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The Invasion Angle......My Way!
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Default The Invasion Angle......My Way!

Ok here are the some rules and changes I would have made.
- HHH was injured for the angle.
- Benoit was injured for the angle.
- Haku aka Meng would not have made his debut in WWE just yet.
- The following wrestlers would have had their contracts bought out. I know it could be expensive but damn this is the most antisipated angle ever! You need to spend lots mof money to make it work. Anyway these guys would have been bought out of their contracts: Hall, Nash, Steiner, Curt Henning, Eric Bischoff and Sting.

So the new WCW Roster would be:

WCW World and US Champion: Booker T
WCW Tag Team Champions: Palumbo and O'Haire
WCW CW Champion: Shane Helms
DDP, Kidman, Hugh Morris, Shawn Stasiac, Kanyon, Jindrak, Torrie, Stacy, Kronik, Rey Mysterio (masked), Reno, Mike Sanders, Johnny Stamboli, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Hall, Nash, Henning, Sting Steiner all led by Bischoff.

Ok now first off when Shane came out he instead would tell the fans that he has used his McMahon name to sign WCW over to its rightful owner... Eric Bischoff. IMO WCW wouldn't be the same without him. Ok now lets begin what could have been the worlds greatest angle. Before I begin Vince really should have straightend his guys out. The fact that he truly believed WCW wrestlers were bad workers and inferior to WWE is really poor leadership.

Ok so its KOTR. Benoit and Jericho take on a heel SCSA. The ref takes a big bump and Benoit is ready to cover Austin to be the new champion. Out comes the first WCW invader, Diamond Dalls Page. Gotta start things off with a bang! Pun INtended! HAHAHA! DDP runs in with a chair and drills Jericho who tries to intercept him. Benoit who is already tired tries to stop him but gets a diamond cutter on the chair. Austin pulls out the win. But like I said Benoit is injured during this match. So the next night Jericho comes out and says his good friend fractured his spine when DDP attacked him. BAM a great angle unfolds and you didn't have to try real hard. Jericho is visable upset at DDP. He challenges Page to a match tonight! Vince comes out and wants nothing to do with WCW. Austin comes out and says he hates the fact that people say Austin only won with help from WCW. Jericho says he could beat Austin wihtout any help. Austin challenges him to a cage match so nobody can interfere. Jericho accepts and the match is on.

Austin and Jericho both head to the ring. The cage hangs above the arena. As the cage lowers it stops with only 6 or 7 feet from the floor. Austin and Jericho look around to see whats going on. Out from the crowd comes DDP, Kronik and Reno. The four enter the ring and beat down the two WWE stars. The cage lowers all the way. Vince runs out with a few WWE stars one being Angle. The WWE stars try to climb the cage to get in. The cage starts going up with the WWE stars clung to it. The WCW starts exit under the bottom of the cage with the WWE stars hung high and dry.

The next few weeks the steel cage incident is the talk all over the locker room. A few incidents occurr where random WCW stars interfere in a WWE match thus causing a no contest. The WWE locker room is furious and call a meeting. The Undertaker takes a stand as the locker room leader and says that WCW is after us. WCW has nothing to lose by attacking the big dogs, expect every dirty trick and expect no mercy. Undertaker then says there will be a war because right now I am officially declairing one.

In the final segemtn of this RAW Eric Bischoff himself comes out. He says he was granted the last 15 minutes of RAW by Linda to say what he has to say. Eric says that what happened to WCW was not the way it should have been. Eric says fate made a mistake when WCW was taken off the air but he will rectfy that mistake and destroy the company that should have been destroyed. He says WWE was on the brink of bankrupcy more then once and what didn't happen should have but soon will. Eric accpets the Undertaker's challenge and says the in 2 weeks they will be in Atlanta. But next week he wants to challenge Vince for control over RAW in Atlanta. Vince's 3 best take on the WCW's 3 best. Vince comes out and accepts.

Next week Angle, Austin and Undertaker take on DDP, Hall and Nash. Vince jokes about Hall and Nash not being able to cut it in WWE. Angle and Austin don't work well with the Undertaker which causes problems. During the match when chaos ensues out comes the WCW Champion Booker T. Booker nails a Bookend on Angle. Hall covers for the 3. Next week is WCW Nitro in Atlanta.

