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Fantasy TNA: The First Show
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Default Fantasy TNA: The First Show

As you know this is my first show. Since it’s the first one I tried to keep promo and storyline stuff to a minimum, this was really used to set up for some promos. I’m going to be trying to post a show every week.
Please read and post feedback, and give ratings out of 10 if you would like. Thank you.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome! Welcome to the first show of NWA:TNA! I’m Michael Cole and this is Josh Matthews. We have an amazing card tonight, with the first round of the NWA:TNA championship tournament, we have Jeff Hardy vs. Val Venis vs. Spike Dudley vs. Christian in a four way ladder match for the Hardcore title. And at the end of the show the main event for next week will be announced, which will be the two competitors for the Intercontinental championship! Now, here’s our first match in our eight man tourney for the TNA championship belt; Christopher Nowinski against EDGE!

Nowinski comes out to massive boos, as he showboats to the crowd, but they will have none of it. He slides cockily into the ring, and plays to them, but he’s met by another resounding chorous of boos. He grabs his mic You know what? I don’t care what you people think! I went to Harvard U! My IQ is probably higher than all of yours combined! So just shut your mouths! He is about to say more but is cut off when Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie hits, and lights start flashing. Smoke starts coming out, and Edge comes out! He runs over to the side of the stage, and plays to the crowd, who meet him with a massive pop, as Nowinski looks on in disgust. Edge sprints to the ring, and slides under the ropes, then stands up to face Nowinski. The bell rings, and the men circle each other.

They both step forward for a collar and elbow tie up, and Nowinski cynches in a headlock. He tightens his hold, then does it again and again. Edge backs up into the ropes, and shoves Nowinski. He comes off the ropes, and takes down Edge with a shoulder tackle. Chris runs off the ropes, and Edge rises to his feet, he jumps over Nowinski’s head as he barrels through, and as he comes back hits him with a spinning heel kick! Edge picks Chris back up, and nails him with a back suplex. Now Edge walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up top. He waits patiently for Nowinski to get up, and when he does, Edge leaps off, going for the missile dropkick. But Nowinski dodges! He covers Edge…1…kick out. Cole:Chris your not going to beat Edge that easily…

Nowinski locks Edge in a sleeper hold, trying to choke him out. Edge is trying to fight out, but his struggles are getting weaker and weaker. The ref picks up the arm, drops once, drops twice, but Edge holds it up the third time! He struggles to his feet, trying to gain back some energy. He elbows Nowinski in the gut once, twice, three times, and the hold is broken. Chris whips Edge across the ring, and when he comes back goes for a vicious kick to the stomach, Edge catches his foot, spins him around, and nails the Edgecution! He covers…1…2…3!
Winner: Edge in 4:46
ColeAnd that’s all she wrote folks, Edge pulls out a win over Chris Nowinski to advance to the next round in our title tournament, to face the winner of Scott Hall vs. John Cena. We’ll be right back…

We cut to the ring and Scott Hall is already standing in there, toothpick in mouth, waiting for John Cena to come to the ring. Word Life sounds through the speakers as Cena comes out, holding a mic, Cena: Yo yo yo gimme a beat y’all. His music changes to a hip hop beat. Scott Hall, Scott Hall
Let me tell ya brotha, you ain’t got no balls.
I see you in that ring, shaking like a pussy
From what I see, your just a little wussy.
Now you think- Cena is cut off as he is clotheslined from behind by Kevin Nash! Nash starts to stomp on Cena, and Hall exits the ring to join in the fun. Finally the two let up, and Hall rolls Cena into the ring. Hall still has his toothpick in his mouth, so as he stands over Cena he spits it at his face, just adding insult to injury. The bell rings, and the match officially begins. Cena struggles to his feet, and Hall lets him get up, then decks him with a punch to the jaw. Cena once again rises, and stumbles. He bounces off the ropes, and Hall clobbers him with a clothesline. Hall runs across the ring, and comes back with a jumping elbow drop. He goes back, and does it again. He goes for a third, but Cena gets up! He moves and Hall smashes his elbow on the canvas, and bounces to his feet, nursing his elbow. Hall goes to take Cena out, and takes a swing. Cena ducks, and Hall spins around backwards. Cena nails him with a back drop, and both men are down! The ref starts counting…

