice suit and raises the fingers
in the sign of the Horsemen. Flair then comes down to
the ring and whooos at HHH and then to the crowd, the
same. Flair then turns to Ross and pats him on the
back and smiles into the crowd as JR holds the stick
in Flair’s grill.}

Flair: JR…JR…JR…JR…JR…Whoo!
{Flair looks at the crowd as HHH looks board in the
Flair: Now, The Naaaaatur-boy!..whooo
{Flair smiles to the crowd}
Flair: I am here to let everyone know, I am here in
Vegas to do somethings and have somethings done to the
natureboy. I think you know what I am talking about,
{Flair looks at Ross and smiles and Ross smiles back
and HHH is getting more pissed by the second}
Flair: Now, HHH…Hunter Hurst Helmsley…Terra
Ryzing….The Game…The Franchise…
{HHH looks at Flair and smiles and lowers his
Flair: Wait a second, you may be all those things, but
the Franchise and tonight your gonna find out who the
real Franchise is, buddy boy.
{HHH then looks at Flair and smirks}
Flair: Oh and I forgot, your dressed very damper, and
I noticed your wearing sunglasses in doors, you know
something, the only people who are wearing sunglasses
or do wear sunglasses, are blind people and assholes,
and I know your not blind…whooo
{HHH then rips his glasses off and grabs Ross’s hand
and directs the mic to himself}
HHH: Listen here you fucking prick, you old fart. I am
demanding you treat me with respect, because I am the
JWA world champion!
{Flair looks at HHH and laughs and signals for Ross to
let him speak}
Flair: HHH, you are the game and the champion, I know
that, I see the 10 pounds of gold around your shoulder
and man, I know you have done it all to a certain
point. However, you aint done what Ric Flair has done.
{Ross let’s HHH answer}
HHH: Okay, Flair…What have you done, no no wait don’t
answer I will tell you what I have done, I have beat
The Rock, Austin, Foley, Kurt, UT, Hogen, Goldberg,
and I would have beat Lesner if he would have hung
around longer, but you want others, I beat all these
guys when they were in their prime or coming into
their prime. What the hell did you do? Oh wait you
beat Terry Funk, Sting and Lex Luger. Big fucking
deal, Funk…he was old when you beat him and hell he
was old when he was born. Sting, please he is
wrestling in TNA and in other wrestling promotions,
why cause he knew he would run into me and he does not
want any of HHH. Wait, let me not forget, Luger..Big
Lex, the master of the human torture rack, hell most
of his matches are a torture….too watch.
{HHH smacks the mic out of his way}
Flair: Well I guess I better leave, since you just
summed it all up for me. However, I missed something
when did you ever beat Goldberg? Oh yeah you beat him
when….Well it does not matter but something else you
fail to mention, I have had belts in tag, US, World
and others and I have ventured outside of other
promotions to do it, I did not hang out and wait for
them to come to me.
{HHH then get’s pissed and storms out as Flair yells
at him as he is leaving}
Flair: Hey buddy, get to hot for you punk, you just
ought to turn around and leave that belt in Austin’s
office and I can pick it up later and hey HHH, you can
show up later and run from Douglas.


-Tank and Impact Players vs. Bad Boys and Macho Man-
The music of Impact players as they come toward the
ring with Tank in tow, as they get into the ring,
Austin comes from the crowd and heads into the ring
and stuns everyone in the ring. Austin then get’s on
the mic and begins to yell for HHH and Flair to come
to the ring. Then after about 10 minutes of waiting,
Austin then yells for Flair to come down to the ring
with a mic.

Flair: Okay, Austin what the hell do you want?
Austin: I wanted to thank you for standing up to big
nose earlier, I was damn impressed
Flair: Well, Austin thank you but I can tell you this,
that I will not be so damn happy later, cause of that
street fight, you put me in with Rock for later. Plus,
why did you screw up a match just to run your yap to
Austin: Oh, hell I hated these 6 indivisuals anyway
and also I wanted to let you know I have changed my
mind on the match later. It’s now gonna be a Las Vegas
Street fight, you ass kissing bastard.
{Flair get’s pissed and stomps off}


{We cut backstage to The Rock}
Rock: Finally The Great one had returned to Las Vegas!
{Rock pauses and takes in the crowd and then turns to
the camera and begins to talk}
Rock: The Rock has come to Vegas, Sin!
Rock: The People’s champion is here to lay an
asswhooping on The Natureboy and then tonight The
Franchise Shane Douglas will win against the greatest
world champion, in his own mind.
{Rock then looks down at his waist and looks at the
Rock: I know what your thinking, The Rock was not
examining his area…I was trying to figure out why the
world champion..or the future champ and The reigning
People’s champion are not booked for tomm night’s PPV?
Rock: I have a solution to this situation, a match…to
finally settle our feud Rock vs. Douglas…People’s
champ vs. former gay wrestling champ…the current
leader of the Revoltion vs. The current leading man in
Rock: The Rock will come to April Assualt and if you
have the spaldings, show up and we can dance one final
time, if not I am sure someone will be looking around
for some action and The Rock can lay the smack down on
some poor.
{Rock then get’s knocked down and Shane Douglas appers
on screen and yells at the camera}
Douglas: Rocky, I guess there is your answer, you

-Chris Chavis vs. Ron Simmons-
Ref: Tommy Young
Timelimit: 15 minutes

match starts with Simmons slapping Chavis, Chavis
slaps Simmons back and Simmons punches Chavis. Chavis
then goes rabid on Simmons and starts pounding Simmons
into the corner turnbuckle and lays repeated chops
into Simmon's chest. Chavis starts stomping Simmons
down into the turnbuckle. Chavis pulls Simmons up and
outta the turnbuckle and connects with a snap suplex
and goes for the quick cover but only gets a two.
Butch Reed makes his way halfway down the ramp with a
worried expression on his face. Simmons gets up and
Chavis lays him out with a neckbreaker and goes for
the pin but only gets another two. Chavis argues with
the ref and turns back around and Simmons punches him
hard in the stomach. On the ramp Butch Reed smiles
with confidence.
Simmons starts punching Chavis hard. Simmons spin
punches Chavis hard to the canvas. Simmons picks up
Chavis and slams him down. Simmons then picks up
Chavis just to short arm clothesline him back down.
Simmons then starts taunting the crowd. Simmons turns
back toward Chavis and gets chopped for his troubles.
Chavis then goes bounding off the ropes and goes for a
body press but Simmons cathces him and delivers a
fallaway slam and covers for the count of 2, Simmons
then signals for a spinbuster and picks up Chavis and
sends him toward the ropes and then as Simmons catches
Chavis, Chavis then reveres it into a DDT. Butch Reed
starts towards the ring but is clubbed from behind by
Horesshu and Ken Shamrock. Shamrock and Horeshu stomp
on Reed. Back in the ring Chavis runs his thumb across
his throat and goes to scale the top rope. Simmons,
dazed pushes the ref into the top rope and Chavis gets
by the top rope. Simmons gets up warily and starts to
go towards the turnbuckle Chavis is on but Tank comes
to the ring and nails Simmons with a spinebuster and
goes out of the ring. The ref not being injured by the
push is onlooking at the Horseshu and Shamrock beat
down of Reed. the ref turns just as Chavis comes off
the top rope with the diving headbutt onto a prone Ron
Simmons. Chavis makes the cover and 1.2.3. and then
Shamrock and Chavis leave ringside as Horseshu looks
at Tank as he heads out into the crowd.

{We go backstage where Jackleg Pete, is standing with
Austin: I don’t want to take up too much time but I
would like to make another announcement regarding the
major star who is signing tomm night at the PPV. This
man is a former World Heavyweight champion and he is
coming here to get some revendge on the guys who have
screwed with him over the years.

Commerical Break

-Supreem and LA Giant vs. Ken Shamrock and Bob Sapp-
Timelimit: 25 minutes
Ref: Earl Hebner

Sapp’s music hits as Sapp and Shamrock come through
the curtains. Sapp and Shamrock make their way to the
ring ready for war. they get in the ring and continue
their pissed off looks toward the ramp waiting on
their oppoents. The crowd is silent waiting for the LA
Giant and Supreem. All of a sudden, The Bad Boyz theme
hits the speakers as the crowd gets to their feet. The
arena turns black and red as the bad boyz bust through
the curtain
The Boyz stand there in the entranceway and raise
their armsThe Bad Boyz then point to the tron where a
scene of Supreem and LA Giant are handcuffed in the
back to steps. Shamrock and Sapp seem to be standing
their still to afraid to move. The Bad Boyz get in the
ring as Shamrock and Sapp try to shake their hands as
"Bad Boyz" is in full blast. G-Dogg lays out Sapp with
a clothesline as G-Money shoulderblocks Shamrock all
the way out of the ring. The Bad Boyz then take turns
pounding Sapp. Delivering forearms and punches.
G-Money then powerslams Sapp hard. G-Money goes to the
top rope as "Bad Boyz"'s chorus hits. G-Dogg puts Sapp
up in a piledriver postion Sapp looks to be out as he
is laying ready for a move to happen. G-money comes
off the top rope for the stuffed piledriver. G-Dogg
goes for the pin. 1..2..3...

April Assualt control center{Lance Russell announces
the complete card for the Pay-Per-View}

-#1 challenger to the Tag Title:
Doom w/ Teddy Long vs. Horseshu and Chris Chavis

-Street Fight
DL “Tank” Abott vs. Bob “The Beast” Sapp

-Battle of the legends
“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior

- JWA World Hardcore Title{Taped Fist Match}
Supreem vs. Ken Shamrock

-NWA World title vs. WWA World Title
LA Giant vs. Jeff “The chosen one” Jarrett

-JWA World Tag Team Title:Russian Chain Match
The Impact Players vs. The Bad Boyz

-Final encounter:
The Rock vs. Shane “The Franchise” Douglas

-JWA World Title{3 stipulations, 1 from HHH…1 from
Flair….1 from Austin}
HHH vs. Ric Flair

Commerical Break

{We come back to the backstage area where Austin is
holding Savage and The Warrior apart}
Austin: Okay you two, back the hell up..tomm night,
save it for then, I will be there and you two better
be there.

Savage: Oh, Yeah…Warrior, you will..
{They begin to tangle and Austin signals for security
to break them up}

-WWA World title and IWGP Title Unfication match-
Jeff Jarrett vs. Greg Valentino
Timelimit: 45 minutes
Ref: Tiger Hatori

Valentino attempts to do some mic work before the
match but is interupted by Jarrett’s entrance. Match
starts off with a shoulder block by Valentino.
Flapjack by Jarrett followed up by a dropkick and a
clothesline to the outside. Jeff drops Valentino face
first across the ring apron. Jeff with a top rope
cross body for a two count. Valentino drops Jeff
across the ropes then knocks him off into the security
wall. Valentino follows out with kicks to the chest.
Back in the ring Valentino trash talks Jeff. Knee lift
by Valentino for a two count. Rollup by Jarrett for a
two count. Front face suplex by Valentino for a two
count. Jeff misses a dropkick. Inside cradle by
Valentino for a two count. Modified camel clutch by
Valentino. Abdominal stretch by Valentino. Jeff
catches Valentino in mid-air coming off the top and
turns it into a powerslam. Clothesline by Jeff. High
backbody drop by Jeff. Powerbomb by Valentino for a
two count. Canadian maple leaf by Jeff. Valentino
makes it to the ropes. Valentino applies a maple leaf
of his own. Jeff knocks down the referee. Steiner runs
in the ring and slams a bat across the face of
Valentino. Jeff gets a two count on Valentino.
Valentino and Jeff battle on the ring apron now. Then
Steiner grabs the IWGP title and smashes it across the
ankle to Valentino, Jeff rolls into the ring for the
count to get broken up. Austin rolls out to the ring
on his Austin mobile and stuns Steiner and cuffs
Steiner to the mobile and slowly drags Scott to the
back. While in the ring, Jeff nails the stroke on
Valentino and pins for the win. Jarrett is given both
title belts and raises both belts high in the air and
proclaims himself the chosen one!

{fireworks and streamers go off and Jarrett celebrates
in the ring as Jarrett leaves the ring wearing both
title belts. Valentino lays in the ring depressed and
begins to roll to the outside and demands that Steiner
come back out and settle this, as the cameras fade to

Commerical Break

{We come back to the ring where people are chanting
“Invader” and the ring has Invader #4 standing in it
with a mic}

Invader#4: I thank you folks for honoring me with
those chants, I love the lord above and I love you
fans. I also want to Thank Steve Austin for letting me
come out here and let you know how much I have loved
wrestling in front of fans like you all over the
world. I do want to also thank the great folks at the
JWA for a great tribute video for those of you in the
building who have saw it.
{The curtain open’s and toward the ring is BTK,
Invader looks confused and get’s ready to throw down}
BTK comes into the ring and throws a flame in the face
of Invader #4. BTK then big boots Invader #4 in the
face. BTK grabs Invader #4 and hog ties him and places
a chair on his head and leg drops off the second rope
on the inside. BTK then get’s up and soccer kicks
Invader #4 in the face. BTK then swings his bat at the
head of Invader #4. BTK goes and set’s up a ring step
on the outside. Invader #4 is then dragged on the
outside. BTK then postions Invader #4 ‘s mouth open on
the ring step, BTK then launches himself off the apron
onto the neck of the Invader #4 and gives him a curb-b
and finally BTK storms out of the arena, to shouts of
“Holy Shit”.

Commerical Break

-JWA World Title: HHH vs. Shane Douglas-
Timelimit: 60 minutes or TV time remaing
Ref: “Big” John McCarthy{The UFC’s Head ref}

The Music of HHH comes over the PA first as The champ
walks toward the ring and HHH then spits his water
toward a fan holding a sign saying,” Cripple H can’t
win in the Wheelchair Olympics” Then the music of The
Franchise hits as Douglas comes down the ramp with Mic
in hand, Douglas then yells for his music to be cut
off, then he looks at HHH and begins to talk but cut’s
himself off by yelling, “Oh fuck it” and sprints in
and begins the match with HHH.

HHH starts the match of with a right hand to the gut
and a clothesline which sends Douglas to the ground .
HHH goes to he outside and looks under the ring he
gets a garbage can and a table and throws them in the
ring HHH picks up the can and hammers it right into
Douglas’s skull 1......2...... kickout by Franchise
HHH sets the table up and readys Shane for the Game
Flow ( spinning DDT ) but Franchise counters it into a
flapjack 1...2... no kickout by HHH, Douglas goes to
the put side and grabs a chair and another table with
a garbage can again he sets the table up with steel
chair and garbage can o top of it and he pulls HHH
over to the corner and climbs to the second rope
readying for a power bomb but HHH counters it and
gives him a spine buster right through the garbage can
and the chair and the table now both of them are lying
motionless HHH is the first to try and get to his feet
finally he does and he signals for the end he grabs
Douglas and plants him with the pedigree right on the
chair for the 1...2....kickout by Douglas. Matt Morgan
then runs in and sit out power bombs Douglas onto a
table that is been set-up in the ring. Morgan then
turns and see’s Jarrett standing with a guitar ready
when HHH turns Jarrett around and nails him with a
forearm, only problem is Morgan saw the g-tar ready
and Morgan turns and slams a big boot into HHH’s face,
causing HHH to fall over the top to the outside.
Douglas then nails Morgan with a pair of knucks. Rest
of the Revoltion come into the ring and fend off
Morgan and HHH. The match is declared a no contest.
Talker: that is that what a brutal match that was
every thing but the kitchen sink

{Glass shatters and Austin comes threw the crowd and
Austin then nails everyone in the ring and stuns
people like crazy and rolls the final stunner victim
being, Flair out of the ring}

Austin: I am shocked, that Big John let all this mess
go on out here. However, I aint going to. First off
all HHH and Morgan are banned from the building.
Secruity help these punks out of the arena. Second,
Douglas you think you are the shit, don’t you son?
{Douglas looks at Austin and gives him a crotch chop}
Austin: Okay, since you did that, your World title
chances are instead shit, Your done in that divison.
You will NEVER get a shot ever again at the title. Oh
and hey Revoltion, tomm night…show up at the PPV. I
will have full authority to kick your asses out of
here and take those belts you punks have.

Commerical Break

-MAIN EVENT: The Rock vs. Ric Flair: Street Fight
Match Rules-
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ref: Choda Boy

The Rock’s music hits and The People’s champion comes
to the ring and poses all 4 poles, then grabs the mic
and begins his promo, which is cut off by the theme
from “Perfect Strangers” Balki comes out the the ring
and begins to shake hands. Rock takes his shades down
and gives the People’s Eyebrow and stops Balki from
coming into the ring.

Rock: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
{Rock goes over and looks at Balki}
Rock: Excuse me, What the blue hell are you doing
{Balki begins to talk because by this time he has a
mic in hand}
{Balki looks weird at the rock}
Rock: Your not the limosense ridding, Jet flying, kiss
stealing, wheelin dealing, sun of a gun, The Natureboy
Ric Flair….Your none other than…Balki from the 80’s TV
show Perfect Strangers?
{Crowd chants Balki..Balki…Balki}
Rock: Why don’t you just Balki, your ass out of here!
{Austin’s music cuts off The Rock and out comes Austin
again and Austin stunners Balki and gives him the
finger and rolls into the ring and poses on the 4

Austin: I am out here to tell you, Rock…Buddy, The
match with Flair is off cause he is complaining to the
trainer that he is hurting after the stunner I gave
him. So what I did was sign the match between you and
Douglas tomm night to be 2 out of 3 falls. {Crowd

{The Franchise runs from the crowd into the ring with
Steiner and they attack Rock and Austin, Steiner then
put’s Rock in the recliner and Douglas taunghts both
of them as the show goes off the air.}
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

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Default JWA Saturday Slammasters{May 1st-HHH vs. The Rock{JWA Title} Main Event

JWA Saturday Night Slammasters{05/01/04} Live from MCI
Center{Washington DC}

*JWA Logo is shown and then clips from the PPV,
finally ending with the Goldberg/HHH confrontation
going off the air

*Fireworks go off and we zoom in onto JR and Tommy

Talker: Fans, we welcome you to Washington DC..The
nations capital and tonight we have a HUGE card
featuring tonight, the fall out of the great
Pay-Per-View event, known as April Assualt. We also
have tonight, title matches like crazy, IWGP vs. WWA
vs. NWA unification and our main event caliaber
match...JWA World tag team titles, the champions..The
odd combo of Birdman and Sauasge Ninja taking on The
former ECW tag title holders, The Impact Players. So
you have Sauage Ninja and Birdman vs. The former Aldo
Montonya and former WCW title holder{Cruiserweight,
tag, TV,} Lance Storm. Now Jim Ross we have a big
interview with the newest signing Bill Goldberg.

Ross: Yes, Tommy tonight we will have a few comments
from Big Bill Goldberg and tonight we have the GM,
Steve Austin, and yes..The rattlesnake is in an awful
mood. We also have something called a Captial Combat
Street Fight, Supreem...The Hardcore champ taking on
"The Beast" Bob Sapp. We also have a great new edition
of the JWA controll center, where Lance Russel will
tell us what we have instore for the next Pay-Per-View
Spectacular, "The King of the ring".

Talker: When, we come back on the JWA...We will hear
from DL "Tank" Abott and man is he in a pissed off
mood, and he will be in ring when we get back and
rumor has it, he wants the IWGP champ, Greg Valentino
but Valentino's dance card is full with not only LA
Giant but Jeff Jarrett as well, in the big unification
title match.

Commerical Break

{Back in the ring, Tank Abott is ready}

Tank: Okay people, shut the hell up. I am here to run
my mouth about, some BS I told the production crew so
I could have this time. However, I am here to place an
open challenge to anyone to come out here to duke it
out with a real man.
{Out of no where after 5 minutes of Abott barking for
someone, comes BTK. This man comes out in a mask and
horrid t-shirt spray painted "BTK". Btk then get's in
and removes the mask to be LA Giant. They both share a
laugh and taunt BTK. LA yells that cause you beat up
some T-girls don't make you badass. Tank then yells
out that BTK stands for Body...Torture...Kill. Nope,
now it means BTK...Big Toothed Kandyass{He can't spell
either} They laugh and leave the ring.}

Ross: Oh my god, these 2 clowns may have ticked off a
fucking huge pyscho!

-JWA World Hardcore Title{Capital Combat Falls count
Supreem vs. Bob Sapp

The match starts with Sapp Irish whipping Supreem into
the ropes only to get a bum in the face by Supreem.
Supreem then starts stomping Sapp. Supreem then picks
up Sapp and throws him into the corner and goes for
the 10 punch. He gets it! Supreem then grabs a groggy
Sapp and sets him up for the power driver, but Sapp
fights back and throws Supreem into the ref. The ref
is down. Sapp then goes outside of the ring and gets a
chair from the announce table and then goes back into
the ring. Sapp the swings the chair at Supreem but
Supreem ducks. Sapp then swings the chair at Supreem
again, who moves, leaving the chair to hit the ropes,
and fly back hitting Sapp in the face. Sapp goes down
and Supreem goes for the pin. The crowd starts
counting, but its no use, the ref is down. Supreem
goes to the ref to try and wake him up, while Sapp
grabs the chair and hits Supreem in the head and
knocks him out cold. Sapp gets rid of the chair and
goes for the pin. The ref is still out, but coming
back to. He starts the count. 1, 2, Supreem kicks out!
Sapp can’t believe it and starts yelling at the ref,
Supreem then grabs Sapp from behind for the Power
driver, but Sapp yet again counters it and goes for
the impailor. Sapp covers, 1, 2,...kickout by Supreem.
Supreem then goes to the outside and heads toward the
back, "The Beast" is in tow and chases Supreem all the
way to the back stage area. Supreem meanwhile is able
to grab a fire extwinger and is waiting by the doors
to the parking lot and waits for Sapp to come threw
the curtain and sprays Bob Sapp. Sapp then manages to
grab a sledgehammer and swings at Supreem who is
laughing at the camera. Sapp falls onto of the fallen
Hardcore champion. A ref runs in and slams down a
count of 1...2...3...New Hardcore champion, Bob "The
Beast" Sapp
Winner: JWA Hardcore champion{Bob Sapp}
Sapp's music is cut off by the Revoltion theme and
Shane Douglas comes in and nails Sapp with a chair and
knocks him outside the building and throws the door
shut and begins to yell for HHH and goes to a clip.
Douglas: Hey Shane Jr., oh yeah HHH. You fucking rip
off artist, I want my title belt. JWA World
championship will be mine. Cripple H, you piece of
fucking dog shit. You challenge Goldberg and you run
your mouth and want Billy Boy. Guess what Goldberg is
not in title contention..I am, well earlier this week
I shot this message for you Cripple H.
{Cut to video clip}
{While walking along a busy and crowded New York
sidewalk Shane Douglas is seen crossing the street and
then stops by the stairway of the subway entrance in
Times Square. He glances around and sees the World
complex, the WWE's building and laughs out really loud
he walks over to the front doors of it and looks
inside. There's really no one around so he stands
there in the lobby and begins to p*ss on the carpet.)
Hahaha! See if I ever walk into this sh*t hole again.
(He zips up and walks back outside, crosses the street
again and begins to speak to JWA cameras.)
Sorry about that I had to make a little pit stop! Now,
King of the ring is getting really close. It's only a
few weeks away, and what fun it will be when I face
HHH. See there comes defining moments in a man's
career when he can actually say that he's going
places, there are time when I can honestly look myself
in the mirror each night after our shows and tell
everyone that what happened was great. I honestly
enjoy my job of being the best wrestler in the world
today contrary to popular beleif by other people that
are simply jealous in this sport!
I've come out on JWA TV for the last few months and
I've spoken my peace on many men that I've had to
face. This weekend in order to get my foot back into
the door that leads me to my path of the JWA
Championship I've got to have a plan in order show
these fans that HHH isn't the as great as he
perceives to be. HHH you talk about my past like it's
something that's supposed to make me blush and run
away?! It's not that easy to run off a Franchise, and
you think you're great?! Come on! You're a mid card,
jobber type of person!
(He glances around for a moment as a few people stop
him and pose for pictures and lets him sign
autographs. Once that passes by he continues again.)
I mean look at this guy, he let all of these people in
JWA drop him on his head and make him look like crap!
You call yourself a champion? World class athlete?!
HHH I have to say that you ignorance is pathetic and
it sucks. You know what else sucks? You're going to
have to turn around and loose once again because I'm
going make sure that you don't make it out of this
match on your own two feet. Besides you need to stop
your crying about Ric Flair and get yourself mentaly
ready for KOTR because you have a man like myself to
worry about, but if you want to complain about getting
cheated you have no right because I have to win this
match on Sunday May 30th. So The Game, ha more like
Dumbass I don't want to hear your crap.
Sure I was playing nice by considering retierment in
order to put this man over, but HHH I have to prove
that you suck totaly. You tell me I'm not the man I
used to be, you think that I'm scared of you? I have
no other option but to worry about you and I have to
face you this May 30th. HHH I told you since day one
that you have to prove something to me if you think
you're good enough to try and become an JWA Champion
because you're looking at a two time XPW Champion and
former TV Champion, so who in the hell do you think
you are?! If I really wanted to I'd send your Pokemon
ass packing back to Canada!
I did the right thing and droped the hardcore Title
opportunity to a worthy holder in Bob Sapp becasue
it's been discused that I have to once again fry the
so called big fish in JWA once again. See where HBK,
Hogan, Flair, and many others dropped off the face of
pro-wrestling graces.. I'm the only real star that
remains! I also did the right thing and tried not to
be greedy by droping a chance to go for the World to a
young man in the Rock because I feel that he was ready
to go up to the mountian. HHH you haven't even reached
thae peak yet!
(Shane flags down a cab and gets in, he rides for at
least 45 minutes to the nearest hotel where he's
booked for the night for an JWA promotional tour.)
In the hotel..
(Shane is seen after checking in and gets into the
elevator. He punches the button for the 5th floor and
speaks to the camera breifly.)
Listen here you little punk sit in the same locations
nine times out of ten and you whine about the same
poor petty crap every time on how no one gives you a
chance, you've been held back so long and that you're
so much greater than most of the people you come
across. Hell half of the things you talk about makes
no sense what so ever, and you stop to think why
people call you boring? Unfortunatly your complexity
inside that personality of yours isn't getting you
anywhere, and I don't understand why you bore us to
death with that same old crap.
(He steps off of the elevator and begins to walk
towards his room with his key in hand.)
You don't know what it's like to spend countless hours
on the road like I have for the last twenty years
watching people such as Eddie Gilbert, Hulk Hogan, Ric
Flair, Harley Race, and many others go down in their
time as I was a young prodigy waiting for a break. To
be honest with you I was supposed to become a high
school science teacher and I used this to pay through
college. What have you done? You worked for a dying
promotion called the WWE, you worked for WCW , so you
think you're a deserving person?! Trying to rise in
such a cut throat buisness like this is impossible but
unfortunatly through out your boring talents you've
impressed someone. But you reward for a good match has
to go through me! ME! Not Supreem, Rock, or LA Giant..
By god man, you've got a Franchise on your hands!
(Shane nears closer towards his room and takes his
time, he walks over to the door and puts the key in.
He opens the door and walks inside, cameras follow him
as his bags are sitting in the room.)
In this buisness most people have to think for
themselves because there are countless people out
there just like Vince Russo or Vince McMahon that like
to d*ck people around. But I'm not conserned about
that right now, at least I've been to the show Triple
H, you are only beginning to get a taste of what it's
like to be in my world. You're no longer in the world
of WWE's boneheaded society.. This is it.. You are
going to get a second chance at trying to become
famous because the last I saw you.. You were the first
person out of a four man match that we were in. So
don't come to me about who deserves what.
(Camera fades on him.)
The next night at the arena..
(From outside the world famous MCI center, The
Franchise is seen looking around at the Washington DC
skyline. Then turns his attention to the JWA Camera.)
It seems to me that HHH has a bad thing for not seeing
things from all points of view. A beleive one wise
fellow once said "ye judge not unless he's willing to
be judged himself." And I couldn't agree more with
that saying because there are so many people who fall
under that concept and don't realize because they are
blinded by their own hype. People say that about me
but on the surface I'm not, Triple H you are insecure
about a lot of things in your wrestling career. That's
why you choose to p*ss people off by ranting on and on
about your short comings in this industry of cruel and
unusual circumstances.
(Shane begins to stroll along the parking lot slowly.)

