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An Intro Match
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Default An Intro Match

Just an old match, to show you all what I gots:

Some rap music plays, and out comes Ron Killings to a decent reaction. He gets in the ring and waits, as the computer loads. “OHH YEAHHH”...Matt Hardy v.1 comes out to ungodly heat. The two men get in the ring, and the bell sounds.

Gauntlet for the Gold
World Heavyweight Championship

The two men lock up, and Hardy switches to a waist lock...Killings reverses it into his own waist lock...Hardy reverses back, and clubs Killings right on the spine...Killings falls to one knee, and Hardy comes off the ropes and drop kicks Killings in the back of the head...Hardy picks up Killings, and irish whips him...He tosses Killings over the top rope on the rebound, but Killings grabs the ropes, and rolls in before he touches the ground...Hardy is pissed, and starts stomping on him...he lifts him up, and nails a hard side effect...The buzzer goes off, and out comes The Hurricane...Hurricane runs to the ring, and climbs the top rope...hardy turns around from Killings, and gets a HUGE cross body from Hurricane...Hardy rises to his knees, and Hurricane nails him with the Shining Wizard...The crowd is going nuts, and hurricane is loving it, when Killings nails Hurricane with a drop kick...Killings stomps away on both Hardy and Hurricane...He picks Hurricane up, and nails a Falcon Arrow...He picks Hardy up, and sets him up for The Truth or Consequences, but Hardy reverses it into the twist of Fate...He picks Killings up, and tosses him over the top rope!

eliminated: Ron Killings

Killings walks away upset, as Hardy continues his assault on The Hurricane...Hardy pummels on Hurricane in the corner...The crowd is going crazy, and Hurricane starts showing some life...Hurricane rises to his feet...He blocks a punch by hardy, and nails him with his own...he blocks another punch, and nails his own again...He blocks another punch, and gives Matt a diving clothesline, knocking him down...Hurricane runs off the ropes, and gives Matt a twisting neck breaker, when the buzzer goes off...The crowd boos, as Danny Basham comes down to the ring...He runs in, and immediately goes after The Hurricane...He grabs him from behind, and gives Hurricane a huge German suplex...Danny grabs Matt off the ground, and goes to throw him over, but Matt starts fighting back...the ressurection short lives, however, and Danny quickly forearms him to the ground...Basham sets Matt on the middle rope, and runs to the opposite of the ring...Basham goes to jump on matt’s back, but in mid-air, he gets dropkicked in the back of the head by The Hurricane, and goes over the top rope to the floor!

eliminated: Danny Basham

Basham walks to the back...In the ring, hurricane is trying to toss the inventor of Mattitude over when the buzzer sounds...Lance Storm comes down to huge heat...He gets in the ring, and Hurricane turns his attention to him...Hurricane charges at Storm, but Storm gives him a drop toe hold, and Hurricane lands throat first on the middle rope...Storm goes over to Hurricane, and reaches through the top and middle rope and grabs Hurricane’s head...He applies an inverted Camel Clutch, using the middle rope as leverage on Hurricane’s neck...Storm releases, and lifts Hurricane up only to give him a kidney shot back to the ground...On the other side of the ring, matt Hardy is staggering to his feet...Storm irish whips Hurricane at Hardy, and hurricane nails him with a clothesline...Hurricane turns around, and Storm superkicks the hell out of him...Storm picks up Hardy, and irish whips...Hardy comes back on the rebound, and Storm rolls him into the Maple Leaf...Hardy is tapping, but that doesn’t mean anything, and Storm applies more pressure...The buzzer sounds, and out comes Raven...Raven enters the ring, and Storm releases the jold on Hardy...He charges Raven with a clothesline, but raven ducks...Storm turns around a gets a boot to the gut, followed by a stiff Raven Effect...Hurricane stands up, and charges at Raven, but Raven drops down and back body drops Hurricane over the top rope to the ground!

