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Name all the cd's you have
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Old 18 Sep 2002, 08:01 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Name all the cd's you have

I'm curious to see what you people listen to,here's my list.

Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory
Linkin Park-Reanimation
Disturbed-The Sickness
Papa Roach-LoveHateTragedy
Staind-Break The Cycle
System of a Down-Toxicity
Blink-182-Enema of the state
Blink-182-Take off your pants and jacket
Limp Bizkit-New old songs(I had chocolate starfish and 3 dollar bill,but 3 dollar bill broke in half and chocolate starfish got stolen)
Kid Rock-Cocky

Eminem-Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem-The Eminem Show
Ludacris-Back for the first time
Ludacris-Word of Mouf
D12-Devil's Night
Bubba Sparxxx-Dark Days,Bright Nights(I thought it would be's ok)
Snoop Dogg-Tha Last Meal
DMX-The Great Depression

WWF the music volume 3,4,and 5
Forceable Entry
WWF Agression
WCW-The Mayhem

Those are all my cd's...half of those I havent listened to in a awhile.
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Snake River Conspiracy
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Vulcan LionHart can only hope to improveVulcan LionHart can only hope to improve

Snake River Conspiracy- "Sonic Jihad"
Jack Off Jill- "Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers"
Lennon- "5:30 Saturday Morning"
Powerman 5000- "Tonight The Stars Revolt"
Finger Eleven- "Greyest Of Blue Skies"
Garbage- "Version 2.0"
Garbage- "Beautiful Garbage"
Hybrid- "Wide Angle"
BT- "Rare and Remixed"
Rammstein- "Senhsucht"
Fozzy- "Fozzy"
Fozzy- "Happenstance"
Spineshank- "Height Of Callousness"
Resident Evil Soundtrack
Linkin Park- "Hybrid Theory"
Linkin Park- "Reanimation"
Matchbox 20- "Yourself Or Someone Like You"
Moby- "Play"
Apollo 440- "Elctro Gilde In Blue"
Twelve Stones- "Twelve Stones"
Cranberries- "No Need To Argue"
Limp Bizkit- All of them

And. yes, embarassingly, Jewel- "Pieces Of You"
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I am not naming the CD's just the artists...If there is no number before the name, I have 1 cd by that person. If there is a number that's how many CDs I have by them:

White Stripes, 2 Eminem, 2 LFO, 2 Nelly, 2 Metallica, Donna Lewis, Everything, Soul Decision, 2 Wallflowes, 3 Backstreet Boys, FFH, 3 Nsync, Edwin McCain, Eve 6, Mudcats, Beastie Boys, Third Eye Blind, Jamaroquai, Nine Days, Fastball, Splender, Offspring, 2 sugar ray, Alsnnis Morissette, green day, creed, shawn mullins, 2 ace of base, 2 mariah carrey, eagle eye cherry, citizen king, Chumbawamba, Paula Cole, 2 Savage Garden, dave matthews, marcy playground, Meredith Brooks, barenaked ladies, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne, Sheryl Crow, verve pipe, ben folds five, OMC, Shawn Colvin, linp bizkit, puff daddy, 2 hanson, johnny horton, 2 TLC, 2 britney spears, new radicals, matchbox 20, billie myers, smash mouth, everclear, 2 Songs 4 Worship, Bob Smiley (comedy), friends soundtrack, Next, Sister Hazel, blackstreet, usher, Cure, Moody Blues, Moffatts, 2 Wilson Phillips, 6 New Kids On The Block, Bryan Adams, Beach Boys, Boy George, Moby, Night at the Roxbury soundtrack, John Mellencamp, Abba, AC/DC, 4 Guns n Roses, Evan and Jaron, 2 Avalon, 2 Third Day, wow 1997-2002 (10 CDs), Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Michael W. Smith, point of grace, veggie tunes, Supertones, 7 Christian various, Switchfoot, Relient K, Kendall Payne, Lincoln Brewster, Jennifer Knapp, Godzilla soundtrack, Clueless soundtrack, Footloose soundtrack, Romeo and Juliette soundtrack, Will Smith, Detroit Rock City soundtrack, How Stella got her Groove back soundtrack, 10 pop/rock various, Bilboard top 10 1987, 1 various classical, Only Dance 1985-89, Joey Mcuntyre, Oasis, Shaggy, 2 Eagles, 2 Tracy Byrd, Sammy Kershaw, 2 Bryan White, 2 Shania Twain, 3 John Michael Montgomery, George Straight, 3 Clay Walker, 3 Kenny Chesney, 4 LeAnn Rimes, Deanna carter, 2 Martina McBride, 2 Faith Hill, 3 Tim Mcgraw, Tonic Sol Fa, Steve Wariner, Mindy McCready, Trisha Yearwood, 2 Garth Brooks, Wade Hayes, Lonestar, Elton John, Don Philip, Michael Fredo, Jo Dee Messina, Another Level, Ricky Martin, 2 Christina Aguilera, Jewel, Macarena, Santana, Vitamin C, S Club 7, Hoku, The Verve, Sixpence, No Authority, Westlife, Steps, Gloria Estefan, That Thing You Do soundtrack, Jordan Knight, Aqua, M2M, Sisqo, Blenders, A*Teens, Eric Clapton, Spice Girls, Belle Perez, 1 60's various, goo goo dolls, reo speedwagon, love bites: monster ballads, Fleetwood mac, paul simon, 1 various classic country, Armageddon soundtrack, now and then soundtrack, kid rock, Journey, Beatles, and Rod Stewart.