Being on the road anywhere from a month to seven or
ten is along to time to spend away from one's family,
but that's a sacrifice I make every day of my life in
order to know that they become secure by my works
earnings. Triple H I doubt you'd know anything about
importance of family would you? You think you're going
to just make me perish in front of a crowd that I
brought to JWA when the chips were down and that was
needed in order to make us survive so ungreatfull
people like you could come here for work! Without
people like me there would be no imported superstars
to skew the public's ideas!
(He begins to wring his hands a bit.)
Marketing tools. You framilar with that? That's all
you are in order to pay the bills around JWA!
(Douglas enters the building and ignores the camera as
he walks into his locker room.)
From inside the locker room..
(Douglas is seen in his gear and looks quite intense
as he begins to watch Triple H's first promo again. He
still doesn't get why Triple H's attitude is so glum.
He shuts it off and speaks.)
I've sat back for days now just waiting and wondering
on what I should do. I've watched your promos, I've
studied our last match, I'm totaly lost on what to do
now when it comes to preparing for Triple H. He likes
to say that my heart has grown cold and there's
nothing left in me. Well maybe he's right but I'm not
going to be a push over for some freak show like him.
(He stands up and looks around for a moment. The look
in his eyes explains his attitude for the night.)
The time has come Triple H and I'll prove to you that
I'm no push over, that I'm a man who can still go, and
that you are meerly nothing but a wanna be trying to
tug on my coat tails in order to gain success!
(Camera fades out on Shane.)
-Bad Boys vs. Chris Chavis and Horseshu-
Chris Chavis makes his return to a good pop. He starts
out with G-Money. Gets the advantage right away. A
spinkick sends G-Money out, who cowers and tags in
G-Dogg. Chris Chavis gets a couple of shots in and
tags in the big man. Horseshu hits a superkick right
off the bat for two. He goes for the Assdrop, but
G-Dogg moves, and Horeshu risks a hernia. G-Money
takes over, managing a couple of suplexes on Horeshu.
G-Money then goes out and grabs a chair and brings it
in and while this is going on, G-Dogg and Chavis brawl
down the ramp and back in the ring, G-Money nails a
suplex pin on the former Tatanka and wins the match.
Winner: The Bad Boys{G-Money and G-Dogg}
-The Fish vs. Macho Man-
Fish makes his debut to a chorus of boos. The Fish
grabs the mic and says a few insulting things about
Pensacola, and Macho Man gets the face role. Fish goes
to work right off the bat. Macho Man goes for a elbow
shot, but The Fish reverses to a sitout powerbomb for
2. Electric chair gets two. Macho Man gets a low blow
and takes over. DDT and second rope legdrop get two.
Macho Man goes up again, but The Fish catches him with
a uranage for two. Fish sets up for the Flatliner, but
Jim Cornette runs down and nails him in the back with
the loaded tennis racket, and Macho Man reverses to
the top rope splash, and gets the pin. Postmatch, Ross
wanders about the relationship between Macho Man and
Jim Cornette.
{Glass shatters and Stone Cold comes charging out to
the ring and hits a crowd reaction on the ring poles}
Austin: Hell Yeah, it's Saturday night and we are on
{Austin looks around and smiles and then introduces,
Great Muta from Japan. Austin then congratulates Muta
on his 30 day deal with the JWA, Muta then speaks
threw a translator and announces, he wants Birdman and
is in the JWA for that one thing.}
-Matt Morgan vs. DL " Tank" Abott-
And Morgan is a house of fire right off the bat. You
may even say that he's Flaming! Double arm suplex gets
2. Morgan is just kicking Tanks ass. Tank finally goes
low and gets control. Splash gets 2. Tank hits the
rocker dropper{Ross: Amazing move for the big man},
but Morgan makes the ropes. He goes for another one,
but Morgan spins him around and nails him right in the
mouth with the Jungle Kick! Morgan turns around and
KAPOW! Eats a chair shot right to the head from none
other than HHH! The ref throw the match out, and Tank
gets beat down, much to the delight of the fans. And
HHH grabs the mic..
"First off Ric Flair, you piece of dirt...The Game is
in the control spot and by the way this asshole called
"The Natureboy", well guess what, old man this aint
WCW and your not getting another shot at the gold. Now
onto The Fucker...I mean, The Franchise. I saw your
clip earlier...and man this aint Cribs and this aint
MTV. Now Douglas, I could care less about your
hardships and paying your dues. I checked, you have no
title match at the PPV and by the way next week when I
get to The Blazedale areana in Hawaii, you better not
be there, cause if you are "Mean" Matt Morgan is gonna
be there to take care of your ass and by the way you
will need to go back to teaching when Morgan is done
with you. Here is something, even you would
understand...Class DISSMISSED!!{HHH then slams down
the mic and leaves the ring}
Commerical Break
{We return to Ross and Talker}
Ross: Well earlier tonight, we have Supreem losing the
Hardcore title to Bob Sapp in a weird turn of events
and we have saw our first look at The Backyard
Wrestling star, "The Fish". Plus we have Bad Boyz
winning against Chavis and Horseshu and gaining a
title chance down the road. Before we went to the
break, Tank Abott who earlier tonight challenged and
called out that Pyscho "BTK". Tank went down tonight
to The JWA World champ's hired gun, Matt Morgan and by
god, That kid is a blue chipper and has a huge future
in the company. Tommy, what else do we have coming
Talker: JR, we have been on a roller coaster and later
tonight we have JWA World tag titles, NWA/IWGP/WWA
unification and just signed by Austin durning our
break a JWA World title match...HHH facing off with a
mystery man. Now let's go back to Supreem who is
standing with the talented and hott as a firecracker,
Jeana Haze.
{We go to the backstage}
Haze: Thanks guys, tonight we saw Supreem lose his
Hardcore title to Bob Sapp, "The Beast". Just what I
like a dark man who is wearing some gold and who has a
{Supreem cuts Haze off}
Supreem: Okay, honey...I know what i did wrong
tonight. I spent too much time on this thing i have
tonight to announce. UT...The Deadman...Bubba
Red...The Walking Dead...Undertaker. Now,
asshole...this out of his mind, Fucking cocksucker.
UT, you run around wrestling buildings and run over
punk after punk. Now here is the deal. I am gonna be
the man to run over The Undertaker, Now I know he
don't work here. Hey here is the deal, UT...I am gonna
keep calling you out till you show up and if you
don't. Well then you can just listen to me run my
-JWA World Tag Team Titles: Birdman and Sauage Ninja
vs. The Impact Players-
Sauage Ninja and Birdman come down to the ring with a
huge pop fills the areana, while Doria their manager
who is wearing a great looking thong with a tiny black
spandex top. The crowd begins yelling cat calls at
Doria. Once in the ring, The Impact Players music hits
and they run in from behind and attack the champions.
SN and Storm start out. Storm goes for a takedown
early, and SN makes the ropes. SN gets the advantage,
and hits his SWEET dropkick for two. BM gets the tag,
and gets overwhelmed by Storm. He gets a Fugiwara
Legbar, and SN has to break it up. Crediable tags in,
and hits the Tiger Bomb for 2. BM gets beat on by the
heels for awhile, but finally gets a DDT on JC and BM
gets the hot tag. Powerslam on JC, Back suplex on JC.
JC gets tossed and SN jumps on him. Doria's
interference backfires, and JC hits the Falcon Arrow
for the pin....1...2..kickout and as BM and JC make
their way to their feet. The Bad Boyz come in and
clean house on the tag champs as they brawl into the
crowd. Back in the ring, The Impact Players are
arguing, JCcomes in and bitch slaps Storm, Storm then
turns around and leaves to the floor and grabs the mic
and announces his retirement and he does not have to
put up with this crap. JC then smiles and heads out
the ring threw the crowd.
Commerical Break
JWA Controll Center with Lance Russel where he
announces that the tickets are on sale at the Saddle
dome in Calagry Alberta, Canada and the theme of the
PPV is Jay-Z's 'Dust your Shoulder off'. Lance also
announces that 1 match has been signed brand new JWA
Hardcore champion, Bob Sapp will defend against Matt
Austin is in ring and so is Jim Ross, Jim announces
and brings out the tag champs...
Austin: Now I want to re-start the 6 man divison and I
am now going to crown a new champs, Birdman, Sauage
Ninja and making his JWA debut. The failed American
Idol, William Hung!
{Hung comes down to "She Bangs", all of the men
celebrate their new titles, then the music is cut off
by The Fish, he get's in the ring and looks at all of
them and then makes a statement}
Fish: Hey..I am the fish...and your a bitch{He points
at SN and then chucks his mic down and slaps the
crutch across the face of SN, Austin then goes over
and stuns the Fish and announces}
Austin: Okay, well Fish...Thanks for that, by the way,
I was planning on announcing that at The King Of The
Ring PPV. There will be a 4 man event and the winner
will get a title shot in June.
-Doom vs. Shane Douglas and Scott Steiner-
Doom makes their way to the ring with Teddy Long,
Teddy then announces on the mic
Long: Okay,'s showtime!
{Long looks at the Doom team flexing on the ropes}
Long: Tonight, The Revoltion is gonna be done,
players, the up rising is gonna be put down and...
{Long is cut off by The Revoltion theme music, Douglas
and Steiner come down the ramp and then Douglas begins
his promo}
Douglas: Cut my FUCKING MUSIC!
{Boos from the crowd}
Douglas: Okay, Long...The players club is closed for
the night due to a REVOLTION!
{Boos from the crowd}
Douglas: Now, fail to see that we are
gonna run over your boys. But you know this is going
to end in either countout or DQ, cause we both are not
gonna lock up and pin or anything, we are coming in to
kick DOOM's ass...and they are gonna kick ours.
{Douglas then hands the mic to Steiner, who removes
his headdress and shades and looks at Doom}
Steiner: Hola, if you hear me!
{Crowd boos}
Steiner: Doom, Doom, Doom, you assholes think your
gonna beat a Franchise and a Freakzilla? It does not
matter, you fucks got no shot, just like these people
who suck too
{Crowd boos as Steiner flips them off}
Steiner: I hate rednecks, but I hate porch monkeys
more, and you too should be out waxing my car not in a
wrestling ring with me. You got no business being in
here with us. However, without that taken into
account, You two assholes...
{Doom then begins the match by attacking Revoltion,
but soon John McCarthy get's everyone in the ring and
an actual match started}
Steiner hits a few suplexes on Simmons early. Reed
comes in with Douglas. Reed tries to slam him but he,s
JUST TOO quick! Douglas takes over. Simmons comes in
and hits a few AAAAAH moves. He goes for an avalanche,
but it's AAAAH SHIT! as Douglas moves out of the way
and Steiner gets the hot tag. Simmons tags out, and we
finally have the showdown. Steiner lays into him and
hits a belly to belly for 2. Simmons and Douglas fight
to the outside. Long tries to interfere, distracts the
ref, and Reed goes low. He hits the chokeslam, but
Steiner kicks out. Douglas goes up and floors the All
American with a Missle Dropkick. Simmons is down.
Steiner goes up and hits a Steiner bomb, and gets the
1...2...kickout and at the same time Reed comes in
with a chair and causes the DQ, leading to all men
brawling on the outside.
{We go backstage where Rock is talking about HHH and
the title later on in the program, when Steiner comes
back and locks eyes on Rock and begins to brawl with
the People's champion. Forcing a pull apart by Austin
and then Stonecold calls for a match next week between
Rock and Steiner. Steiner then yells at Rock that he's
not in his league. Austin, then yells well, I would
not say that..your defending the title next week
against Rock and vice-versa, if Rock beats HHH
-NWA World vs. IWGP World vs. WWA World: Unfication
{Valentino vs. LA Giant vs. Jeff Jarrett}
Usual solid match between these 2. Starts with a
beautiful wrestling sequence, that Jarrett works into
the Crossface. Valentino appears to have the match won
after hitting the headbutt, but Jarrett kicks out.
Both men do a series of go behinds and both guys hit
the rolling Germans. The end comes when Jarrett goes
for a superplex, but Valentino reverses in midair into
a top rope implant DDT, and that is enough to get the
clean pin...but not, LA Giant comes in and nails a
huge Piledriver on the IWGP champ, Valentino. Giant
then chases after Jarrett who grabbed all the belts
and ran to the backstage area. Valentino chases after
both of them. Once in the back, Giant is attacked by
Revoltion and is locked into a closet, Ref thinks he
quit the match after not seeing the LA Giant not
anywhere around. Valentino then dukes it out with
Jarrett. Till Valentino's attention is diverted by
Douglas,{When the two brawl into the men's room}
allowing JJ to turn and slam a Guitar into the head of
Greg. Valentino's massive body falls and crashes into
a urinal. Jarrett goes over and pins him. He then
yells, "Talk about pissin away your title hopes!"
{Back in the ring is Goldberg and Tommy Talker}
Talker: Bill, tonight you have been sitting back and
watching the show, your thoughts?
Goldberg: No, I am not impressed, However I do want to
know what the hell the deal is with this HHH, he keeps
running his mouth. Now HHH, tonight I am gonna be
sitting{He points to the empty chair on the floor}
Goldberg will be sitting there and watching The Rock
and you fight for the belt, I want to own.
Talker: Well,...
{HHH's music hits and he comes to the ring and get's
face to face with Goldberg, as Secruity hits the ring
and Austin comes out with a mic}
Austin: Now, you two can't wait to tear each other's
throats out...However, Rock get's a shot then Goldberg
can have one but I want to see The Game and The Barhma
bull go toe to toe here tonight.
-WWA #1 challenger Match: Axius The Demolisher vs.
King Kahula-
Ax comes out to a chant of we want you dead!, Axe then
get's in the ring as The Revoltion come down the ramp,
Douglas motions to Axe to leave the ring. Douglas then
get's into the ring and yells for 3:16. Douglas get's
his wish an Austin comes out and jabbers with Douglas
and Austin looks around and wonders where Flair is,
Douglas announces he is injured because of Austin.
Austin responds with, "Too bad, I wanted to stunner
him again." Austin, then laughs and then walks out of
the ring.
-The JWA World Title{2 out of 3 falls}: HHH vs. The
Austin comes out and announces that both men will have
to wrestle 2 out of 3 falls because he wants to see a
good mainevent. HHH looks disgusted and Rock raises
the Eyebrow. The match begins with HHH getting
controll on Rock and looking out at Goldberg and
getting Rock in a front facelock and talking smack to
goldberg. HHH then is reversed by Rock and Rock does
the same to Goldberg. Rock is spun to the ropes and
nails a shoulder block on HHH. Rock then waits on HHH
to gain his feet when out of no where Steiner comes in
and pulls Goldberg out of his chair and begins to beat
down on Goldberg. Rock is at the same time pulled out
of the ring by Jarrett and Douglas, the two men then
handcuff Rock to a ring pole. Douglas then goes over
and pulls HHH out of the ring and begins a beat down
of the world champion. HHH is thrown into the ring,
Steiner follows with two chairs and puts them on HHH's
arms and Jarrett then set's up a table and puts
Goldberg on it. Douglas then goes up to the top rope
to attempt something. At this time, Austin runs in
with an axe handle and clears the ring. HHH gains his
feet and nails Austin with a pedigree and walks up the
ramp with Matt Morgan. Goldberg gains his feet and
snarls at Steiner and the Revoltion. Rock is still
pissed after being un cuffed.
We then go backstage to the room where LA Giant was
locked in, and the door is busted out
They go to the back where a note says, "I'll show you
Big toothed Kandyass"{LA Giant is shown hung upside
down in his dressing room with Jelly beans scattered
all around and his mouth is open and his teeth are
knocked out and all in a plastic cup. Show fades out
to the JWA logo
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

Charlie Manson{AAA}
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evilgrin JWA Saturday Night Slammasters{May 8th at The Blasidell Arena}


JWA Saturday Night Slammasters{Live from Blaisdell
Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii}

*A video is shown of Jeff Jarrett celebrating his
title win last week and holding all the WWA/IWGP/NWA
title belts, then it shows a photo of each Revoltion
member holding their title and then a photo of Douglas
with no belt, and then the words flash on the screen,

*The pyro goes off and the fans in the Arena goes wild
for the JWA in Hawaii...and then we go to Jim Ross and
Tommy Talker

Talker: Fans, tonight we are here in Honolulu at the
Blaisdell arena for JWA Saturday Night Slammasters and
last week we had some big time fallout from our last
pay-per-view event and tonight we have some big
matches. However, JR what do we know going into May
2004 in the JWA?

Ross: Well tonight Tommy, we know The Great Muta has
signed a month long deal with the JWA and he is here
for some reason to target The Birdman. Plus "the
toughest jewish athelete on this planet" Bill Goldberg
is here and he is here to take out everyone. We also
had the World 6 man title put back into circulation
with Stonecold handing the titles to William Hung from
American Idol, Birdman and Sauage Ninja. Finally we
had two major shakeups with, Supreem losing the
Hardcore belt to "The Beast" Bob Sapp. We also saw
that big bastard, BTK take out LA Giant and the next
target is going to be David Lee Abott, "The Tank"
should be worried like a 15 year old boy masterbating
in his fathers room to old Penthouse issues.

Talker: Well I agree with everything but the last
comment about the 15 year old, but Jim tonight we have
a huge card featuring the biggest stars of
professional wrestling’s past and future. Highlighted
by the mainevent for the US title, The Rock vs. Scott
Steiner. We also are going to be hearing from
Stonecold Steve Austin and I am sure The Revoltion.
However, I see in ring is the man known as "The Tank",
and he's got the stick...let's go to Tank

{in ring Tank is wearing jeans shorts and a t-shirt
that reads, "Fuck You". Tank is pacing with a mic and
making finger gestures to the crowd}

Tank: Okay, Okay..BTK wants my ass..well punk..I aint
going anywhere and I am here to fight your bitch ass
{Crowd roars cause they know BTK or Tank will get
Tank: Now BTK, I may have stepped over the line but I
want someone, I know somebody back there wants some,
if you don't.
{The Great Muta's music hits and he charges toward the
ring in White facepaint and white pants}
-DL "Tank" Abott vs. The Great Muta-
Ref: Charlies Robinson
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Tank gets the upper hand in the beggining of the match
using powerful clotheslines that take down Muta. Tank
then applies a boston crab on Muta which makes Muta
scream in pain. Tank releases the hold and starts
punching at Muta's ribs severely which makes his ribs
turn purple. Tank then puts Muta in a chokehold. Muta
seems out so the ref grabs Muta's arm and raises
it.1...2...and before Muta's arm would drop at three
he raises it and starts elbowing Tank in the Stomach.
Muta pushes Tank against the ropes, but before Muta
could do anything Tank gives him the gore. Tank covers
Muta, but he kicks out at the count of two and a half.
Tank picks Muta up and goes to give him a powerful
clothesline, but Muta moves out of the way and gives
Tank six german suplexes in a row. Muta signals and
goes for the diving moonsualt. Muta goes to the top
turnbuckle and connects with it which also hurts Muta
as well. Muta goes to cover Tank, But Tank gets out at
two. Muta picks up Tank and throws Tank against the
ropes and tries to clothesline him, but Tank ducks and
hits Muta with another gore. Tank goes to cover Muta
again, but only gets a two cout. Tank starts getting
frustrated and starts to yell at the ref. Tank waits
for Muta to get up so he can give him another gore,
but Muta counters the gore and applies the STF. Tank
tries to grab the ropes, but Muta moves him away from
it and has him centered in the ring. Muta has no
choice but to tap out and he does.

Winner: The Great Muta
{Post match: Muta celebrates with the green mist,
while Tank get's pissed off and stalks up the ramp
with a chair looking for BTK, Meanhwhile back in the
ring, Muta begins to leave the ring, when he hears The
Glass shatter and Distrubted hit's as Austin comes to
the ring, Muta get's into a stance ready to brawl.
Austin get's half way down the ramp and grabs a chair
from ringside and a chair. Muta gets ready to attack,
Austin calls for the music and begins to speak}
Austin: Muta sun, I am only here to gripe and complain
and I do not want to harm you, However you spray that
food coloring or whatever the hell it is at me, I will
open up 1..{Crowd chants WHAT}2..{Crowd chants
WHAT}3..{Crowd chants WHAT}4..{Crowd chants
WHAT}5..{Crowd chants WHAT}6..{Crowd chants WHAT}...on
your ass.
{Austin and Muta have a staredown, before out of no
where, Vince Russo leaps into the ring and nails Muta
with a bat, the crowd yells, HOLY SHIT! and Austin
looks puzzled. Russo grabs a mic}
Russo: Hey Austin, this is my time and your time, I
waited in the back while you played games with Muta
and i figured I would come out and dump him on his ass
so we can get this problem taken care of.
{Austin get's in the ring and looks russo over and
then speaks}
Austin: Well, Well, Well, Vince Russo...the man who
made David Arquette the WCW world champion and the man
who takes credit for me getting over and The Rock and
all of them. However, your here to bitch and gripe
about the NWA world title. I already figured out we
would give LA Giant a rematch tonight with Jarrett for
the unifed title. However, since BTK got to him..I
have no clue what you wanna do?
Russo: Austin, don't play games with me, BTK is a
problem, that no one has the balls to deal with.
However, once they fire you we will all see I was
right about that problem. Now let's deal with the LA
Giant situation, I want the NWA to get a rematch at
our belt that you and your thuggs Revoltion took from
us last week.
{Crowd boos and yells go the hell home}
Austin: Vinny, all I can see is you need to pull your
head out of your ass, "My thuggs" well whatever, here
is what i will compromise with you. You pick anyone
you want and I will make Double J defend his title
against your man in a No rules format, how's that?
Russo: Good job, you did something great but asshole,
the only man I have with me tonight is my bodygaurd
Austin: Well stick him in there, hell go out to beach
and find a freaking midget to stick in there for all I
Russo: Fine, I will let my bodygaurd do the job on
J-E-Double F-J-...
Austin: Shut-up I don't need a spelling lesson, just
bring him out or let me know so I can have them update
the match schedule in the back
Russo: Austin, look up toward the ramp and see Jeff's
newest successor..
{Both men as well as the crowd look toward the ramp as
the TNA theme music hits and out walks, 911 from ECW
Talker: Oh my god, 911..this monster has to face
Jarrett tonight
Ross: My gawd, he is huge...oh my god god!
{Austin then looks at Russo and laughs}
Austin: Man, thanks for bringing that no talent here,
Russo: No talent..No talent, well I guess he would be
compared to the Jap William Hung and that piece of
crap Sauage Ninja and fucking Birdman oh and let me
not miss that bald turd Supreem.
Austin: Okay, granted they have some problems, but you
mentioned all sorts of crap earlier and called me an
Russo: So, what's it to ya, jackass!
{Austin turns and looks at 911 and then looks at Russo
and then the crowd, he then stuns Russo and rolls out
of the ring and into the crowd and flips the double
kick stands at Russo and 911 and heads to the back, as
we head to commerical break}

-Birdman, Sausage Ninja, Horseshu vs. Justin
Crediable, Doom-
Ref: Tim White
Timelimit: 23 minute
Birdman and SN come to the ring along with Horseshu
and they announce William Hung was not in the house
because of the concert tour he is on, then Doom comes
to the ring with Teddy Long and JC in tow.
JC starts the match with many chain wrestling moves
with Horseshu, then the lights go out and when they
come back up, everyone is out and JC is gone along
with Doom and the rest of the ring is filled with

{We go to the back where Jenna Haze is standing with
Supreem: Last week, I lose my belt to a nigger and now
tonight I see some piece of shit by the name of Russo
call me a no talent, well Russo here is what I am all
about, HARDCORE..and I don't mean HARDCORE like some
dumb matches with trash cans and kendo sticks. I am
throwing down the gauntlet, Russo and Austin, get your
heads together and get on the phone and get anyone you
can to show up in Canda at the Pay-Per-View. I want a
Hardcore Invitational, here is what I am
thinking...2-3 rings, with countless tables, chairs,
barbed wire and other accessories like bats, trash
cans and lids and extinguishers, pans and anything
else you can find. Russo bring all your bad boys from
TNA and Austin tell everyone in the Hardcore top 10
here in the JWA. Oh and Sapp, you punk...May 15th, we
will be in the place where it all started ECW Arena in
Philly, bring the belt cause I am gonna slaughter you
like stuffed pig in Barb-wire city and then at the
PPV, I am gonna kick some ass and then no one can back
out of a title match with me, I am coming for Douglas
or HHH next.

Haze: So you have alot on your plate,

Supreem: Hey honey, if I wanted you to talk I would
have told you to more thing before I walk
to the ring along with Matt Morgan and we beat down
that Nigger Sapp and the indian Chavis. UT, Mr. Taker,
Mr. Deadman...well I still have not heard from you,
what you scared? Hell if Austin and the boys can put
that Hardcore thing together for the PPV. Show up
Undertaker and then I can get you as well, your not
hardcore, big deal, paint your face and wear
black...why don't you fuck off Deadman.

{Supreem walks off and flips the camera off}


JWA King ot The Ring Controll Center with Lance
*Tickets on sale at the Saddle dome in Calagrey
Alberta Canada
*The PPV theme will be Jay-z's 'Dirt off your
*King of the ring tounry and the winner will meet The
JWA champion in June for the title
Jeff Jarrett vs. Macho Man Randy Savage:Unfied Title
Justin Crediable vs. The Rock
The Winners advance
*Street Fight Match: Doom{Simmons and Reed} vs. Bad
Boys{G-Dogg and G-Money}


-Macho Man vs. The Fish-
Ref: Randy Anderson
Timelimit: 20 minute

The match starts off with Fish and Savage staring at
each other. Fish takes a few steps back and lays on
the mat. Fish tells Savage to pin him. Savage wonders
what's going on, but decides to cover Fish. The ref
count's the three in a very contraversial victory.

Winner: The Fish

After the match:Savage grabs the mic and seems to have
something to say.

Savage:Are you happy!!! I did what you wanted me to!!!
I hope your satisfied!!!
Talker: What the hell was the deal with this, the
people in H-town are wondering what is up?
Ross: Well I am not sure but how do you think that
effects the title shot at the PPV for Savage?
{Backstage Rock is standing with Jenna Haze}
Haze: Tonight you get the US title shot, your
Rock: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, The People's champion
comes to the lovely state of Hawaii and tonight, The
Rock will put a butt whoopin on Steriod Steiner,
However I have saw everyone running their mouths
tonight and The Rock will not continue that trend, all
I will say tonight...The Rock will become more than
The Rock, He will become's Champion!
{Crowd roars at amusement}
{Backstage Doom is talking with Jenna}
Haze: What the hell happened earlier?
Long: Well we got the hell out of there when the
swinging started and the lights went down, but let's
fast forward to the PPV, Doom will be slighted once
again, when will the champions and/or Austin get the
balls to give the baddest players on the block, Doom a
shot at the title?
Reed: We will just have to drop everyone on their ass
to get a shot, we should move up since Impact Players
broke up? When will we see the gold?
Haze: Well I hate to cut you off but we have to get
back to the ring
-Supreem and Matt Morgan vs. Bob Sapp and Chris
Timelimit: 30 minute
Ref: Tommy Young
Sapp and Supreem start the match off. Supreem gets
puches and kicks going. Sapp puches Supreem in the
face and begins to choke him. Supreem puts Sapp in the
corner and starts giving Sapp big chops. Supreem tags
Matt Morgan and they begin kicking Sapp in the corner.
Matt Morgan gives Sapp an armbar, but Sapp pokes Matt
Morgan in the eye and gives him a chop block to his
leg. Sapp applies a half boston crab on Matt Morgan,
but manages to grab the ropes. Sapp begins to kick
Matt Morgan while he's on the ground. Sapp tags in
Chavis and Chavis begins choking Matt Morgan while
he's on the ground. Chavis picks up Matt Morgan and
starts doing the Shane shuffle. Chavis then pins Matt
Morgan, but Supreem comes in and breaks up the count
sending Sapp in. All four men are in the ring and it
is total chaos. Sapp hits Supreem with the Sapp slamm
and starts to kick at him. The ref turns his attention
to Sapp and Supreem. Chavis hits a low blow on Matt
Morgan and goes on the top turn buckle and is
signaling for the elbow drop, but before he goes to
hit it a huge monster comes out and pushes Chavis to
fall to the mat. The monster man goes up top and hits
a Five star frog slash on Chavis. The monster leaves
the ring and Morgan goes up top and hits a diving leg
drop and pins Chavis. Both Sapp and Supreem are out of
the ring and when Sapp tries to get back in the ring
Supreem grabs his legs from preventing to break up the
three count. The ref turns his attention to Chavis and
Morgan and counts the three count.

Winners:Matt Morgan and Supreem
{Backstage Shane Douglas is standing with Jenna Haze}
Haze: Ladies and Gents tonight The Franchise is going
to be facing the muscle man from world of strongman,
Greg Valentino, Shane?
Douglas: Honey, you need to take that loving look off
me, I have saw your lastest movie and man I saw that
asshole of yours and you could back a UPS truck in
that thing. However, Valentino you are such a stupid
fuck, come on man, your gimmick is your a dude with 34
inch arms, I want to talk about HHH and buddy you may
not have signed for the King of the ring but I know
you will, I am the only guy you can't beat.
Haze: Well what if HHH does not fight you? However
what if he does?
Douglas: You know something?! All I wanted to be in
this world was a man who was respected for what he
does. I may not be the best but the fact of the matter
is that I'm damn good at what I do.. And what I do is
beat the hell out of people.. What I do is something
few men can acheive.. I looked around me in this
locker room and see other men who've been pacing
around nerovously and wondering about one thing and
that's who am I facing or what's next for me? They are
the young and hungry talent of JWA's future who are
tired of seeing people like you Triple H, trying to
steel their light. It's because of you that they're
here, but it's because of me that they want to rise
above the rest. You look at me and you say I'm not
sh*t, well Triple H while you banged Austin{ha ha} I
was making talent that you held down. I made guys who
could replace your sorry ass in a heart beat! You see
I’ve tried as hard as I possibly can in order to get
away from that shadow of controversy that this sports
owners has placed upon my career in since I started,
and it’s been a hard earned five year career in this
business.. Now the fact of the matter is that there’s
only enough room in this company for one man and that
man is me, The Franchise! Triple H you're meerly a
joke and pal you can kiss my ass, and if you're lucky
I'll let you carry my bags to the next show! I don’t
need a drawn out story or video to mark a huge
comeback like you do Triple H, because once you're
gone from JWA you're forgotten unless you make an
impact. When I first entered JWA I showed up
unannounced and those people hit the freaking’ roof
because they wondered but didn’t think it could
happen.. It’s time for not only the Franchise to take
JWA up to another level but I'm going to spark that
revolution in this buisness once again. I'm going to
be more cutting edge than ever before.
Triple H let me ask you something. Have you ever
competed with a cracked bone in the roof of your
mouth, on top of a broken jaw, and a severed bicep
that was ninety five percent off the bone and still
defeat your opponent?! F**k no! Why?! You’d use your
loop holes in your contract to get out and still
collect a paycheck! Me on the other hand.. I did it
because if I didn’t I wouldn’t get paid in order to
support my family! So don’t you get me started on that
sh*t because Hunter you know you’re nothing and that
you haven’t paid the dues that I have so if I were you
I'd shut my damn mouth! I don’t need to make excuses
for not showing to cards I’m booked to be in or to
even sway things into my favor because I'm not happy
with the results. I could care less if you think I’m a
whiner because that’s your opinion, I’ll over come the
adversity in order to do what it is that I’m going to
and that's walk myself into The King of the Ring..
Wait for you're boring a**ed entro and have the bell
ring and reveil me kicking your teeth right down your
throat. You're the one wanting to prove a point
right?! Well I dare you to try and prove a point on
the Franchise! Unlike you Hunter I've busted my ass in
this buisness to be able to be comfortable. Lets take
this senerio for instance.. What if this Saturday
night I were to take The JWA to another level? What if
I were to not only beat you in that very ring but
destroy that leg of yours once again?
(Shane laughs deviously as he begins to look around
for a moment with his eyes, you can sense that he's
thinking long and hard by some of his expressions.)
Triple H the time has come for you to wake up from
this dream world that you're living in and come to the
reality that your time has come. You will find out
what it's like to become Franchised!

-IWGP/NWA/WWA Unfied Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. The 911-
Ref: {In ring} John McCarthy {Backup}Earl Hebner
Timelimit: 60 minutes

The 911 takes advantage in the beginning of the match.
The 911 knees Jeff Jarrett in the stomach several
times which makes him fall to the mat. The 911 picks
Jeff Jarrett up and gives him a belly to back suplex.
The 911 picks Jeff Jarrett up and delivers three back
breakers in a row while still holding him. The 911
goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Jeff
Jarrett gains momentum and starts puching The 911 in
the face. Jeff Jarrett then throws The 911 against the
ropes and gives him a clothesline that sends him out
of the ring. Jeff Jarrett goes to the outside and
tries to throw The 911 against the railing, but The
911 counters and sends Jeff Jarrett to the railing.
The 911 begins punching at Jeff Jarretts face and
throws Jeff Jarrett against the ring post which hits
Jeff Jarretts shoulder really bad. Jeff Jarrett falls
to the ground and grabs at his shoulder. The 911 sends
Jeff Jarrett in the ring and begins attacking Jeff
Jarrett's shoulder. The 911 picks Jeff Jarrett up and
delivers a double power bomb. The 911 goes for the
pin, but only gets a two count. The 911 tries to go
for it again, but Jeff Jarrett counters it into a
fabulous hurricanrana. Jeff Jarrett picks up The 911
and delivers three german suplexes in a row. Jeff
Jarrett tries to go for the Kurt Angle Lock, but The
911 pushes Jeff Jarrett with his feet. The 911 runs at
Jeff Jarrett, but Jeff Jarrett grabs The 911 and hits
a belly to belly suplex. Jeff Jarrett picks up The
911, but The 911 kicks Jeff Jarrett in the stomach and
delivers the Death Valley Driver on him. The 911
taunts Jeff Jarrett then decides to pin him. The ref
counts 1...2...and Jeff Jarrett kicks out. That has
never happened before! The 911 gets frustrated and
tries to give Jeff Jarrett another DVD, but Jeff
Jarrett counters it and hits the stroke. The ref
counts 1...2...and The 911 kicks out. Jeff Jarrett
picks up The 911 and tries to throw him into the
corner, but The 911 reverses it and throws him
instead. The 911 puts Jeff Jarrett on the top
turnbuckle and now both men are on the top turnbuckle.
Jeff Jarrett grabs The 911 and hits an Angle Slam on
The 911 from the top turnbuckle. Both men are down.
Jeff Jarrett puts his arm over The 911 and the ref
counts the 1...2...and kickout...Jeff Jarrett heads
out of the ring and grabs the belts on his way out.
The 911 follows Jeff to the garage area, then 911
pounds on Jeff once he catches him but then both men
battle toward the beach where 911 is turned around by
a very drunk Crush and smashed with a G-tar. Crush is
depressed he is washed up and not on the card, Jarrett
looks at Crush as he falls to the ground in a drunken
stupor. Jeff then covers 911 for the pin
1...2...3...Jeff Jarrett wins in an excellent match.

Winner: Jeff "The Chosen One" Jarrett
{backstage JC is standing with the monster who cost
Chavis and Sapp the tag match from earlier with Jenna
Haze: Who is this, JC?

