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Crossface's WWE RAW
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Default Crossface's WWE RAW

A clip is shown of RAW last week, where Vince McMahon fired Eric Bischoff, blaming him for the sagging ratings. McMahon announced that a new General Manager would be announced next Monday night, marking a brand new day in RAW history.

ďUnion UndergroundĒ blares, and the RAW introduction video plays. The pyro streams from the roof, and WWE RAW is on the air. The camera swirls around the arena, finally stopping at the announcersí table.

Jim Ross: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Monday Night RAW, and what a night it is, because Vince McMahon is in the arena, and heís going to be announcing the new General Manager!

Jerry The King Lawler: JR, Iíve been talking to my sources this week, and if itís who they say it is, itís going to be the biggest shock since McMahon announced Eric Bischoff as the RAW General Manager, but hereís my question: have you looked at whatís above us?

JR: Yes, I did, and right now, you have to be asking yourself, whyís the Elimination Chamber here on RAW tonight?

"No Chance". McMahon walks out and loves every minute of it. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

McMahon: Now last week, I fired the General Manager for RAW! No more Eric Bischoff, but as I said before, I do have another General Manager chosen to run RAW! Someone who will truly shake things up, so let me introduce to you the new RAW General Manager...

Some very familiar music blares.

JR: It canít be!

King: My sources were right! Itís Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Piper walks down to the ring, wearing a WWE RAW T-Shirt and his traditional kilt. He points to the fans, smiles, and enters the ring. Piper gets in the ring and smiles at McMahon. Piper just stares at the crowd and raises his arms. Piper then turns back to McMahon.

McMahon: Piper...

Piper swipes the mic from McMahon.

Piper: Vince, Rowdy Roddy Piper is back, and itís all thanks to you, but when it comes to Piper, well, heck, no oneís better, so I have an idea, Vince! How about you get the heck out of my ring!?

McMahon stares at Piper and just walks out of the ring pissed off.

Piper: Now that the trash has been taken out, letís get down to business! RAW...itís a whole new ballgame, and as you can see, a whole new General Manager! Now whatís my first act as General Manager? Well, crown some champion, so tonight, weíll see a No-Disqualification Fatal-Four Match to crown a new WWE Light Heavyweight Champion, and I know youíve all been looking above at the scary sight! Let me tell you why itís there: tonight, you fans will witness an Elimination Chamber Match! Itíll be Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock vs. Triple-H!

Piper drops the mic. His music blares again, and he leaves the ring.

JR: King, I canít believe it! An Elimination Chamber Match tonight!

King: What a night itíll be! Piper has already turned RAW on itís head, and heís only been in power for five minutes!

JR: Well, fans, weíll be right back with our first match after these messages!


Highlight is shown of McMahon announcing that Piper is the new General Manager of RAW.

JR: Itís already setting up to be one heck of a night, folks, and King, we know how brutal the Elimination Chamber is!

King: Iíve seen that thing twice, but the sight of it still sends shivers down my spine!

JR: I agree with that, but letís go to our first match!

No-Disqualification Fatal-Four Match to crown a new WWE Light Heavyweight Champion
Chris Sabin vs. C. M. Punk vs. Hayabusa vs. The Hurricane
The Hurricaneís music blares, and he comes out on stage. He makes his way down to the ring. Some Japanese music blares, and out comes Hayabusa. Punkís music blares, and he comes out. Sabin comes out, and he walks down to the ring. The four men stand in the corners. Punk and Hurricane lock up. Hurricane pushes Punk back into his corner. He unleashes a series of punches into Punkís face. Sabin locks Hayabusa in a headlock, but Hayabusa throws him off. Sabin uses the top rope to nail Hayabusa with a missile dropkick. Hurricane goes to Irish whip Punk, but Punk reverses it and Irish whips Hurricane, but Hurricane back drops Punk over the top rope, but doesnít see Punk land on the apron. Punk grabs Hurricane, gives him a guillotine drop, grabs Hurricaneís legs, and pulls him out of the ring. Back in the ring, Hayabusa drops his knees across Sabinís back. Back outside the ring, Punk has Hurricane in a piledriver, but Hurricane reverses it into another back drop. Hurricane nails Punk with a spinning heel kick. Back in the ring, Sabin gives Hayabusa an arm wrench. Back outside the ring, Punk nails Hurricane with a steel chair. Punk throws the steel chair into the ring and grabs Hurricane. He rolls Hurricane back into the ring. Hurricane gets back up, but when he turns around, he gets a punch from Hayabusa. Hayabusa unleashes with a series of kicks and punches, knocking Hurricane back down. Hayabusa turns around, and Punk drills him with a missile dropkick. Punk covers Hayabusa. 1...2...broken up by Sabin. Sabin rolls out of the ring, looks under the ring, and pulls out a wooden table. He slides it into the ring and rolls back into the ring. Sabin kicks Hayabusa in the gut and sets him up for the Future Shock, but Hurricane dropkicks him, knocking Sabin out of the ring, and sets the wooden table up. Hurricane rolls Punk onto the table and climbs up the turnbuckles. Sabin pulls Punk off the wooden table as Hurricane flies in the air with a moonsault. Hurricane crashes through the wooden table. Sabin tosses Punk over the top rope and covers Hurricane. One...Two...Thr...Hayabusa breaks it up with a Shooting Star Press from the top rope. Hayabusa covers Sabin. 1...2...3.
Winner by pin and New WWE Light Heavyweight Champion: Hayabusa
After the match, Hayabusa is handed the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship.

