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TWISB Fantasy Raw Results and Smackdown! Preview
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Default TWISB Fantasy Raw Results and Smackdown! Preview

*After reading please reply or send an e-mail to and rate on a scale of one to ten.

Houston, TX
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

[8:00 - 8:15]

Eric Bishcoff's music hits to kick off the show. Bishcoff, "First I would like to announce that four trades have been made. I'm not telling you who RAW has recieved, but I will tell you who we discarded. We got rid of the big fat bastard Big Show. And as per request of Triple H, Bubba Dudley and Spike Dudley also for reasons that you may not currently understand, Lance Storm has requested that we trade William Regal to Smackdown! so I obliged! Ladies and Gentelmen the following contest is a tryout match. With the winner recieving a RAW Contract."

JR, "I cannot believe that Triple H and Flair would have Buh Buh traded just because he was a threat to the World Championship."

King, "Oh, JR, be quiet."

Winner Works for RAW
? VS. ?
Bishcoff, "First, introducing, Damaja!" Damaja comes down to a mix reaction from the crowd. E., "And a former ECW Television Champion, Cruiserweight Sensation Nova!" Nova comes out to a good pop from the crowd. An overall very good and technical match as Nova opened with a drop toe
hold to the corner, sending Damaja down hard. Damaja then went for a type of
a pinfall manuever, but Nova managed to counter that into a headscissors
take down, very entertaining. Nova then applied a strong wrist lock on
Damaja, that was countered into a wrist lock applied by Damaja. The two
continued the back and forth assault until Damaja went to the outside of the
ring, to take a breather of sorts. Nova then went flying over the top rope,
but came crashing down onto Victoria who was standing next to Damaja on the
outside. Damaja mainly worked on the arm of Nova, slowing things down a bit. Damaja went for the Brain Damaj and Nova was able to reverse it to a very nice sunset flip. Eventually, Victoria made her way back to the ring and distracted the referee as Bishcoff grabbed Nova distracting him. Nova then turned around and fell victim of the Brain Damaj, as Damaja gained the victory.
Winner: Damaja

Nova slowly gets to his feet and Eric Bishcoff says, "Nova, it's taken you about ummm....., three minutes too long to get the hell out of my ring." Disturb's "Down With the Sickness"plays and on the videotron you can tell that this is Rosey and Jamal's theme music. They slowly walk to the ring and Nova takes them out with a suicide dive! Nova quickly goes to the apron and waits for them to get to his feet. He goes for an asai moonsault, but they catch him and plant him with a double powerslam on the concrete floor! They slide into the ring and Jamal goes up top and hits a 300+ lb. Splash on Nova. Former BWo member Steven Richards comes out and also gets squashed by Jamal. Suddenly we hear, "Can You Dig it SUCKA" and the rest of the music plays and Book and Goldie come out and engage in a brawl with their large adversarys as we fade to black.

Commercial Break

[8:15 - 8:30]

The Un-Americans are shown backstage standing beside Coach. Coach, "Lance Storm you are the leader of this stable, you wanna tell me why you had Regal traded?" Lance, "First off I have no idea who could possibly immitate my charismatic voice, but losing William was not my idea. I have a match with that moronic American Randy Orton. He is a digrace to his own country. He snuck away from millitary base? He did time in a millitary facility? Typical american. And when I find out who told Eric to trade Regal there will be hell to pay." Storm walks off. Test (to Christian), "Ooh you're in trouble."

Lance Storm VS. Randy Orton
Orton starts the match with a standing dropkick. Storm fights back and there's a Suplex by Storm. Storm pressures Orton in the corner and beats on him. Sidewalk slam by Storm, 1,2 but Orton kicked out. Full Nelson grab with a camel clutch submission hold applied on, but Orton manages to get out. Back suplex by Randy Orton. Clothesline by Randy, followed by a back body drop. Modified back breaker by Orton, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Flying DDT by Storm, 1,2 but Orton kicked out. Powerslam by Orton, covers, 1,2, but Storm kicked out again. Superkick by Storm, 1,2 and Orton kicked out. Randy Orton finishes the match with a flying cross body to pin Lance Storm, but Lance rolls through and gets the dupe.
Winner via pinfall: Lance Storm

Suddenly on the Titan Tron we see G-TV something we haven't seen in two years! It shows when Test made the remark backstage and now Storm is aware of Christian's doings. Lance looks pissed and grabs a microphone. Storm, "Christian get your ass out here and bring your Un-American shirt with you." Christian and Test come out and get in the ring. Storm is about to speak when Test immediatly lays him out with a big boot! Christian picks him up and lays him out w/ the Unprettier! They get the torch and burn Storm's Un-American Shirt!