Justin Creidable: Well now we have my new tag partner,
this monster is from the NWA-UK and he is named,
"Judge and Executioner". He is here to help me win the
world tag title. NWA-UK is got now a very big chance
to do something now that this monster is over here and
oh I heard Chavis yelling about he wants revendge,
guess what...I want to throw something out, bum...Judge and Executioner will face you
anywhere and anytime.
-Shane "The Franchise" Douglas vs. Greg Valentino-
Ref: Dale Hebner
Timelimit: 15 minutes

Greg Valentino comes out and waits for his opponent
and out comes.....Shane Douglas!!! Shane Douglas comes
to the ring and stares at Greg Valentino. Greg
Valentino goes to clothesline him, but Shane Douglas
moves out of the way and gives him lefts and rights to
the face. Shane Douglas puts Greg Valentino in the
corner and gives him the 10 punch. Greg Valentino
falls to the mat and Shane Douglas tries to apply the
camel clutch, but Greg Valentino lifts Shane Douglas
on his shoulders and throws him on the turnbuckle pad
which Shane Douglas's face hits. Greg Valentino gives
Shane Douglas two backbreakers in a row then applies a
choke hold on Shane Douglas while on the mat. Greg
Valentino releases the hold and sets Shane Douglas up
for the sit out powerbomb, but when Greg Valentino had
him up Shane Douglas came back with punches to the
face which made both men fall to the ground. Shane
Douglas picks Greg Valentino up and hits the belly to
belly suplex. Shane Douglas goes for the pin, but only
gets a two count. Shane Douglas throws Greg Valentino
against the ropes only to get met with a powerful
clothesline from Greg Valentino. Greg Valentino puts
Shane Douglas on the top turnbuckle and hits a super
plex from the top turnbuckle. Greg Valentino goes for
the pin, but only gets a two count. Greg Valentino
picks up Shane Douglas and tries to kick him in the
stomach, but Shane Douglas counters and hits a T-bone
suplex. Shane Douglas waits for Greg Valentino to get
up so he can give him a clothesline, but Greg
Valentino moves out of the way and Shane Douglas
accidentaly hits the ref. Greg Valentino hits Shane
Douglas with another clothesline. Greg Valentino goes
to get a chair and brings it in the ring. Greg
Valentino goes to hit Shane Douglas in the head, but
misses and gets kicked in the stomach by Shane
Douglas. Shane Douglas takes the chair and hits Greg
Valentino head which knocks him out completely. Shane
Douglas applies the camel clutch and the ref wakes up
and rings for the bell.

Winner: Shane "The Franchise" Douglas
{Back to the booth}
Talker: Tonight we have saw a ton of great action and
we have a doozy coming up, Steiner vs. Rock for the US
gold, but we are going to go when they are ready to
hear from Stonecold about next week and our main
event. We will be in the ECW arena next week in Philly
and 1 match has been announced, Supreem vs. Bob Sapp,
and The Beast will put his Hardcore title on the line.
Ross: We also will see Horeshu facing off with the
winner of our Main event for the US title, let's go
back to Jenna Haze as she is standing with The Rattle
Haze: Next week is shaping up to be block buster, what
is the news?
Austin: Next week, we have not only the US belt on the
line but we have the JWA World tag title on the line,
Now earlier I heard Doom and Peanut head run their
mouths. However, next week the shot goes to the Bad
Haze: I will be waiting on that match...wait, Mr.
Austin I have to cut you off but we need to get back
to the ring
{Back in the ring, Douglas is standing in the ring
with a mic and demanding a camera man to shoot him}
Douglas: Finally, you fucking pricks in the production
truck got back to me, The god damn FRANCHISE!
{The crowd roars with claps}
Douglas: Now, Valentino was not even a light snack but
I am ready for dinner, Hey asshole...where
you at? I want your ass!
{after 4 minutes of yelling HHH insults and the
broadcasters saying he is not in the building, The
Game's music hits and he marches out to the ring and
goes nose to nose with Douglas, then HHH demands a
HHH: Okay, punk let me get this want a
title match with me? The Game...The real deal in this
{Douglas begins to speak, but HHH cuts him off}
HHH: No...Shut the hell up, you have done enough
talking, you fucking prick...You wanted me to come out
here and now you got him. Let's see if I can
accomadate you with a match with nothing to show for
it. Yeah sure we wrestled before the last Pay-Per-View
but shit, Shane, you aint done anything but oh's comin to me...oh yeah
talk some more. I beat Flair, and I beat the rest of
them and now I have Goldberg and you pissin and moanin
about you want me.
{Crowd chants Goldberg, HHH looks at the crowd with a
HHH: See Shane, your not the people's choice, you aint
even the People's champion{Oh by the way I beat his
ass as well} However with that taken care of, I
browsed my contract after the Flair match and found I
have a very limited amount of dates left to work and
guess what you aint on any of them. So sorry pal but
you can kiss off.
{HHH then throws the mic at Ring announcer Gary
Michael Coppetta and turns to leave when he hears
Austin's music hit and both men looked pissed as
Austin comes in and poses on the ropes with a piece of
paper in his back pocket.}
Austin: Now both of you run your yaps and want a shot
at each other and then HHH is gonna go off and get all
high and mighty on us, First off your looking over
contracts and all. Well HHH, I have your contract
right here and your right, it does say. You have
limited dates left but guess don't name the
challengers I long as you have that big shiny
belt on your shoulder. You have 2 dates left on your
current contract and guess what....your gonna wrestle
on the 29th in Wichita Kansas at The Kansas Colisum
and defend the title that night and then at the PPV,
you will meet...well....who.....can I have you
wrestle? Oh wait. let me introduce you to your
challenger at the PPV.
{Austin leaps out of the ring and heads up the ramp
and then turns around}
Austin: HHH, your world title challenger at the PPV,
known as King of the ring please come out here
{Everyone looks at the ramp, then 3:16 turns at the
ring and points to Douglas}
Austin: Wait, he's already out's Shane
{Douglas smiles and exits the ring as HHH is fuming at
both men, as Austin turns to look at Douglas}
Austin: Oh and hey Shane, before you leave..where's
your pal Flair...I have not saw him?
Douglas: Well for your info you piece of shit, The
great "Natureboy" Ric Flair could be finished with
{Crowd boos and cheers}
Austin: What?
{Crowd chants WHAT}
Douglas: Flair could be done,
managing..wrestling...all cause of you and your thug
{Austin smiles}
Austin: Well shit, the roster needed trimming anyway
{Austin then stomps off as Douglas is standing fuming
at Austin's comments}
-The Main Event: US Heavyweight Title:"The Big Bad
Booty Daddy" Scott Steiner vs. The Rock-
Ref: {in-Ring} John McCarthy {Backup} Tommy Young
Timelimit: 45 minutes{Or tv time remaining}
The Rock's music hits and The People's Champion comes
out to the ring and poses on the 4 corner of the ring.
Rock then looks at the ramp waiting on Steiner to come
down to the ring. Then the siren goes and Steiner
walks toward the ring with his chain mail headdress
and US belt around his waist, he is followed by Jeff
Jarrett who is wearing his wrestling gear and all 3
unfied title belts. Steiner stops and poses for the
camera, he then asks for a mic from Gary Copetta as
Rock darts to the floor to get away from the impromto
2 on 1.
Steiner: Big Poppa Pump is your hook up holler if you
hear me!
{Crowd boos}
Steiner: Scott Steiner is here with the Chosen one to
take charge here in the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu,
Hawaii...Man is that a mouth full! Now I am rested and
ready to go to drop that Rocky on his ass. I just got
done hanging and banging that Interview bitch, Jenna
Haze. I blazed threw her pussy like I am gonna blaze
threw the pebble out here. I made that
{Crowd cheers, as Steiner goes over and steps up on
the bottom rope and rests himself on the top rope}
Steiner: When I get done here I am gonna hit the
Hawaii bars and pick up some wet bitches for The
Revoltion to take on tonight and bring to the heights
of Nirvanna. I will say this, aint shit
compared to Freakzilla!
{Crowd begins chants of Rocky..Rocky...Rocky!}
Steiner: Wait one minute, Rocky you are a prick and
tonight, I am gonna run you over like a...
{Austin's music hits and he comes onto the Tron and
announces he has heard enough, he now wants this match
to be a last man standing match for the US title, then
before he takes off, he mentions that banging Jenna
Haze is not that big of a deal.}

(The match starts with The Rock trying to hit Scott
Steiner, but Scott Steiner ducks out and leaves the
ring. He walks over to the timekeeper and gets a
chair. The Rock leaves the ring, but Scott Steiner his
him in the head. The Rock does not go down instead he
punches the chair right back into Scott Steiner's
face. Scott Steiner falls back and The Rock hits him
again with the chair. Scott Steiner falls on top of
the timekeeper. The Rock goes under the ring and pulls
out a trashcan. Scott Steiner stands up, but is
knocked back down by the trashcan. The can has a huge
dent in it so The Rock throws the can into the ring
and gets another one. This time Scott Steiner kicks
the can back into The Rock's face. Scott Steiner
stands up and throws The Rock into the turnbuckle,
which busts him open. Scott Steiner picks up The Rock
and F-5’S him onto the barricade breaking five of his
ribs. The ref begins to count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10.)

Winner: Scott Steiner

JR: My GOD did you see that? Steiner just F-5’ED The
Rock on the damn barricade.

Talker: That was unbelievable.

(EMT’S rush to The Rock and put him on a stretcher and
take him up the ramp. But Steiner is there and hits
The Rock with a chair. Steiner picks up The Rock and
throws him off the stage threw a table waiting below.)

JR: OH MAN. That can’t be helping The Rocks ribs.

Talker: Steiner is an animal.

Talker: Next week we will have Horseshu vs. now The
monster Scott Steiner and we will see World tag titles
on the line with Birdman and Sauage Ninja vs. The team
of the Bad Boyz. Jim, what else do we have before we
get off the air?

Ross: Okay, Tommy we have now gotten word from the
police outside tending to the accident, that earlier
tonight okay..we have tape, BTK has struck again and
we have the tape and we will see you next week from
the ECW arena
{Video rolls of Haku former US champion coming into
the arena to watch the matches, BTK is waiting behind
the car for Haku to exit. Haku is then attacked by
BTK. Haku then gets handcuffed and and beat down, BTK
then waits for Haku to get up and as Haku runs toward
him, BTK then shoots Haku in the knees with a staple
gun. Then Haku becomes a target for BTK's bat, Then
BTK places a Tank Abott t-shirt on Haku's fallen body
and then he disappers into the night.}
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

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evilgrin JWA for 5-22-04


JWA Saturday Night Slammasters{5/22/04}
Live from LA Colisum. in LA

*The show opens with scenes from last week's Hardcore
title match then shifts to HHH and Douglas war of
words and finally wrapping up with the words on the
screen of

*The JWA logo followed by pyro in the arena and a pan
of the crowd to the booth with JR and Talker

Talker: Fans we welcome you to the LA Colisum. the
site of the Los Angels Olympics and many wrestling
events have been held here including Wrestlemaina 7
where Hulk Hogen beat Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF world
title. Tonight it is site for JWA action including, if
you can believe it or not the 1st title defence of
Supreem after winning last week's hardcore
invitational. We also have some big title matches and
for that I send it to Jim Ross who is standing at
ringside, Jim?

{to the ringside area and JR}

Ross: Yes Tommy and tonight the hot crowd here in
Cali{as the cool kids would say} we have titles galore
including Supreem's hardcore title defence and the US
heavyweight title with Scott Steiner taking on The
Blue chipper himself, Matt Morgan. One man we will not
see tonight is "The Franchise" Shane Douglas because
Stonecold Steve Austin gave him the night off....

{Glass shatters and Distrub. theme hits as Austin
comes to the ring and poses on the ring poles and
grabs the mic from JR}

Austin: Jim, sorry to cut you off but I have something
that is bothering the crap out of me and that is the
JWA world title and the NWA/IWGP/WWA unifed title.
Austin: I said the JWA
Austin: The WWA
Austin: IWGP
Austin: That's exactly right!
crowd roars in approval
Austin: First off what the hell is the difference
between the belts, you have HHH our "Great" world
champion and then you have Jeff Jarrett and he holds
the Unifed title. Well all I can say is I want both of
them to come down and bring their shiny belts and
maybe with them in front of me I can figure this out.
{HHH's music hits and he comes to the ring with a
cocky look on his face and holding the JWA world title
while wearing his street clothes, HHH then spits the
water and poses on the ring poles to a chrous of boos
from the crowd}
Austin: Now I would like Mr. Jarrett to come down here
{Jeff's "The Chosen one" theme hits as he comes to the
ring with the belts and his wrestling gear along with
"The Natureboy" Ric Flair, and Flair's lawyer, JJ
poses on the ropes with the belts and his guitar,
Flair is moving into the ring wearing a neck brace and
being helped in by his lawyer.}

Austin: Okay folks let's see here I have HHH the JWA
world champion and you have a big gold belt, and then
Jarrett who has the 3 title belts which are also very
big, so what the hell is the difference, oh and wait I
have Ric Flair and some suit. Before I get to the
champs, I want to know what you been doing Flair, you
are an active member of this roster?

Flair: Austin, you bastard..I have been in bed for
weeks after that beating you gave me at the last
Pay-Per-View and I have determined that I need some
legal recourse so I have enlisted a lawyer and we have
been talking with Richard Head, the guy who signs your
checks. So here is what I am thinking, you piece of
shit. You give me what I want or me and Mr. Mason over
here will have to get nasty with the JWA and your
redneck ass?

Austin:Give you what you want or you will get nasty,
why not I get nasty..
{Austin then stuns Flair and he looks at his lawyer
who scatters from the ring, so does JJ and HHH, as
Austin's music hits, Austin regains the mic and halts
the music}
Austin: Cut the music, I aint done yet.{Crowd roars}
Now I want JJ and HHH to tell me the difference in 4
seconds....1...2...4..I lied! ha ha ha
Austin: Here is the deal, both you punks bring those
pieces of tin and come down here later tonight for the
mainevent and you will wrestle each other..and it will
be for the belts..all of them!...oh and by the way
since you two claim to be old school...we gonna do
this match old school, 2 out of 3 falls, have fun
guys....Austin's theme hits as the champs look at
each other and head up the ramp.

Coming back from Commerical...a King of the ring promo
is aired for on sale tickets

Match#1: The Rock and Birdman and Sauage Ninja w/
Doria vs. Justin Crediable and The Bad Boyz
The match starts with Rock looking at his teamates in
disbelief and looking at the oppoents across the ring
in disapproval, Rock the paces around the ring and
sizing up his oppoent, G-Money of the bad boyz. Rock
and G-Money lock up and G-Money gains controll with
the sideheadlock and grinds away at the Rock, Rock
eventually throws G-Money to the ropes and scores with
the shoulderblock knocking G-Money down and he rolls
to the corner and makes the tag to JC. Justin comes in
and makes fun of the rock doing the eye brow and the
people's elbow on the mat. Rock then asks for a mic
and calms the crowd down and looks at JC and begins to
Rock: Excuse me, Who in the blue hell are you?
Rock: No, I don't wanna know Mr. Aldo Montoya..I did
know you without the jockstrap you wear as a mask, Now
JC you are thinking your funny coming in the people's
ring and making fun of the people's champion. You fail
to miss out on something that you needed to get that
whole gimmick to work...
{everyone looks puzzled}
Rock: What I mean is....
{Lights go out in the arena and when they come back up
The Revoltion is standing in the middle of the ring as
Shane Douglas has a mic
Douglas: Okay assholes, that was a cool trick, I am
out here to ask the question does anyone really give a
shit who wins a 6man between the crock, the misfits
who hold the tag belts and oh wait I must mention JC
the never be and the backseat boys..I hardly think so.
{Douglas goes over to The bad boyz corner and looks at
both of them and pulls some cash from his pocket and
divides it up}
Douglas: Now Boyz you have 2 one hand I
have some money and i would like to give you this leave this ring..and in the other hand I
have money for you if you agree to giveup your tag
title #1 challenger status next week when the JWA
travels to the biggest dump in North America, Wichita
Kansas. Now I would like to give you both hands full
of money however you have to promise me that you owe
the Revoltion a favor later tonight. However if you
take this cash and screw us later, I will make sure
that this money is the final cash you get from this
company, so what is it gonna be?
{Bad Boyz look at each other and the crowd and then
talk it over, and then take the cash and shakes
Douglas hand and exits the ring and go into the
backstage area}
Douglas: Now that we have the bad boyz taken care of,
I would like to talk to you JC, Now last week you hit
me with a stick durning the Harcore title match,
However if you look outside the ring, you will see
Jeff Jarrett standing with another wad of cash. if you
can promise the same offer the Boyz got, you can have
that dough.
{JC does not think about it, he just moves out toward
JJ and JC then turns around and stand there with his
back to JJ and looks into the ring, Douglas then moves
over to the tag champs and Rock corner.}
Douglas: Now that we elimenated those guys, I want to
ask that Birdman and Sauage Ninja please take the
skank you call a manager back to the dressing area and
change that outfit she is wearing into something we
can be proud of here in LA. I also would like to have
the piece of crap tag champs to exit this ring with
their dignity, boys you know what my guys are capable
of, so if you wanna chance it, go ahead if not take
{The champs leave as quick as they can}
Douglas: Now Rocky...Here is what I am offering for
you...Rocky, my man you could take some money and
leave here. I am doing this to prove that Austin no
longer can controll this company and he can't controll
us in the Revoltion.
{Rock gestures to speak on the mic, Douglas hands him
the mic and steps back when the rock demands he do so}
Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to Los Angels!
{Crowd roars with Rocky chants, as Rock turns and
looks at everyone at ringside, then looks at each man
and voices his thoughts}
Rock: First off before the people's champion answers
your offer, Mr. Douglas, I have to address everyone.
First off Birdman and Sauage Ninja do not seem to get
it they have those belts because of the lovely Doria.
Second Bad Boyz, you have to do a favor for The
Revoltion?...Excuse me I don't want to know
{Crowd laughs}
Rock: Now onto took some money
and cleared out instead of allowing The Great one to
plant his boot in your kandyass!
{Crowd chants Rocky}
Rock:The Revoltion...Jeff bring your
guitar out here? Well all I can say is your a
poorman's Tiny Tim...and wait I did want to get to the
offer. Shane now come to me and offer
money..who are you...The Million Dollar man?
{crowd roars with chants of Ted}
Rock: The answer is NO!
{Crowd roars, Rock chucks the mic at Douglas and
leaves the ring, just as Jarrett nails JC with the
guitar and takes back the money}
Rock then begins to fight off The Revoltion only to be
beaten by numbers and beat down by The Revoltion.
Douglas get's on the mic
Douglas:Hey Austin, I guess there goes your

JWA King of The Ring of Controll Center
-Tickets on sale now
-Theme of the PPV is
-2 Matches added this week
Great Muta vs. The Fish
Bill Goldberg vs. DL Abott "The Tank"

coming out of break a promo is aired for King of the
ring featuring the Tank/Goldberg matchup

A strange theme is played and down comes a man named
Knuckleback, Ric Flair get's on the mic
Flair: Apparently this is now The Revoltion show, Hey
Austin your back want to kick my ass..well
since you can't due to my injury, You get a shot to
come out and meet my new product, This man is the
future of this company and he is your slayer. So
Austin if you have the ballz come out here and oh if
you beat Knuckleback. I will leave the building and
the rest of The Revoltion will leave as well and
forefit our paychecks tonight.
(The show comes to the back and we Austin taping up.
Goldberg walks in)

Goldberg: Austin you better hurry Flair and his boys
have hijacked this show

Austin: What? You think Austin is scared of some loser
who thinks he can beat Austin? What? Who is this guy

Goldberg: You’ll see in the ring, Flair is out there

(Austin stares at Goldberg and then he leaves the
dressing room and towards the ring. Backstage we see
Douglas in the parking lot a limo arrives and Douglas
rushes over and opens the door and out steps Supreem)

Supreem: Hey Shane. I have a question for you.

Douglas: What is it Supreem? I’m a very busy man.

Supreem: Why isn’t the Hardcore champion in a match

Douglas: You want to be in a match?

Supreem: Yes

Douglas: Fine you can have a match, with Bob Sapp,
Hell I can't make matches but I did find out that
bastard Austin made a match between you two for the
Hardcore title with Barb-wire ring ropes.

(Supreem steps back in the limo. And it drives into
the arena's garage. Austin’s music hits and out comes
the Texas rattlesnake. Then some weird bizarre music
plays and a guy who is 6’5 364 pounds wearing a golden
mask and golden pants. He goes by the name of
Knuckleback. Austin gets a mic.)

Austin: What the hell are you supposed to be?

(Knuckleback just stares at him.)

Austin: What? When Stone Cold speaks to you, you
answer. What?

(Knuckleback continues to stare.)

Austin: Fine lets get this match going.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Knuckleback
(The match starts and Austin goes right to work on the
young rookie. Austin punches Knuckleback left and
right. Knuckleback blocks one of Austin’s punches and
he hits Austin with a left of his own. Austin gets up
and is surprised. Austin rushes at Knuckleback, but he
moves out of the way and Austin runs into the
turnbuckle. Knuckleback then grabs Austin around the
waist and delivers a German suplexs. Knuckleback
doesn’t let go and he hits another German. Kunckleback
still doesn’t let go and he hits the final German on
Austin. Austin gets up with help from the ring ropes
and he the goes and kicks Knuckleback in the gut and
gets him in the stunner position, but Knuckleback
through Austin face first into the ropes and then he
gets Austin in the schoolboy pin 1…2…Austin kicks out.
Austin gets up and he can’t believe this guy is
kicking his ass. Knuckleback gets up and stomps on
Austin’s back. Knuckleback picks up Austin and Irish
whips him into the ropes he then hits the big boot on
Austin. Knuckleback picks up Austin and puts him on
the tope rope and he suplexs Austin. Knuckleback goes
straight into the cover. 1…2…Austin kicks out.
Knuckleback picks up Austin and does a running neck
breaker off the ring ropes into the cover 1…2…3. The
ref did a fast count.)
Winner: Knuckleback

(Knuckleback can’t believe it he screams and jumps in
joy until Austin stuns him. Austin then stares down
the ref and he then stuns him. Ric Flair comes out.
Austin is in frenzy and Flair has a mic.)

Flair: Calm Down Austin. You can have a rematch
against Knuckleback on next week in Wichita.

(Austin gets a mic)

Austin: What? I don’t want a rematch I wanna kick his
ass right now.

Flair: Austin you listen to me and if you touch him
you are suspended.

(Austin goes over to Knuckleback and pokes his back)

Flair: Austin don’t push my patience.

Austin: Flair you’re just trying to piss me off so you
and your big bad lawyer can sue the company and get me
fired. What?

Flair: Austin you are here by suspended until King of
the ring.

(Flair's music plays and Knuckleback slowly gets up
and Austin hits him with the stunner again)

JWA promo is aired promoting JWA next week in Wichita
{Back to the booth}
Ross: Now Austin is suspended, wait why the hell would
Flair be able to do anything that has any power to it?
Talker: Well all I can say is maybe Flair has
something we do not know, hell I would not be shocked
with the JWA letting Flair have a little power. Now we
have been told we had a match scheduled with Doom
facing Macho Man and Chavis tonight. However with the
recent power struggle we saw in the ring before our
last break, JWA Head of operations Richard Head sent
Chavis and Savage home. Doom on the otherhand is
pissed about the Bad Boyz situation earlier and they
are proclaiming they will clean house tonight. Now we
go to the ring and Jenna Haze who is with Tank Abott
{to the ring and Jenna}
Haze: Tonight we have had a big situation but unscaved
by all of this is you Mr. Abott
Tank: Good you have some respect but guess what
someone who has no respect for me is
Getting old berg is and has been running his mouth but
tonight asshole i am here to fight BTK. Goldberg come
get some at the King of the....
{Goldberg theme hits and Bill Goldberg comes to the
ring in a leather bomber jacket and a mean look on his
face, Bill gets to the ring and get's in the grill of
Goldberg: Okay you want BTK, but what about me? If you
for some reason can't make it to the event, what the
fuck am I supposed to do?
Tank: Well GB, you show up and I think I will be there
but hell if you don't get me you could always call out
The Ultimate Warrior...ha ha...hell you might get
Goldberg: If you make it past BTK...your ass is NEXT!
{Goldberg's theme hits as both men still stare nose to
coming back from break....KOTR promo is aired hyping
the Tounry

Match#3: World Hardcore Title{Barb-wire} Supreem vs.
Bob "The Beast" Sapp
Supreem comes to the ring with a mic and looks at the
crowd and points down to the belt on his waist.
{Ross: God gawd what the hell is this are they passing
mics back at the craft service table, good gawd will
someone wrestle tonight, this is a wrestling show}
Supreem: Now that I have regained my belt, I have Sapp
tonight and once he is bleeding like stuffed pig, Now
Morgan wants this belt and The US title so why don't
we do this you take Steiner's US title and I beat Sapp
we will meet next week in Wich a titty Kansas. Out of
nowhere here comes The Beast to sprint to the ring and
the match starts. Supreem rolls out to ringside and
challenges Sapp to a barb-wire boxing match, Sapp
accepts and both men get ready.
(The two men circle the ring and Sapp goes for a
punch, but Supreem doges it. Sapp goes for another
punch, but Supreem catches Sapp's fist, but Sapp takes
his other fist and punches Supreem in the gut. Supreem
stumbles back into the ring ropes and the beast does
four or five punches then he looks at his hand and
punches Supreem again right over the top. Sapp leaves
the ring and picks up Supreem and rolls him into the
ring. Sapp goes for the cover 1…Supreem kicks out.
Sapp picks up Supreem and Irish whips him, but Supreem
counters it and Irish whips Sapp into the ropes and
shoves his knee into Sapp’s injured rips. Sapp screams
in pain. Supreem then goes for a moonsualt, but Sapp
rolls out of the way. Supreem then holds his ribs to.
Sapp slowly gets up with the ring ropes, but Supreem
is already up and he kicks Sapps rips. Sapp falls
screaming in pain. Supreem picks up Sapp and Irish
whips him into the ropes and then he dropkicks him.
Sapp once again screams. Supreem then tries to Sapp in
the walls of Supreem, but Sapp kicks Supreem in the
stomach. Supreem falls back and is tangled in the ring
ropes. Sapp gets up and clotheslines Supreem over the
top. This allows time for Sapp to catch his breath.
Supreem gets up with help from the apron. Sapp is
sitting in the corner. Supreem rolls into the ring and
he puts his boot into Sapp's throat. Sapp screams in
pain and the ref breaks Supreem off of him. Supreem
drags him out of the corner and gets him in the walls
of Supreem. Sapp screams in pain. Just then HHH’s
music plays and he runs down to the ring with a
sledgehammer in hand. He gets in the ring, but the ref
cuts him off. Supreem lets go of the beast and he runs
into the ring and dropkicks the ref into HHH. That
move knocks HHH out of the ring. Supreem goes and gets
a chair and he smacks Sapp over the head with it.
Supreem then kicks the ref and the ref gets up and
Supreem goes for the cover 1…2… Sapp kicks out.
Supreem then picks up the beast and gets him into the
walls of Supreem. HHH picks up the sledgehammer and
gets into the ring and hits Supreem in the back of the
head with the sledgehammer. The ref sounds for the
Winner by DQ: Supreem. Still Champion: Supreem
Supreem then grabs the mic once the ring is cleared,
Supreem:I have beat Sapp and then gets the crowd to
chant, "Ut's a bitch!" and Supreem calls out The
Undertaker and UT never comes out. Now that I have
done all I can, and now I would like HHH to come back
out and explain himself.
HHH comes onto the ramp with mic
HHH:Hey fat fuck, I came out here to steal your
thunder and also to let you know after I beat Douglas
at the PPV, your next on the list. Also bitchass, I
plan on dropping you the night after the PPV. However
I have a 2 out of 3 fall match tonight and I heard it
is going to be a different stip for each fall so
Supreem sit back and take a lesson from The Game.
coming back from break KOTR promo featuring Doom and
Bad Boys street fight match
{backstage Jenna is standing with Stonecold}
Haze: Now you have had a tough night what did you need
to say at this time
Austin: Well I just got done having a shouting match
with Doom and Teddy Long and I let them know that at
the next card in Wichita Kansas we will have to face
off with The Revoltion.
Haze: Why are you rewarding them?
Austin: Well Doom and Revoltion don't like me, so I
paired them hoping they fucking kill each other and
don't have to deal with any of them after next
Haze: So what happens if Tank can't wrestle Goldberg
at the PPV?
Austin: Well Goldberg will meet someone at the event
regardless of Tank's conditon after tonight..
{Jarrett walks up and interupts}
Jarrett:Hey slapnutts, what the hell is this you
assigning a stip per fall later tonight?
Austin: Well you two are going toe to toe for the
gold{all the gold} so what better than to make it
bigger plus after what all you thugs in Revoltion and
what HHH just did in the hardcore match, I figure you
two should have to put on a hell of a show since you
have messed up my card here tonight.
{Camera goes to the ring}
JWA US Title: Scott Steiner "Freakzilla" vs. Matt
The ring bell sounds and Morgan and Steiner circle the
ring. They get into a lockup and Steiner power slams
Morgan. Morgan gets right back up and goes to
clothesline Steiner, but there is no affect. Steiner
then clothesline Morgan down. Horseshu then walks down
the ramp and goes over to the announcer’s table and
puts on a headset. He talks about his World title #1
challenger match on Slammasters next week againt
Douglas. Steiner picks up Morgan and Irish whips him
into the ropes. Morgan falls and sits against the
corner. Steiner hears the thud and looks over at
Morgan. Steiner then turns around and notices Horseshu
at ringside and then pushes his boot into the throat
of Morgan, Steiner then backs up and trys to field
goal kick Morgan. Morgan uses all his strength to push
the Freak out of his way. Morgan gets up slow and
tries to clothesline Steiner again, but Steiner picks
up Morgan and delivers a title awhirl slam. Steiner
goes for the cover 1…2…HHH who has come to ringside
with Morgan pulls Steiner off of him. Steiner got up
and looked out at HHH. And Steiner lifts HHH up by his
hair and lifts him up onto the apron, but Morgan comes
over and dropkicks Steiner into HHH. HHH falls back
into the barricade. Morgan leaves the ring and checks
on HHH. Scott Steiner gets up and goes to the outside.
He picks up Morgan and Irish whips him into the ring
post. Morgan holds his arm in pain as Scott Steiner
rolls him into the ring. Scott Steiner stands over
Morgan and he flexes his biecep and get's ready to
drop it all on Morgan, but he moves out of the way.
Scott Steiner falls on his elbowbut manages to get to
his butt and Morgan dropkicks him in the head. Morgan
goes straight into the cover 1…2…Scott Steiner kicks
out. HHH is on the outside and he has a worried look
on his face. he smacks the canvas and screaming, “
Come on Matt” Morgan gets up and the Scott Steiner
does. Morgan runs into the ropes and does a cross
body, but Scott Steiner catches him and does an over
the head suplex. Scott Steiner goes for the cover
1…2…Morgan kicks out with his last bit of strength.
Steiner looks hurt from the last amazing power move on
the big Matt Morgan. Horseshu who is at the
announcer’s table hops up on the ropes and distracts
the ref. Morgan takes something out of pants and he
hits Scott Steiner in the head with it. Morgan shoves
the weapon back into his pants and goes for the cover
1…2…Steiner puts his foot on the ropes. The ref
manages to get Morgan to the corner as Steiner gets up
and goes after HHH who is now on the apron as well.
Jarrett runs in and nails Morgan with a guitar while
the main ref is taking care of HHH and the second ref
is messing with Horseshu. Steiner then grabs Morgan
and puts him in the steiner recliner.
Winner: Scott Steiner and still US champion
{Backstage The Rock is standing in the back, Rock
demands Austin to give him an oppoent in Wichita,
Austin then says Justin Crediable needs a partner
because Rock and JC must meet in a tag match next week
in Wichita.}
Promo coming back is KOTR featuring Bob Sapp vs. Matt
{Tank is in the ring with his gear on and yells for
BTK...BTK finally comes out to fight. Tank does all he
can to stomp BTK's ass with even putting BTK's leg
between the steps and smashing it and chair shot after
chair shot then trying to smash BTK's leg between the
steps. Finally getting BTK handcuffed and nailing him
with 6 chair shots. Tank then turns and celebrates
then BTK breaks his cuffs and pulls a night stick from
under his trench coat and bashes Tank in the knee. BTK
proceeds to bash Tank's head in and then stands over
Tank and holds his hand over his mask as blood drips
from it onto his gloves. BTK looks at the bloody glove
and then shakes off the blood onto Tanks face. BTK
goes to the outside and pulls a pole from ringside and
rolls back into the ring. BTK depants Tank and shoves
a shower pole into Tanks ass. Tank begins to scream in
blood curdling pain, BTK then stomps Tank in the head,
knocking him out. BTK then leaves the ring and into
the crowd.
{Backstage Jenna Haze is standing with Austin}
Austin: Okay now that all of this has boiled down to
the main event, wait...I need one more match, but we
also have a face to face interview with HHH and
So I guess we will have to cut something, well there
has been enough talking tonight, let's do this...HHH
is getting ready for Jarrett. Douglas can get his shit
on and go to the ring and wrestle Horseshu.
Coming out of break...KOTR promo HHH vs. Shane Douglas
title match
Special Challenge Match: Horseshu vs. Shane Douglas
The bell rings and the match starts with the two men
locking up. Douglas runs Horseshu into the corner and
Horseshu falls down as Douglas stomps him. Douglas
then stands on Horseshus neck and gives the crowd the
finger and they boo. He then walks over and high fives
Flair and they talk for about 10 seconds as it is like
a taunt to Horseshu. Douglas goes back and stomps on
Horseshu again and then pulls him up and goes to Irish
whip Horseshu over to Flair and he puts his foot on
the ropes and looks away so Horseshu can get smashed
into it. Horseshu reverses the whip and sends Douglas
flying towards Flair and Douglas hits his Flair's
Boot. Flair Smiles thinking it was Horseshu and he
looks at his meal ticket lying on the ground. Horseshu
runs over and drop kicks him in the face as Flair
smashes into the security wall. Horseshu pulls Douglas
up and throws him into the turnbuckle and then props
him up on the ropes. He then scores a Hurricanrona off
the ropes into the outside right on to ground right on
top of Flair. Horseshu picks up Douglas and puts him
the ring and props up against the ring post. Then
Horseshu walks behind the post and is behind Douglas
on the apron. He then climbs then turn buckle and
jumps up, and drop kicks him in the back of the head.
Douglas falls and Horseshu lands on the turnbuckle as
he is crouching. Douglas gets up and is dazed.
Horseshu is about to use the West coast pop but Flair
gets up on the ropes and bulldogs Horseshu off the top
ropes and Flair hits hard. Douglas goes for the
pin…1,2,3! Douglas and Horseshu walk up with there
arms around each other as the crowd boos. The turn
around and point and laugh at Horseshu and walk away.