1! 2! 3! 4! Both men start to stir, 5! 6! Cena gets to his feet, Hall is on his hands and knees. Cena kicks Hall in the gut, and he rolls over in pain. Cena goes again, and Hall is backed up against the turnbuckle. Cena stomps on his head a few times, then backs up across the ring. He charges, going to spear Hall while he’s down, but Hall moves and Cena crashes his shoulder off of the bottom turnbuckle. Hall has obviously had enough, as he exits the ring. He grabs a steel chair from next to the announce table, enters the ring, and smashes it over the head of Cena. The ref signals for the bell, and he tries to get Hall to leave the ring. Hall won’t go, and Nash comes up behind the ref and pins his arms, as Hall nails the referee in the head with the chair! He turns to Cena, and repeatedly hits him with the chair, in the back, the ribs, and in the head. He finally raises his arms to the crowd before exiting the ring and heading to the back amid a chorus of boos.
Josh Matthews: What a horrible display put on by Hall and Nash here tonight, not only do they attack John Cena, once from behind, and once with a chair, they also attack a poor referee, which is sickening.

Cole: I could not agree with you more Josh, that was just heinous. Uncalled for and heinous, Scott Hall should be ashamed. We can only hope that John Cena is now ok, as he is being tended to by trainers in the back. Now, we still have plenty to look forward to in this first night of NWA:TNA, we still have the four way hardcore title ladder match, and the three way dance for the cruiserweight belt, not to forget the next two opening matches in this Heavyweight title tournament. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back!...

We come back, and masks start flashing on the titantron. Pyros explode from the stage as Rey Mysterio launches up into the air. He stands facing the crowd, taking in the explosion of cheers he received, and heads to the ring. He stops to shake hands with and high five many of them. He slides into the ring, and walks over to the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd, and receives a huge pop! He stands, and waits for the next competitor, who’s music hits…it’s Billy Kidman! He comes out to a pop, just not a large as Rey’s, nor is it even close. Kidman still seems pleased as he heads to the ring, and slides in. He walks over and stands next to Rey. Now Ultimo Dragon’s music hits, and the arena completely goes nuts! The whole crowd explodes with cheers as the legend Ultimo Dragon makes his way to the ring. He slides under the ropes as well, and shakes hands with his two opponents. All three men have tremendous respect for each other. They step back, and the bells rings, starting the match.

Ulimo and Kidman start things off with Kidman knocking Ultimo down with a drop toe hold. Ultimo comes back up, and Kidman whips him, straight into a springboard missile dropkick by Rey! Kidman goes to shake Rey’s hand, but Rey hops on his shoulders and performs a huricanranna, surprising Kidman. 1…2…broken up by Ultimo! He picks up Rey and tosses him over the top rope to the outside. Rey smashes off the floor and lays motionless. Now Ultimo locks in a headlock on Kidman, periodically lifting up and hitting Kidman with a knee to the back. Finally Kidman starts fighting his way to his feet, and brings Ultimo back into a Northern Lights Suplex, 1…2…Ultimo bridges out of it. He turns, and nails Kidman in the head with a heel kick. He covers…1…2…but Rey has recovered and has hit him across the back of the head with a springboard legdrop. Now it’s Ultimo’s turn to be tossed out of the ring, as Kidman struggles to his feet. Rey dropkicks Kidman in the chest, sending him back into 619 position on the ropes! Rey runs off the opposite ropes, but his foot is grabbed by Ultimo. Rey is dropped on his face as Ultimo enters the ring, and Rey is met with a savage kick to the midsection. He rolls across the ring in pain, and Ultimo charges at him. He is tripped up by Rey and lands on the ropes next to Kidman. Rey runs off the ropes, DOUBLE 619!!! Both men go sprawling backwards across the ring. Rey waits for them to rise, and as he can’t do a double west coast hop, he goes for a double clothesline. But, he’s caught in mid-air by both men. They hoist him up, and deliver a double powerbomb! Rey’s body crashes off the mat! Now Kidman turns and goes to kick at Ultimo’s midsection, but Ultimo blocks. Kidman leaps and nails Ultimo with an En-Seguri!(sp? If not you know what I’m talking about) Now Rey is still reeling from the powerbomb, so Kidman drags him across the ring, and situates him for a shooting star press! Billy climbs up to the turnbuckle, as Ultimo is also struggling to his feet, but Kidman doesn’t notice. Ultimo bounces off the ropes, knocking Kidman down to straddle the turnbuckle. Ultimo takes advantage and darts in to cover Rey…1…2…3! THE NWA:TNA CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION IS ULTIMO DRAGON! Ultimo exits the ring to some cheers, but considerably less than what he received when he started the match. Kidman looks on at him in rage, still straddling the turnbuckle.