Commercial Break

[8:30 - 8:45]

Rosie and Jamal VS. Booker T and Goldust
Rosie starts things off with Goldust and gets the upperhand with a vertical suplex. Rosie starts stomping Goldie and tags in Jamal and the ref tries to get Rosie out of the ring, but they bully the ref to stay in togethor. The brutillize Goldust with power moves and cover him, but Booker breaks it up. Booker lays into both men with a series of kicks and hits the bookend on both men. The teams continue to pound each other for a few min. until Jamal goes for the frog splash. Goldust shoves him into a bookend from Booker! One..Two..Kickout! Then Goldust nails Jamal with the CURTAIN CALL! Booker nails Rosie with the SCISSORS KICK! They go for the cover! ONE..TWO..THRE The Ref is pulled out of the ring by RIKSIHI(?)!! Rikishi comes in and hits both Booker and Goldust with a thump and they go down.
Winners via Disquallification: Booker T and Goldust

Rikishi, Jamal and Rosie continue to beat on the two men. Rosie nails them with tossing samoan drops and Jamal and Rikishi hits splashes and bonzai drops on the two. They leave to HUGE heat.

Commercial Break
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[9:00 - 9:15]

WWE Tag Team Championship
Kane and The Hurricane (c) VS. The Un-Americans (Christian and Regal's Replacement)
Christian is double teamed throughought the entire match. Until Rico makes his way out and hits a spinning heel kick to Hurricane's head. Then it is even until Christian's partner, a fellow seven time tag team champion, EDGE! Edge gets booed so loud you can barely here JR screaming, "why damnit why?" Edge hits the spear and the Un-Americans regain the tag team titles!
Winners via pinfall and NEW Tag Team Champions: E & C

Commercial Break

[9:15 - 9:30]

Justin Credible VS. Rico
Both men recieve a chorus of boos. Credible and Rico engage in a brawl to start off. Credible goes for a clothesline, but Rico ducks and nails a dropkick. Rico picks him up and gives him a stalling vertical suplex. Rico goes to the top and goes for a moonsault, but Credible moives and covers. 1,2, kickout. The two work over each other with signature moves. Credible goes for the Tombstone, but Rico counters with a headscissor takeover. Rico gets the win with his feet on the ropes.
Winner via pinfall: Rico
Rico nails Credible with a spin kick after the match. And the lights go out. "STAND BACK, THERE'S A HURRICANE COMIN' THROUGH!" Hurricane takes him down with a flying Hurricanranna and picks him back up nailing the Vertibreaker! Helms and Credible shake hands.

Commercial Break

[9:30 - 9:35]

Arn Anderson and Triple H are shown staring each other down and security is surrounding them just in case.

Final Break

[9:40 - 10:07]

Main Event
Sledgehammer On a Pole Match
Rob Van Dam VS. Ric Flair
Flair starts off with chops to the chest of RVD. Van Dam fights back with a kick and whips Flair into the turnbuckle. RVD follows in with a monkey flip and nails a dropkick to Flair's face. RVD nails Flair with the Rolling Thunder. Flair begins fighting back and nails RVD with a belly-to-back suplex and a knee breaker. Flair begins repeadedly coming onto the knee untill RVD launches him over the top with his other foot. RVD nails Flair with a cannonball plancha! He jums onto the barricade and completes a backflip catching Flair with a reverse DDT on his way down. The two exchange moves for a while and RVD's leg is nearly broken. RVD nails a splitt-legged moonsault. RVD goes to get the hammer, but Flair stops him with a chop block. Flair puts RVD in the figure four maybe breaking the leg of RVD. Flair gets trhe hammer and nails RVD's leg reapetedly with it. Flair waits for Van Dam to struggle to his feet. and goes for the kill, but VANDAMINATER! RVD climbs to the top and hits the Five Star Frog Splash.
Winner via Pinfall: Rob Van Dam!

Triple H starts coming from the back and nails RVD with a sledge to the taped ribs! Suddenly Arn Anderson makes his way out with Chris Jericho and they stare down Flair and HHH. Then Anderson DDT's RVD!! Jericho puts RVD in the Walls of Jericho as Flair nails repeated knee drops to the back of the neck. Ric Flair pulls out some Four Horsemen Shirts and OH MY GOD THE HORSEMEN ARE RIDING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! They make their way to the back to huge boos from the crowd!

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This Thursday, Smackdown! comes to you from Laffayette, Louisiana.

Stephanie McMahon has stated that she has signed one of the greatest cruiserweights in the world to Smackdown! She has given this mystery man a shot at Jaime Noble's title this Thursday!

Plus, fresh off being pinned by Rey Mysterio last week, Chris Benoit looks to reedeem himself when he faces Rey's friend Kidman.

Finnally, Eddie Guerrero turned heads last week in his No DQ match with Edge. This week he's in another one against Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle.

Plus, you never know what's gonna happen on Smackdown. Tune in at 8/7c on UPN!
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