eliminated: Hurricane

Raven turns around, and Hardy is up and giving him lefts and rights...Hardy goes to irish whip Raven, but Raven reverses it...Hardy comes back on the rebound, and Raven goes for another back body drop, but Hardy kicks him in the face, standing Raven up...Hardy charges, and nails Raven with a reverse bulldog...Hardy stands up, and Storm is back on his feet...Storm climbs the top rope...Hardy turn around and gets a brutal spinning heel kick to the face...Storm picks Hardy up, but Raven low blows Storm from behind...The buzzer sounds, and the crowd goes crazy as Ultimo Dragon rushes down to the ring...Ultimo climbs onto the apron, and nails Raven with a springboard corkscrew press...Hardy tries sneaking up on Ultimo, but Ultimo spin kicks him hard to the ground...Storm tries standing up, but gets his own stiff kick to the face...Ultimo has everyone on the ground...Hardy stands first, and Ultimo knocks him into the corner with some fists...Storm tries intervening, but raven nails him midway, and the two start a brawl...Ultimo is laying into Hardy, until Hardy reverses and throws Ultimo into the corner...Hardy lays his own chops in, while on the other side of the ring, Storm has just been leveled by raven...Raven picks up Storm, and is trying toss him out...Hardy sets Ultimo up on the top turnbuckle, back to the ring...Hardy climbs up, and hoists Ultimo in the air with a crusifix...Ultimo is squirming, but can’t escape...Hardy jumps off the middle rope and nearly kills Ultimo with a super Seated Crucifix Powerbomb...Neither man in moving, but Hardy starts to stir...Raven is still trying to get Storm over, when the buzzer sounds...”Wildcat” Chris Harris runs down to the ring, and starts clubbing Raven in the back...Raven never gets Storm over, and Storm falls back into the ring safely...Hardy is on his feet, but Ultimo is still out...Harris sees Hardy, and tries going for a wild roundhouse...Hardy ducks, and Harris does a 180 right into Raven boot...raven nails Harris with a Raven Effect...Raven stands up, and both he and hardy lift Harris up to eliminate him...Storm is stirring, and charges at Raven and Hardy from behind...he nails a chop block on both men, and they drop to the ground, along with Harris, whom they were holding...Harris is up, as is Storm, and the two start trading blows...Seconds pass, and both Hardy and Raven are both up...Ultimo is finally up as well, and it turn into a full fledged five man brawl...That is...Until the lights go out...The crowd is buzzing, as the five men in the ring stare ahead...The sinister music plays, and the whole arena takes on a redish hue...The pyro explodes, and through hellfire and brimstone comes the big red machine, KANE...Kane walks slowly to the ring, as the lights come back on...The five men stare at him...Kane gives them a very sinister smile...He tightens his glove, and gets climbs onto the apron...He steps over the top rope, and it’s the five men staring at one man...Hardy pushes Storm at kane, and Kane grabs him by the throat...Harris charges Kane, but gets grabbed by the throat as well...Ultimo charges, but gets a boot to the face...Kane lifts Storm and Harris up, and gives them a vicious double chokeslam...Raven sneaks behind Kane, and jumps on his back...Kane grabs raven’s head, and tosses him off his back, and over the ropes!

eliminated: Raven

Ultimo is back up, and Kane gives him several throat thrusts into the corner...Harris tries chopping Kane's leg, but Kane no sells, and instead gorilla presses Harris over the top rope to the floor!

eliminated: Wildcat Chris Harris

Kane turns to Matt hardy, and walks slowly at him...hardy tries dodging Kane, and runs to the other corner...Kane slowly turns around, and Storm nails him with a stiff superkick...THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT...Kane grabs Storm by the throat, and chokeslams him over the ropes to the floor!

eliminated: Lance Storm

Only Kane, Hardy and Ultimo are left...Ultimo gets to his feet, and valiantly tries taking down Kane with a moonsault press, but Kane catches him and dumps him to the floor!

eliminated: Ultimo Dragon

Kane stares at Ultimo on the ground, and Hardy tries sneaking up on kane, but Kane quickly turns around, and Hardy stops dead in his tracks...hardy is backing up, and Kane walks towards him...Matt drops to his knees, and begs for mercy, but Kane just grabs him by the throat, and lifts him to his feet...Kane gives Hardy a demented smile, and lifts Hardy high in the air...he comes down with a thunderous chokeslam that shakes the whole ring...Kane picks up Hardy, and throws him nonchalantly out of the ring.