Cole:Well Josh Kidman sure is angry. He had the match well won, but congratulations to a very alert Ultimo Dragon, the first official title holder in NWA:TNA.
Josh: Your correct Michael. I thought that was a shocker myself. I thought Billy Kidman had that match won. Undoubtedly we will hear from Kidman next week

Cole: Sure your right Josh. Right next we have the two remaining first round matches for the Heavyweight Championship, the first one will be Hulk Hogan vs. X-Pac, and the second will be Scott Steiner vs. Randy Orton. So don’t go away, we’ll be right back!

Cole: We are back here live for NWA:TNA! Coming up right now, the first round match of Hulk Hogan vs. X-Pac![i]
Voodoo child hits and Hulk Hogan comes out, dressed in his trademark red and yellow. He cups an ear to the crowd, who are loving it. He strolls to the ring, and climbs up the steps, and steps through the ropes, and cups his hand to his ear again, and gets a huge pop. Now, out comes X-Pac, to little reaction from the crowd. It’s a mixture of cheers and boos, and no one really cares about him. He slides into the ring and the bell rings.

The two men circle each other, feeling each other out. Hogan goes to grapple with X-Pac, who ducks under and around, and rolls up Hogan in a schoolboy, he gets a one count then a kick-out. Hogan bounces up, and punches X-Pac in the face, he falls down, and bounces up into a clothesline. Hogan picks up him, and delivers three punches to the nose, whips X-Pac, and nails him with a boot to the face. He runs off the ropes, and hits the Leg Drop. 1…2…3!
Winner in 1:22; Hulk Hogan

Josh:[i]Well, Hogan with a squash win over X-Pac in the first round of this title tournament, you really gotta like his chances here. He’s looking in great shape, and X-Pac is a good competitor, if Hogan can beat him that easily, I think he could win this thing.

Cole: Right you are Josh, but I also like the chances of these two men, Randy Orton and Scott Steiner, here it comes
The arena goes dark and sirens start sounding and flashing everywhere. The titantron says “Holla, if ya hear me,” and out comes Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.

Cole: Here’s Scott Steiner, he looks to be in great shape, I’m sure his “freaks” are liking that, now here comes his opponent, Randy Orton

Orton comes out with a pop comparable to Steiner’s and enters the ring. Steiner walks up to him and flexes right in his face. Orton looks in disgust, and the bell rings. Steiner simply decks Orton with a right hand to the head. Randy is rolling around, holding his head. Steiner picks up Randy, and hits him with a back suplex, he covers…1…2, he let him go! Steiner is doing pushups in the center of the ring! He’s oblivious to Orton, who rolls over and kicks Steiner in the leg. He falls, clutching his thigh. Orton struggles to his feet, and delivers another savage kick to the midsection of Steiner. Steiner rolls over, as Orton heads to the top rope. He waits for Steiner to rise, and he leaps off going for a cross body, but he’s caught by the big man! Steiner walks around the ring for a few seconds, the hoists Orton up over his head, and presses him, and drops him on his face! Orton is rolling around, gasping for air as Steiner picks him back up. He whips Orton, and ducks for a back body drop, but is kicked in the chest. Orton goes for a suplex, but Steiner blocks, and nails Orton with a belly to belly. He covers…1…2…3
Winner in 5:34 Scott Steiner