JR: I canít believe what we just saw! That was incredible!

King: Chris Sabin had the win, but Hayabusa, out of no where, nailed that Shooting Star Press!


RAW comes back on, and Evolution is standing backstage. Piper walks into their locker room.

Piper: I got one thing to say to you four: this isnít Eric Bischoffís RAW anymore! This is Rowdy Roddy Piperís RAW! You four arenít going to create the rules! Evolution isnít in charge here, and if you screw with me, youíll be extinct!

Piper walks out of their locker room. Evolution watches him walk out of their locker room and stares.

Randy Orton: Can you believe that man just had the nerve to talk to us like that?

Ric Flair: No one tells Evolution what to do!

King: I donít think this is over yet, JR!


RAW comes back on, and throughout the arena echoes the words ďIf You Smell What The Rock Is CookingĒ. The Rock makes his way down to the ring, grabs a mic, and stands still, soaking in the fansí love.

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back!

Rock pulls his sunglasses down and peers at the crowd.

Rock: Despite the shivers running down The Rockís spine right now, The Rock is here to set the record straight! Tonight, itís going to be The Rock against four other men in an Elimination Chamber Match! Does The Rock like the idea of being in an Elimination Chamber Match? Well, let The Rock say this one time only: it really doesnít matter what match The Rock is in! Because when itís all said and done, The Peopleís Champion, The Brahma Bull, the jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trail-blazing son of a...

ďShawn, Shawn, Shawn. I Think Iím Cute. I Know Iím Sexy.Ē Shawn Michaels appears on the stage with a mic in his hand.

Michaels: Rock, if one man is going to walk out of that thing up there, itís going to be The Showstopper, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! See, Rock, I hear you call yourself The Great One? See, Rock, Iíve set the standard for WWE! Ladder Match...I did it! Hell In A Cell Match...done!

Michaels points up.

Michaels: Elimination Chamber Match...I did it! So, Rock, letís not talk with that commanding voice anymore, because this ainít Hollywood and you ainít impressing anyone!

Michaelsí music blares again, and the two of them stare down each other.

JR: Michaels and Rock are going to kill each other! Fans, stay tuned! Itís Rhyno, Scott Steiner, next!


RAW comes back on, and a highlight is shown of Michaels/Rock.

JR: Itís time for our second match!

Rhyno vs. Scott Steiner
The siren blares, and out comes Scott Steiner. Steiner walks down to the ring. Some music blares, and out comes Rhyno. Steiner punches Rhyno, but Rhyno Gores Steiner and covers him. One...Two...Thr...kick out. Rhyno drops Steiner with a clothesline. Steiner gets back up, but Rhyno drops him with another clothesline. Steiner rolls out of the ring, and Rhyno raises his arms. Steiner walks around the ring, and Rhyno exits the ring to follow him. Rhyno slams Steinerís head into the steel ringpost. Steiner falls down. Rhyno picks Steiner back up and gives him a punch, rolls Steiner back into the ring, gets back into the ring too, and covers Steiner. 1...2...kick out. Rhyno picks Steiner back up and goes for a suplex, but Steiner blocks it and nails his belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner goes for the cover. 1...2...kick out. Steiner picks Rhyno back up and Irish whips him. Steiner flexes his pecks, kisses them, and drops a fist right into the gut of Rhyno. Rhyno drives an arm into Steinerís spine, blocks a punch from him, and drills Steiner with his fist. Rhyno lays another punch and knocks Steiner down into the corner. Rhyno sets up for the Gore, but Steiner pulls the referee in his way to take the Gore. Steiner tosses Rhyno into the corner, but Rhyno kills him with another Gore. Rhyno covers, but thereís no referee. The crowd counts to three before Rhyno gets off to wake up the referee. Steiner nails Rhyno with a low blow, dropping Rhyno to his knees. Steiner locks Rhyno in the Steiner Recliner, and the referee sees Rhyno tap out.
Winner by submission: Scott Steiner