Elimated: Matt Hardy v.1

Kane stands alone in the ring.

King: Kane’s eliminated everyone in his sights!

JR: He sure has, but fans, we have to take a quick commercial break...

King: NOW?

JR: Stay tuned.


Raw comes back, and Kane is still standing alone in the ring.

King: This is UNBELIEVABLE. Kane is still standing there, but look outside the ring: Amazing Red, Shelton Benjamin, and Paul London are not entering. They’re afraid of Kane!

JR: Well that can’t stay out there forever.

Kane stares on, and the three men outside discuss strategy...The buzzer sounds, and out walks Jeff Hardy to a decent reaction...Jeff joins the group of wrestlers down a the ring...It appears that they’ve come up with a plan, and one man gets on every side of the ring...Kane spins in slow circles, watching every man spread around him...Suddenly, all four men charge into the ring at once...Jeff charges Kane first, and gets knocked down with a huge fist...Shelton charges, and gets a fist of his own...London charges, and Kane gives him a big boot...Amazing Red comes off the top rope, but Kane reverses it into a power slam...Kane picks Red up, and easily tosses him over the ropes

eliminated: Amazing Red

Shelton is on his knees, trying to get up, and Jeff uses him as a body to nail Kane with the Poetry in Motion, but Kane simply catches him, and throws him onto the recovering Red.

eliminated: Jeff Hardy

Kane turns around, and grabs both London and Shelton by the throat...He chokeslams London hard, and stares coldly into Shelton’s eyes...He flips Shelton around, and gives him a tombstone...Kane stands up, and tosses Shelton out of the ring

eliminated: Shelton Benjamin

London tries his best to knock Kane off his feet, but nothing works...Kane tosses London around like a rag doll...He irish whips London, and nails a sick looking boot to the face, that busts London open...Kane stares cock eyed at the unconscious London, as the crimson mask forms over his face...Kane bends down, and wipes the blood onto his hands...He stands up, and smears the blood across his face chest...The crowd is giving Kane huge heat...Kane gets ready to throw London over, when the buzzer sounds...The drums beat, and the crowd goes nuts, as Goldberg runs down to the ring...Goldberg spears Kane, who drops London over the top rope when he’s hit!

eliminated: Paul London

Goldberg signals for The Jackhammer...He goes over to Kane, and bend over to pick him up...Suddenly, Kane’s hand shoots up, and grabs Goldberg by the throat...Kane stands up, and gives Goldberg a huge chokeslam...Kane stands Goldberg up, and throat thrusts him into the corner...Kane gives him a series of vicious elbows into Goldberg’s head...Kane grabs Goldberg with both hands by the throat, and throws him across the ring...Kane walks over to him, and grabs him by the head, but Goldberg gives him a shot to the gut, buckling Kane...Goldberg gives him a couple more shots, and manages to get to his feet...Goldberg nails Kane in the face with a right, and runs off the ropes and takes Kane down with a stiff clothesline...The buzzer rings, and out comes Doug Basham...Kane is up, and he and Goldberg are exchanges fists...Basham gets in the ring, and Kane and Goldberg stop fighting long enough to each elbow Doug in the head, back flipping him out of the ring before he can even make an offensive move!