Winner: Shane "The Franchise" Douglas by pinfall

Time: 8:43)
Jr: That was total BS! Horseshu was screwed out of his
title…this is disgusting!
Coming out of Commericals..KOTR promo The just
announced US title Steiner vs. Rock
NWA/WWA/IWGP World title vs. JWA World Title{2 out of
3 falls}
HHH vs. Jeff Jarrett
Austin comes in and announces that Flair must be in
the corner of HHH and that is the way it is
-1st Fall-
“One two, is this on?” hits and HHH walks down to the
ring beside Flair. They walk down into the ring. HHH
is wearing his “Iron Cross” shorts and Flair is
wearing an expensive suit. The walk into the ring as
the crowd boos. HHH does his “Spit Water” taunt as he
walks up to people in the front row and spits in there
face. HHH and Natch laugh at the people, enter the
ring and then slap hands. Jeff Jarrett's “The Chosen
One” hits and the crowd erupts in cheers. He walks
down the ramp as fans reach out and touch slap his
hands. He gets in the ring and stairs down HHH. The
two men start yelling and each other and HHH takes the
first swing but misses. Jeff ducks behind Hunter and
pushes him into the ropes; HHH hits the ropes and runs
back just to be clotheslineed by Jeff .(The crowd
cheers) Lesnar kicks HHH and goes for the pin but HHH
kicks out. Jeff then pulls up Hunter and suplex’s him
in the middle of the ring. He then walks over to Flair
and pulls him into the ring. (The crowd pops hard).
Flair hits hard and Lesnar mounts himself on top of
him and punches him hard. Then HHH runs over and pulls
Jeff off and the two of them double teamed Jeff with
kicks and elbow drops. The Reff makes Flair leave the
ring and leave the match. Flair walks up the ramp
swearing and flipping out. He walks off the stage into
the back as the crowed chants “nah nah nah nah, nah
nah nah nah, hey hey, good bye”. Jeff is getting beat
in the ring and is bleeding. HHH rubs Jeff 's face on
the turnbuckle and it bleeds more. The crowd is
getting anxious as they want Jeff to fight back. Jeff
gets up and HHH slaps him, Jeff falls down and HHH
turns to the crowd and motions the belt sign around
his waste Jeff climbs the ropes and the crowd cheers
knowing something big will happen. HHH is laughing and
he turns around and Jeff jumps off and scores with a
kick to the face. HHH falls down and Jeff runs over
and kicks him about 10 times.)

Jr: This Match is incredible!!!

(HHH is knocked out, and Jeff climbed on Hunters back
and hits the camel clutch. HHH is regaining
conciseness and breaks free. He stands up and kicks
Jeff in the Stomach and goes for the Pedigree but
Jeff Stands up and HHH hits the mat hard. Jeff goes
into the corner and waits for Hunter to stand up. HHH
stands up and is not facing Jeff , he turns around
right into an The Stroke by Jeff Jarrett, Jeff hits
it and goes for the pin…1,2,3(crowd goes crazy)!!!
Jeff then spits on HHH as he lies down in the middle
of the ring and is knocked out. The crowd loves it.
Jeff walks up the ramp and the crowd cheers loud

Winner: Jeff Jarrett by Pin Fall

Time: 13:23)
Austin allows both men 5 minutes to recover and Jeff
goes into the back and yells for Flair to come out
here. Austin says he threw all the Revoltion assholes
out of the building and then listens to his watch and
says, "My watch is saying get your ass back to the
-2nd Fall-
“The Chosen One” hits and Jeff Jarrett walks down the
ramp as he gets a loud mixed reaction from the crowd.
He stands ant the top of the ramp and his pyro goes
off and he walks down the isle. He gets in the ring as
the ring announcer gives all his info. Jeff Jarrett
then crouches down waiting for the rabid wolverine.
HHH's music hits and he runs down the ramp into the
ring and hits the Lou Thez press and mounts himself on
top and punches like crazy. The crowd loves it. HHH
then stomps Jeff Jarrett and HHH is dazed and
confused. HHH is on his stomach and Jeff Jarrett grabs
his arm, HHH then rolls over Jeff Jarrett's back and
slaps an arm bar on Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett is
hurting. Jeff Jarrett crawls over to the ropes and the
reff makes HHH break the hold. HHH is still in control
of the match as he pulls Jeff Jarrett up and nails a
neck breaker and goes for a pin and Jeff Jarrett kicks
out. HHH then climbs the ropes and does the “cut
throat” taunt. Jeff Jarrett jumps off and runs up the
ropes and hits a off the tope rope suplex as HHH hits

Talker: Wow, Look at that!

Jr: I know, Jeff Jarrett is taking control of this

(Jeff Jarrett then kicks HHH full blast in the face
and HHH rolls around in pain. Stands above HHH and
laughs at him and hits a leg drop and then pins HHH
but HHH kicks out. Jeff Jarrett gets pissed and pulls
up HHH and scores with German suplex. Jeff Jarrett
gets up and pulls off the top of his wrestling attire
and yells “Wooooo” and so does the crowd. Jeff Jarrett
walks over and slaps an Angle Lock on HHH. HHH looks
like he is thriving in pain. He reaches around his
back and grabs Jarrett's arm and pulls him down. HHH
is on top of Jarrett's back and scores with a Crippler
Cross face. Jeff Jarrett holds his hand up and fights
tapping but eventually gives in and taps out. HHH's
music hits and he stands up looking at knocked out
Winner of Second Fall: HHH
-3rd Fall-
The match starts off with HHH taking advantage. HHH
hits a suplex and then lands a leg drop on Jarrett.
HHH picks Jeff up and drop kicks him right back down.
Jarrett now irish whips HHH into the turnbuckle and
bulldogs him. HHH goes up top and hits the bigg
splash. He goes for the cover but Douglas coms down
and hits HHH in the back with the chair. Jarrett takes
the advantage and DDTs HHH. 1-2-3.

Winner and now The NWA/IWGP/WWA and JWA World
champion: Jeff "The Chosen One" Jarrett
After the match:
HHH is pissed as Morgan is carrying him the ramp,
Douglas and Jarrett are in the ring celebrating when
Steiner stands up from his seat in the crowd and comes
into the ring. This brings Austin in and he stuns all
of them and yells for a mic.
Austin: Okay, now you fuckers have won all the
belts....well guess what..nah motherfuckers
will have to make a decision. Keep the belt you have
won from HHH or Douglas get's his match at the PPV? I
could care less either way?
Douglas: Now can't fuck with me..I have a
signed contract, so you can kiss off!
Austin: Well, why don't we do this...since Steiner
wants a match with HHH, Steiner can have one next
week...Jeff can keep his belts...and Douglas can keep
his PPV title match. On one condition...
Douglas: What is that Punk?
Austin: The one condition is ....Well if your team
does not win the tag match next week vs. Doom, your
asses are all suspended...and so there is no BS in the
1st match next week, it will be a street fight. and
that's the bottom line cause stonecold said so!
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

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evilgrin May 29th 2004 at Wichita Kansas-Kansas Colis.

May 29th 2004 at Wichita Kansas-Kansas Colis.

*The show opens backstage with The black hummers
pulling into the garage with Revoltion members coming
into the building. Douglas is overheard saying,
"I am going to the find those fuckers Talker and
Ross." Steiner then grabs the troops and head into the

*JWA Logo and opening video, moving to fireworks and
to the booth with Jim Ross and Tommy Talker

Talker: Tonight the JWA comes to the Air Capital and
tonight we have several big matches as we head towards
Canada tommorrow night for The King of the Ring on
pay-per-view cable tv, Jim?

Ross: We also have tonight a huge title vs. title main
event with Scott Steiner challenging HHH for the JWA
world's title. We also have Stonecold....{Ross is cut
off when Douglas slaps his headset off and looks at
Talker in a threatening manner, Douglas grabs a mic}

Douglas: Now listen up, fucking Austin is not here yet
and when he does get here, he will have to respect the
{Crowd boos}
Douglas: Okay this brings me to you gents, Tommy
Talker...Now talker you can kiss my ass and by the way
Ross...the only reason your still alive is so Austin
has a reason to come hunt me down. He books Steiner
for a title match knowing I have Hunter for the belt
tomm night and he is hoping Steiner wins and faces me
then we can beat the hell out of each other and he
aint gotta deal with any of us anymore. Well FUCK
him..I want Austin tonight to show up as we bring as
{Crowd boos and Starts an Austin chant}
Douglas: Okay, I plan on stationin my ass right at
ringside and waiting on Stunning Steve and when he
gets here, I will whoop his god damned redneck ass!
{Talker is handed a note and shows it to Douglas}
Douglas: Well good he is on his way, tell him a
Franchise is waiting at ringside.

Commerical break

{The tape comes back to ringside where Douglas flips
off the camera and the announcers are back in their
Talker: Now that this temper tantum is over, We have
just been told that Stonecold Steve Austin is making
his way down the highway here in Wichita and is headed
toward the building.
Ross: Well I hope when he gets here, he walks down
here and kicks the hell out of Douglas and his crooked

-Match#1: #1 Challenger for the JWA World tag title at
Ref: Nick Patrick
Timelimit: 30 minutes

Doom w/ Teddy Long vs. Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair
The music hits and Doom are introduced first. Both of
them each carry out a table, and
spray paint Flair and Jarrett on each of them, Jeff
Jarrett and Ric Flair are them introduced, before
they are even introduced the brawl begins. Jarrett and
Reed lock up and Jarrett takes the early
control. He does a series of suplexes then he irish
whips him into the corner, and just flat out
beats his ass. Meanwhile Flair and Simmons are into
it. Simmons goes for a chair, he tatooes
Flair over the head a few times, The match really
heats up there. Jarrett goes to the top
turnbuckle but Reed catches him and throws him through
the table. He then does a frog splash on
Jarrett's lifeless body. He goes for the cover, But
Flair breaks it up. Flair goes for the
inverted DDT of Simmons onto a chair. He hits it, and
then goes after Reed. Reed starts to beat
on Flair, he then sets him on the spanish annoucers
table, and goes for the 360 splash. Flair moves
and Reed crashes through the table. Flair grabs a
chair and crushes Reed's head. Simmons
now goes to help Reed but Jarrett hits the guitar shot
from behind, Meanwhile Flair covers
Simmons for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett{Revoltion}-Earning
a title shot at the PPV vs. Birdman and Sausage Ninja
Doria runs in at the pin and trys to pull Flair out of
the ring to break up the pin{but she is 2 seconds
late} Douglas springs up and grabs Doria by the hair
and screams at her. Flair and Jarrett then head up the
ramp and celebrates their win.
{Jenna Haze is shown standing at Ringside with a
Haze: We have with us here in Wichita the former World
tag team champion and former WCW/WWF/WWE talent, now a
very successful stock guy, John Bradshaw Layfeild.
{Crowd boos and cheers}
JBL: Well I am not sure honey, but I am not liking
that term "Stock guy", however your just a porn chick.
Haze: Well, thanks have you seen any of my movies?
JBL: Geez, your uneducated, you can't speak, and your
in a line of work that is taking you down a path of
destruction. So tonight I wonder why the hell you even
here? However, I am here tonight to watch the JWA
stars and I am thinking might get involved with this
company, somehow.
Haze: Well I am not sure, but I like doing anal films
and your just a stuck up prick, this is over..let's go
back break and come back with more.
-Match #2: Sausage Ninja vs. The Fish: #3 to the US
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Ref: Tony Weeks
The match goes back and fourth, over and over. Fish
shows no rust even though he is making his JWA,
US title divison debut! The Fish takes SN to the top
turnbuckle and hits a spinning huracarrana. He then
picks SN
off the ground and hits a spinning DDT. Then SN gets
the momentum back and the match goes back and
fourth for about 8-10 minutes. The crowd gives the
match a huge pop. The Fish then lifts SN off the
and busts him with the Fish Driver for the 1,2,3! The
two shake hands for a good effort!
KOTR Controll Center
Theme: Jay-z's "Dirt off your shoulders"
Street-Fight: Doom vs. Bad Boys
JWA World tag team title: SN and Birdman vs. Ric Flair
and Jeff Jarrett
Chris Chavis vs. Judge and Executioner
Supreem vs. Greg Valentino: JWA Hardcore title
match{Ladder match}
Great Muta vs. The Fish
Bill Goldberg vs. DL "Tank" Abott
Matt Morgan vs. Bob Sapp
Scott Steiner vs. The Rock: US Title
King of the ring Tounry
Jeff Jarrett vs. Macho Man
Justin Crediable vs. The Rock
JWA World Heavyweight Title: HHH vs. Shane Douglas
Commercial Break
{As we come back Douglas is on the house mic yelling
for Austin}
-Match #3: The Rock and Chris Chavis vs. Justin
Crediable and Judge and Executioner-
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ref: Tommy Young
Rock and Chavis get to the ring but then out of the
crowd comes their oppoents. Judge and Executioner
brawls with Chavis up the ramp and Rock and JC then go
at it. The return of The Rock to Wichita is a good
one. Rock starts off the match good putting the Impact
through many painful moves. THe action spills out to
the outside and even into the crowd. Rock and
JC exchange many shots to the with chairs. They
finally get back into the ring after bout 10 min.
of in the crowd fighting. Rock smacks JC's skull with
a chair shot! He then picks his carcus off
the ring and hits the rock bottom. He goes for the
cover one two the kick out!!! JC kicked out!
Rock is shocked! He goes to crack the Impact Player
with another chair shot but JC gives him the big boot
through the chair! He then hits the vertabreaker on
the chair and goes for the cover 123!
Backstage: Jena Haze is standing with HHH and Matt
Haze: Tommorrow is the big night, HHH and Morgan
facing off with Sapp and Douglas, in seperate matches.

HHH: The Game comes to an end, The game I am playing
with the supposed Franchise. Now Douglas tonight I see
you sitting at ringside running your mouth. Now
asshole. Tonight is the final night for you to run
your god damned mouth, get it all out. Tommorrow
night, the mouth will be wired shut via the one and
only Game, Hunter Hurst Helmsey. Before that, Matt
Morgan will kick the face off of that big piece of no
talent crap, Sapp, tell them Matt
Morgan: word..PAIN!, tommorrow it will end
and will end badly for you.
Haze: So gents, tommorrow night it will be HHH facing
Douglas and Bob Sapp vs. Matt Morgan. Now, we will
send it back to Tommy Talker who is at ringside.
{Back to the ringside}
Talker: The word going around is BTK is in the
building and I suggest, Shane, you take a hike cause
if he gets here, your done that much I am sure of.
{Douglas then comes over with a mic}
Douglas: BTK, like I give a shit about this thug, and
oh Talker, why don't we do this you go find that pussy
Austin and I will stomp his ass.
Commerical Break
Match#4: Great Muta vs. Birdman-Ladder Match : JWA
Hardcore #1 challenger-
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Ref: Nick Patrick
Muta start out the game beating on BM. He pulls a few
good moves. But it shows that he
hasnt wrestled a real good match in awhile, as he
looks out of shape. BM then pulles a suplex
from the top turnbukle and tries to climb the ladder.
Muta goes after him but BM flies from the top
with a flying elbow. Muta is out off it but BM refuses
to climb the ladder and he wants to show
Muta who the real king of ladder matches is. BM kicks
the former Kenji Muto in the groin and then
hits his own finisher the Moonsault off the ladder on
him. Muta looks dazed. BM goes for the Ladder and
it thorough Muta's spine. He moans in pain. BM sets up
the ladder in the corner and just repeatiadly
throws Muta in to it. Muta is almost out of it but he
starts to get up as the great one reaches the
top of the ladder. He pushes the Ladder and BM goes
flying to the outside breaking through the
Spanish annoucers table. Muta still out of it slowly
climbes the ladder. BM starting to get up now
rolls into the ring and begins to climb on the other
side. They reach the top at the same time! Muta
and BM exchange punches! Muta hits the outsiders edge
on BM from the top of the Ladder. Muta then
grabs the contract and becomes the number one
{as soon as the match ends, Scott Steiners siren theme
hits and Big Poppa Pump comes out to the ring with a
chair and nails Muta as he is heading up the ramp,
Steiner then flexes for the camera. Steiner then heads
into the ring and is thrown a mic by Douglas who is
still at ringside}
Steiner: Big Poppa Pump is your hook up..holler if ya
hear me!
{Crowd cheers}
Steiner: As I look around, I see a bunch of Wichita
wackjobs, you fucks are all looking at me like I am
god, guess what I proved to the finest bitches in the
area, what kind of god, I am.
{Crowd chants Steriods}
Steiner: Shut the hell up!
{Crowd boos}
Steiner: I want that bitch, HHH and I want it to be No
DQ, No Countout...and I know that Matt Morgan will get
involved and tonight I will deal with his big ass. I
also want that piece of dog shit, Austin to come here
and make this. Now prick, if you can hear me, you
better make this happen or I will kick the hell out of
{Crowd chants Austin}
Steiner: Here is what I want,{He looks at Douglas}
When I win the title tonight..I want 3 fine wet
wichita bitches brought to my room and then I want the
belt shined up and then I want HHH's ass brought to
the PPV tommorrow night and I wanna see The real
Franchise take care of what's left!
{Crowd boos as Steiner exits}
Commerical Break
-Match #5: Bad Boyz vs. Macho Man and Bob Sapp-
Timelimit: 30 minute
Ref: Tony Weeks
Macho Man comes to the ring and grabs a mic.

Savaget :I'm sorry to inform everyone, but Bob Sapp
won't be able to compete tonight due to his injury he
sustained at the show he worked 2 days ago in Japan
for the IWGP. Even though he won't be able to compete
doesn't mean that I can't either. So the match will be
a handicap match. I will prove to everyone that I have
what it takes to take on the future tag champs single

G-Money and G-Dogg enter the ring and stare at Savage.
The match starts off with G-Money and G-Dogg in the
ring. G-Money kicks Macho Man in the stomach and
begins to slap him in the face. G-Dogg throws Savage
against the ropes and Savage delivers a high flying
clothesline. Savage begins to kick G-Money while on
the ground. Savage applies a choke hold on G-Money.
Macho Man releases the hold and grabs G-Money and hits
a neckbreaker on G-Money. Macho Man runs at G-Dogg and
hits him in the face. G-Dogg tries to get in the ring,
but the ref won't let him. Macho Man hits a spiked
piledriver on G-Dogg and goes for the pin, but G-Money
breaks up the three count. Macho Man taunts G-Dogg to
come in the ring, but G-Dogg doesn't. Macho Man tries
to give G-Money the twist of fate, but G-Dogg pushes
Macho Man into G-Money and Macho Man gets hit with a
side kick by G-Dogg followed by the Evenflow DDT by
G-Money. G-Dogg tags in G-Money and tells G-Money to
go up top. G-Money goes on the top turnbuckle and hits
the leg drop from the top turnbuckle and goes for the
pin and gets three.
Winners:The Bad Boyz{G-Money and G-Dogg}
A video is shown of Bill Goldberg working out and
getting ready for his 1st JWA match at The King of The
Commerical Break
Match#6: Shane Douglas vs. Horseshu
Douglas is at ringside and Douglas then challenges
Horeshu to a street-fight.
Horseshu comes to the ring to a loud pop, but before
he can get to the ring Douglas attacks him. Douglas
begins to beat on Horseshu. Douglas throws Horseshu
into the ring to start the match. Both Douglas and
Flair attack Horseshu. Douglas throws Horseshu into
the corner and gives him rights and lefts to Horseshu
stomach. Douglas grabs Horseshu and Flair goes for the
tree of whoo. Both Flair and Douglas put Horseshu on
the top turnbuckle. Douglas goes on the ring apron and
grabs Horseshus neck and gives him a chokeslam off the
top turnbuckle onto the announce table. Douglas grabs
Horseshu and puts him on the other announce table and
hits a tombstone piledriver on Horseshu. Douglas
throws Horseshu back into the ring and grabs a chair.
Douglas puts the chair near the turnbuckle. Both
Douglas and Flair put Horseshu on the second
turnbuckle. Flair grabs Horseshu and hits the X-Factor
onto the chair. Flair goes for the pin. Douglas grabs
the ref and demands him to count the three. The ref
has no choice and counts the three.
Winner: Ric Flair "The Natureboy"
Flair then grabs the mic from Douglas and looks into
the packed crowd
Flair: The NAAATUREBOY!, is back in the Air
Capital...Now tonight we have the Biggest arms in the
world facing the biggest nose in the world for the 10
pounds of gold. However we also have 1 more day before
Austin is sacked and the new power comes to the JWA. I
have been in this company for years and I have been in
pro wrestling, even longer. Tonight we watch Steiner
then tommorrow we see the new Natureboy in the
franchise. Shane Douglas is here to take my spot and I
am going to take Austin out of here. Bad Boyz, you did
not hold up your end of the deal and tonight you punks
are gonna have hell to pay when I see you assholes
next time. Austin I want to say this, you come here
tonight and give me an apollogy for what you did to me
at the last PPV and we can all settle this issue
between you and I.
Commerical break
{We come back for the mainevent but Austin is still
not there, Douglas screams for the Rattlesnake, and
yells all sorts of crap, finally Austin's Disturb
theme hits and the crowd goes wild and Douglas looks
up the ramp toward the tron in amazement}
Tron: The Rattlesnake rolls into the building and
slams his truck door shut and runs into Jeff Jarrett
and stomps the crap out of the former WCW champion,
Austin then heads down the hallway and toward the go
postion, Austin sees Steiner warming up and yells out,
"Your later", Austin heads down the ramp toward the
ring and sees Flair and cracks him with a right and
then stuns him,{3:16 grabs a mic and yells at Flair,
"I aint sorry and your dumb ass is fired!} Austin
heads into the ring but stops and grabs a mic and
yells for "Knuckleback". Austin, then waits and
Knuckleback comes down and Austin starts stomping him
and nails 2 stunners and looks at Douglas and comes
into the ring. Austin then goes toe to toe with
Douglas with lefts and rights and finally a stunner
for the franchise. Austin grabs a mic and yells for
John McCarthy to come to the ring, and he yells for
the steel cage that is hanging at the top to lower.
Everyone in the crowd goes nuts, Austin then stops and
yells for the match to be changed to a NO DQ match.
Commerical break
Meanwhile, Stonecold Steve Austin told Flair that he
has fined Revoltion $50,000 for their actions earlier.
Flair said that would just make them angrier and if
Talker was stupid enough to utter the dreaded words,
then its Talker's own fault. Ross interupts and goes
to the parking lot where BTK is whipping Paul Roma's
ass and steals his car.
KOTR Promo

When Slammasters came back from a break, Scott Steiner
and Triple H were shown in their respective dressing
rooms preparing for the World Heavyweight Championship
showdown, coming up in just a few minutes.

Jim Ross and Tommy Talker then talked about the
night’s events, and Ross was fuming about what had
happened to his good friend Steve Austin, just moments
ago. Talker then took the opportunity to talk about
the King of the ring, and how this year things would
be a little bit different. Talker mentioned that the
winner of the KOTR would get a title shot and poss.
the US title if Steiner wins the World title tonight.

Stonecold Steve Austin then joined Jim Ross and Tommy
Talker at the announce position. Austin told JR he was
sorry, and he wasn’t involved in the evening due to
traffic. Ross said he saw it coming, if Douglas was
allowed to run wild for that long, he was there to
watch the main event.

Triple H Vs Scott Steiner – No Disqualification - JWA
World Heavyweight Championship
Ref: Tommy Young and John McCarthy
Timelimit: 1 hour

Steiner and Hunter engaged in a trash talking contest,
before Steiner nailed Triple H with an awesome
Steinerline to start this contest. Steiner beat Triple
H hard around the ringside area, sending him into the
crowd in the early stages. Steiner took a crutch from
a fan and struck Triple H’s back, with the weapon.
Triple H then ducked an attempted Steinerline and
connected with a high knee to the challenger’s face.
Helmsley then grabbed a chair, and hit Steiner with it
several times as payback for the crutch. Triple H then
scored near falls from a spinebuster and a big-time
backbreaker. Big Poppa Pump then clamped on, and
landed a belly to belly suplex in desperation to buy
himself some time. Both men then made it to their feet
and exploded into a wild brawl, which Steiner got the
better of, back-dropping the champion over the top
rope. Matt Morgan then entered the ring, but was met
by a Steinerline and a sidewalk slam from Big Poppa.
The distraction worked, and Triple H was able to make
a comeback with a facebuster and a chair shot for
another near fall. When Steiner made it to his feet,
Triple H went for a swinging neckbreaker but was
caught with a spinebuster from the challenger. Morgan
attempted to get involved again, but was knocked down
by a brutal Steiner chairshot. Steiner then used a
Northern Lights Suplex on The Game, and the applied
the Steiner Recliner. Triple H made it to the ropes
the first time, but then Steiner dragged him back into
the middle of the ring and re-applied to dreaded move,
and Triple H tapped out, making Scott Steiner the new
World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner – Scott Steiner – New World Heavyweight

After the match, Stonecold made his way to the
ringside area and presented Steiner with the World
Heavyweight Championship. Steiner warned Steiner that
if he thought winning it was tough, holding onto it
will be even tougher. Steiner responded by nailing the
GM with a belly to belly suplex, and left to a
thunderous ovation of boos. Steiner was met at the top
of the ramp by the rest of the Revoltion as they
celebrated. Austin within this time managed to regain
his feet and composure and yelled out to the men on
the ramp.
Austin: Hey aint out the woods yet,
actually tommorrow night...3 way dance for the world
title...Douglas, Steiner and HHH...and oh Jarrett and
Flair you two are fucked, reason, cause this 3 way is
{Crowd goes nuts}
Austin: The PPV will be upheld by Stonecold's law..and
Revoltion, I will not put up with your shit, tommorrow
night and I will see your asses at The King of the
ring..and that's the bottom line cause Stonecold Says
{Show Ends}
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

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evilgrin King Of The Ring Ppv

JWA King of The Ring 2004

*Video package opens the PPV of Douglas and HHH feud,
then closing with the highlights from the mainevent
and Austin changing the mainevent.

*Fireworks and all go off in the Saddledome for The
King of The Ring PPV

We join the announcers at ringside

Talker: Tonight we are stationed here at ringside, we
welcome you to JWA's King of the ring and tonight we
also have a HUGE main event with Steiner/Douglas/HHH
for the title. It's like the WCW/WWF/ECW go together.
However if that was not enough, Jim we also have a
King of the ring tounry.

Ross: Tommy, in all the years the King of the ring has
been around, the list of past winners are who's who of
wrestling talent, starting with "The Hitman" Bret Hart
and up till 2002 with "The Next big thing" Brock
Lesner winning the crown. Most of the winners go on to
superstardom and World title chances and 90% of the
time a championship world title belt. However Tommy,
before the event became a PPV in 1993 the World
Wrestling Federation held a KOTR event every year
starting in 1985 Don Muraco winning the first title,
and Harley Race, Macho Man, and Tito Santana winning
the crown in seperate years. We tonight will see if
Macho Man can be a two time winner when he meets Jeff
Jarrett in the 1st round. We also will see if Justin
Crediable and The Rock can be the first time winner
tonight. Who knows who will win but tonight we will
see it all, and also we have a series of blockbuster
main event matches, these matches folks could and
would be main events anywhere in the world.

Talker: Let's go back to ring and Gary Michael Copetta
for our first match up, as we see our first round
match up in the King of the ring tounry with Macho Man
Randy Savage who as Jim pointed out earlier in 1987
beat King Kong Bundy for the crown and would go on to
a WWF title meets tonight the WWA/IWGP/NWA World
Heavyweight unified champion, "The Chosen One" Jeff

Match#1: Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage: KOTR 1st Round
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Ref: Tim White

Savage attacks with the Kendo stick before the bell.
Jarrett bails, and Savage gives chase. Savage takes a
swing right in front of the post, and Jarrett ducks.
This allows Jeff to get the advantage back in the
ring. He lays a chair out in the middle of the ring,
and gives Macho Man a T Bone Tazplex right on it. Jeff
gets 2. Superkick gets 2. He even hits a top
turnbuckle Head/Arm Suplex, but Savage is able to kick
out. Finally Savage, writhing in pain from the shots
to his bad back, is able to regain the advantage after
rolling out of the way of an elbowdrop. A chair shot
and a DDT on said chair only get 2. Top rope Bulldog
almost gets the pin, but Bob Sapp comes out and breaks
up the count. Savage pulls Jeff in and gives him the
Spicolli Driver. Savage hooks him for a brainbuster,
but Jeff reverses that into one of his own. Savage
turns around and comes face to face with a huge
monster of a man(formerly the WWA champion Nathan
Jones) and gets chokeslammed into a chair. Jeff crawls
over and gets the pin.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett{Advancing to the finals of the
KOTR Event}
On-Sale ticket promo
Backstage we see Jena Haze standing with "The
Franchise" Shane Douglas
Haze: Tonight we have a huge shake up in the Mainevent
with a 3 way dance featuring you and Steiner and HHH
all for the title.
Douglas: Well Austin's big plan is to stick all the
men who don't respect his redneck ass and get us to
tear us apart. Guess what dick, I or Steiner will
leave with the belt and then you will be able to kiss
my fucking ass, and punkass...tonight Flair has big
plans for you, so get a coffee or beer or whatever the
fuck and get ready for it...ha are about to
get ...well you'll find out.
{We go back to the ring where Gary Michael Copetta
announces there is going to be an added match}
JWA Cat Fight Championship
Open Invitation Bra & Panties Match
Kid Rock “Cowboy” hits, and the crowd starts booing
loudly, expecting Jeff Jarret to walk out. They then
start cheering wildly as Stacy Carter appears at the
top of the entrance ramp holding the shiny new PWN
Women’s title belt, as the ring announcer repeats the
match rules outlined by Steve Austin earlier on: Stacy
Carter will begin the match in the ring, and from then
absolutely any female member of the JWA is eligible to
enter, with participants being eliminated by being
stripped to their bra and panties. Whoever’s left
standing in the ring fully clothed at the end of three
minutes will become the first JWA Women’s Champion.
Stacy then stands in the ring waiting as the referee
rings the bell, and a clock appears in the bottom
corner of the screen counting down from 3 minutes. Led
Zepplin “Whole Lotta Love” hits, and the crowd cheers
loudly as Tylene Buck appears at the top of the
entrance ramp wearing a JWA T-shirt and her WCW-style
camouflage shorts. Before she’s even half-way down the
entrance ramp though, former WWF diva BB runs out and
takes Buck down from behind with a bulldog onto the
steel entrance ramp. As BB then starts furiously
trying to yank off Tylene’s T-shirt, Stacy Carter
stands smirking in the ring. Her smirk quickly
disappears though as behind her back DDP’s wife
Kimberley Page comes through the crowd and hops over
the guardrail to ringside. She then slides into the
ring as BB finally rips off Tylene’s T-shirt, creeps
up behind Stacy and then yanks her drunks down. Stacy
turns around and Kim pushes her into the centre of the
ring. The fact that her trunks are now around her
ankles then causes Stacy to fall face-down into the
centre of the ring, while back on the entrance ramp,
Tylene Buck nails BB with a spinebuster and starts
pulling at her jeans. In the ring, Kimberley Page
locks Stacy Carter in a camel clutch. Tylene manages
to rip off BB’s jeans, and then as she tries to crawl
away, Tylene nails her with an elbow drop to the back,
and then rips off BB’s T-shirt, as the clock in the
bottom corner of the screen marks the end of the 1st
Eliminated B.B.