JR: Rhyno just got screwed!

King: How did Rhyno get screwed?

JR: It was a low blow!

King: The referee didnít see it!

The camera goes backstage to Evolutionís locker room again.

Triple-H: Who does that butt think he is warning us? Threatening Evolution?

Flair: Donít let him get to you! Your focus tonight has got to be the Elimination Chamber!

Triple-H: Youíre right!

Triple-H walks out of Evolutionís locker room.


RAW comes back on, and we see the Elimination Chamber.

King: Thatís a scary sight, JR!

JR: That it is, King!

King: JR, itís time!

Elimination Chamber Match
Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock vs. Triple-H
ďShawn, Shawn, Shawn. I Think Iím Cute. I Know Iím SexyĒ. Michaels comes out. He dances down to the ring before loading himself into his chamber. The clock appears. 5...4...3...2...1...BOOM. Chris Jericho comes out. He slides into the ring before loading into his chamber. ďYou Think You Know MeĒ. Edge comes out and climbs into the ring and his chamber. ďTime To Play The GameĒ. Triple-H comes out. He walks into the ring before entering his chamber. ďIf You Smell What The Rock Is CookingĒ. Rock comes out. He gets into the ring and his chamber. The referee signals for the bell. The buzzer sounds, and Michaels and Triple-Hís chambers open. Michaels takes Triple-H outside the ring with a clothesline. Michaels has Triple-H on the ground and hammers him with punches. Michaels throws him face first into the steel chamber. Triple-H gives him a spinebuster on the metal floor. Triple-H tosses Michaels back into the ring, climbs back into the ring too, bounces off the ropes, and drops a knee to Michaelsí face. Triple-H picks Michaels back up, nails him with a punch, Irish whips him, and goes for a back drop, but Michaels jumps over him with a sunset flip. 1...2...kick out. Michaels gets back up and waits for Triple-H to get back up. Triple-H gets back up, but Michaels drops him back down with a dropkick. Michaels signals for Sweet Chin Music. He goes for it, but Triple-H catches Michaelsí foot. Michaels reverses with an enziguri. Michaels locks Triple-H in the figure four leg lock. Michaels breaks the hold when the buzzer sounds. Jerichoís chamber opens. Jericho clotheslines Michaels out of the ring and onto the steel floor and then Triple-H. Jericho watches in the ring as Michaels and Triple-H trade punches. Suddenly, Jericho takes them both down with a moonsault from the top rope. Jericho picks Michaels up and gives him a DDT on the steel floor. Jericho rolls Triple-H back into the ring, slides back into the ring too, and covers. 1...2...kick out. Jericho picks Triple-H back up and goes for a suplex, but Triple-H nails Jericho with a knee to the gut and sets up the Pedigree, but a bloody Michaels nails Triple-H with Sweet Chin Music. 1...2...3. The buzzer sounds. Rockís chamber opens, and he walks out. Rock enters the ring. When Jericho turns around, Rock knocks him out with a Rock Bottom. 1...2...3. Michaels bounces off the ropes and nails Rock with a clothesline. Rock stands back up, but Michaels takes him down with Sweet Chin Music. One...Two...Thr...kick out. The buzzer sounds. The last man, Edge, comes out, gets in the ring, and Spears Michaels. One...Two...Thr...kick out. Rock stands back up and gives Michaels a Rock Bottom. Rock covers. 1...2...3. Rock stands back up, but Edge drills him with a Spear. 1...2...3.
Winner by pin: Edge

JR: Edge wins!

RAW goes off the air with a close up of Edge.
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