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JWA Saturday Night Slam
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Default JWA Saturday Night Slam

“Saint Anger” by Metallica plays, the pyros at the Pepsi Center go off, and Saturday Night Slam is on the air. It then shows video footage of every wrestler in JWA. It shows Shane Douglas winning the JWA World Heavyweight Championship, The Rock winning the King of the Ring Tournament, the signing of Goldberg, and finally ends with Jeff Jarrett in the United Kingdom winning a shot at the JWA World Heavyweight Championship. The video footage ends, and we go to “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes at the broadcast table.

Rhodes: We, tonight, bring you a great one of Goldberg vs. the JWA King of the Ring, The Rock, and you know The Rock will be all over Goldberg!

Video footage rolls of an airport, where a jet has just landed. The camera goes up close as the door opens, and out steps Revolution (Jarrett and Scott Steiner in suits and Douglas with the JWA World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist). The camera then moves to the site of all three men getting into a black hummer and driving away.


Match #1: Hell In A Cell Match - Faarooq vs. Road Warrior Animal
Referee: Charles Robinson
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Both men look up as the cell is lowered. Faarooq and Animal then brawl outside the cell and up the ramp. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest


Match #2: Goldberg vs. The Rock
Referee: Nick Patrick
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Rock’s theme music comes on as the JWA King of the Ring makes his way down to the ring and poses on the turnbuckles, until Goldberg’s theme music comes on. The bell rings. Rock jacks Goldberg with punches. Goldberg then grabs Rock in a headlock. Goldberg then drops Rock with a roll into a kneebar. Rock is near the ropes, so he gets out of the kneebar and wanders around the outside of the ring. Rock rolls back into the ring and locks up with Goldberg, only for Goldberg to grab Rock in another headlock. Goldberg lets go as Rock bounces off the ropes, only to get nailed with a Spear. Goldberg springs to his feet and looks at the crowd. Goldberg then goes back over to Rock, grabs him, and sets him up for the Jackhammer. Rock then whacks Goldberg with some more punches and sends him to the ropes. Goldberg then goes for another Spear, but misses and goes through the ropes and out of the ring. Revolution, still in their suits, run down and roll into the ring, and Steiner nails Rock with a steel pipe.
Winner by disqualification: The Rock
The beatdown continues after the match, until Goldberg heads back into the ring as Revolution rolls out of the ring. Goldberg and Rock turn to each other and shake hands.


Match #3: JWA Tag Team Championship Match: Demolition (Challengers) vs. Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones (Champions)
Referee: Nick Patrick
Time Limit: 1 Hour
Demolition makes their way down to the ring. Morgan and Jones come down to ring with the JWA Tag Team Championship belts around their waists. The JWA Tag Team Champions clear out of the ring and head to their locker room.
Winners by countout and New JWA Tag Team Champions: Demolition


Revolution’s theme music comes on, and Jarrett, Steiner, and Douglas come out still wearing their suits and head down to the ring.

Steiner: The Revolution came to Albany, New York, and they saw nothing but crap! We’re the kings...the motherscrewing kings! Tonight, we look around and see Goldberg and The Rock, who can't even...

Goldberg comes to the ring with a mic.

Goldberg: Hey, Revolution, you want some of me? You want Goldberg? Well you can have him!

Goldberg heads into the ring when Rock’s music comes back on. Rock comes out on the ramp.

Rock: Hold on! The JWA King of the Ring is here to talk! The Rock wants to test this situation! You have Frakensteiner: Duh, I’m a big muscular man! Now, shut up, Goldberg, The Rock respects you, but you have Dusty Rhodes would say: bidness out here!

Rhodes stands up and gives the thumbs up to Rock. Rock runs down to the ring and punches each member of Revolution in the face, and all five men go at it.


Main Event: 3-On-2 Handicap Match for the JWA World Heavyweight Championship: Revolution (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and Shane Douglas (Champion) vs. The Ultimate Warrior and Undertaker (Challengers) with Paul Bearer
Referee: Jack Doan
Time Limit: 45 Minutes
Goldberg and Rock have been moved to a different area in the arena. Revolution’s theme music comes back on, even though they’re all still in the ring. Each member of Revolution takes the jacket off their suit. “Ultimate” comes on as Warrior runs down to the ring and goes nuts. “Graveyard Symphony” comes on as Undertaker and Bearer walk down to the ring. Undertaker strolls into the ring. The bell rings as Revolution and Warrior and Undertaker fight into the crowd as the show goes off the air.
Winners: No Contest

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