Tylene Buck then slides into the ring, where Kimberley
Page still has Stacy Carter locked in a camel clutch.
Tylene pulls Kimberley away and nails her with a
reverse DDT. She then tries to tug off her red leather
trousers, but Kimberley kicks her away, and Tylene
stumbles back into a roll-up from Stacy Carter, who
then yanks off Tylene’s camo shorts!
Eliminated Tylene Buck

With almost two minutes now gone, Stacy gets to her
feet and is met with a boot to the stomach by
Kimberley. Kimberley then nails Stacy with the Diamond
Cutter, and as Stacy Carter then lies unconscious on
the mat, Kimberley rips off her T-shirt.
Eliminated Stacy Carter

Kimberley Page then stands triumphant in the ring with
roughly 40 seconds left in the match. The referee
hands her the Women’s title belt, but as she then
stands celebrating with it, another woman can be seen
running in through the crowd. She dives off the
guardrail and gets into the ring. Kimberley then turns
around to see that this woman is Doria with a chair!
Kimberley is frozen with terror for a few seconds,
then Doria boots her in the stomach and nails her with
a powerbomb on the chair. Doria first rips off
Kimberley’s red leather tanktop and then pulls off her
matching trousers as she lies on the mat, with just a
few short seconds left in the match.
Eliminated Kimberley Page

Winner & NEW PWN Women’s Champion Doria

Metallica's “The Star Wars Imperial March” blasts out
as Doria celebrates in the ring, and Scott Steiner,
Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair appear at the top of the
entrance ramp.
Flair: Okay chick, I don't care what you did or
whatever your doing but you have two choices, go back
and tell those chumps that they need to get the belts
ready for the Revoltion. And then you can head on over
to Scott's dressing room and get naked and ready to
service the champ, I guess there is no other
{Steiner grabs the mic}
Steiner: Hey babe, take a hike before I gotta come
down there,...
{The Rock's theme hits and he comes on the tron}
Rock: Okay yell and shout that you
want respect, then you come down and ruin her big
moment with the new JWA women's title, all I can say
is take a hike yourselfs cause The People's champ is
coming to whip some monkey ass!
{Rock's music hits and he comes down the ramp as the
Revoltion head out}
Match#3: KOTR Semi-Final #2-The Rock vs. Justin
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Ref: Nick Patrick
Rock starts off with the eyebrow and walking around
the ring routine. JC gets a quick snap suplex, and
gets the early advantage. Back Suplex gets two, but
then he goes for a bodypress, and Rocky catches him
with the Fallaway Slam. Rock hammers him with the
shoulders and hits a running powerslam for two. He
goes for a top rope back suplex, but JC reverses it in
midair into a bodypress and almost gets the pin. Rock
misses a right hand, and JC spins him around and hits
an atomic drop for two. JC gets ready to set up for
the Snowplow, but Rock gets a low blow. Rock bottom
and it's over.
Winner: Advancing to the KOTR finals{The Rock}
NEXT PPV Promo{Japan SuperShow 2004: JWA vs. The
Backstage{Jena Haze is talking with Doom}
Haze: Tonight, Doom meets The Bad Boyz..
{Teddy snaps the mic away}
Long: Tonight, white hoe..we gonna drop those Bad Boyz
off the face of the planet and then walk into June
with no other options but to meet the champs and win
the World tag team title.
Haze: I may be a white chick...but really what the
hell is the plan Teddy?
Long: Well homie don't play that and you know what
that is and tonight Bad Boyz, you gonna get cooked and
Doom is gonna open the buffet and we eating it all up
Match #4: Chris Chavis vs. Judge and Executioner
Both men tie up and go into a mat sequence, which
Chris gets the advantage by pulling the tights and
getting a 2 count on a rollup. J&E comes back with a
dropkick and a bulldog, and then, from out of

Tank Abott storm the ring! Tank hits a powerbomb and
the powerslam on Chris, and Tank gets a German Suplex
on J&E that damn near breaks his neck. Both rookies
are stretchered off, and Tank grabs the mic.
Tank: See BTK thinks he is bad cause he can violate me
with a shower pole and beat me within an inch of my
life, well asshole...I am here to fight you and
Goldberg, lets see if both you assholes can handle it.
Goldberg, tonight it's put up or shut up and you prove
tonight your Goldberg that ran over WCW stars and
became a household name or the punk who lost to HHH in
the Elimenation chambor.
{Supreem's theme of "Hatebreed's-Now is the time" and
Supreem comes down and high fives Tank and grabs the
mic as Tank leaves up the ramp}
Supreem: You may be wondering why I am out here? Well
guess what Undertaker...tonight is the night I
elimenate another puke..Greg Valentino and after I do
that I want your ass to come out here and fight me,
cause if you don't your a prick.
{Supreem slams down the mic and heads into the crowd}
JWA Controll Center{Promoting the next card which will
be the 1st card for June 2004}
Match#5: The Fish vs. Great Muta
Both men tie up and go into a wrestling sequence.
Every time Fish gets the advantage, Muta pulls the
hair. Muta goes for a front face lock, but Fish
reverses that into a Northern Lights for 2. Missle
dropkick and a DDT get 2. Muta gets a low blow
in, and gets the reverse DDT for 2. Inverted
neckbreaker gets 2. He goes for the Tomakazi, but Muta
shoves him off, right into the ref, who goes down.
Fish gets a chair and nails Muta, and covers, but the
ref is down. He gets another chair and sets up for the
One Man Conchairto, but Steiner runs in and nails him
from behind with the pipe. Screwdriver, and Muta may
be legally dead. The ref wakes up, Fish hits a
Moonsault, and the pin is academic.
Winner: The Fish
{Steiner then slams Fish into a table and wacks him
with a pipe, then grabs a mic}
Steiner: I have one thing to say to Austin, kiss my
god damned ass...
{Crowd boos}
Steiner: I came out here to end this crappy and
useless match, who gives a fuck about some dude named
the fish and The once great here is the day
that your mom warned you about, tonight The Revoltion
takes over!
Last Nights Highlights promo
Match#6:King of the Ring finals{The Rock vs. Jeff
Ref: Tommy Young and Tony Weeks
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Jeff wins a slugfest to start, but walks into a boot
and Rock colbbers him. Jeff reverses a suplex, but
misses an elbow. Rock gets a sideslam, which Jeff no
sells. Jeff gets his own and slugs away. Rock comes
back with the flying clothesline, but Jeff turns the
tide again. Sitout powerbomb only gets two, and Jeff
makes the comeback. Powerslam and another flying
clothesline sets up for the chokeslam, and a concerned
Ric Flair comes out. Chokeslam only gets two, and Jeff
pops up. Rock goes for the rockbottom, but Jeff
reverses and kills Rock with a mega Brainbuster. Rocky
is out, Jeff pops up to gets ready for the powerbomb.
As the ref checks on Rock, Flair comes in and whacks
Jeff with a chair right in the face, opening him up.
Rock, oblivious to what;s going on, crawls over and
gets the pin.
Post match, Flair runs out of the building, jumps in a
limo, and leaves
Talker: What the hell did we just see?
Backstage we are in HHH's lockerroom
HHH: Tonight I become a champion again and tonight I
declare war on the Revoltion and tonight I end
it!{Morgan comes in before his match and HHH looks at
him and tells him, "If I don't win tonight I will not
be champ and oh your ass is fired, so do your job and
be my insurance policy!"} Something else...I have
heard a rumor that the piece of crap from the other
wrestling promotion, Rhyno is here to take care of me,
I don't care who sent him but take care of it!
Match#7: Matt Morgan vs. Bob Sapp
Timelimit: 25 minute
Ref: Tony Weeks
Morgan comes out in his cellmate from hell outfit.
Sapp's music starts, but he comes out from under the
ring and attacks. A series of elbows knocks the big
man down. Sapp goes for the DDT to end it quick, but
Morgan holds on and just CRUSHES him with a
spinebuster. And Morgan goes on the offensive. AAAAAAH
Avalanche gets two. AAAAAAH Powerslam gets two. AAAAAH
Tigerbomb, but Morgan make the ultimate mistake of
pulling Sapp up. He sets up Sapp for another
avalanche, but it's AAAAAH Shit!
as Sapp ducks out of the way. A series of punches and
a dropkick puts the big man down. He goes up top and
hits a missle dropkick for two. Morgan sidesteps a
spear attempt, and kicks Sapp right into the face to
regain the advantage. He hits the AAAAH! Morganbomb,
but instead of covering, pulls Sapp to the corner and
goes up for a BIG splash. Sapp however, pops up, and
hooks Morgan, giving him the implant DDT from the
turnbuckle and getting the pin. Sapp runs off, leaving
Morgan to kick and scream his way back to HHH's side
where he belongs.
Winner: Bob "The Beast" Sapp
{The limo Flair jumped in comes back to the building,
Flair gets out with a smiling Nathan Jones and heads
back into the building}

{Jena Haze is at ringside interviewing former WWE
World champion, Brock Lesner}
Haze: Well tonight we have had many former Kings of
the ring and tonight we have Brock Lesner, Brock what
are you doing here?
Lesner: Jena, King of the ring is back and since I was
the former King I figured I would drop in and watch
the event and I am excited to see Douglas/Steiner/HHH
Haze: What about the comments Shane Douglas made at
the "JWA cup"?
Lesner: Shane, has alot of problems but I feel that he
was caught in the moment
Haze: The last major oppoent was you and Goldberg at
WM 20, tonight he makes his JWA 1st apperance, your
Lesner: Bill, is a very big name but he has a big name
in the fighting world in Tank, so I hope he's ready
Haze: Now tonight we have saw HHH, what is his chances
in the main event?
Lesner: The Game has a good chance but he has two
other good athletes on the other side of the ring to
conntend with
{Flair comes down the ramp and grabs the mic from
Flair: Hey Brock baby, let's talk
Lesner: Okay, well I guess this interview is over
{Brock wonders away with Flair as Brock comes over the
ring barrier and toward the back}
Match #8: JWA Hardcore Title{Ladder match} Supreem vs.
Greg Valentino
ref: Randy Anderson
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Supreem grabs the mic – From this point forth all
Hardcore matches will be fought under any rule I want
. In other words..THERE ARE NO RULES!
Supreem nails Valentino with a chair right off the bat
and Greg bails. Supreem gloats inside the ring as
Valentino recovers. Valentino steps back into the ring
and Supreem nails him with a forearm and stomps away.
Valentino gets a back suplex for 2. He goes up top,
but misses a sledge and Valentino makes the comeback.
A chairshot and a dropkick stun Supreem, and a DDT on
the chair almost gets the three count. Supreem is
down, and Valentino goes up top. Guillitine legdrop
hits, but only gets 2. Valentino comes off the ropes
but is tripped by JC{Who showed up at ringside}, which
allows Supreem to come back and hit a gordbuster to
get the pin.
Talker: What the hell was that, I thought it was a
ladder match?
{Supreem cuts Talker off with the house mic}
Supreem: Okay Deadman, where you at bitch?
{Crowd looks up the ramp}
Supreem: Hey aint coming, I been callin
you out for weeks and nada, so I guess I am the MAN!
{PA blares out "Deadman Walking..and into the Dutch
mix version of Rollin, Undertaker comes out on the
ramp on a Harley and points to the crowd and begins to
ride down to the ring, Supreem grabs a chair in the
ring and waits for UT to make it around the ring and
stops his bike, UT then comes in and Supreem and UT
begin to go toe to toe with rights and lefts, finally
JC leaps off the top rope with a cane shot to the back
of the UT and UT turns around and chokeslams JC over
the top to the floor, UT turns and grabs Supreem with
a chokeslam, however Supreem low blows and escapes the
ring up the ramp, UT then gets on his bike and heads
out after Supreem}
{Backstage Austin has arrived and is met by Richard
Head and is told to go to the ring after the next
match cause there is a major announcement on the Ric
Flair front}
Match#9: JWA World Tag Team Title: Birdman and Sauage
Ninja vs. Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett
Lodi is spoted on camera, Lodi’s sign reads “Revoltion
sucks but Lodi don’t”
This is your basic squash to re-establish Flair and
Jarrett as contenders. BM gets Guitar shotted out of
the ring right off the bat, which leaves SN 1 on 2.
Flair puts him down with the Underhook throw, and Jeff
finishes him off with the power bomb.

Post match Jeff grabs the mic- Damn it’s good to be a
part of a real team again. Doom or Bad Boyz, you want
to 2 on 1 all the time. Well now I have a real
partner, and he’s "The Natureboy" and pissed off. So
I’ve went to Richard Head, and he has signed for JWA
tag divison, Doom or Bad Boyz vs. me and Flair, and
the winner is us...The Revoltion! Flair then grabs the
Flair: Hey son of a bitch...and oh you
trolls in the broadcast booth..guess what we did all
this crap tonight to pull the whool over your fricken
eyes, oh and here is the deal on Doria...she was not
at ringside well we have a tape, let's roll it
{Tron shows a video of Steiner with Doria on her knees
going to town on "Big Bad Booty Daddy". Steiner then
looks at the camera and yells oh your manager will not
be joining you tonight Birdbrain and Suckass ninja,
speaking of suckin,I have to get back to her turn the
damn camera off}
Birdman and his partner are crushed and Flair and
Jarrett is laughing holding the tag belts, Then Shane
Douglas comes down the ramp with Doria arm in arm and
she is wearing a Revoltion t-shirt and licking her
lips as the crowd chants Whore-Whore. Douglas grabs a
mic as Flair and Jarrett throw the former champs in
the ring and begin a beatdown, Douglas then gets in
the ring and yells at the former champs as Doria bends
over and puts her rear toward Douglas as Shane reaches
out and grabs a handful, he yells "I love SKANKS!"..ha
ha ha. The crowd boos till they hear the glass shatter
and Distrub theme blares all over the arena, Austin
comes toward the ring with a chair, Jarrett leaps out
to meet Austin and is chair shotted, Austin then rolls
in and as he does Douglas and Flair leap to the floor.
Flair looks at Austin with a pissed look till Richard
head comes down the ramp yelling "Stop it...bothof
you..I want Flair and Austin in ring and the rest of
you people to scatter out of here. Head makes into the
ring and looks at both of them as Flair is grinning
from ear to ear,Austin looks like he is gonna snap any
Head: Now the last few weeks, you two have run your
yaps and done more than you should, well now we have a
problem. Mr. Flair's lawyer broke a deal with the JWA
earlier today and Flair will drop his law suit which
could and would put us out of business. However, now
we have a problem.
{Crowd silence}
Head: I am gonna to have to fire you because of the
drop of the suit. I have to do this but I don't want
{Crowd chants Bullshit}
Austin: So here is the deal, your gonna fire me cause
this company has no fucking balls
Head: I am sorry to do this
Austin: Well I don't work here right?
Head: Well not anymore
Austin looks at the crowd with a smile and then stuns
both men and begins to get up on the ringpole as the
cops run and cuff Austin, Flair leaps up and grabs a
Flair: Hey Austin, another part of the agreement, I
got your job...bitch!
{Austin is cuffed and is snarling at Flair}
Flair: First order of buisness, H. Ross Perot...your
still being paid...guess what..your contract is null
and void and the money left is going to the winner of
the of the title match tonight. Plus since I work in
your job...Rock is the US champ but not for long, I
promise you that.
{Flair keeps yelling as Austin is carried out and the
crowd boos like crazy, We shift to the next PPV promo}
{Backstage, Rock is congratualted by Lesner on his win
in the King of the ring event, Rock then announces
that he wants to get his title match tonight and make
the mainevent a 4 corners match.}
Match#10: Street-Fight: Doom vs. Bad Boyz
Doom make their way to the ring, Teddy announces that
Butch Reed will be waiting on the ramp with a chair
and any of you boyz come in and duke it out with the
"Hacksaw". Bad Boyz come out and G-Money go up and him
and Reed brawl to the back, Simmons and G-Dogg battle
in the ring,
Both men trade power moves and Simmons gets the
advantage because he doent suck as bad as G-Dogg{at
power moves}. Simmons pounds away, but misses a charge
and G-Dogg takes over Simmons gets a kick and a
powerslam for a two count. He goes for a top rope
legdrop, but Simmons moves. Simmons pounds away some
more and gets a near fall with a belly to belly.
Simmons goes up for the diving headbutt, but G-Money
runs down and distracts the ref. G-Dogg pops Simmons
in the nuts and delivers a superplex to get the
1…2….but somehow Simmons kicks out! G-Dogg charges
right into a boot, and Reed runs down to get revenge
on G-Money, but JC was hiding at ringside, and cuts
G-Money off, leveling him with a chair. Simmons hooks
the Greetings from Asbury Park and gets the win on
G-Money and G-Dogg.
{Backstage Tank calls out BTK to the ring and then
heads there}
DL comes down and chair shots Bad Boyz who are making
their way up from the beating Doom gave them, Tank
comes in and grabs a mic and calls out BTK and yelling
he's been beat up but it takes alot more to take out
"The Tank". BTK does NOT come out and finally Tank
yells he is the fucking king!, When BTK comes with a
chair and barb-wire wrapped on his hands. BTK then
fights out with Tank. Finally BTK gets knocked around
by a chair shot, Causing BTK to come back with a chair
shot to DL's grill, Which Knocks him out. BTK then
leaves and drives a forklift back to the ring. BTK
takes Tank's shoes off and wrapps the barb-wire around
his bare ankles. BTK then ties Abott with the chain to
the lift and hopes into the lift and brings Tank up
and he's hanging up side down. BTK then climbs back
into the ring and windes up and cracks Tank{3 times}
with a bat in the head and face. {Blood splashes along
with teeth all over ringside} BTK then leaves but
before he leans in an pokes the bat into the forklift
cab and nails a button which drops Tank with a violent
thud. BTK then leaves up the ramp and to the back{a
camera follows him to a car which was stolen from
former NWA world champion "Pretty Paul Roma" last
night and BTK drives away}
A promo for next week's show is played and some ads
for the JWA website and other JWA announcements
{backstage Jena Haze is interviewing a celebrating
Revoltion in their dressing room, Jarrett, Flair and
Douglas along with Nathan Jones and no Steiner}
Haze: The celebrating group of wrestlers known as
Revoltion, can I get a word from Jeff Jarrett
Jeff: Listen up, honey I can not believe that the JWA
fired that asshole Austin and now we have World tag
team titles with me and The Natureboy, JWA Womens
title with the hot ass Doria, The NWA/IWGP/WWA World
titles with me, The Chosen One, Also the biggest title
of them all with Big Bad Booty Daddy Scott Steiner. We
also have the US title...
Haze: No the Rock has that belt
{Flair interupts}
Flair: Excuse me...Jeeeeena!....Ha ha..Baby we The
Revoltion and we are here to say we will get the US
title back, hell I can do what I want i could strip
Rocky of the belt..Whooo
Haze: Speaking of Rock, what about his challenge to
make it a 4 way Dance?
Flair: Well Rocky...Mr. Man..You want got
it..and oh before you ask Jena, Scotty is still back
there working over the Womens champ..Whooo
Haze: Well we only have 1 match before the Main event,
if he is "Working her over" he will need to be in tip
top shape for the big show down?
Flair: Speaking of tips, Honey..why don't we cut this
interview short and you can take a ride on space
Haze is then interputed by Douglas
Douglas: Okay your done here, cause these fools are
gonna continue celebrating the demise of that piece of
shit, Austin...I gotta get taped up and you got to go
{Douglas then heads down toward the trainers room and
shoves Haze out the door}
Match#11: Bill Goldberg vs. ????
Ref: Tommy Young
Timelimit: 30 minutes
The arena is loud and hot for the mainevent and the
announcers are debating who will Goldberg face now
that Tank has been dissmantled, out of no where the
theme of "Def Lep's "Let's get rocked" and Ken
Shamrock comes down in his wrestling gear and heads
into the ring and demands a mic}
Shamrock: My name is Ken Shamrock. I am a former
Ultimate Fighting Championship Superfight champion.
But over the last few years, quite a lot of people
have probably forgotten who I am. So all those people
can sit-up and find out right now, because the first
person with the guts to step into this ring is going
to get a serious beating. I know Bill Goldberg is back
there and I know he aint coming out here to face me.
When I was in the WWF and you started back in WCW they
tried to make you into a WCW version of me, but you
could not stack up and went with your own gimmick.

Shamrock stands staring at the entrance ramp for a few
moments, and then Metallica “Goldberg's WCW theme”
hits. This prompts a big pop from some sections of the
crowd containing hardcore WCW fans. Shamrock stands
waiting for someone to arrive for a few moments, and
then Goldberg is shown on the camera coming from his
dressing room with full police escort.
{Talker: Oh no...We are set to be joined by the former
WCW World..WCW US...WCW World Tag..Former WWE Raw
World champion..and the man who leaped over the rocky
mountains and punched threw pikes peak...sunk the
boat...he is the former NFL defensive linemen for the
Atlanta Falcons..The man...The myth...GOLDBERG!}
Goldberg get's to the ramp and goes threw the
fireworks and he then comes down with staring daggers
at "The World's Most Dangerouse Man". Goldberg get's
to the ring while the crowd broke into "Goldberg
chants", Goldberg starts to go threw his warm-up in
the ring and looks at Shamrock, Tommy Young slides in
and calls for the bell. Goldberg and Shamrock lock up
with a test of strength and breaking off several times
only to elbow tie up and go all over the ring.
Shamrock then backs off and rakes Goldberg's eyes and
throws him to the floor. Shamrock then turns his back
and yells to the crowd, Goldberg shakes off and slides
into the ring and absolutely flattens Shamrock with a
clothesline as the bell rings to start the match.
Shamrock gets to his feet, and Goldberg nails him with
a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop. Goldberg then
stands poised to nail the Spear as Shamrock struggles
up to his feet. Goldberg then explodes and charges at
Shamrock as he turns to face him, but Shamrock drops
to the mat and Goldberg runs straight past him and
slams shoulder-first into the ring corner. Shamrock
then blasts Goldberg with a hard boot to the stomach
and takes him down with a Fisherman’s suplex. Shamrock
then goes to lock an armbar on Goldberg, but Goldberg
escapes and shoves Shamrock to the mat. Both men get
to their feet and lock up in the centre of the ring.
Goldberg takes control with a side-headlock, but
Shamrock fires back with an elbow to the gut. Shamrock
then nails Goldberg with The shoulder breaker for the
1-2-shoulder up. Shamrock pulls Goldberg up to his
knees, and Goldberg then surprises Shamrock by
blasting him with a punch to the groin. Goldberg then
takes Shamrock to the mat with a fireman’s carry, then
gets to his feet and once again stands poised for a
Spear. Shamrock gets to his feet, and this time
doesn’t duck before Golderg nails him with the Spear.
The crowd goes nuts as Goldberg signals for the
Jackhammer. Goldberg waits for Shamrock to get to his
feet, then hoists him up in the air and nails him with
the Jackhammer for the 1-2-shoulder up! Goldberg can’t
believe it! Jarret rolls out to ringside as Goldberg
pounds the mat in frustration. As Goldberg then stands
alone in the ring, Justin Credible sprints down the
entrance ramp and into the ring. Goldberg pounces on
Credible and pummels him into the corner with a
barrage of punches. As Goldberg pounds the crap out
Credible, he doesn’t notice Nathan Jones sprint out
and get into the ring behind. Goldberg then turns
around and Jones blasts with a boot to the stomach.
Jones then lifts him up for a Jacknife powerbomb, but
Goldberg blasts Jones with a punch to the face.
Goldberg then lands on his feet as Jones falls to the
mat, as Credible gets back to his feet behind them.
Goldberg then turns around and nails Credible with a
massive Spear, as Shamrock slides back into the ring
holding a steel chair. Goldberg turns away from
Credible, and is met with a vicious chairshot from
Shamrock. Goldberg collapses to the mat as Richard
Head brings a team of referees out onto the entrance
ramp. Shamrock then covers him for the 1-2-shoulder
up. As Shamrock sets Goldberg up for the Figure Four
leglock, the referees come out and take Justin
Credible and Nathan Jones out of the ring and send
them backstage. Richard stands watching Goldberg
struggle in Shamrock's submission hold for a few
moments and then heads backstages. After a few more
moments of struggling, Goldberg sits up and punches
Shamrock in the face, causing him to release the hold.
Goldberg then erupts with left and right fists to
Shamrock as he lies on the mat, and then picks up the
steel chair. He slams it down repeatedly into
Shamrock's legs. Goldberg pulls Shamrock to his feet
and then lifts him high above his head. Goldberg holds
Shamrock in the air for a few moments, then drops him
with a Gorilla Press Slam. Goldberg stands looking at
the crowd for a few moments, then grabs the steel
chair and stalks Shamrock as he gets to his feet. Once
Shamrock is up, Goldberg swings wildly with the chair,
but Shamrock ducks. Shamrock then blasts Goldberg with
a boot to the stomach and nails him with an implant
DDT onto the chair for the 1-2-kickout! Shamrock
throws the chair halfway across the ring in
frustration, then blasts Goldberg with a vicious boot
to the face. Shamrock pulls Goldberg up to his feet
and sets him up for a suplex, but Goldberg smashes his
knee into Shamrock's gut and drops him with a fallaway
suplex. As Shamrock rolls on the mat clutching his
stomach in pain, Goldberg signals yet again for the
Spear to the delight of the crowd. He then holds the
steel chair above his head, when suddenly a very
muscley guy wearing a Hulk Rules T-shirt and Hulk
Hogan mask hops over the guardrail and gets into the
ring. The crowd goes nuts as Goldberg turns to face
the intruder, who smashes the chair into Goldberg’s
face with a big boot. Goldberg falls to the mat with
the chair laid across his face. The guy in the Hulk
mask then bounces off the ropes and lands a leg drop
on the chair, smashing into the unconscious Goldberg’s
face. As the guy in the Hulk Hogan mask then gets out
of the ring and heads back through the crowd, the
crowd chants ‘Hulk! Hulk! Hulk!’. Jarret then crawls
across the ring and covers Goldberg for the
1-2-shoulder up! Shamrock's in shock. He gets to his
feet and starts arguing with the referee, as Goldberg
pulls himself up into a seated position and checks his
face, which is covered in blood from the impact of the
leg drop. Shamrock screams at the referee, but the
referee just yells straight back at him. Shamrock
shoves the referee to the mat with such force that he
falls straight out of the ring. Shamrock then turns
around as Goldberg nails him with the Spear yet again.
Goldberg doesn’t even before pumping up the crowd as
he then pulls Shamrock up to his feet and drills him
with a Jackhammer. He covers him on the mat for a few
seconds, before realising the referee is outside.
Goldberg slaps the mat three times himself, and then
finally the referee gets back into the ring and counts
the 1-2-Shamrock gets a shoulder up! Goldberg is
supremely pissed off. He pulls Shamrock to his feet
and throws him hard into the turnbuckles. Goldberg
batters Shamrock with punches to the face and body. He
then hoists Shamrock up into a seated position on the
top rope and is about to climb the turnbuckles
himself, but Shamrock catches Goldberg with an eye
rake. As Goldberg then stumbles away from the ring
corner, Shamrock dives off the turnbuckles with a huge
bulldog, smashing Goldberg facefirst onto the steel
chair in the centre of the ring. Shamrock then rolls
Goldberg over and covers him for the
1-2-kickout...Shamrock is pissed and grabs the ref in
a belly to belly and chucks him over the top rope.
Shamrock then turns around and locks an ankle lock on
Goldberg...Bill screams in pain...Then a second ref
slides in ...Goldberg makes it to the ropes and stands
up on the other leg and turns as he turns around and
spins him around to the floor. Goldberg then shakes
off the injury...and Shamrock comes back in and
charges at Goldberg with a clothesline, Bill ducks and
Shamrock turns into a savate kick, Goldberg then
jackhammers Shamrock and pins him..1..2..3..and the
winner is Goldberg bringing his JWA streak to 1-0-0
Winner Bill Goldberg
A video package is shown of the mainevent
Interviews are shown with HHH/Douglas/Rock/ then
Haze: I am standing here with Scott Steiner, who is
tired from all his "pre-match" warmup, Are you ready?
Steiner: After the match, honey...your next!
{Steiner wonders away to the trainers room to get
taped up}
Match#12: JWA World Heavyweight Title{4 Corners}-Scott
Steiner vs. The Rock vs. HHH vs. Shane Douglas
Ref: John McCarthy and Jay Nady
Timelimit: 1 hour
The first entrance is The Rock and he comes out
wearing the US title and poses on all 4 ringpoles and
then heads to the floor all the while the crowd
chants, Rocky Rocky. Second to come out is HHH and he
does his usual water routine and then goes to the
opposite ring pole that rock is standing across from
on the floor. Next to come out is Shane Douglas along
with Doria, she looks like she has been threw the
ringer, Douglas poses on the ropes and spits on Rock
and Hunter then goes to the floor all the while
canadian crowd chants, "Show your tits" at Doria. She
scowls at the crowd, Finally Big Poppa Pump comes out
and flexes for the camera on the ramp and then on all
4 ring poles, then removes his chainmail lid and
glasses then flips off Hunter and The Rock and before
exiting to the floor, he high fives Shane and spanks
Doria on the ass then smiles at her and heads to the
other corner post on the floor. Michael Buffer is
standing in the middle of the ring and does seperate
ring intros for each man going from HHH to Rock to
Douglas and finshing with the world champion. John
McCarthy instructs both men in the ring while Jay Nady
shows the crowd the JWA World's title belt and then
brings it to the center and holds it for both men as
"Big" John McCarthy goes over the rules with all 3
men, while Douglas talks smack to HHH, McCarthy
several times has to tell Douglas and Hunter to shut
up. Finally he asks if there is any final questions,
Rock speaks up and looks at all 3 men and says, "Okay
popcorn farts any excuses after the People's champ
walks out of here with the title and US strap and King
of the ring title?"...John responds with, "Not those
kind of questions, now go to your corners". John then
asks Richard Head who is at ringside to flip a coin
and he has Rock and Steiner call it in the air.
"Heads" from Rock..."Tails" from Hunter
mocks Steiner for the yelling of tails when there are
only 2 sides to a coin. Richard Head responds with it
being Tails...Steiner would then start the match with
Hunter. Rock and Douglas would stand on the apron.
Doria on the outside begins to clap as the match
starts. McCarthy comes out and points to each man and
yells out, "Are you ready" then points to Steiner "Are
you ready" both men shake their heads yes, then he
says, "Let's get it on!"...Steiner and Rock hook up in
a collar and elbow tie-up, after several moments of
power struggle, Steiner backs off and grabs his
knees..Rock backs off and raises the eyebrow at
Steiner{Talker speculates that the romp with Doria
earlier should have waited till Scott retained the
title belt. Rock then looks over at Shane Douglas and
tags him in, Douglas looks at Rock and then looks at
Steiner and shakes his head cause he knows he has to
go to war with the World champ and partner in the
Revoltion. Steiner and Douglas lock up in collar elbow
and Steiner manages a side headlock and flips Douglas
over on the mat and knocks the wind out of "The
Franchise." Steiner then picks up Douglas and looks at
the crowd and hawks a loogie and spits it on JBL who
is sitting ringside, JBL stands up and trys to come
over the rail only to be stopped by security. Steiner
with a executed spinning neckbreaker on Douglas.
Uninspiring brawling from Steiner. Cover for a two
count. Powerslam from Steiner on Douglas. Shane
Douglas fights out of a grapple. Steiner takes a
right hand to the temple from Douglas. There's a two
count on the pin. bodyslam by Douglas. Cover for a two
count. Douglas drops an elbow...but misses. . Steiner
hits Rock. Tag between Steiner and Rock. Douglas takes
a vertical suplex. Back heel kick from Steiner on
Rock, missed by miles. Rock hits a right hand on Shane
Douglas. Flapjack from Rock on Douglas. Pin, but
Douglas is out just before the three count. Rock tags
out to HHH Big clothesline on Douglas. Powerbomb on
Douglas. Cover for a two count. Bodyslam by HHH Hooks
the leg for a two count. Full nelson slam on Douglas.
Hooks the leg for a close fall. Tag to Steiner.
Steiner DDTs HHH, although it was executed with
pin-point precision.bodyslam on HHH by Steiner. HHH
takes a right hand to the temple from Steiner. HHH
fights out of a grapple. HHH scores with a big
spinebuster. HHH moves in for the kill. HHH Effect
DDT! 1....2....kickout, and then all 4 men come in to
the ring and brawl, Rock and Steiner to the floor and
Douglas and HHH go at it in the inside and both men
just beat each other with rights and lefts. However
with in the frakus, Jay Nady is knocked out by a HHH
left hand which Douglas slips, Douglas then knee lifts
HHH and DDT's "The Game". Rock and Steiner on the
floor and Steiner gets sent to the ring pole when Rock
is getting ready to Rock bottom the World champ,
Steiner then throws John McCarthy into Rock and
McCarthy get's the rockbottom, McCarthy rolls over and
trys to regain his composure when Steiner comes
running across the floor and misses a Steinerline on
Rocky and goes right into The People's champion,
McCarthy is knocked into the steel barrier. Steiner
and Rock then fight it out on the floor. While in the
ring, Douglas is talking with Doria when HHH comes to
his feet and knocks into Douglas sending Doria to the
floor, HHH then trys to pedigree Douglas, and Douglas
escapes and is thrown to the outside Doria then runs
in and leaps onto HHH, The Game throws her off and
Pedigrees her and rolls her to the outside, Flair
comes to the ring to check on the womans champion.
Douglas comes back in and Locks up with HHH. Matt
Morgan comes jumps into the ring and nails Douglas and
attempts a powerslam, Morgan high fives The Game.
Flair leaps into the ring and low blows HHH, Morgan
turns around and attempts a big boot but Flair slides
HHH in the way. Morgan nails Hunter. Flair then rolls
out of the ring, whooing at "The Blue Chipper". Morgan
can not believe what he has done, HHH makes his way to
his feet and turns Morgan around and bitch slaps
Morgan. HHH then goes over and grabs Douglas for a
pedigree, Morgan goes to the floor and waits in
Hunters corner, disgusted. Douglas and HHH go at it
again, by this time, Steiner has belly to belly
suplexed Rock threw the announcers table and slapped
Ross in the face. He then yells at JR, and "Austin
aint shit!"...Steiner comes in and helps Douglas
double team HHH. Douglas then instructs Steiner to go
to the floor and grabs 2 tables and begins to stack
them and set them up on top of each other. Douglas
then releases his chin lock on HHH, and low blows
Hunter, Then all the sudden the crowd begins to buzz
as Rhyno from UZW runs to the ring threw the crowd and
rolls in and looks at all 3 men, Morgan then leaps in
and cleans house on the Revoltion and stands in front
of Hunter who is slowly getting to his feet, Morgan
then goes glare to glare with the UZW star, Rhyno then
runs across as Morgan moves and Rhyno gores the hell
out of Hunter, Morgan then laughs and heads to the
backstage area. Rhyno then raises his arms as the fans
chant UZW!...Douglas and Steiner then handcuff's Rocky
to the ring...and they roll in and drag HHH across the
ring and puts Hunter on the stack of tables. Steiner
then grabs a mic and yells to Rock that he aint
finished with him yet..he never lost the US title.
Steiner then tells Douglas to squash the prick HHH and
take the title, so Austin maybe kills himself tonight.
Douglas then climbs the top rope and nails a leg drop
onto Hunter and goes threw both tables and Douglas
pins HHH, Steiner then rolls in the ref, Jay Nady and
Nady counts down 1..2..3 The Referee Raises Shane
Douglas's hand as he falls to his knees with
fatigue..Douglas shakes hands with Scott Steiner as
Steiner revives to his feet. Rock revives to his feet
and refuses to get involved in the handshaking and
walks back up the ramp. Steiner gets up and spits on
HHH and runs back up the ramp. HHH exits the ring as
confetti falls and fireworks explode. Douglas's Music
Hits. Shane Douglas taunts to the crowd and the King of the ring goes off the air.
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