eliminated: Doug Basham

Kane and Goldberg continue to battle...Goldberg knees Kane in the gut, and drops him with a DDT (that’s right, here, Goldberg can do multiple moves)...Kane stands sits up, and Goldberg stalks him...Kane turns around to face Goldberg, and gets drilled by a stiff back kick from Goldberg...Kane drops hard, and Goldberg comes off the ropes and drops an elbow onto Kane’s neck...Goldberg crouches over Kane, and starts wailing on him...Goldberg irish whips Kane, and when Kane comes back, Goldberg gets nailed by a stiff clothesline...Kane lifts Goldberg up, and tosses him out of the ring, but Goldberg doesn’t go over the top rope, he goes between the top and middle...Kane is waiting for Goldberg, while Goldberg gets to his feet...Kane tries pulling Goldberg in, but Goldberg uppercuts Kane...Goldberg grabs Kane’s leg, and pulls him out of the ring...The two begin brawling out of the ring, when the buzzer sounds....”I Think I’m Cute”....Shawn Michaels comes out to an amazing ovation...He gets in the ring, and he’s alone...Goldberg and Kane are brawling, and Michaels is laughing at the fact that they don’t care about the match...Michaels looks at the camera, and twirls his finger around his ear, symbolizing “They’re crazy”...Michales goes to the corner, and lays across the turnbuckle...Outside the ring, Kane and Goldberg are beating the hell out of each other...Kane nails Goldberg right into the time keeper...Kane goes over to him, and Goldberg drills him with the chair...He gives Kane several stiff shots, and rolls him onto the announcer’s booth...Goldberg gets up there with him, and signals for the jackhammer...Goldberg lifts Kane up, and drops him hard through the table...Both men are down, and EMT’s rush over to help them...Shawn watches this all when the buzzer sounds again...The crowd pops pretty good, when Spanky comes out...Spanky gets in the ring, and he and his mentor stand looking at each other...Shawn smiles, and Spanky gives him a very cocky smile...Shawn extends his hand to Spanky, but Spanky slaps it away...He points at himself, and yells “I’m the Showstoppa NOW!”...Shawn continues to just smile, and Spanky slaps him hard...Michaels looks back at him, and Spanky still is smiling...Michaels shoves Spanky to the ground...Spanky gets up and charges, and Michaels takes him back down with an arm drag...Shawn locks on the arm bar, and Spanky drops down, and reverses it into a scissors hold...Shawn breaks the hold...And both men kick flip to their feet...Shawn goes for a clothesline, but Spanky ducks, and kicks Shawn in the stomach...Spanky comes off the ropes, and nails a modified rocker drop/fame-asser on Michaels...Spanky goes to the top rope...Michaels stands up, and Spanky jumps off, but Shawn hits him in midair with a dropkick...Both men are down, but Michaels starts to stir...Spanky does as well...Spanky meets Michaels, and throws a right hand, but Michaels blocks it...Spanky locks up with Michael, and Michaels backs him into a corner...Michaels irish whips Spanky across the ring, but Spanky jumps onto the second turnbuckle, and nails Michaels with a dropkick...Outside the ring, Kane is being tended too, when he suddenly sits up...He shoves the EMT’s out of the way...Kane tears the protective mat away, and grabs Goldberg...he lifts him up, and tombstones him onto the concrete floor...Kane than rolls Goldberg into the ring...He lifts the bloody Goldberg up, and tosses him out of the ring...Kane walks by Spanky and Shawn, completely ignoring them, steps over the top rope, and leaves with a disgusting smile on his face!

eliminated: Kane and Goldberg

The buzzer sounds, and James Storm comes out...Kane is still walking up the ramp when Harris comes out...Kane stops, and stares at Storm freezes...Kane looks at him, and tightens his glove...He charges Storm, and knocks him down with a clothesline...Kane picks him up, and tosses him off the stage for no reason...Storm is bleeding profusely, and paramedics run to help him...In the ring, Spanky and Michaels are still dazzling the crowd with their ability...Spanky takes down Shawn with a spinning heel kick...Spanky grabs Shanw’s leg, and puts him in a half Boston crab...Shawn is fighting the pain, and evetually, Spanky lets go...He abandons the wresting, and just starts laying forearms into Shawn’s lower back...Shawn is in agony...Shawn stands up, and Spanky sets him up the sliced bread #2....Spanky goess off the turnbuckle, but Michaels stops him from completing his revolution, and instead, tosses him over!

eliminated: Spanky

Spanky throws a minor temper tantrum, and Michaels just waves bye to his young protege...James Storm is being put onto a stretcher, and walked out...He’s done for the evening.