Bischoff says tonight he is in control of the show. he sets up 6 matches. The main event is the WWE title on the line against a mystery WCW wrestler. Austin defends the title against an unlikly contender in Curt Henning defeats Austin to capture the title with some help from Kanyon. Booker awards Kanyon with the US title for a job well done. Vince is super pissed about the WWE title falling into enemy hands. He creats a plan and says at Invasion there will be a 5 on 5 match. The winning team gets a shot at all belts whenever they want it.

Invasion occurrs and team WCW are the victors. Vince is inraged. He then signs two unlikly free angents to assist WWE in this time of crisis: RVD and Tommy Dreamer. WCW uses their title challenges rather quickly. Kronik fail to capture the WWE tag titles, Shawn Stasiac captures the IC title but loses it to RVD a week later, Mysterio captures the LW title but in a multi man hardcore match Dreamer walks away with the gold despite the efforts of one Mike Awesome.

By now the midcarders have something to fight for. So the folloing feuds ensue: WCW tag champs and the Hardy boys, Team Canada and Team E and C, the Dudley Boys and APA feud with the thrillers, RVD and Kanyon feud and Steiner and Jericho feud. Meanwhile Undertaker is really wanting a piece of Henning and to regain the WWE title but Austin wants revenge on Booker and wants to take his WCW title. Angle however feels he is the man for the job. Austin and Angle have a #1 contenders match to determine who will face Booker T. The match is ruined by DDP. Vince allows Austin his revenge. DDP who is the most outspoke in the WCW camp proclaims that Angle is unworth of a WCW title shot, Austin yeah but not Angle. The ensues a fedu between the 2. At a RAW event Undertaker and Austin both fail to capture the titles. But before the show closes the Rock returns and challenges Henning for the title at SS. Henning accepts.

SummerSlam Card:
DDP vs. Angle
Henning vs. Rock for the WWE title
Booker T vs. Austin for the WCW title
RVD and Team E and C vs. Kanyon and Team Canada
Palumbo and O'Haire vs. The Hardy Boys with both tag titles on the line.
Hall, Nash and Steiner vs. Jericho, Kane and the Undertaker
Dudley Boys vs. Reno and Stamboli
Plus a big suprise from Bischoff

The SS winners: Angle, Rock, Booker T, Kanyon and Team Canada, Palumbo and O'Haire, Jericho and BOD, Dudley Boys. Eric unvails his big suprise to be the return of the biggest WCW superstar ever! Sting tomorrow on RAW.

The next night Henning challenges Rock to a rematch. He almost wins even with help from Meng, however an unlickly aid in the Big Show stops Meng. Bischoff comes out and introduces Sting. Bischoff says Sting will be the man to defeat Rock for the WWE title. Sting grabs the mic and says for years you and the nWo have tried to take over the businesse. You tried to destroy me and cut me off ever chance you got, now you want my help. I say forget it! Undertaker comes out and says he respects Sting a hell of alot but says he is still blood in the WWE water. Sting says if he has a problem with him being here then he needs to make it clear. Taker then makes it really clear by already challenging Sting to a match at Unforgiven. Sting accepts and the two shake hands.

On SD Sting cuts a promo but Bischoff and the Thrilles interupt. Eric says these men will remind Sting who he works for. Sting pulls out his bat and says he will remind them what real pain is. Sting fights them off as long as possible but he cant hold up. Undertaker makes the save along with Kane. Undertaker says he did this out of respect. Sting says just because he represents WCW doesn't make him a bad guy. Taker says he is sorry but it makes him an enemy.

Meanwhile in the main event scene. At Unforgiven Rock challenges DDP and Henning for the belt. However Angle comes out and says he beat DDP and he deserves a shot at the WCW title. Thus a 4 way match for the WWE title takes place. Booker T is still fighting off Austin and now Jericho. Booker enlists the help of Scott Hall. During a tag match Hall costs them the match. Booker is upset and another 4 way title match takes place.

Unforgiven card:
WWE title match, Rock (c) vs. DDP vs. Henning vs. Angle
WCW title match, Booker T (c) vs. Austin vs. Hall vs. Jericho
Kane vs. Kanyon for the US title
Meng vs. Big Show
Sting vs. Undertaker
Dudley Boys vs. the WCW and WWE tag champs Palumob and O'Haire
Edge and Christian vs. Team Canada
RVD vs. Mike Sanders for the IC title

Unforgiven winners:
Rock, Booker T, Kane, Big Show, Palumbo and O'Haire, Team Canada, RVD and the thrillers ruin the Sting and Undertaker match and exact revenge on the two.