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evilgrin JWA Saturday Night May 15th

JWA Saturday Night Slammasters For May 15th 2004 from
the Viking Hall{ECW Arena} in Philly, PA

*Video package of events leading up to tonight include
Supreem losing the Hardcore title and the challenge
from Shane Douglas to HHH, and Austin making the match
for the title at King of the ring. Then the announcer
says, "Tonight what do we have in store, with the
contract signing?"

*JWA opening into pyro and the shot of the broadcast
booth with Jim Ross and Tommy Talker

Talker: Fans, welcome to the JWA and tonight we have a
mega card with, 4 titles on the line and the HUGE
hardcore invitational.
Ross: Tommy it could not be held at a better place
than the birth place of harcore wrestling here at the
ECW arena. Also tonight we have the contract signing,
like you mentioned at the top of the broadcast but we
have highlights from this past week's press conference
between Douglas and The Game in Canada for the
upcoming King of The Ring event.
Talker: Let's go back to Jenna Haze who is with The

{Backstage The Rock is standing next to Jenna Haze
wearing his shades and a $5,000.00 silk shirt, Rock is
looking Jenna up and down}
Haze: I am here with the People's champion, The Rock!
{Crowd goes nuts}
Haze: They sure do love you Rock, Tonight you have an
open contract to face anyone so exactly who do you
wanna face?
{Rock takes his the mic from Jenna as she is shocked
to have it stolen away, he spanks her and she goes
running away}
Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Philly, baby!
{Rock looks up as he smells and takes in the crowd}
Rock: The JWA sure employes some winners, don't they
Rock: Jenna, with her short brown hair and great
looking tits and...whoa ..whoa{The Rock don't wanna
get all the boys in the back her aroused, she still
has to work tonight}
{Rock looks around}
Rock: Well wait, she does this interview thing on the
side, don't she?..well never mind
Rock: The Rock is here to speard a little cheer and
kick alot of rear and someone is gonna sign it and the
rock is going to kick it and when it's all said and
done, The Rock will have a lot of fun. The Rock will
walk into King of the Ring, #1 and walk out The Great
one, Finally I end this tale by proclaiming I will
whip some chumps tale, if you smeeeeeelll, What The
Rock is cooking?
{Rock's music hits and he exits as the arena cam pans
around for crowd reaction}


The camera is running down a crowded hallway of people
talking and pointing toward a door way and Austin runs
in and see's what the camera see's and that is 3
people{a boom operator, camera guy, and PA are laying
out in pile with their equipment broke to pieces. In
the middle is a note that is taunghting Tank Abott.
Austin then looks down the hallway and yells for Abott
to meet him in his ring or in his office, now!

We go back to the booth,

Ross: BTK is apparently in the building and looking
for "The Tank"
Talker: JR, this is not good for anyone, including
Tank but what about The Rock tonight, he is fired up
and wants some action,
Ross: I believe that someone will sign that deal for
The Rock tonight, but he aint gonna be happy with who
he faces I am sure.
Talker: We have to take a quick timeout here, to get
that backstage in order and come back with Ron Simmons
of Doom facing off with Chris Chavis and it's live and
it's next.


-Chris Chavis vs. Ron Simmons-
Chavis and Simmons got into a powerlock, but Simmons
took control and Irish Wipped Chavis into the left
corner. Simmons big booted The former WWF world tag
title holder, then he put him on the top turnbuckle
and superplexed him. Simmons leg dropped Chris Chavis
and went for the cover. Chavis broke out at the 2
count, Simmons got him up and did a back braker to
him. Simmons waited for him to get up, and tried to
big boot him. But, Chavis grab his leg spun him around
and did a backdrop to Simmons. They both laid on the
mat for about five seconds, then Simmons picked Chavis
up and DDT him. Simmons got him up again and did a
power Bomb to Chavis, and went for the cover. But,
Birdman ran out and elbowed Simmons on the back, and
did the whirling deverish to him. Then Birdman did a
fisherman to Butch Reed{who came out to help Ron out}.
The Ref called for the bell and it was a no contest.
Winner: No contest
{The music of The Revoltion hits and they come down
and Douglas looks at the ring and waves to the Doom
and Chavis squad in the ring, as Steiner and Jarrett
head into the ring and clean house. Douglas then steps
into the ring with a mic in hand and begins to talk}
Douglas: First off all I want all of you Philly
(Bleep)heads to sit the hell down and shut the hell
~Fans ride him for the insult.~
Now it seems as if HHH is taking out match this week a
little too lightly.. I'm not one to come out here and
tell someone how to take their matches{Oh wait the
pussy won't work this week, I thought Chris Chavis was
HHH..ha ha} but in HHH's case he better get his head
out of his ass and wake up to realize the The
Franchise is going to be coming after him hard and
fast this week on Slammasters becuase there's one
thing on the line this week and that's the chance to
sign a contract and move onto the King of the Ring to
get a title..
~Shane cracks his neck.~
Hunter, you were out here months ago to address these
loosers and you pointed out something to these people
that I never thought you'd say. You said that some
people in this business think that you are nothing
more than a washed up mid carder who can't go no
more.. Truer words were never spoken, hahaha! Right
there weither you realize it or not, you've just
sealed your own fate! Because now HHH I'm going to
really take advantage of you, now I'm going to make
you realize that you are nothing more than what you
said you were.. To sum it all up for you, you're a has
~Douglas lowers the mic for a second.~
Talker Strong words there Ross.
Ross: Douglas is wanting to pick a fight.
Douglas: HHH, get your tail out from between your legs
if you're going to go one on one with the Franchise
because I don't like to screw around with people who
can't hack it anymore. HHH, Slammasters is going to
see you go down once you get into the ring with me.
~Shane drops the mic and poses for the crowd. He also
flashed the nWo signal a few times.~
Ross: The tension is rising here between Douglas and
Talker: I can't wait to see this match Ross!
Douglas: Now you pussys here in Philly have got to be
kidding, you think I would want to join up with the
NWO? See I like to fuck with you people cause I can
and HHH, at The King of The Ring, you will know who
the King is and you will also know what it's like to
~Camera fades as Douglas leaves the ring.~
-Butch Reed vs. Justin Crediable vs. DL " Tank" Abott:
3 Way Dance-
JC run up and did a flying crossbody to Reed. JC got
up, and was kicked in the face by Tank. Tank then got
on the top turnbuckle, waited for Reed to get up, then
tried a flying clothesline to him, but Teddy Long
pushed off and he landed face first on the mat. Reed
got JC up, and huricanranna'd him onto the mat. Then
he got Tank up, and Irish wipped him into the
opposite turnbuckle, got him up onto the top
turnbuckle and tried a frankensteiner to Tank . When
Reed got up he was german suplex pinned by JC. Reed
broke out at the 2 count. JC got him up, and tried to
do a suplex to Reed, but Reed countered him and
suplexed JC instead. Reed then got on the top
turnbuckle, and did a corkscrew moonsault to JC. Reed
pinned JC, but Tank broke it up by dropkicking Reed's
back. Tank waited for Reed to get up, then he buzzsaw
kicked him. Tank went for the pin, but Long pulled
him off. While Tank was by the ropes yelling at Long,
JC speared him from behind, and Tank went over the
ropes onto Long. JC turned around got Reed up, and he
got in back of and did a reverse DDT. JC then got onto
the top turnbuckle, and frogsplashed Reed. JC pinned
Reed, and won the match.
Winner: Justin Crediable
{Post Match: While all 3 men were still fighting it
out, Austin's music hits and out comes the Texas
rattlesnake, Austin posed on all 4 corners and then
turned around and looked at 3 men who were frozen in
fear, Austin then counted them and stunned them and
asked for a mic}
Austin: Winner of the match is
really...Stonecold!...Okay{he looks at Ross in the
booth and yells out} Stonecold Stonecold, see that is
the reaction I would get from good ol' JR. However,
that is acient history but what is not is I called
"Tank" down the hallway and he never came. So I
thought I would come to him, Now Tank{As Austin looks
out at Abott who is regaining his composure after
being stunned}
Austin: BTK is after your ass, and I will say I am not
a fan of this BTK but hell you pissed off one huge
dude and son, I don't think you know what your dealing
with here? So next week, you are not booked for a
match when we go to Los Angles, so you and BTK can
have it out. No more leaving notes for each other like
2 kids in High school, but a knock down drag out
fight. Before I go let me address Peanut head..oh
excuse me, Teddy Long{Crowd chants Peanut head}
Austin: Teddy, you want Doom to get a tag title shot
and you guys want it quick, so here is what I am
thinkin, next week in LA...uh..uh...oh wait, I was
just thinking about beer..back to the point, Peanut
head's boys...wait Doom..wants a title shot so next
week in LA, Doom meets whomever I choose next week to
face off and the winners meet the champions at the
Pay-Per-View in a few weeks?, You like that Teddy?
{Austin looks at Long and then }
Austin: Well I could care less either way, that's
it...and that's the bottom line cause Stonecold said
-US Title: Scott Steiner vs. Horseshu-
Horseshu comes out to the ring and poses for the fans
and then goes out to the floor when he hears the
sirens and see's "White Lightening" come down the
ramp, Steiner stops mid way and does his usal bicep
pose and then gets into the ring and nabs Coppetta's
Steiner: Big Poppa Pump is your hook up, holla if you
hear me!
{Crowd cheers}
Steiner: So what do we have here in the home town of
the ECW and other rejects?
{Crowd boos and begins chanting Roids}
Steiner: I took a stroll around Philly yesterday and
found me some fine looking women and took them back to
my hotel and did the most nastiest things I could to
these wet bitches and they saw heaven and they knew I
was the big bad booty daddy, and when I am done with
Mr. Ed out here, I plan on starting on the next batch
waiting at the hotel!
{Crowd chants wrap your willy}
Steiner: So you telling me something I already don't
know?, Now come out here week after
week and yell about titles and how tough you are, well
since we are in the place that Heyman built, let's
give these fans a treat and do this for the US title
and do it under First blood rules!
{Crowd roars as Horseshu agrees and brings in a chair,
Steiner hits the floor and the ref takes the chair
away and starts the match}

Horseshu and Freakzilla went at it punch each other.
Steiner Irish Whipped Horseshu into the turnbuckle.
Steiner tried cotheslining Horseshu, but he knocked
into the turnbuckle. Horseshu then german suplexed The
Freak threetimes, then got out of the ring and got a
chair. Horseshu hit Steiner on the back, then tried
hitting him on the head, but Steiner grabbed it from
him. Steiner nailed esnar on the head then got him up
and choke tossed Horseshu to the outside of the ring.
Jeff Jarrett{who snook down durning the Steiner promo}
took out brass knuckles and nailed Horseshu on the
face, but it didn't make him bleed. Horseshu then did
the F-5 to Jarrett, then got a big boot by Steiner.
Steiner got him up and tried to throw Horseshu into
the stairs, but Horseshu reversed it and threw him
into the stairs. While Steiner was knocked out,
Horseshu took the stairs and threw them on Steiner's
back. He got Scott Steiner up and nailed Steiner's
head on the post. Then White Lightning nailed
Horseshu's head on the post. Both of them went back
into the ring, and got back to punching each other.
Horseshu Suplexed Scott Steiner then got out a
baseball bat. Steiner got up and was nailed in the
back, then he was about to get hit in the face. But,
Jarrett tripped Horseshu, and then Big Bad Booty daddy
chokeslammed Horseshu once Horseshu turned around.
Double J threw in his brass knuckles, and once
Horseshu got up, he was nailed on face, and blood flew
out of Horseshu's nose. The ref announced Steiner as
the winner.
Winner: Scott Steiner{Still US champ}
Post Match: Steiner and Jarrett begin a beat down of
Horeshu and once Horseshu is put into the recliner and
Jarrett works away with lefts and rights to the face
of Horeshu, Steiner get's off and leaves Horseshu in a
bloody heap and grabs a mic
Steiner: Now that you have just saw Scott Steiner
dominate the US title divison, I want a shot at HHH!
{Crowd boos}
Steiner: I understand my fellow team mate Shane
Douglas has match but I won the US title and that
means I am #1 contender to the belt and I want it and
if they don' give it too me, I will just take
it.{Steiner slams down the mic and walks off}

{Back in the ring was Goldberg and Tommy Talker}
Talker: Goldberg, last week we saw Shane Douglas and
HHH agreed upon for the next PPV, We just saw Scott
Steiner retain US gold, how does, "The MANN " fit into
any of this?
Goldberg: Tommy, let me tell you something, and that
is next week in LA, I will be there and I have a
meeting scheduled with the board of directors and the
championship committe to talk about titles and what I
was given when I signed here. Goldberg will be in the
title hunt and it all starts, hopefully next week.
Talker: So next week we should hear from the man they
call Goldberg and we now send it to Lance Russel in
the King of the ring controll center!
Controll Center:
*Tickets on sale at the Saddle dome in Calagrey
Alberta Canada
*The PPV theme will be Jay-z's 'Dirt off your
*King of the ring tounry and the winner will meet The
JWA champion in June for the title
Jeff Jarrett vs. Macho Man Randy Savage:Unfied Title
Justin Crediable vs. The Rock
The Winners advance
*Street Fight Match: Doom{Simmons and Reed} vs. Bad
Boys{G-Dogg and G-Money}
Matt Morgan vs. Bob "The Beast" Sapp
{Backstage Jenna Haze is standing with The Game and
Matt Morgan}
Haze: Your here early, HHH and tonight Matt Morgan we
understand has signed a deal to face The Rock?
HHH: Yes, babe...The Game is here to rock and roll and
take care of the business of The Franchise,
Shane...You still have a few moments to back out and
go on your way. If not I will give you the beating of
your life at The King of The Ring.
{HHH looks into the camera hard}
HHH: And yes, to answer your question, Morgan...The
Rock...tonight, and we will see what Bob Sapp is in
for at the PPV when Matt takes on the Pebble.
Haze: Now back the ring
-World Tag Team Title: Birdman and Sauage Ninja w/
Doria vs. The Bad Boyz-
Birdman and G-Dogg circled eachother until the bell
rang. G-Dogg grappled Birdman and put him in a tiger
suplex. But, Birdman landed on his feet and reverse
DDT'd G-Dogg . Birdman then went off the ropes, and
did a flipping back splash (think of a big splash, but
the person flips and lands on his back). Birdman got
G-Dogg up, and tagged in Sauage Ninja, then they
double DDT'd him. Sauage Ninja then got on top of the
turnbuckle, and tried the shooting star press. But,
G-Dogg got his knee up, and G-Dogg tagged in
G-Money. G-Money got Sauage Ninja up, and put him in a
abdominal stretch. G-Money let go then did a german
suplex to Sauage Ninja. He then put Sauage Ninja in a
headlock. Sauage Ninja broke out of it, and then
delivered some shots to G-Money's head. Then he did a
sunset pin to G-Money. G-Money broke out then threw
Sauage Ninja up against the ropes, and clotheslined
him. G-Money tagged in G-Dogg , and the both double
suplexed him. G-Dogg got G-Money up and tried another
suplex, but Sauage Ninja broke out and landed in back
of G-Dogg . He then backdropped G-Dogg , and tagged in
Birdman. Birdman speared haas and knocked G-Money off
the ropes. He then got G-Dogg up and executed the
Birdman Bomb, and pinned G-Dogg . But, G-Money broke
it up, Birdman got G-Dogg up and put him in a
chokehold. And G-Dogg gave up.
Winner: Birdman and Sauage Ninja{Still World Tag Team
{Backstage in Tank's dressing Room, Jenna is shown
talking with Tank}
Haze: How do you think it will go down with you and
BTK in LA, next week?
Tank: Well all I can say, honey is that BTK is gonna
have to bring it...that a-hole is gonna have to show
why he is so bad, anyone can do sick and mean things
but can they fight. That's what we will find out next
Haze: So your not worried?
Tank: Worried about what?
Haze: Well BTK does not even have a contract here, so
he could really hurt you if he wanted to
Tank: We shall see, who hurts who...TB...I mean BTK,
well when I am done with him, he will wish he had TB
{Backstage: Horseshu is bleeding and talking Jenna}
Haze: Ew...Sick, don't bleed on me...
Horseshu: Well we would not wanna ruin that whore
outfit, you have one...
Haze: Hey Whores charge, I am an actrees..
Horeshu: Yeah, you act like a whore...Who gives a
shit, Steiner, I want a rematch but furthermore if
people can call out for title shots, sign me up...I
want HHH as well, the big nose...I want Douglas...I
want anyone, you aint seen the last of HORSESHU!
{Back to the booth}
Talker: Good Gawd, a bleeding and pissed Horeshu and
the Tank/BTK street brawl next week as well as Doom
vs. whomever...Good lord we are in for a show from LA,
but still to come tonight what do we have for them JR?
Ross: Tommy, your 100 percent right with next week but
let's focus on what we have still to come tonight, and
that is the big contract signing and Matt Morgan, the
blue chipper taking on the People's champ, plus the
Hardcore invitiational..that will be a controlled riot
and now we are getting set for the Unfied title with
Jeff Jarrett defending against The Great Muta, Muta
has the chance to win the IWGP/WWA/NWA World titles,
all in one match. Let's take it up to the ring and
Gary Michael Coppetta.
Copetta: The following contest is for the Unified
World Heavyweight championship, and the challenger
coming to the ring at this time is from Japan{Muta's
music hits}, The former WCW World TV champion and
former NWA and IWGP world champion, The creator of
"The green mist", The one and only Great Muta!
Jarrett's music hits as JJ comes down the ramp with
all 3 belts in hand.
Jarrett and Muta circle each other, and then the bell
rang. Muta and Double J locked into a power struggle.
Muta over powered Jarrett and Irish Whipped him into
the corner. Muta punched Jarrett until he was slouched
down on the floor, and then Muta mud stomped him. Muta
made Jarrett get up and scoop slammed him. Muta ran to
the ropes then bounced off them and delivered an elbow
drop onto Jarrett's mid section. Muta dragged Jarrett
out into the middle of the ring, and climbed onto the
turnbuckle. He did the Lo'Down, but Jarrett rolled
over just in time. Muta grabbed his stomach in pain,
Jarrett used this time to get some rest. Jarrett went
over and got Muta up and DDT him. Jarrett leg dropped
Muta and then mounted him and punched Muta many times
on the face. Jarrett got Muta up and and whipped him
into the ropes and clotheslined him. Jarrett went for
the cover and got a two count. Jarrett got Muta up
again, and Muta elbowed Jarrett in the mid section
unti he let go. Muta quickly bounced off the roped and
delivered a hard clothesline to Jarrett. Jarrett was
laid flat on the mat in then middle of the mat. Muta
slowly got up the turnbuckle, and did the moonsualt.
Muta pinned Jarrett and got the 2 count...when Scott
Steiner ran out and grabbed the ref and nailed him
with the NWA title belt. The second ref called for the
bell and DQ'ed Jarrett and gave the win to Muta
Winner: The Great Muta{DQ, So Jeff Jarrett keeps the
World Titles{NWA/IWGP/WWA}
{Backstage Austin is in his office and begins to
Austin: Okay, Horseshu and Steiner want title shots
and everything is in a panic, like here is
what Stonecold Steve Austin is gonna do, Horeshu, you
meet Shane Douglas in Wichita Kansas on the 29th of
May for a title shot chance, if Horeshu get's the pin
on a challenger for the belt, he is entitled to the
next chance at the gold. Second and I am talking to
you Big Poppa may have the US belt, but
asshole, I make the matches and guess what you meet
the winner of Matt Morgan and The Rock for the title
next week in LA and that's final, well unless I change
my mind..ha ha ha
{The theme of Pefect strangers hits and Shane Douglas
comes to the ring with The Revoltion in tow, Shane
gets into the ring and yells for Austin}
Douglas: Okay, Austin where is my title shot,{I am
sick of all this crap} Now Horseshu, you and Steiner
and the rest of them can shut the fuck up!
{Crowd roars}
Douglas: Now Steiner will get his shot, Austin, you
can bank on that and also when is HHH coming out here
to sign this fucking thing, I want my shot too...
{Crowd boos, then out of no where The Rock's music
hits, as he comes to the ring and poses on the ropes
with Douglas froze in mid sentence, Morgan runs down
and their match starts as The Revoltion pissed as hell
walks up the ramp}
-The Rock vs. Matt Morgan-
Morgan rolls out to the outside after a flurry from
The Rock and challenges Rocky to a last man standing
match here and now, Rock accepts and they go at it
At the sound of the bell, Rock runs at Matt Morgan and
dropkicks Matt Morgan in the chest. Matt Morgan
stumbled back a couple of steps, then did a hellacious
clothesine from hell to Rock . The ref started
counting, Rock got up at the 7 count, and started
attacking Matt Morgan. Matt Morgan connected a hard
punch that made Rock turn his back on him. Matt
Morgan then did a back drop to Rock , he got Rock up,
and tried a powerbomb. But, Rock hurricanrana'd Matt
Morgan onto the floor. Rock got up did flying body
press to Matt Morgan. But, Matt Morgan got up after a
few seconds, Rock did a running spinning kick to Matt
Morgan's face. Rock the threw him up against the
ropes and tried drop kicking him, but Matt Morgan
threw his legs around in mid air. Matt Morgan then
elbow dropped him on the mid back, then he put him in
the camel clutch. Matt Morgan released the clutch then
picked Rock up and military pressed him. The ref
started to count 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9 and
Rock got to his knees, Matt Morgan went over and
tried kicking Rock in the mid section, but Rock
caught his leg and dragon screwed Matt Morgan down on
the mat. He then got onto then got Matt Morgan up and
Irish wipped him into the corner. Rock did a super
bulldog to Matt Morgan. Matt Morgan laid motionless
while the ref counted 1...2...3...4...5...6 Matt
Morgan got up and was met with a spinning roundhouse
to his face. Stumbled back then regained his posture
and clotheslined Rock . Matt Morgan got Rock up and
began to powerbomb Rock , when Scott Steiner came out
with a sledge hammer and hit Matt Morgan in the back
while Rock was on his shoulders. Steiner ran back out
of the arena, and Matt Morgan fell backwards making
Rock land on top of him.
Rock then did the people's elbow, and the ref counted
to ten.
Winner: Rock
{Backstage Jenna is standing with announcement}
Haze: I have been just given a breif statement from
the JWA board of directors and it states, Bill
Goldberg will make his first match for the JWA on
Pay-Per-View cable TV at The King of The Ring on May
30th in Canada against, The Tank himself, David Lee
Abott, So Tank vs. Goldberg in the great white north.
Let's go to these breif announcments and come back
with more here on slammasters!
A video is shown from this last weeks Press conferance
with Shane Douglas and HHH for KOTR, different clips
are shown
{Douglas standing at the poidum, "On May 30th here in
the country of Canada a new hero will be born and he
will be a god damned Franchise!"
{HHH talking to reporters, "May 30th will be the day I
take out the trash and just like Bret, I will be the
best on that day."}
{Steve Austin talking to the press at the podium,
"King of The Ring will be held here in Canada and we
will have an explosion of grudges and egos when The
Game finally meets The Franchise."}
{Final clip is Douglas and HHH being face to face with
Austin standing between them holding the JWA World
title belt}
{Back to the ring and Tommy Talker}
Talker: Fans on May 30th in Calgrey Alberta Canada at
The King of The Ring, you will see The Franchise and
The Game go one on one for the biggest belt in our
sport, The JWA World title and tonight is the contract
signing for the match, so I would like to introduce to
you now, The World Heavyweight champion and the Game,
{HHH's music plays as he comes to the ring in a suit
and carrying the JWA title belt, Once in the ring, HHH
takes his shades off and sits down at the table in the
ring, crowd boos}
Talker: And now, introducing the #1 challenger deemed
by the JWA championship committe and the former ECW
World heavyweight title holder{Crowd roars when they
hear ECW}, The Franchise and The self proclaimed
leader of The Revoltion...Shane Douglas!
{Crowd goes back to booing, as Shane comes to the ring
with a mic and his usual look of being pissed off,
Douglas then gets into the ring and sits down and
talks some smack to The game off mic}
Talker: And finally to make this legal, I would like
to introduce the JWA commissioner, Stonecold Steve
{Austin's music hits and crowd roars with approval,
Austin then heads into the ring and hands both men
their contracts to sign}
Austin: Now before you sign these papers, both of you
understand that the match is going to take place, no
backing out of it{As Austin speaks he gets in both
men's faces} Also since this is such an important
match, The JWA told me to let you two know that next
week in LA, that Shane Douglas will have the night off
and HHH, you better bring that World title cause your
gonna wrestle. {Crowd cheers as HHH is pissed
visabley, Austin calms the crowd down,} But Douglas
you aint safe cause the 29th in Wichita, You will
wrestle Horseshu and the winner meets HHH the next
night for the title.{Crowd cheers as Douglas Stands up
and get's in Austin's face and yells, "Okay just what
the fuck is that you bastard?" Austin looks ready to
stun Douglas as HHH is laughing at how pissed Douglas
Austin: Well Hunter I don't think your gonna find it
funny when I tell you that also that night you have to
defend title vs. title when you face off with
Freakzilla, Scott Steiner.{HHH goes from happy to
pissed in 2 seconds and stands up as well, Douglas
then laughs crazy at HHH and yells out, "Ha, you big
nosed bitch changed your tune didn't ya?}
{Both men begin to throw shots at each other, when
Austin seperates them}
Austin: I want first HHH to come to the table and sign
then leave,
{HHH signs then flips off Douglas and exits the ring
with the belt as the crowd cheers his exit}
Austin: Now Shane please come over here and sign your
name to this deal
{Douglas signs then flips off Austin and laughs as he
leaves, Austin cuts him off}
Austin: Wait a second, Franchise, You have one more
thing..well actually two more things to hear from me.
{Douglas comes back inside the ring and stares at
Austin in disgust}
Austin: Shane, you have to give me an update on my
pal, Cripple Natch...
{Austin begins to laugh and throws Douglas the mic}
Douglas: Well Austin, you street thug, your buddy as
you put it, The greatest world champion of our
generation is doing fine, and I am sure you have
Austin: WHAT
[Crowd begins to What}
Douglas:Well next week, Flair will be here in this
very ring to demand an apollgy from your ass.
Austin: WHAT
Crowd: WHAT
Austin: WHAT
Crowd: WHAT
Austin: WHAT
Crowd: WHAT
Douglas: Okay asshole, next just wait cause
Flair will be here and want an apollogy
Austin: Well Flair will be waitin a long damn time,
cause I aint saying sorry to that old wind bag Flair!
Douglas: What else do you want?
Austin: Oh, haven't you heard{In a mocking tone,} Your
gonna have next week off but you wrestle tonight and
your gonna do it next!
{Austins music hits as we go to commerical}

-Main Event: The Hardcore Invivtational: JWA World
Hardcore Title-
{Bob "The Beast" Sapp vs. Supreem vs. DL Tank Abott
vs. The Fish vs. Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Shane
Douglas "The Franchise"}
RULES: 2 rings, with countless tables, chairs, barbed
wire and other accessories like bats, trash cans and
lids and extinguishers, pans and anything else you can
find to use on the opposition. The Hardcore belt is
hung from and the only to get it is to scale a ladder.

