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my vision of a good WWE Raw...
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Default my vision of a good WWE Raw...

ok i think this would be a very cool raw.of course, this is just the main storyline, there would be other things that would occur...

first, Vince McMahon would announce a new begining in the WWE. "I'm sick of this, it's over! As of right of right now...NO MORE BRANDS!!" the crowd of course would go nuts."RAW AND SMACKDOWN, TOGETHER AGAIN!!" No Chance hits and he walks to the back. Later, in the back, Vince would be talking to a group of guys, but you are not able to see who they are. he tells them tonight is the end of the 2 brands, and the begining of the greatest destruction force ever created. at about 10 till 11, No Chance hits and Vince comes down. "There have been many groups of men and women that have dominated this company, but now, they will seem like nothing compared to what i have. may I introduce to you...-" he gets cut off by Shane's music. "Dad, why is there always a group of guys who have to take out everyone in the WWE? Why cant they fight on thier own?" "Shane....SHUT UP!!" "That's it." shane then walks down to the ring and takes off his coat along with vince. right as they are about to go at it, Triple H's music hits, but there is not light in the building, or video on the titan tron, just the music.then the lights come on and Triple H, HBK, Taker, the Rock,The New Age Outlaws, and Hollywood Hogan, wearin black and white, surround Shane, and start kicking the living crap outta him. then all of a sudden, the dudley boys' music hits and bubba and dvon come out fighting for shane, after abou 45 seconds of fighting, dvon and bubba go down from the pedigree and rock bottom, all of a sudden,glass shatters. a new truck that looks like Austin's old one, rolls down the ramp. its a sweet pickup, with Austin 3:16 in blood type letters on the hood and a red and gold smokin skull on each side,but you cant see in the truck to see who it is. the truck stops at the ring while the song still plays. every body in the ring is staring at the truck to see whos gonna come out, then from behind, Austin slides into the ring with a chair and hits rock and taker from behind, then both doors open and from the driver seat, Scott Stiener gets out and from the other side is Brock Lesnar. they all go at it, then they chase vince, trips, hbk, taker rock and NAO out to the back, but before triple h leaves, he gets his sledgehammer, gets on the bed of the truck, raises it to hit the top, until out from under a blanket pops Kevin Nash, who stops triple h and gives him a jackknife powerbomb from the flat bed of the truck to the ramp behind it. Austin's music hits and shane is standing up giving vince 2 finger salutes. fade to black...

*please respond an give your ideas on this, i know for a fact, this would probably never happen, but its my WWF,
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Sounds cool but to many big names in Vince's new NWO group!
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