eliminated: James Harris

The buzzer sounds, out comes the second half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas...Charlie gets in the ring, and immediately locks up with Michaels...The two go through a series of dramatic move/counter moves, with Michaels getting the better of the two...Haas composes himself, and challenges Michaels to a strength of test...Haas arches Michaels all the way back, but Michaels shows an amazing display of strength, and reverses it until, Haas is arched back...Haas sits up straight, and suddenly breaks the hold with a boot to the gut...Haas clubs Michaels to the ground...Haas nails Michaels with a German...Haas goes up to Michaels, and locks on the Haas of pain...Michaels is in incredible pain, but somehow, doesn’t black out...Haas eventually breaks the hold...He stands Shawn up, and irish whips him...Shawn comes back with a flying clothesline...The buzzer sounds, and out comes entrant number 21, EDGE!...Edge walks down to a great ovation...He takes his jacket off, and sprints to the ring...Edge gets in and immediately clotheslines Haas over the top rope!

eliminated: Charlie Haas

Shawn gets to his knees, and Edge kicks him back down...Edge leaves the ring, and grabs a steel chair...he slides back in, and sarts beating the crap outta Shawn...Edge picks Shawn up, and gives him an Edge-o-cution onto the steel chair...Edge lifts Shawn up, and throws him into the ropes...Edge runs the ropes himself, and nails Michaels on the rebound with a spear...Edge lifts Shawn up, and tosses him out of the ring, and starts celebrating...Somehow though, Shawn has enough drive to hold on, and skins the cat back into the ring...Shawn gets back in, and the crowd goes crazy...Edge turns around slowly, and Michaels drills him with Sweet Chin Music...Edge is out cold, and Shawn drops down to the canvas from exhaustion...Both men are down, and the crowd is going crazy...Suddenly, the buzzer sounds, and out comes Kurt Angle to an absolutely amazing ovation...Angle gets in, and looks at both Shawn and Edge laying on the ground...he also sees the chair...Angle walks over, and grabs the chair...He looks back at the stirring Edge and Michaels, and shakes his head in disapproval...He throws the chair out of the ring, and stalks Edge...Edge gets to his feet, and Angle locks him in a full nelson...Edge is trying to escape, but can’t, and Angle nails a full nelson suplex...Shawn starts to move, and Angle runs over, and gives him a quick snap suplex...Angle lifts Shawn up, and goes to dump him over the top rope, but Edge stops him with a right hand...Edge nails Angle with a series of rights...Edge has Angle in the corner, when Michaels comes up and nails Edge from behind...Michaels and Angle work togetehr, and take down Edge with a double flap jack...Angle goes to throw Edge over, but Michaels stops him...Shawn goes to throw Edge over, but Angle stops him and tries himself...Shawn stops him and shoves Angle...Angle smirks to himself, and shoves Michaels back...The two start trading fists, and Edge manages to escape elimination...Edge watches the two of them going at it, when the buzzer sounds...Out comes the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit...Benoit enters, and charges right at Edge...he and Edge lock up, and Benoit wins the strength advantage...Benoit lays some hard chops into edge’s chest...Angle and Michaels continue to fight...Angle sets Michaels up for the Angle Slam, but Michaels slides off his shoulders, and nails him with sweet Chin Music, sending Angle over the top rope!

eliminated: Kurt Angle

Benoit and Edge continue to brawl, until Edge nails a low blow...Edge tries knocking Benoit out of the ring, but Michaels stops him with a reverse DDT...Michaels grabs Edge and nails a back suplex on him...Shawn picks Edge up, and starts trying to get him over, when the buzzer sounds...Rhyno comes out to a great ovation, and climbs into the ring...He comes in, and he and Benoit get in a stare down...The two men shake hands...Michaels is still trying to get Edge over, and gives him a few shots to the gut...Edge thumbs Shawn in the eye, and manages to get his feet on the ground...Shawn backs up holding his eyes, and without looking, nails the coming Edge with Sweet Chin Music, sending him over the top rope!

eliminated: Edge

Edge throws a fit, and starts attacking referees...He grabs his chair, and slides back in...He nails Jericho in the head and leaves...Benoit and Rhyno just stare on...They go over to Michaels and lift him up...Benoit and Rhyno give him a double suplex...Benoit irish whips Shawn, and on the rebound, Rhyno nails him with a gore...Benoit walks over to Michaels, and stands him up...He’s trying to get Shawn over the top rope, when suddenly, Rhyno runs over, and tips Benoit over the top rope!