{The match itself is as Jim Ross would say, "A God
dammed car wreck"}
Final Moments looked like this:
Tank nails Bob Sapp with a right hand and Sapp falls
off the apron of ring #1 into a table and the table
crumbles. Tank turns around and gets nailed with a
crutch wrapped in barb-wire from the Fish. Tank falls
down onto a ladder, BTK comes out and reaches in and
grabs Tank a knocked out Tank Abott to the back,
Meanwhile in ring #2 Supreem and Savage are boxing
with barb-wire on their fists. Fish and Douglas are
setting up 3 tables on top of each other and sets up
the tallest ladder they can find. Fish then goes and
sits ontop of the ladder with popcorn and watches ring
#2 where Supreem and Savage are fighting it out.
Douglas goes to the outside and begins to choke Bob
Sapp or what's left of him. Supreem get's knocked down
by Macho Man, Savage turns to celebrate then turns
into a huge shot from Supreem's shovel. Supreem then
goes to get after Fish. When Sapp and Douglas brawl
back into ring #1, Sapp high knees' Douglas and knocks
him down, Sapp then charges into ring #2 and nails
Supreem coming in after him with a trashcan lid. Sapp
goes up the ladder when Douglas nails "The Beast" with
a low blow and then Supreem sets up a table on the
other side of Ring #3. Savage and Douglas begin to
brawl, all the while Fish is sitting a top the ladder
yelling for the concession guy to throw him up some
cotton candy and a lemonade smoothy. Supreem then
comes in and joins hands with Douglas and clotheslines
both Sapp and Savage. Supreem and Douglas turn to
celebrate with the crowd who is chanting ECW..When
Sapp and Savage grab weapons and nail Supreem with a
bat and Savage clocks The Franchise with a chair.
Savage realizes Sapp is busey and begins to go after
Fish up on the ladder{As Fish waves at the combo of
Supreem, Savage, Sapp and Douglas.} Supreem regains
his feet and fireballs Sapp onto the mat, Douglas and
Supreem pick Sapp up and places him on the table set
up by Supreem earlier in the match. JC runs in out of
no where to kendo stick the crap out of Supreem and
Douglas. JC then turns to the crowd and yells ECW!{and
then exits into the crowd} Savage meets Fish on the
top of the ladder and they duke it out till Savage
gordbusters Fish onto the table stack below. Savage
grabs the mic Fish took up there along with some
popcorn and yells, "Love the popcorn, I need a
beer...oh yeah!" and then Savage turns and calls for
the Elbow drop and proceeds to Fly from Ring to ring
and threw Sapp and the table he is laying on. Crowd
chants HOLY SHIT...Macho Man is hurt from the flight,
that Supreem who is down on the mat begins to duke it
out with Douglas, who is using a cookie sheet on
Supreem. Finally after an exchange, Supreem turns and
nails Douglas with powder, to which the crowd chants
"Old school..Old School" and Supreem then nails
Douglas with a piece of a broken chair, sending
Douglas to the outside. Supreem then postions Savage
on the mat and begins up the ladder, half way up,
Supreem comes down and grabs the last two tables in
the ring and sets them up, he then sticks Fish's
broken body on one of the tables, he then sets Sapp on
the other table, and lays Douglas across the two
bodys. Supreem then grabs Savage and places him on his
shoulders and begins to climb the ladder, very
carfully. Once at the top, Supreem gives the X sign
for XPW and powerbombs Savage off the ladder and into
the bodys and tables below as the crowd chants, HOLY
Talker: Oh my god, there all dead...forget this
Ross: Oh my god, Oh my god, what in heaven is looks like a god damned car wreck, have
mercy on all of these men's souls!
Supreem then manages to lay an arm on one of the bodys
as Referee, Tommy Young runs in and counts 1...2...3
and new HARDCORE champion, Supreem!
{Post match: Supreem get's to his feet and with help
from EMT's, as the rest are loaded onto stretchers,
Austin and the rest of the crew from the back come
onto the ramp and clap and cheer for the men, the
crowd chants, "DO THIS SHIT AGAIN!"}
Camera fades to black and the JWA logo is shown!
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

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evilgrin JWA PPV april

JWA April Assault 2004
-Live from The Wayne Foundation Center in Gothum City
April 25th 2004

*A video package is shown featuring clips from the
past months storylines and finally wraps up with
images from BTK’s assualt’s and finally Austin
standing in the middle of the ring looking up into the
spotlight, then a close up of Austin’s face. Austin
then speaks the words, “Tonight we turn it up a

*An announcer comes on and announces, “Jiggy Wrestling
Alliance presents April Assault 2004.”

*The pyro goes off in the arena and we join Jim Ross
and Tommy Talker standing at ringside.

Talker: Fans, we welcome you live to the Wayne
Foundation center in Gothum city as we come to you
from the site of April Assualt.
Ross: Yes, Tommy and tonight we have the biggest
baddest stars of the JWA here to do battle and we have
the war for the world title when “The Game” HHH takes
on “The Nature boy”, plus many more matches and also
tonight the signing of the next JWA superstar. Let’s
go back to the back and our newest backstage
coraspondent, Adult film star hottie, Jeana Haze is
standing with the Commissoner of the JWA, Stonecold
Steve Austin.

{We go to the back where Jeana Haze is standing with
Haze: Hello wrestling fans, I am Jeana Haze and I am
so excited to be standing next to our commisssoner,
Stonecold Steve Austin and Steve how are you going to
deal if The Revoltion show up and also if rules are
broken and all hell breaks loose tonight on
{Austin looks Jeana up and down and then smirks at the
camera an begins to speak}
Austin: Oh my god, your wearing a tight leather mini
skirt and I can practally see your small boobs popping
out of that get-up. My, goodness sake honey..good
thing we are on Pay-Per-View…
Haze: Well thanks Mr. Austin for the nice words…
{Austin shakes his head}
Austin: Honey, that was not a compliment…geez, you
ought to hit the street’s in that outfit. However,
your point being that what if the Revoltion show
up…Well I think I will do what I always do and that is
raise hell and do whatever it takes to restore order
and make all these jackasses, obey the letter of the
law..and that’s the bottom line cause Stonecold said
so! fact I have some stuff and I think I will do
it in the ring
{Jeana looks at him with bedroom eyes as Austin grabs
the mic out of her hands}
Austin: Oh and honey..that was not an invite by any
stretch of the imagaination…
{Austin chucks the mic back at her}

{We go to the ring where Austin’s music has hit and he
is coming toward the ring and he poses on the ring
poles and then grabs the mic and looks into the crowd}

Austin: Well never mind,…no no no, well tonight The
JWA is gonna put on a hell of a show and tonight we
have some damn good matches. Including a great treat
with the signing of the next JWA roster member.

{The theme of “The Revoltion” hits the PA and out
comes The Revoltion all decked out in the gear,
Steiner wearing his chainmale headdress and his US
title and a Freakzilla t-shirt. Flair wearing a black
and white robe and then followed by Jeff Jarrett
wearing his slapnuts t-shirt and his silver shades and
the WWA and IWGP belts around his waist. Then coming
down the ramp is The Franchise Shane Douglas wearing a
yellow Franchise t-shirt and carrying a mic in one
hand and a white towel, the revoltion then get into
the ring and surround Austin. }

Austin: How did I not know, The great Revoltion and
“The Franchise” himself would show up and attempt to
ruin this event.
{Douglas get’s in Austin’s face and begins to talk}
Douglas: Austin, I don't get you. Can't you handle the
truth? I told the world what I thought about you and
you can't stand it!
Austin: Shane, you're a liar. You only tell what you
want heard. The Franchise Era is going to be subsided
by the Stonecold Era now!
Douglas: We'll just see about that Austin!
(Austin leaves Douglas standing there in the ring
looking pissed off and he shouts out "cock sucker" and
Austin flips him off.
Talker: Why the hell is Austin walking away from these
Ross: I believe wholeheartly that Austin does not want
to get in these guys business since we have a huge
card tonight.
F: you two freaks over there on the left need to shut
the hell up! The Franchise is going to speak to you
dumb asses!
(Fans boo.)
F: Now it seems to me that Saturday night, Steiner and
myself attempted to eliminate a threat to JWA.. We're
ended the show time style of the Rock and Austin and
brought back traditional wrestling to JWA! As much as
you people don't like it, it's what's happened.
(Fans begin to chant for the Rock and Shane gets
ticked off.)

F: Be quiet! All of you need to shut up right now or
I'm going to sit down out here and hold this show up
until I get my point across to you morons because I've
got important isuues to talk about!
(They continue to annoy him so he goes outside and
grabs a chair, throws into the ring and goes back in.
He sit down in the chair in the center of the ring.)
Talker: He told them!
Ross: What? He can't do that.. These people will leave
before he gets anything done!
Talker: Maybe that was his intention..
(He realizes this isn't getting him anywhere so he
angrily grabs the chair and tosses it out of the ring
and it slams into the floor.)
F: This chump known as Triple H is going to come to
the realization that he isn't worth the time nor money
invested in them because he will be taking on one of
the most elite people in this company! You couldn't
ask to face a better person than Shane Douglas. Triple
H, you wanted competiton.. You've got competiton! I
ain't the Rock, I'll make sure you don't survive!
(Various people chant "go home loser" to annoy him
more and his eyes light up causing him to become more
F: You fans who sit here and cheer for this idiot are
dumber than he is. If you're to chant for the boy who
is frustrated in more ways than one, run around here
and point to his crotch yelling out "Suck It" to
people. You'd be worried too! I hope you have paid
attention to our matches Triple H, I hope that you
realize that what I did to you could happen again! You
want to become famous? You want to be JWA star? A
title contender of all things.. You're going to have
to go through me of people to do it!
(Shane drops the mic and leaves the ring area as the
fans boo him out of the arena, Austin’s face comes on
the Tron and yells at Shane and the boys.}
Austin: Hey…Shane…Hey assholes…Hey boys…Now that I
have your attention. Boys, what I don’t understand is,
why you clowns are so board. Oh yeah, your gonna be
board since your banned from coming to the contract
signing later and Flair. You prick, I see you at all
tonight pull any Bullshit, I will fire you on the
spot, nice night ladies.
{Austin waves bye and the tron goes blank}
A promo is shown for the JWA live event at the MCI
center in Washington, DC and tickets on sale for May
1st with a mainevent of NWA/IWGP/WWA unification
{We go back to the ring}
-#1 Tag Team title match: Doom w/ Teddy Long vs. Chris
Chavis and Horseshu-
Timelimit: 25 minutes
Ref: Jack Doan
Doom makes his way out to the ring with sum heat and
sum cheers then Chavis and Horseshu comes out to a
chorus of cheers Chavis starts of the match with a
headlock and a tie up he whips Reed into the ropes and
hits a back body drop he lifts him up again and
delivers a DDT 1....2.... kickout by Reed this is a
battle Reed gets on the offense and nails a german for
a 2 count he gets up and nails the leg drop for
another 2 count Chavis gets on the offense aqain with
side effect 1....2.... kickout by Reed, Horsehu is
tagged in and goes to the second rope and nails the
leg drop 1....2.... kcikout agaion by Reed Horseshu
calls for the horse shoe but Reed reveres it into the
Powerbomb 1.....2.... out of know where Simmons hist a
Spinebuster on Chavis threw the Spanish announce table
on the outside. with the ref not seeing it, Long comes
in and spray’s mace in the eyes of Horseshu and Reed
rolls up Horseshu and pins…1..2..3 and wins to become
the #1 challenger for the tag Title.
Winner: #1 Tag Title contenders-Doom with Teddy Long
{We go backstage to where Flair is sitting in his
locker room with Jeana Haze for an interview}
Haze: How do you feel being the oldest man to face HHH
here in the JWA tonight for the title?
Flair: Well, honey…I may be old, but I am the ride in
the park with the longest line…whooo
Haze: Now, I will say you are charming, but why do you
think you will win the title tonight?
Flair: Well Jeana, tonight is the night that the Natch
takes back the title from big nose.
Haze: Let’s go over Jackleg Pete who is with HHH
Pete: HHH, hey tonight is the night man
HHH: Awe god, I wanted the anal sex chick to interview
me and not your dumb ass.
Pete: well
HHH: Well is right shut up, I want to tell Shane
Douglas that tonight I show why I am the Game and when
you come down to scoop up what’s left of Flair, take a
shot cause you had your chance and you aint shit, kid
…I am the future and you are a glimpse of a past I
don’t want to re-live, so you beat up some rejects in
ECW, RVD…oh please this a-hole has no talent, then you
have Sabu…the one guy who should be driving a taxi is
not..finally Joey Styles, hell the Sausage ninja would
give me better insight than, “Oh my god!”
{We go back to the ring}
-Street Fight: DL “Tank” Abott vs. Bob Sapp ”The
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Ref: Earl Hebner
Tank comes out with his agent Ric Flair followed by
Sapp they start the match with a tie up and get into a
brawl but out of know where Flair grabs the ref and
nails him with a chair he chucks it to Tank and he
nails Sapp with it right in the skull the ref is still
down as Tank sets up Sapp for his power bomb he nails
it on the chair and that is that the ref makes a slow
but accurate count and Tank gets a win thanxs to the
Nature Boy
JR: What the hell is he doing my god he has lost it
Flair has lost it
{Post match: Over the rail comes a slim man in a 3
piece suit and a green Japanese wrestling mask with
gills, It’s revealed to be Backyard Wrestling star
“The Fish”. Fish then clubs Sapp with a crutch an then
bounds over the rail and to the back.}
Winner: DL Abott “The Tank” {#1 challenger to the JWA
Hardcore title}
{We go backstage with Jeana Haze and The Rock}
Haze: I am standing here with the one and only Rock…oh
{Rock looks Jeana up and down and then turns and looks
at her and smiles he then snaps the mic out of her
Rock: Finally the rock has come back….
{Rock cuts himself off and looks at Jeana who is
smiling and giddy with excitement}
Rock: Well I guess The Rock has someone excited does
{Haze is just beaming}
Rock: Well The Rock knows how he effects women, even
an anal outlaw like yourself…
{Haze looks all smiles and giggles}
Rock: Well, I guess your up for anything, aren’t you
honey? Well I will get back to you in a second.
{Rock holds up pictures of Sausage Ninja, Birdman and
Rock: See these, yes The Rock could care less about
The Revoltion and all the kandyasses that follow Dean
Douglas around like a bunch of queers. I am here to
talk about this company known as the JWA, You have got
a bird, a fish, a beast, and even a Sauage Ninja, WHAT
{Rock looks at Jeana again}
Rock: I heard the reason Doria does not get sexual
advances by the champs is cause the SN on his trunks
do not stand for Sauage ninja…it stands for Studdle
Ross: What the hell is a Struddle god
{Jeana keeps staring at the rock and Rock turns toward
Rock: Now back to you Miss Haze, You’ve been staring
at The Rock..Rock hears you do Anal films and all
sorts of nasty things that The Rock might see on Kazaa
or somewhere like that?
{Jeana nods and smiles big}
Rock: Well, honey here is back your microphone, but
before you take it from the rock, take this mic and
shine this thing up with some wet light…then turn it
sideways..and stick it up your kandy ass!
{Rock hands it back to Jeana and she begins to laugh,
as Rock grabs it back for 1 second to say this..}
Rock: Well hold on, after what I have saw on the net,
honey I don’t think you have any room up there.
{Rock storms off}
• A PPV promo for May’s King of the ring is shown with
past winners wearing the crown and cape, “This year
who will be KING?”
{We go back to the ring}
-US title: Ironman Challenge: Scott Steiner vs. Greg
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ref: Dave Hebner
Greg Valentino comes out first then Steiner does. The
match starts with them getting in a lockup and
Valentino punches Steiner. Steiner punches back and
Valentino falls in to the ropes and Steiner runs and
clotheslines him over the top. Steiner goes to the
outside and rolls Valentino into the ring. Steiner
Irish whips Greg into the corner and sets his legs up
on the second rope. Steiner signals for the nut shot.
Steiner runs and the nut shot connects. Valentino
falls holding his mid-section. Steiner picks up
Valentino and scoop slams him. Valentino gets up and
punches Steiner. Valentino gets Steiner and chokeslams
him. 1..2..kickout by Steiner. They continue to battle
for 10 minutes str8 and finally both men drop to their
backs due to tire. Both men are counted out by the ref
and the bell rings as second ref for the title match,
Jack Doan comes in and signals for stretchers to take
both men out of the arena. Douglas and Flair come down
and help Steiner to the back.
Winner: NO CONTEST…Still US Heavyweight champion Scott
{We go to the back where LA Giant and The KKK are
standing with Jeana Haze and trying to get a date}
Haze: I am here with the NWA world champion and
tonight you will get a chance to unify the NWA and
IWGP and WWA belts. Your thoughts?
LA Giant: I could care less about, Jeff Jarrett..I am
looking for some play out of you honey doll?
Haze: Well I am not into racists..
LA Giant: Well babe, you need to be with a real man..a
real BIGG man, if you know what I am talking about.
{Austin comes by and see’s this and grabs the mic out
of Haze’s hand and points at LA Giant and the KKK}
Austin: Hold up, here..this aint anal dial a date…you
have match so get ready and oh KKK, why are you boys
so wear hoods and hang black people. Well all
I can say, is you fools are banned from ringside on
this PPV and oh if LA Giant loses, you fools have to
disrobe and show us your faces.
-Battle of the legends: The Ultimate Warrior vs.
“Macho Man” Randy Savage-
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ref: Tommy Young
Both men lock up for a test of strength and then they
exchange power moves and high impact moves like
suplex’s and power slams. After 20 minutes of action
back and forth action, Stonecold’s music hits and he
trucks out to the ring and stuns both men and throws
them over the top rope and declares the match a draw
due to bordom.
Promo for the JWA website is shown and promos for
Shopzone is shown and a special promo for HHH’s new
book is shown.
{We go back to the ring, where a red carpet is in the
ring and a table with a pen and a contract is there
plus Richard Head and Austin are waiting with Jim
Ross: Ladies and Gentilemen, tonight we have the Vice
President of JWA operations Richard Head and JWA
commissioner Steve Austin. Tonight we have the
contract signing of the former WCW world champion and
former Raw World champion, former WCW tag team
champion, former US champion, the man who sunk the big
boat and he once was 173-0 and the toughest jewish
athlete on this planet, I Give you GOLDBERG!
{Goldberg’s music hits and the fans go crazy for the
announcement, and threw the curtain and down the ramp
comes Bill Goldberg who is the got a nasty look on his
face. Goldberg comes into the ring and shakes
everyone’s hands and then looks into the crowd. Ross
holds the mic into Bill’s face,}
Ross: Hello Bill and thanks for being on the show and
I do want to congratulate you for coming to the JWA,
Goldberg: JR, thanks for having me and thank you to
Stone cold and Mr. Head for getting us to this point.
I am here to settle old scores and to do something I
had one time in my career and that was to be the man
to shut the mouths of these punks Revoltion.
Ross: Well I guess all we need is for you to put the
pen to paper and get this deal completed.
{Bill then signs the contract and shakes everyone’s
hands again, as the music of “Perfect Strangers”
blares over the PA. Goldberg then turns his head and
looks away from Austin who he was chatting with and
get’s a snarl on his face and looks toward the
Revoltion making their entrance. Douglas and the boys
come down and get’s into the ring, as head and Austin
and ross step a side.}
{Douglas then looks at the contract and begins to
laugh and see’s Goldberg staring at him face to face.}
Douglas: Okay Goldberg, now that you are legal and
here. We have a problem, this is the fact that you
have made your intentions known. You are here to beat
up some punks, well Bill…I see the US champion and
current WWA and IWGP and the next world champion here
at ringside. I don’t see any punks but Bill, you want
me and you want HHH and everyone else. Here is what
you do, you sit back and watch these punks win titles
and whip ass. Then next week come to the event to be
held in, where are we next week…well it does not
Goldberg: Is there a fucking point, Franchise?
Douglas: Why yes, there is a are here to do
what? I want to let you know I am here to pack your
bags and move you out of here.
{Security comes in and separates both men and the
camera fades to the back where Jeana Haze is standing
with no one, then BTK walks by and smiles at her and
wonders out the door to the parking lot}
-Taped Fist Match: JWA Hardcore title{Supreem vs. Ken
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ref: John McCarthy
Shamrock came out to a pretty good crowd reaction;
Supreem came out to a mixed reaction. When Supreem got
into the ring he asked for a mic.

*Supreem* "Before we get get started Shamrock I have
one question, Who Betta Than Supreem?" (the crowd
yells everyone)

Shamrock then grabs the mic

*Shamrock* " I tell you whos betta than Supreem; me
cause Im about to kick yo stinkin ass"

As Supreem put the mic down Shamrock attacked him from
behind; Shamrock lands a few punches then whips
Supreem into the ropes and lands a clothesline, after
doing that Supreem tuanted the crowd and then Supreem
throws Ken Shamrock to the outside and begins to pound
the piss out the former UFC Superfight champion.
Finally both men battle back and forth and the ref
declares this match a double countout.
Promo for the JWA King of the ring in May
-NWA World title vs. WWA World Title Unification
match: LA Giant vs. Jeff Jarrett-
Ref: Tommy Young and Jack Doan
Timelimit: 45 minutes
Jarrett came out first and got a pretty crowd
reaction; LA Giant came 2nd and got a real good crowd
reaction. Jeff started the match by hitting LA Giant
with a running clothesline as Jeff gave the ring
assistance his vest; Jeff then started stomping on LA
Giant, Jeff then picked LA Giant up and hit him with a
swinging neckbreaker; as Jeff sat up LA Giant hit a
Drop kick to the back of Jeff’s head, LA Giant then
applied a Surf Board Stretch; Jeff was able to escape
it and land some punches, he then tried a kick but LA
Giant caught his leg and spun him around, as Jeff came
around he caught LA Giant with a clothesline; after
hitting the clothesline. Jeff, then turns around
catches the KKK with a punch to the grill, this allows
LA Giant to get up and come charging at the Chosen
one. They battle back and forth for 45 minutes till a
bell rings and both refs separate both men and declare
it a draw.
Winner: DRAW…both men keep their respective titles
{We cut to the back where Supreem is stomping around
backstage and whipping people’s ass and dropping
people like crazy. Supreem is yelling for the rematch
between him and shamrock.}
-JWA World Tag Team Title{Russian Chain Match} The
Impact Players vs. Bad Boyz vs. Sausage Ninja and
{Both teams begin the match in the back area battling
each other and the teams have to be separated by the
security gaurds. Austin then comes out to clear the
chaos and throws all the teams out of the building.
Then Austin turns around and see’s Ric Flair staring
him in the face.}
Flair: Oh my god, the a-hole who is running this
company into the ground. You have ruined this
pay-per-view. You tossed the Tag title match, all I
can say is you’re a shitty GM.
Austin: Well I think I am doing a good job but I could
give a crap what you think.
Flair: well I beg to differ
Austin: Here is something we can differ on, the winner
of the May PPV entitled King of the ring will get a
World title match on 6-19 at the Denver show. Second,
the 3rd stipulation in the match between you and H,
later on. No Finishing moves…you can’t win using the
pedigree or the figure four to win the match.
Flair: Well you know what I think of that..
Austin: What?
{Flair then windes up and slaps Austin in the face,
and Austin then yells, I will get my pay-back later
you SOB.}
-The Rock vs. Shane Douglas-
Rock is the face in this match and wins after he hits
Douglas over the head with a mop that he found under
the ring. Rock looks at the mop and throws it into the
Winner- The Rock
{A video package of BTK is shown with his victims and
violent acts and a message is shown with the words
“When will BTK strike next?”}
Dolls with ballz come out and complain, then BTK comes
out and beats down the Dolls with Ballz. BTK then
grabs 3 tables and sets them and stacks the tables up.
Then places Bo on the 1st table, then stacks blake on
the top{3rd table}. BTK heads to the back and drives a
forklift out and raises the lift up and moonsaults
onto the tables and then leaves to chants of “Holy
-JWA World Title{3 Stipulations} HHH vs. Ric Flair-
Flair stip- No timelimit
Austin stip- No finishing moves
H HH stip- No one at ringside
The match is back and forth but in the middle of the
match comes down, Austin to ringside to watch the
match from ringside. The announcers talk of Austin
costing the match and then HHH locks in a headlock for
like 4 minutes with Flair almost tapping. Austin then
cuts off Steiner coming to ringside and sending him
back to the locker room area. About the 45 minute mark
comes the Franchise and he comes in from the arena
floor and nails Austin and begins to beat him down.
Allowing HHH to belly to belly Flair and pins for the
Winner: HHH and still World champion of the JWA
{Post match: HHH and Matt Morgan leave to a chorus of
boos, and The Revoltion continue the asswhipping on
Austin. Till the music of Goldberg hits and Bill comes
out and gets in the face of HHH and Morgan and
challenges for a title match. While at ringside,
Austin manages to stunner everyone and then he beats
down Flair with a chair and finally Stunning Flair
into one of the ringside steps.}
PPV goes off the air with Goldberg and HHH nose to
nose with Jim Ross yelling, “ Oh my god it’s the
Unforgiven rematch!”
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

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Jwa Show #2

{Opening Promo: The broadcast opens with a promo
explaining that due to UZW protest of JWA airing on
Tuesday’s the program will move to Saturdays}

-Pyro goes off

-Go to the announcers
Talker: We welcome you to the first ever Saturday
Slammasters and tonight, you fans are in for a treat,
with 7 HUGE matches including the 6 man main event of
The JWA champion HHH, and The JWA tag champs, The
Dolls with Ballz as they face off with DL Abbott “The
Tank” and Former WCW champion Ron Simmons along with a
mystery partner, JR who is that going to be?

Ross: All I can say is we have heard rumors all day it
could be John Cena to the former WCW superstar Perry
Saturn. However what we do know is the JWA cup kicks
off tonight with 6 matches…
* Bob”The Beast” Sapp vs. LA Giant
* Brock Lesner vs. “Pretty” Paul Roma
* Scott “Freakzilla” Steiner vs. Coffee Guy
*”The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett vs. Chris Chavis
* Ken” The Rock” Shamrock vs. “The Nature boy” Ric
* Supreme vs. Horseshoe

Ross: Let’s go back to the backstage area where our
new interview man is the one and only Jackleg Pete and
he is standing with Jeff Jarrett

Pete: Thanks Jim and tonight we have the kick start of
the JWA cup where the winner is entitled to a title
shot, and I am standing with Ric Flair and Jeff
Jarrett, the current WWA champion, Jeff. What’s up
Dog{said very white}?

Jarrett: Man, are you whiter than snow{and I don’t
mean the rapper from Canada}, but my point is yes,
tonight the WWA champion will take my first step to
becoming the JWA champion with a win over Chris

{Turns to Flair}
Jarrett: Okay, you get beat by me and your out but if
you beat me, believe me you will have to deal with the

{Flair steps in front of Jarrett}

Flair: Okay, Chavis you dirty piece of…all I can say
you punk is that I am going to do like the US
government did with your ancestors, I am putting you
on a reservation…woo!

Pete: What the hell does that mean?

Jarrett: Jackleg Pete, it means whatever you want it
to mean, punk. I can’t spend all night chatting with
your dumbass.

The video package rolls showing many moments in JWA
Cup history. Then the camera flashes the JWA logo and
then the face of HHH with the title belt. The shot
then turns to the loud crowd in the Orlando arena.
Signs are everywhere as the crowd is going nuts for

Gary Michael Copetta introduces Bob Sapp and LA Giant

~Bob “The Beast” Sapp vs. LA Giant{ JWA CUP Round #1}~

the match is fast paced, as expected. Sapp gets the
upper hand when he pushes LA Giant off the top rope
into the guard rail and then tries a power bomb on
Supreme who rolls to the ring, but Supreme reverses it
into DDT. All this gives time for LA Giant to get back
into the ring and he attacks Supreme. The match goes
for a while with many hardcore shots. Sapp ends up
winning it with a power slam on LA Giant.

WINNER: Bob Sapp{Advancing to the next round on the
20th against the winner of Steiner/Coffee Guy}

We go to ringside with Jim Ross who is standing with
H. Ross Perot and Richard Head from the JWA board of

Ross: Okay Mr. Perot and Mr. Richard Head why did you
request this time?
Perot: Well Jimmy, The reason being is we have two
announcements to make, 1 being the JWA will be moving
to Saturday nights{just in case you missed the promo}
and our main event will be next week a title vs. title
match with IWGP champion Invader #4 taking on NWA
champion Paul Roma.
Head: The #2 announcement is the determination by the
JWA Board of directors, and that pertains to our
roster problem. We have too many wrestlers on pay-roll
and we have to eliminate one to stay with 17 or less,
so tonight the Coffee Guy and Steiner match will be a
survival match, what that means is the winner survives
in the JWA cup but also survives to be included on the
roster for another month. The loser will be as the
kids say, Shit canned and out of the tourney.
Ross: Thank you gentlemen and let’s go to Gary Michael

A Video monologue of the Roma-Lesner feud is shown and
then we go to the ring and Gary Michael Copetta

Copetta introduces both men

~JWA CUP: Brock Lesner vs. “Pretty” Paul Roma~

The match is starts off with an exchange of reversed
moves that ends in a draw that the crowd greatly
appreciates. During the match Lesner nailed a F5, but
somehow Roma was able to get his foot on the bottom
ropes to break up the pin. Roma tried to hit a brain
buster, but Lesner was able to block it and turn it
into a gordbuster. The ending of the match came when
Lesner hit a F5 and then climbed the ropes and nailed
a Shooting Star Press for the win. After the match,
both men shook hands with each other and embraced
ending the feud. However as Roma was leaving the ring,
Brock smiled at the back of Roma and began to laugh as
Roma left the ringside area.

WINNER: Brock Lesner {Advancing in the JWA Cup}

Talker: What a match. Both men gave it their all, but
“The human carnivore” Brock Lesner came out on top.
Roma deserves a lot of props. And maybe a JWA World
title shot down the line.

Ross: I will say we have a big time main event tonight
as Tank and Ron Simmons team with a mystery man to
face off with the Tag champs and World champ in Dolls
with Ballz and “The Game” HHH. Let’s go to the back
and Jackleg Pete.


Pete: We have with us the JWA World Heavyweight
champion, the one and only HHH!
HHH: Okay, last week we were in Texas and we had the
little black kid, D-Wizzle and now tonight we are in
Orlando and we have you? Man you’re a piece of work
aint you pal? Well all I can say is I am once again in
a match I don’t want and I am glad that I am nearly
done with this promotion and hell maybe I will go to
UZW and dominate all those punks?

Pete: UZW?

HHH: Yeah, Beavis, I said UZW… let’s look at their
roster, AJ Styles, oh please. This dork aint got
nothing compared to me. Then you have some jobbers
such as Teddy Hart, Lo-Ki, and The Brisco’s, man don’t
they repair cars or something in Tampa…ha ha, oh wait
I can’t leave out their big names, RVD…when I was in
WWE, he could not get ahead for some reason, maybe you
were not smoking the right bush? And last but not
least Rhino…the man beast…the champ. More like the

Pete: What about tonight?

HHH: Nice follow up to my UZW blast, don’t think I
have forgot that company that Foley is commish of,
what the FUW or whatever the hell it is, well they
have 2 good talents. Big Sexy the Giant Killer and Mr.
Scott Hall. The rest of the company is filled with no
talents and never been’s. But your question was about
tonight, well all I can say is that I have 1 option
and that is to sit back and the girls or boys or
whatever they are, take out the mystery partner and

Pete: Are you concerned about the mystery man?

HHH: {Seems to ponder the question}….Nope, you could
go get Godzilla and I still will clean his clock,
cause whomever it is, I am the champ and this aint my
first barbecue.

Pete: Let’s go back to a break and come back with the
Survival match between “Coffee Guy” and “White

Commercial break featuring JWA CUP PPV, Gatorade, and
a Monster Truck Spectacular in Philadelphia. We then
cut back to the ring, where the teams are already in
the ring.

~JWA CUP: Scott Steiner vs. Coffee Guy~
{Steiner comes to the ring second and grabs Copetta’s
Steiner: Well, Well, Well, The Big Bad Booty Daddy is
in the house and I know what the problem with Orlando
is, I figured out that all your bitches are into
freaks and that might be why I can not get a moments
piece since coming to this shitty town. However Coffee
Guy, you Son of a bitch, your ass is going to get a
twofer tonight, getting beat by Freakzilla and getting
fired by the JWA. {Steiner calls Copetta over to hold
the mic} I sure hope Coffee Guy got his ticket…{looks
into the crowd}…I hope he got his ticket to the gun
show, baby!{Steiner then flexes double bicep shot and
then grabs the mic and shoves Copetta} Big Poppa Pump
is your hook-up, holler if you hear me!