Cole: Well, now we have the brackets for the next round of our tournament to crown our champion. The semi finals and the final will take place at the next show, with Edge facing John Cena, and Hulk Hogan facing Scott Steiner. This is shaping up to be a very good tournament, so make sure you tune in to see who comes out on top.
Josh: Yes, and up next we have the main event, the four way ladder match for the hardcore championship with Spike Dudley, Val Venis, Christian, and Jeff Hardy all compete for the belt, it’s up next, don’t go away…

Val Venis’s music hits, and he comes sauntering out onto the stage, in his customary towel. “Hellllllooooooooooooooooooo LADIES!” He booms as he strolls down the ramp. “The Big Valbowski is here tonight, to make one LOVELY lady’s dreams come true, now who’s it gonna b-“ He’s cut off as he’s hit from behind by Christian, who picks him quickly back up, and throws him against the ring barricade. Jeff and Spike come out without their entrances and take Christian down, and throw him and Val into the ring. The bell rings and the match officially starts.

Val has recovered and he and Spike double team Christian, whipping him into the ropes, then hitting him with a double clothesline. As this is going Jeff has slid out of the ring and gone to grab a ladder. There are two set up outside, and undoubtedly another underneath the ring. Jeff slides it back into the ring, and smashes the end straight into the head of Val, who crumples. He then spins around with the ladder out at both sides of him, hitting both Spike and Christian. All three men are down as Jeff sets up the ladder and starts to climb. He’s reached the top rung, but Val reaches over and kicks the ladder, making in wobble, and Jeff crouches down on it, clutching the top. Val kicks it again, and it wobbles even more. He kicks it a third time, and this time it falls, with Jeff going flying out of the ring. Val gets to his feet, and sets up the ladder again. This time he is going for the belt, suspended above the ring! But Spike also reaches his feet, he was playing possum! He climbs the ladder with lightning speed, and both reach the top rung at the same time. Spike smashes the head of Val onto the top of the ladder, and turns around on the rung slowly. He locks the head of Val, and delivers a Dudley Dog, sending Val’s head into the ladder and Spike to the floor. Val falls backwards off the ladder, landing flat on his back, to clear the way for Christian.

Christian throws Spike out of the ring, and does the same for Val, and climbs the ladder. Christian is climbing, but he sees Jeff climbing back into the ring, and thinks better of it. He climbs down, and stomps on Jeff. Christian walks away and turns away to celebrate, and walks into a dropkick by Jeff. Christian bounces up and Jeff punches him once, twice, three times, and whips him off the ropes. He comes back into a drop toe hold ONTO THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER! Christian is rolling around, holding his face, and Jeff sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs. He reaches the top, starts reaching for the belt, but the stops, and stands on the top platform. He puts his hands to his mouth and yells “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” before jumping off the ladder and giving Christian a Swantom Bomb. Val has recovered and is standing on the top rope, and he nails Christian with The Money Shot Val gets up and is met with a dropkick by Jeff, and he stumbles through the ropes to the floor below. Jeff gets up and climbs the ladder, he’s inches away from the top…when…he grabs it! Jeff Hardy is the TNA: Hardcore champion!
Winner in 12:21, Jeff Hardy.

Cole:Oh my god what a match! Jeff gave a ton of energy into that match, and it’s a good thing that he won. Wait, what’s this… Everyone’s attention goes to the stage, and there is a man standing there with a steel chair! ITS BALLS MAHONEY! He charges the ring, and nails Jeff Hardy in the face, he cracks the chair across Jeff’s back one, two, three, four times, then does the same to Christian! He exits the ring and smashes the hell out of Spike and Val as well! And as suddenly as he came he exits the ring, pointing at the champion Jeff, who is lying on the mat, spitting blood.

Josh:My dear lord Michael! Balls has just slaughtered the four competitors! Undoubtedly we will see Jeff come back for some retribution next week. Also next week we have the semi finals and finals of the NWA:TNA title tournament, and will we see the cruiserweight champion Ultimo Dragon? And what of the Intercontinental title? I’m Josh Matthews, and this is Michael Cole, later days…

Fade to black….

Next Genartion of wrestling.
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