eliminated: Chris Benoit

Benoit is shocked, and Rhyno just shrugs his shoulders at him...Benoit screams, and walks to the back...Rhyno starts drilling Shawn with fists when the buzzer sounds...Out comes Randy Orton to huge heel heat...He gets in the ring, and completely avoids Rhyno and Shawn...he goes to the opposite corner, and watches...Rhyno nearly has Shawn over, when Orton runs over, and tries tipping Rhyno, but Rhyno doesn’t budge...Rhyno drops Shawn, and turns around...Orton has a scared look, and backs up as Rhyno walks over to him...Orton slides out of the ring, and Rhyno follows...Orton runs around the ring, and slides, Rhyno slides in and gets a huge clothesline from Michaels...Orton quickly attacks Shawn from behind, with a couple of forearms to the back...Rhyno staggers to his feet, and Orton drills him with the RKO...Orton lifts Rhyno up, and goes to toss him over...Michaels chops out Orton’s leg, and Orton falls...Rhyno barely hangs on, and climbs back into the ring...Michales picks Orton up and takes him back down with a snap suplex...Rhyno starts getting up, and Michales beats him into the corner...Michaels irish whips him across the ring, and charges at him, but Rhyno gives him a back body drop over the top rope...Shawn uses his amazing agility and lands on the apron, little to Rhyno’s knowledge...Shawn climbs the turnbuckle, and nails Rhyno with a bulldog from behind...The buzzer sounds, and out comes Bubba Ray Dudley...In the ring, Michaels is working on Rhyno, and Orton is staring in fear at Bubba...Bubba runs down, and goes after Orton...Bubba irish whips him into the ropes and nails a flapjack...He lifts Orton up, and nails a Bubba Butt Bomb...Orton is in pain, and Bubba irish whips him, but Orton reverses...Bubba comes back on the rebound and nails Orton with a clothesline...Michaels is in the corner, signaling for Sweet Chin Music on Rhyno...Rhyno gets up, and Shawn kicks, but Rhyno ducks...Shawn instead nails Bubba in the back of the head...Bubba falls at the ropes, and Orton quickly flips him over to the ground!

eliminated: Bubba Ray Dudley

Orton laughs at Bubba, and Bubba walks to the back pissed...Rhyno is back on his feet, and shoulder blocks Michaels to the ground...Orton attacks Rhyno from behind...Orton grabs Rhyno, and drops him with the Overdrive...The buzzer sounds, and A.J. Styles runs down to the ring...Styles climbs the top rope, and immediately comes off, nails the fallen Rhyno with a Spiral Tap...Orton kicks A.J. in the head, and picks up Rhyno, he tosses Rhyno over the ropes!

eliminated: Rhyno

A.J. gets up, and sets his sights on Orton...Orton turns around, and Styles gives him a boot to the gut...He runs off the ropes, and nails a swinging neck breaker...A.J. lifts Orton up, and goes for the Styles Clash, but Orton manages to grabs the ropes...Styles lets go, and instead, kick Orton where it counts...Styles turns around, and there’s Michaels...Shawn gives Orton some stiff shots to the head...He irish whips Orton, and on the rebound, nails a back body drop, making Styles land on top of Orton...Shawn is the only man standing, and waits for some one to stand...A.J. stands up, and Michaels nails him with a right hand...Shawn jumps up with a drop kick, but Styles catches his legs....He twists Shawn into position, and nails a Styles Clash on Shawn...A.J. goes to throw Shawn out, when the buzzer sounds...The Glass Shatters, and out runs Stone Cold Steve Austin...The crowd is going nuts...Austin runs in, and grabs the recovering Orton...He tosses him out like he was nothing!

eliminated: Randy Orton

Austin turns around, and A.J. is there throwing fists...Austin fires back with his own, and ducks a clothesline from Styles...A.J. turns around, and Austin boots him in the gut...STUNNER!...Austin picks Styles up, and tosses him over the ropes!