(The match is underway with Steiner getting most the
upper hand. Coffee Guy hits all his Trademark
maneuvers. Around the end the masked man from last
week distracts the referee. And Steiner slides to the
outside to get a chair, a dazed and confused Coffee
Guy is staggering in the ring, with the chair in
Steiner hands, Coffee Guy gets a quick glimpse and
hits a Van-Daminator. And gets a two count once the
masked man gets down. Coffee Guy hits a splash off the
second rope but the ref is distracted again by Masked
man, the crowd counts a 10 count with Coffee Guy, when
Coffee Guy gets up to shove Masked Man off, he jumps
down in time for Coffee Guy to turn right into a
Steiner bomb. 1-2-3!!! Masked man gets in the ring and
celebrates with Steiner, Steiner wonders just what
went on, and get’s the idea then walks away with out
masked man.)


Pete: I am standing here and behind this door is the
Mystery man who will team with Tank and Ron Simmons
when they face HHH and the Dolls with balls.
{He opens the door and behind the door is no one}
Pete: Well that is weird, I was told this was to be
the room,
{He is cut off by a ring fresh Steiner}
Steiner: Hey bitch, what the hell are you doing in an
empty room? All I can say is I know what you were
doing but what I did tonight was the first step in
becoming the JWA champion, and tonight I saw my future
and that was “The Beast”, I hate rednecks and I hate
Niggers more and your one huge one, boy! Next week I
am coming to Slammasters and I am coming to show you
why they call me the Freak, Sapp {as he points to his
right arm,} this is a Rock…{then points to the left
arm} and this is the hard place, don’t get caught
between them.

(Jarrett’s Music hits as Jeff and Ric Flair walk down
to the ring, highlights from Flair and Jarrett joining
forces last week are shown with Jarrett giving Coffee
Guy the stroke after some help from Flair.)

("An Indian War chant" Chris Chavis walks down to the
ring and slides in ready for the match who is NOT a
handicap matches, but turns into one.)

(Sluggish match, Flair gets thrown outside by force
again and it's left to Jarrett and Chavis. Flair rolls
back in around the end and Jarrett hits a Russian Leg
sweep on Chavis, as Flair hits a foot drop on Chavis’s
chest. Jarrett tells Flair to get a table. And Flair
does, not in time though, Chavis hits a shoulder
breaker on Jarrett as Flair was finishing constructing
the table. Jarrett then rolls over and grabs a guitar
which is by the ring and swings on Chavis and wins the
match and The Sausage Ninja then performs a run-in{as
JR proclaims, “Sausage Ninja, Sausages Ninja, Sausage
Ninja!”} The Ninja tries to defend his half-brother
but gets throat-tossed outside the ring threw the
constructed table.)

Winner: Jeff Jarrett{Advancing to meet Brock Lesner in
the JWA Cup}


(Ric Flair’s music blares over the P.A. as he prepares
for one on one battle, highlights are shown of his
missed chair shot during the last match and the
flipping Sausage Ninja threw the table.)

(Ken Shamrock music plays as he makes his way out to
the ring he gives an evil glare at masked man from
last week sitting at ringside sitting in the same spot
as last week as he winds up at ringside, but by the
time he turns around Flair is in the air and crash
lands on him. Flair slides in the ring followed by
Shamrock as the match is underway. The match is pretty
much dominated by Ric Flair, until Shamrock hits a
stalling suplex on Flair, the pin-attempt was
unsuccessful. He picks up Ric Flair and taunts for a
pile driver like the masked man in the front row,
Flair flips him over hits a "Figure four leg lock" for
the tap-out and win!)

(After the match Ken Shamrock walks up to the stage,
stares over at Masked Man and shakes his head in


~JWA CUP: Supreme vs. Horseshoe~
Horseshoe grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring.
Supreme and Horseshoe climb the ladder Horseshoe and
Supreme punch each other. Horseshoe punches Supreme
off the ladder. Horseshoe climbs to top and gives
Supreme a big splash off the ladder and goes for a pin
1-2 no! Only 2. Supreme performs the rolling thunder
1-2 no! Only 2. He helps Horseshoe up Supreme climbs
the ladder again so does Horseshoe. Horseshoe gives
Supreme a suplex off the ladder. Horseshoe climbs the
ladder again and gives Supreme a diving head butt of
the top of ladder!. 1-2-kickout! So both men make
their way up the ladder again and Horseshoe slips off
the ladder to land on the mat and Supreme moonsaults
off the ladder onto Horseshoe and 1…2…3! Supreme wins!

Winner: Supreme{Advancing in the JWA CUP to meet the
winner of Johnny the Bull and Bo of the Dolls with

{Music hits and a huge man in a Popeye outfit comes
out to the ring and gets a mic and begins}

Talker: Oh my god, that is the one and only #1 Natural
Bodybuilder and he’s in this month’s FHM, The one man
who could beat HHH in a pose down, 27 inch arms. It’s
Greg Valentino!

Valentino: Listen up!, I want to place an open
challenge to the Genanetic freak, Scott Steiner. Now
Steiner, you punk bitch..I am here to take names and
whip ass and it starts next week with whomever they
want to put in here with me. My goal is Steiner and
then HHH and then to win the World title, I am here to
become the first JWA World champion to be a Natural


The Game’s music sound and the heavy metal music hits
as HHH and The Dolls with Ballz make there way to the
ring for the last match of the nite the 6 man tag
team match. Then Tank, Ron Simmons make there way to
the ring as the fans wonder who the 3rd man is and the
PA blasts….”Do you smell..”
The Rock makes his way onto the stage and looks toward
the ring as he grabs the mic and begins…
Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to the JWA!
{Crowd goes nuts}
Rock: Now let me get this straight and that is, we
have a group of carnival folks in the squared
circle,{he then points to Ron Simmons}
Rock: Okay, Okay, Okay…Kay!, Mr. Florida State, Mr.
First black world champion, Mr. WCW champ and from
what The Rock has saw in the last few weeks,
apparently a closet homosexual. By the way where is
Butch Reed!?
{Crowd cheers and begins a Rocky chant as Simmons just
glares at The People’s champion}
Rock: Oh look I see the former UFC champion, The
Tank…wait I forgot, you never did win an Ultimate
Fighting Championship title, now did you but we sure
know you took advantage of the free buffet they
provide after the event. You look like Sam the butcher
from the Brady Bunch if he would have never made any
money in the shop and ate all the meat!
{Crowd begins to chant Rocky-Rocky}
Rock: We have a big problem here and guess what HHH,
yes I am talking to you Mr. Nose, the biggest piece of
monkey crap in this world. Reason I call you that is I
heard your little promo from earlier,{as his mocks HHH
promo from earlier} you come out here and insult other
wrestling company’s? Why because they signed everyone
but you? Oh wait its cause you sit at home and watch
the UZW and wish you could work there, hey believe me
I went there and I did not make it out well. However
Cripple H, here is the deal…you stand on the apron and
after I get done going with the Dolls with Ballz{just
like exlax goes threw your fat momma}, I will deal
with you Jean-Paul.
Rock: Finally we come to the JWA tag champions, Yeah I
am sure you’re a tag team, you sure get a lot of
practice tagging late at night watching David
Letterman. The name Dolls with Ballz is a very weird
thing, you have tiggle bitties and Jimmy Yang’s…why
don’t you both do this shine each of your members up
and shove them your own ass’s!
{Rock sprints to the ring}
We get this match underway

~Rock/Tank/Simmons vs. HHH/Dolls with Ballz~

Rock and Blake start things of with tie up and a whip
into the ropes shoulder block on Blake by The Rock and
then a Side walk slam by Blake, tag to HHH who comes
in and squashes The Rock with a power slam, he beats
down on The Rock with punches and then a big back
elbow by HHH, Whip by HHH on The Rock, The Rock hits a
drop kick and a hot tag to Ron Simmons who comes and
beats down on HHH clothesline by Ron Simmons and a tag
to Tank Shoulder block by Tank on to HHH who spears
the eyes of Tank and gives him a back breaker tag to
Bo who comes in and power bombs Tank to hell great
impact Bo again try’s for another power bomb but Tank
counters with a roll through and 1..2.. Kick out by Bo
who gets up and finds him going down again with a drop
kick to the sternum by Tank tag to The Rock who gives
Bo the spine buster and kicks 1..2.. kick out Bo of
the ropes The Rock counters and hits a Sit-out rock
bottom for a 2 count tag to HHH who comes in and body
slam to The Rock , HHH goes up top and calls for the
leg drop hits it 1..2.. Kick out HHH has a go at the
ref calls for the pedigree but The Rock counters into
reverse DDT 1..2.. Kick out by The Rock tag to Simmons
who comes in and hits the Power Slam on HHH 1..2..
broken up by Bo and Blake and everyone is in Blake and
HHH go to the outside which leaves only Blake in with
The Rock power slam by The Rock and he calls for the
People’s Elbow but Blake Springs to his feet and hits
the Rock bottom but HHH breaks the count and hits the
pedigree for the 1..2..3 as The Dolls with Balls and
HHH sneak away with a victory.

Winners: Dolls with Balls and HHH


Talker: Well a great win by the JWA World and Tag
champions, and a great return of “The Rock” here in
the JWA. All I can say is tonight has been a great
night for JWA action and JR what is on tap for next

Ross: Tommy, we have a hell of a slobber knocker next
week with the JWA cup continuing with the man you just
saw JWA World Champion HHH facing off with Ron
Simmons. Another big match is going to be Johnny the
Bull vs. Bo of The Dolls with Dolls, and the winner of
that goes from the pan into the fire with that lunatic
Supreme in the second round of the tourney. Then we
have Bob Sapp “The Beast” taking to the ring to face
off with “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” Scott Steiner. Now
how will Steiner deal with not only Sapp but the
challenge of the new man on the scene, Mr. FHM
himself, Greg Valentino! We also have a double Main
event next week with IWGP World title vs. NWA World
Title{Invader #4 and Paul Roma} how will Roma deal
with the loss tonight going into next week?

Talker: Jim, before we sign off here is what the JWA
Cup looks like as we are in the middle of “March
*La Ley Bracket Round #1:
Sapp vs. LA Giant
Steiner vs. Coffee Guy

Shamrock vs. Flair
Simmons vs. HHH

*La Ley Bracket Round #2:
Sapp vs. Steiner
Shamrock vs. Flair

*Skinner Bracket Round #1:
Lesner vs. Roma
Jarrett vs. Chavis

Supreme vs. Horseshoe
Johnny The Bull vs. Bo of the dolls with Ballz

*Skinner Bracket Round #2:
Lesner vs. Jarrett
Supreme vs.?

Talker: We will see you next week, on the JWA!
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

Charlie Manson{AAA}
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[B]JWA Show{June 5th}

JWA Saturday Night Slammasters{06/05/04}
Boston,Ma at The Fleet Center

*Show opens with a tribute video of The Revoltion's
actions last weekend and the video is set to
"Wonderful World". Show then opens with Flair ripping
up a SSA photo and then to the fireworks then to the
booth and Tommy and JR.

Talker: Fans we welcome you to Slammasters and tonight
we have a new era and Jim I am scared to death.
Ross: Yes, Tommy Talker, a new era begins tonight with
"The Natureboy" Ric Flair now in the JWA COO
spot{Cheif Operating officer} and tonight we have
Flair and the shock troops known as Revoltion and yes
Tommy..The Revoltion was telivised last Sunday at "The
King of The Ring". We also have a brand new US and
KOTR champion in "The Rock".
{The arena then blasts the theme of Metallica's
"Imperial March" and the Revoltion's head guy Ric
Flair comes onto the ramp, Flair looks around and
whoos then taps the mic and yells out,}
Flair: The in the house and I am in
Boston Mass to burn this bitch to the ground!..Whooo!
{Flair looks around and smiles}
Flair: Now lookie..lookie here, The Natch is gonna
fire someone..the wrong music was played and he is the
first to go...Now I would like everyone except The
Revoltion and the Championship belt holders to come to
this ring.
{Flair then makes his way to the ring and stands in
the middle as the roster follows him to the ring and
surrounds the ring}
Flair: Now let's see here we have a problem and that
is Austin's presence is still here and guess what, I
am done with Austin's form of JWA wrestling and it
starts tonight...Whoo{Flair then looks at the Austin
impersonator at ringside} Hey punk, why don't you
impersonate someone worth impersonating..oh wait your
doing an impression of a jobless loser...{Crowd chants
Austin} all can shut up!{Crowd boos}
{The music of Richard Head plays as he comes on the
Head: Now Mr. Flair, I do not mean to interupt but you
are now an executive and that means you can't wrestle
so you either name new tag champs or I will be forced
to bring about a tag tounry?
Crowd boos then cheers when they notice Flair is
Flair: Okay Dick...I will take care of it, it's on the
{Head leaves and Flair then begins to speak}
Flair: Now let's deal with a guy who is not even part
of this company but he shows up and slaughters people,
Crowd hisses and boos
Flair: Beeeeeeeee TK...Now pal, you aint working here
and I am frankly astonished that you get away with the
crap you do but you don't mess with people I give a
fuck about, so here is what we are doing. BTK, Austin
would not deal with you, so guess what..I could care
less, you do what you do just stay out of Revoltion
business. Simply, BTK can do whatever he wants as long
as he stays the hell away from me and The Revoltion,
guess what BTK has no contract, so do what ya want.
Now that I have delt with the 1st Austin problem.
Crowd boos
Flair: Okay, I will give you something to boo about,
Hunter..Hurst..well HHH you aint worth finishing with,
so guess what you got your shot at the PPV, no
{HHH's Motorhead theme hits, HHH comes out pissed as
hell in his suit, then he blows past the roster on the
ramp and gets in Flair's face then grabs a mic and
HHH: That is it..I can't deal with this crap anymore,
from day 1...Perot..Austin..Head...and now you...
Crowd chants "Hunter is a cunt"
HHH: Flair, I am been fucking with me all
day about completing a deal to return..I am out of
here, I can't be in a company that does not respect me
and I am going to get some revendge on some punk ass
who messed my rematch, Rhyno...I will be in UZW
quicker than Fed-Ex and I am coming to clean your
clock and everyone's clock in UZW...I am outta here!
Crowd chants "Na nah..Goodbye" as HHH leaves up the
Flair he exits the ring
Flair: Now let's get back to the point of me being out
here, The roster....there are some people who do not
work here anymore, Cause The Natureboy is terminating
your contract, Greg Valentino...LA Giant...Dolls with
Balls...Justin Crediable...And now we have a match we
are gonna do and that is Birdman, Sauage Ninja, The
Fish, Chris Chavis, Macho Man, Ken Shamrock,
Knuckleback, you punks get in this ring and Randy
Anderson get in here and ref this match..ah, well I
guess I might as well not waste anyone's time cause
you assholes I just called into the ring, well
everyone in the FIRED...Now get the fuck out
of here...
{Crowd boos as Flair looks around and smiles, Flair
then gets back in the ring}
Flair: Second thing, were tough but BTK
took care of you, and The Champ is not paying your
medical bills, your services here in the JWA are no
longer needed...Whoo!
{Crowd boos and cheers}
Flair: Now I want the champions of this company to
come on the ramp...
{Crowd cheers as Rock's music plays...Flair then
signals to cut the music}
Flair: No music, just bring your belts and come to the
{The champions come out on the ramp..Flair then walks
up the ramp and brings police escort}
Flair: Okay...6 man champions...Our World champ has
something to say
{Flair hands the mic to Douglas}
Douglas: Birdman and Sauasge Ninja are fired, but the
JWA laws state that we can't fire champs, I am here to
say, gents...well wait, Birdman your no longer a 6 man go do whatever you do and capture BTK for
{Douglas steps over and looks at the SN}
Douglas: Ninja, Go to HELLL.........Your no longer a
champ..your fired!
{Douglas steps over to Hung}
Douglas: Now Billy boy, You people are good with math,
if I defend my belt tonight in 30 days how will I long
till I have to defend again? ..No matter, your fired
{Douglas hands the 6 man belts to Flair and Flair gets
on the mic}
Flair: Now I would like Jim Ross and Tommy Talker to
get up from their announce postion and hand your
headsets over to our New JWA announce team, Kenny
Kaniff and Dusty Rhodes...well wait a second, Talker
you can stay but JR..take a damn hike!
{Crowd chants JR as he heads out and flips Flair off}
Flair: Now I would like Rock to hand his belt over to
{Crowd chants Rocky, Rock then hands his belt over and
leaves toward the back with an angry look}
Flair: The ring announcer, Rich Goings...go take a
seat in Coppetta's spot, Oh and Gary, your taking a
bus out of here, your gone as well
Flair: Now let's remedy this title situation...
{Crowd boos}
Flair: Let me introduce the new US title holder, Scott
{Crowd boos as Steiner flexes and accepts his title
Flair: The new 6 man champions, Jeff Jarrett and our
new tag team champions Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan
{Crowd boos, as Flair hands out title belts}
Flair: Let's see here...oh yeah, Doom and there
mouths...they bitch and gripe..well Teddy Long back in
Doom's locker room are some belts, they aint the World
but you can be the US tag champions...Whoo
{Crowd boos and Long and Doom stare at Flair pissed as
Flair: Now we also have a main event announcment, Bill
Goldberg won at the PPV and beat the freshly Fired
Shamrock...but tonight is the wakeup call, Bill you
are gonna get Franchised!, Tonight you will face Shane
Douglas for the title and you will get beat.
{Crowd errupts with a GOLDBERG chant, Flair instructs
the roster execept Revoltion to go to the back, Flair
hands the mic to Douglas}
Douglas: Matt Morgan, is fed up and now he is our
Revoltion enforcer...and now most of you horn doggs
have noticed{I can tell by the cat calls you perverted
fucks!} Miss Doria, well she is wearing the tightest
Revoltion t-shirt, I have ever saw...God that had to
be painted on!...However tonight Billy boy...Goldberg
get's to go back to mid card status, and bitch come to my ring and then you can get your
ass FRANCHISED!....But Bill I will give you something
to think about for later, And when the smoke clears,
Broken bodies everywhere.
Four words shall be said,
welcome to my nightmare!

{Douglas slams down the mic and the show goes to


Match#01: Non-Title{Jeff "The Chosen One" Jarrett vs.
Ref: Tommy Young
Timelimit: 15 minutes
Jarrett's WCW Cowboy theme starts up as The Chosen one
comes out to a chorus of boos and poses on the ropes,
Horseshu then runs to the ring and locks eyes with
Jarrett. Jarrett and Horeshu go toe to toe...Flair
comes on the tron and yells that this match is now for
the JWA international title{The same belt Brock had
before he left} and instructs the title to be
Jarrett grabs a ladder and Brings it into the ring.
Jarrett and Horeshu climb the ladder Horeshu and
Jarrett punch each other. Horeshu punches Jarrett off
the ladder. Horeshu climbs to top and gives Jarrett a
5-star frog splash off the ladder and goes for a pin
1-2 no! only 2. Horeshu preforms the rolling thunder
1-2 no! only 2. he helps Jarrett up Horeshu climbs the
ladder again so does Jeff. Jarrett gives Horeshu a
suplex off the ladder. Jarrett climbs the ladder again
and gives Horeshu a diving head butt of the top of
ladder!. 1-2-3! Jarrett wins the WWC American
Winner: Jeff Jarrett and New JWA Inter. title
We go backstage with Jena Haze and Ric Flair
Haze: So what was that all about?
Flair: Well Jeana, The Natch is making things happen
and now The Chosen one is the JWA int. champ which
means he is the Quad champ he has the WWA/NWA/IWGP and
now JWA inter. title and guess what we can do what we
want cause I hold the reigns.
Match #02: Ron Simmons vs. Ultimate Warrior
Ref: Nick Patrick
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ron Simmons comes to the ring and flashes the camera a
double bicep pose and then gets in the ring, Flair
then comes out and announces he has filled a roster
spot with Ron's next oppoent, The Ultimate hits the
speakers and the Warrior runs to the ring.
Simmons and Warrior move the match along quickly and
try many cool moves. Simmons goes for the 3 point
stance but missed. UW counters with a power bomb and
goes for a pin 1-2 no Simmons kicks out. Teddy Long is
at ring side for Ron. UW picks Simmons up and Suplexs
him. He goes for a pin 1-2 no! kick out by Simmons.
Suddenly Teddy Long comes in and attacks UW the ref
tells Long to get out of here. Long leaves. Butch Reed
comes down to the ring. Simmons hits the Inverted
powerslam 1-2-3! Simmons wins the Match! He does a
Double bicep shot. Reed helps UW up and raises his
arm, then decks him and celebrates with "The All
Winner: Ron Simmons

Jeana is talking with the King of the ring and former
US champ, "The Rock".
Haze: So..
{Rock shushes her and swipes the mic}
{Crowd goes nuts}
Rock: Now, The Rock has come here with two things and
now he has one, Ric Flair, you piece of
steal the US title from "The Greatone". No No..You
can't take my win at the PPV from me. Now what will
The Rock do? Well tonight I want to dismantle the by one and tonight I want "Frontrow"
Nathan Jones,{Rock then does a Crockadile Dundee
impression of Jones}
Haze: Ha funny
Rock: Nathan Jones...Tonight you better get it
right..cause you will be one on one with the pie
eating...Revoltion beatin...Rockbottom droppen...Flair
with the blue pills a poppin...Gonna be the World
champ...People's champ...Steiner's Title reign was a
Crock..The ROCK!....If you smell what the
JWA Controll Center{Lance Russell}
Next PPV will be Japan Super Show 2004 in Tokyo Japan
at the "Eggdome" and it will feature JWA vs. The World

The main event will be announced this next week and we
will have highlights in the controll center next week
and we also will have news on if IWGP/New Japan signed
our former JWA operations manager "Stonecold" Steve
Match#03: Dr. Death and Animal vs. The Bad Boyz{Steel
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Ref: Mike Kioada
Ric Flair is in the center of the ring, and he is
standing with The Bad Boyz, He then signals his newst
recruits, "Ironman" by Black Sabbath plays and Road
Warrior Animal and Dr. Death Steve Williams come to
the ring.
Talker: Dusty and Kenny, this is an astonishing thing
to see the toughest tag team Bad Boyz have to square
off with two teams who in the late 90's beat each
other down in Japan, LOD/Road Warriors and Dr. Death
and Terry Gordy. Both men have lost tag partners in
the lats few years and now both men form for a run at
the tag titles.
Flair: Now I am a sporting person, so guess
what..Lower the cage above and let's see both of these
teams beat each others asses..Whoo!
{Flair then exits toward the backstage area}
Williams throws G-Money into the cage. Animal beats
G-Dogg with punches. G-Money gets up and trys to
escape the cage Williams pulls him back down. G-Dogg
goes for a stunner and gets pedigred in the middle of
the ring. 1-2 no G-Money breaks up the count. He gives
Williams an Anckle lock and Williams is in great pain.

G-Dogg and G-Money begin to work on Williams and
eventually find some cuffs under the ring and strap
Dr. Death to the cage and then they go into work on
Animal and they do a number on him with stuffed
piledriver after stuffed piledriver.
G-Money climbs up the cage Animal gets up G-Dogg
follows and climbs up the cage and gives Animal a back
drop off the Cage. Oh my god! screams Talker what a
move from the top of the cage!. Animal then wallows in
pain as G-Dogg comes off with a elbow smash and covers
Animal for 1..2..3
Winner: The Bad Boyz
Horeshu challenges for a rematch with all the Quad
titles on the line with for the Japan Supershow
Match#04: Nathan Jones "Frontrow" vs. The Rock
Ref: Charlies Robinson
Timelimit: 30 minutes
Rock comes to the ring and begins to pose, only to be
hammered by Nathan Jones and the bell rings as Jones
puts Rocky into a huge bearhug as Dusty Rhodes yells
from ringside, "Old School...Old School...!" Rock
manages to grab the ropes and "Little Natch" seperates
them and restarts them ...These to monsters of the
ring stand face to face in the ring for at least a
minute or so just staring each other down in the end
Rock breaks the stare with a right hand he smashes
Jones into the corner and chokes him with his boot
Rocky whips him into the corner and then whips him
into the other corner Jones stick his boot up this
time and stops the show with a boot to the grill
stoping th People's champ in his tracks Jones grabs
Rocky by Throat and slams him down with The Front row
Slam ( Modified Choke Slam ) amazing the crowd with
his strength but he wasnt finished there he grabs him
and puts him on his shoulders and gives him what he
calls a Ice Breaker ( Mummy Driver ) and covers him
for the win...1...2...kickout...Rocky then moves to
his feet and starts nailing Jones with rights and
lefts...and Goldberg strolls down to the ring to check
out Jones/Rocky. Jones gets nailed over the top rope,.
Gets up and spits on Bill then jumps back in after
Rock...Biil leaps in and waits for Jones to turn for a
spear when Jones moves and Goldberg spears the rock
out of his boots...Bill gets up and is nailed to the
outside by Jones, Jones then grabs Rocky up for a
Frontrow powerbomb... 1..2..3 with crowd watching on
amazement ...Rock is laying in the middle of the ring
injured as Flair calls for EMT's as he runs to the
ring to celebrate with Nathan Jones. As the Rock is
being hauled off Flair screams, "That's what people
who don't follow our rules get..WHOO!"
Back in the ring:
Supreem is standing with a ladder and a chair and a
old UT wrestling buddy that has been drawn on, Supreem
mocks the crowd till he notices they are back from
Supreem: Well...Well...Welll...Welllll, Look who
survived the big bad UT, none other than the XPW
legend and baddest man in Hardcore, Supreem!
Crowd boos and chants ECW Rules!
Supreem: Now UT does not even have a contract here, so
I want someone who has a contract, I cleaned out my
divison...and now I want to start on another...I saw
Jeff Jarrett in the back with all his shiny belts,
well bitch...I want them and I want them now, so
Jeffrey..come on out and let's do this thing, However
since you will not come out here, I want Big Poppa
Pooped..Scott Steiner, see when you save the babes for
later, like the hunka burning love did you keep your
belts, So Steiner come on out so I can win your US
Crowd chants Supreem is a Flamer!
{The Chosen One's music hits and Flair and Jarrett
come on the ramp,}
Jarrett: Listen up, come out here and
call me Jeffrey...I aint the Toys R US mascot, you
fagot...I am The Chosen one, the Quad champion,
WWA/IWGP/NWA/JWA international are some
fat ass prick who beats people with trash cans and
calls it a divison of wrestling?
{Crowd chants XPW and ECW}
Supreem: Oh and I suppose if I was using a
would be better?
{Crowd laughs and chants Fuck him Supreem Fuck him
Jarrett: That's not the point, the point is you want
Steiner and then you want me the point you piec...
{Flair cuts him off and swipes the mic}
That's right next week you think your bad...bring your
hardcore belt and Jeff will bring his and we can do
this for the titles...oh and lose...I
get to shit can your ass next week!
Promo for Japan Supershow 2004
Match#05: Jimmy The Closer vs. The Undertaker
both men are introduced and UT then locks up with The
Closer, UT then grabs the closer in a sideheadlock and
goes into a mat headlock and UT then breaks off and
waits for The closer to stand up and UT then grabs The
Closer by a chokeslam and into the pin.
Winner: Undertaker
Post match: UT rides out on his bike and Jimmy The
Closer leaps to his feet and the lights go out and
when they come back up BTK is standing at the top of
thr ramp, Jimmy The closer is bloody and tied to each
ring pole speard eagle in the center of the ring.
Backstage: Bob Sapp and Tommy Dreamer cut a promo on
their tag match
Match#06: Bob Sapp and Tommy Dreamer vs. Scott Steiner
and Matt Morgan
Ref: Charlies Robinson
Timelimit: 45 minute
Sapp and Dreamer hit the ring first as we have our
next match of the nite, then the 2 big Revoltion
monsters hit the ring weighting in at a combined wait
of over 700 pounds
Steiner and Dreamer start things off with a wrist lock
on Dreamer he reverses it in a headlock Steiner pushes
TD to the ropes and they bounce off Steiner delivering
a big back body drop on TD tag to Morgan and they beat
on TD with the double team with a huge doulbe
clothesline on TD , Matt Morgan whips TD into the
corner boot to the face on Morgan and then a jumping
heel kick by TD tag to Sapp who comes in and hit a
atomic drop on Morgan he rolls to the outside and
Steiner and Sapp go at it Steiner with a powerslam and
then up top for a huge leg drop 1..2.. kick out by
Sapp ...Steiner back in and again they use the double
team with a huge reverse powerbomb TD charges in and
stops the pin count TD and Morgan to the outside and
Steiner is grab by Sapp go at it and then out of no
where Steiner nails a Steinerline on Sapp and dumps
him on the outside. TD picks up a chair and swats down
Morgan, only to miss Morgan and nail Sapp...Steiner
brings Sapp back in for a recliner and the win. After
the match TD and Sapp brawl only to have secruity
seperate them...
Winner: Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan
Backstage: Goldberg calls out Flair to get in the way
of the train that is gonna roll over Shane Douglas and
make Bill Goldberg the World champion.
Main Event: JWA World Title{Shane "Franchise" Douglas
vs. Bill Goldberg}
Ref: John McCarthy and Tommy Young
Timelimit: 60 minutes or TV time remaining
"Perfect Strangers" hits as Douglas and Doria come to
the ring and Shane poses on the ropes then hands his
World title to John McCarthy, and waits on Bill's
introduction. The tron shows the locker room door bust
open and Bill Goldberg comes to the ring with full
police escort, Bill then makes his way up to the ramp
opening and breathes the fireworks and then snorts and
spits and stalks out to the ring, Bill Goldberg then
comes into the ring and roars at the crowd, Crowd
begins to chant "GOLDBERG". Bill then comes out to the
center to stare down with Douglas while John McCarthy
explains the final rules for the match. Then he breaks
both men to their corners and starts the bout. Both
men size each other up and Bill is the 1st to collar
and elbow with Douglas, Douglas gains a sideheadlock
Goldberg manages to entangle the ropes and a break,
Shane and Goldberg begin some right and lefts
exchanges and Shane get's the upperhand which leads to
Shane Douglas about to get the pedigree but Bill
backdrops him and is about to clothesline him when
Douglas pulls the referee behind him and the ref is
knocked out cold. Shane gets the sledge hammer and is
about to hit Bill with it when out comes ric flair
pulls the hammer out of Douglas's hand and hands it to
the outside ref, Tommy Young...Bill then runs over
Douglas with a shoulderblock, .Bill then flips off
Flair, Bill then waits and spears Douglas and hits
the jackhammer suplex then pins Douglas and wins the
Crowd goes nuts with Goldberg chants....Flair then
calls it off and calls for silence, He then directs
everyone to the tron where Goldberg pined Douglas and
at the count of #2..Bill hooks the leg of Douglas for
the pinfall. Flair then yells that the rulebook states
if a pin is broke the count must start over and Flair
will enforce the rules. So he re-starts the matchup.
The match starts with Bill trying to hit Douglas, but
Shane ducks out and leaves the ring. He walks over to
the timekeeper and gets a chair. Goldberg leaves the
ring, but Shane hits him in the head. Bill does not go
down instead he punches the chair right back into
Shane's face. Shane falls back and Bill hits him
again with the chair. Shane falls on top of the
timekeeper. Bill goes under the ring and pulls out a
trashcan. Shane stands up, but is knocked back down by
the trashcan. The can has a huge dent in it so Bill
throws the can into the ring and gets another one.
This time Shane kicks the can back into Bill's face.
Douglas stands up and throws Bill into the turnbuckle,
which busts him open. Shane picks up Bill and belly to
belly'S him onto the barricade breaking five of his
ribs. The ref begins to count 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10
Winner: Shane "The Franchise" Douglas still World
Champion of the JWA
End of show
Thanks for Checking this out please provide me some feedback,

Jiggy Jaguar

The Greatest Wrestler in Mexico!

Charlie Manson{AAA}
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