The next night Sting announces he cant leave WCW because his roots are too deep. The thrillers come out and call Sting a traitor. Undertaker makes the save and the main even is Undertaker and Sting vs. Mike Sanders, Reno, Stamboli and Stasiac. Taker and Sting win but Taker is attacked by DDP and Sting by Austin. DDP says he wants to eliminate the biggest advantage to WWE. Austin just hates the fact that Sting thinks he is one of the WWE guys. Meanwhile Jericho is looking at becoming WCW champion. Jericho feuds with Booker T. Meanwhile Scott Steiner steps up to the plate for WCW.

No Mercy Card:
WWE title match: Rock c vs. Steiner
WCW title match: Booker T vs. Jericho
US title match: Kane vs. Meng
Austin vs. Sting
Undertaker vs. DDP
The double tag champs Palumbo and O'Haire vs. Edge and Christian
Henning vs. Angle
IC title match: RVD vs. Kanyon

Winners: Rock, Jericho, Kane, Sting via DQ, Undertaker, Palumbo and O'Haire, Angle, RVD

The next night WCW is determined to regain their gold. WCW issues a match for WWE. War games. If team WCW wins they get their shot at the 2 world titles. WWE accepts.

SS card:
War games
Team WWE- Austin, Rock, Undertaker and Angle vs. Team WCW- Henning, Booker T, DDP and Kevin Nash
Kane vs. Kanyon for the US title
Team Canada and Palumbo and O'Haire vs. Hardy Boys and Dudley Boys
RVD vs. Reno for the IC title
Sting vs. Mike Sanders

Winners: Team WCW, Kanyon, Team Canad and the double tag champs, RVD, Sting

The next night on RAW Booker T regains his WCW title and DDP captures the WWE title. This huge blow to WWE forces WCW to make the final attack. WCW announces that the next ppv will be called Starcade (due to a stipulation in the wargames match) at Starcade the end of WWE will occurr. Undertaker meets with Sting. He tells Sting that at Starcade no matter who wins he will be fired. Sting already knows. Undertaker says he has enjoyed being his friend. Later in that RAW a bogus Sting attacks Undertaker costing him a match with Mike Awesome. The real Sting appears to chase off the fake one. Undertaker doesn't see the real Sting chase away the fake one. Undertaker choke slams the real Sting. On SD Sting shows the world what really happened. Undertaker comes out and apologizes and said he made a huge mistake. Sting said its too late for that. He said Undertaker called Sting a friend on RAW but then didn't believe him when a fake Sting attacked him. Sting said that if he cant trust him he is no friend. Sting says he will finish this at Starcade. Later during Taker and Kanes tag match with Team Canada. Kane is distracted when Kanyon comes out to flaunt his US title. Kane runs off. Kane the returns to attack Undertaker. Out comes Sting who pulls off Kane's mask revealing Brian Clark. Sting says now you know how it feels to be attacked by what you assume to be a friend.

Meanwhile Kanyon challenges RVD to a unifacation match. Kanyon claims he is better the RVD. The 2 have a title match and Kanyon wins the IC belt. The match itself turns out to be awesome.

Hall and Nash strike up a feud with Team E and C.

Hening and Jericho feud as well.

Starcade card:

Team WWE- Austin, Angle, Kane, Rock and Big Show vs. Team WCW- DDP, Booker T, Palumbo, O'Haire and Steiner

The selection on the tag champs raises eyebrows but Bischoff is confident that they can help as they along wiht Sting are the only unbeaten wrestlers since the invasion started.

Undertaker vs. Sting
Henning vs. Angle
RVD vs. Kanyon c in a US and IC unifacation match, winner becomes either US or Ic champ pendng on the main event results.
Hall and Nash vs. Team E and C
Team Canada v.s The Hardy Boys
CW and LW title unifacation match Mysterio the CW champ vs. Chavo the LW champ. At this point Mysterio is a face despite being in WCW.

Starcade winners: Team WWE, Undertaker, Angle, Kanyon, Team E and C, Team Canada, Mysterio

Well thats my version of the WCW invasion. I know I lacked on the cruiserweights but I figured they could just be used to open shows since WWE had really no lightweights. So it would really only be WCW CW vs. Jeff Hardy lol. But thats my story. Feedback would be really great. I didn't spend all this time writing it for nothing lol

Next Genartion of wrestling.
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Default excellent

man you are good you should right this weekley like a raw and smackdown.
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