eliminated: A.J. Styles

Austin turns around, and Michaels is right behind him...The two men stare at each other, and the crowd buzzes at the sight...They just continue to stare, and behind them, we see the flash of cameras illuminating the arena...Suddenly, they each throw a right hand at the same time...The two men trade punches, and the crowd is going nuts...Austin gets the better of it, and backs Shawn into he ropes...he irish whips Shawn, but Shawn reverses...Austin comes back with a clothesline, but Michaels ducks...Austin comes back again, and Michaels leap frogs him...Austin comes back again, and relieves a drop kick, which nearly sends him over...Austin keeps his balance, and stays in, but Michaels is right back at him...Michaels backs him into the corner, and starts chopping him...Austin takes a few chops, and reverses it...He throws Michales in the corner, and starts stomping a mudhole in him...Austin gives Shawn the bird, and stomps him one more time, when the buzzer sounds...Out comes Booker T to a huge ovation...Booker runs down, and slides into the ring...Austin goes after Booker, but Booker avoids it, and nails Austin with a right hand when he turns around...Booker chops Austin into the ropes...He irish whips Austin, and when Austin comes back, nails him with a 180 clothesline...Booker is pumped up, and he’s the only man standing...Austin stands up, and Booker kicks him in the gut...Booker goes for the scissors kick, but Austin dodges it, and nails Booker with a clothesline...Michaels is up, and he dives at Austin with a punch...He backs Austin into the corner, and gets on the second turnbuckle...Michaels starts punching him in the head, and the crowd chants alone...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....10...Michaels tries jumping off, but Austin grabs him by the legs...Austin walks out, and throws Shawn down hard with a spinebuster...Austin stands up right into a BOOKEND...Booker drops to one knee, and the crowd goes nuts...SPIN-A-ROONIE...Booker picks Austin up, and tries to toss him over, when the buzzer sounds...”Time to Play the Game”...The final entrant, number 30, Triple H walks down to the ring...Triple H slides in and goes after Shawn...Booker can’t quite get Austin over, and Austin slips back into the ring...Austin boots Booker in the gut, and nails a Stunner!...Austin stalks booker, and when Booker stands up, Austin clotheslines him over the top rope...But Booker grabs Austin on the way down, and pulls him out too!

eliminated: Booker T and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

It’s down to just Triple H and Shawn Michaels...It’s official, one of these two men will be THE World Heavyweight Champion...Triple H stands Michaels up...He chops him into the corner, and lays into him with some shoulders to the midsection...Triple H irish whips Shawn across the ring, but Michaels jumps up, and Triple H charges straight into the turnbuckle...Michaels front dropkicks Trips right back into the turnbuckle...Michaels rolls up Triple H, but only gets a 2 count...Michaels stands up, and lifts Hunter up...he irish whips him, and goes for a back body drop, but telegraphs it too early, and Triple H nails a knee to the head...Triple H goes for the pedigree, but Shawn reverses it, and slingshots Trips into the turnbuckle...Shawn gets in the opposite corner, and signals for Sweet Chin Music...The crowd is pumped...Triple H walks out of the corner, and Shawn connect...NO...Triple H pulled the ref in the way...The ref is knocked out...Triple H tries sneaking up on Shawn with an axe handle to the back, but somehow, Shawn manages to finally connect with the super kick...Triple H is down, and Shawn slowly goes over to cover...He does, but there’s no referee!...Shawn tries reviving the ref, when through the crowd comes someone with a chair...It’s EDGE!...He slides in, and nails Shawn with a vile shot to the head...He slides Triple H over Shawn, and shakes the ref...The ref slowly wakes up, and sees the cover...One..........Two..........Not Like This!!!.....THREE!!!...Triple wins!!!

winner via pinfall, and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H

JR: I can’t believe it Triple H is the champion. That belt should be around the waist of Shawn Michaels.

King: What do you mean?

JR: You know damn well what I mean. That punk Edge just cost Shawn the match.

King: Well, Shawn eliminated Edge, so that was just his payback.

JR: Whatever it was, it makes me sick!

Flair and Orton run down to the ring, and help Triple H to his feet, as the referee hands Triple H his belt. Triple H can barley stand, and struggles to his feet, holding the belt high. Shawn comes to, and sees Edge with the chair, smiling as he walks to the back. Shawn stares a hole through him, and Edge just continues to smile, pointing to the chair. Raw goes off the air, with Triple H being raises on Evolution’s shoulders, as the crowd boos and throws trash in the ring.

End of Show
Break The Walls DOWN!

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