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Drifting Legends
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Default Drifting Legends

Starscream brandished his daggers, then slid them back into their holdsters. The mountain terain overlooked the small human village of Semswak, hidden deep withing the forests of the Great Mountains. Hmph... Not very well hidden when you are this high up. Nothing can hide on this planet, it seems...

In that village was a girl. Just a normal, innocent, human girl who lived happily, with little care of what was happening outside her village. She had no concern for the human/Sselcond relationship on the planet Saber. She just wanted to live happily. Her name was Sodanaine Firtamas, but she was commonly referred to as "Sodagirl".

Starscream patted his hooded chin, and fingered a throwing star he held in his other hand. He squeezed the star tightly, letting it pierce the skin on his hand. He felt blood run through his fingers. Such was his tradition before killing. Sodagirl- that inncoent, little, ignorant human girl- she was his target. A child... Not the first child I will kill, but the others needed to die. They had some sort of relevance. But this girl... she seems to have no importance whatsoever. Has M-MAC lost all his sanity that he decides to kill little girls and rape little boys? This girl is only twelve.

Starscream jumps from his overhead lookout upon the village, and makes his way down to it. Nightfall will be here soon... She will die. I have never failed a mission, and I am not about to start. This girl will die by the star in my hand.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Being a happy, social, friendly girl of twelve, Sodagirl was easy to track. Starscream easily found her home and bed without much trouble. In her sleep... A death many pray for. That is how she will die. Now he only waited for her to drift off into her endless dream. One she will never wake up from...

He didn't have to wait long. She fell into sleep fast. Her parents were also asleep, making his task painfully easily. I could take her and hang her by her toes in the village square. She would not even blink.

He looked at her through the window o her room, throwing star in hand. Such a pretty young girl... She would have made any man happy beyond his dreams. Starscream put the star to her throat, and prepared himself for another senseless act of murder.

He never got that far. Something rammed into his side at unbelievable speed, knocking him away from the window. What the...? The weight knocked him onto the ground, and the throwing star escaped Starscream's grasp. Damn... He looked to see something he never would have expected. A young boy, not much older than fifteen years, stood above him with a club in hand and a serious look on his face.

"You won't hurt Soda..." The boy said shrilly, stroaking his hair calmly.

"You're a very brave child," Starscream commented, rising to his feet. "Step aside. I have a mission to complete."

"Over my dead body."

"That's of little consequence." As soon as the words escaped his lips, Starscream lept over the boy and reached into the window of Soda's room, pulling the dazed girl away and running from his attacker. Such was part of his moral code. Never kill more than your target. I will abide to that rule, especially if it is children.

Starscream could hear the boy hot on his heels. For such a young child, he is fast. I'm impressed. Starscream jumped from rooftop to rooftop, trying to avoid the boy. The boy, however, chased without end in the alleys of the village. Now the entire village was lighting up from Soda's screaming. Shit. I'm caught.

The crack of gunfire followed the lighting of the village, and Starscream knew he was seen. He leapt from the rooftop to the height of a nearby tree, and lept from treetop to treetop, going deeper into the forest. Only the girls screams could possibly be followed, and they were faiding fast.

Starscream eventuall reached a rock formation over a mile away from the village, and placed the girl down as he checked to make sure he was not being followed. "Be silent."

"No!" The girl shouted. "Take me home!"

"No." Starscream said, then held a dagger to the girls throat that instantly silenced her. "Now shut up."

The trail was clear. No one could possibly get to Starscream's position fast enough. Even that boy would have a pile of rocks to climb befo0re he could reach me. No easy task. Starscream then pulled a dagger from his belt, then held it to the girls throat and prepared to cut it.

Something stopped him. A blinding light consumed Starscream, and suddenly, he was alone. A hymm was sung in the distance.

Of time unfriendly,
of hearts untue,
a hero will rise
to unite them anew.
A human will come
with great power and grace
to close the drift created in this place.
Protect this girl,
that is your role,
Now that you know,
what the Angels have found.

Starscream was instantly returned to the setting he once was at. That song... It was the legend of the Sselconds. It proclaimed thata human would close the rift of violence between the Sselconds or the humans. Could that human be this girl...?


That was ten years ago. Starscream refrained from killing the girl, letting her live and protecting her in secret. She was now a fully grown woman. Starscream came to love her as a father would love his daughter, but could never speak to her. He could ony guard her. Now, all the signs were aligned. Soda was ready. Now, this would begin the rise of humanity... And the peace never thought possible. All I have to do is make sure she lives...
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