...I am pretty sure that's it...please excuse misspellings.
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I don't think i have enough room to list them all.....

They're all in a 400 CD player.
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RJ Knuckles
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Here comes a list:
Creed-Weathered, Human Clay, My Own Prison
Nirvana-From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah, Unplugged in New York, In Utero, Incesticide, Nevermind, Bleach
Pearl Jam-Binaural, Yield, Live on two Legs, No Code, Vitalogy, Vs. Ten
Red Hot Chili Peppers-By the Way, Californication, One Hot Minute, What Hits, Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Foo Fighters-There is Nothing Left to Lose, The Colour and the Shape, Foo Fighters
Stone Temple Pilots-Shangri LA DEE DA, No.4, Tiny Music, Purple Core
Staind-Break the Cycle
Alice In Chains-Facelift, Dirt, Jar of Flies, Alice in Chains, Heroin
Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory
Soundgarden-A Sides, Superunknown
Fuel-Something Like Human, Sunburn
Smashing Pumpkins-Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Adore
The Strokes-Is This It
The Offspring-Smash, Ixnay on the Hombre, Americana, Conspiracy of One
Green Day-Warning, Nimrod, Insomniac, Dookie
Live-Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi, The Distance to Here, V
Oasis-(What's the Story)Morning Glory
Disturbed-Down with the Sickness
Puddle of Mud-Come Clean
NERD-In Search of
Everclear-So Much for the Afterglow, Sparkle and Faded
Gin Blossoms-(Best of)Outside Looking in
Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy up the Girl, A Boy Named Goo
Sugar Ray-Sugar Ray, 14:59
Third Eye Blind-Blue, Third Eye Blind
The Wallflowers-Breach, Bringing Down the Horse
Old 19 Sep 2002, 06:02 AM   #6 (permalink)
Posts: n/a

i gots 130 cd's, and i aint naming shit, well ill name one, the gangster from the streets>>>>my nigga phil collins, yeah thats a hard core ffrom the blood floor nigga representing his hood.
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Mexican Mammoth
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Mine be Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Shakira, Metallica, P. Diddy, Down, Ashanti, Albert Christmas Squirrell, Alien Ant Farm, Mudvayne, Our Lady of Peace, Nuerotica, Rage, Paulina Rubio, Tenacious D., Weezer, Tool, Twited Sister, Mase, Usher, and Wierd Al.
"28 days. 6 hours. 42 minutes. 12 seconds. That is when the world will end." - Frank
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Young Noob
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here's my list

Blink 182 - take off your pants and jacket
- dude ranch
- cheshire cat
Alkaline trio - alkaline trio
NOFX - 45 or 46 songs that weren't go enought to go on our other records
- so long and thanks for all the shoes
MxPx - life in general
- ten years and running
the ataris - end is forever
-blue skies
weezer - pinkerton

the hives - your new favourite band
- veni vidi vicious
limp bisket - choc......
hoobastank - hoodastank
incubus - enjoy incubus
- science
- make yourself
led zeppelin - the sound track from the film the song remains the same
- physical graffiti
green day - insomniac
- international superhits
- kerplunk!
- nimrod
hardcore superstar - bad sneakers and a pina colada
deftones - adrenaline
- back to skool
drowning pool - sinner
bad religion - tested
- all ages
lit - a place in the sun
- atomic
fenix tx - lechuza
papa roach - lovehatetragedy
atticus -....dragging the lake.
smash mouth - fush yu many
box car racer - box car racer
silverchair - neon ballroom
- frogstomp
red hot chili peppers - californication
- by the way
- mothers milk
- blood sugar sex magik
jesse james - horwired
- shoes lp
Nirvana - incesticide
- nevermind
- bleach
no use for a name - live in a dive
pennywise - straight ahead
offspring - smash
- conspiracy of one
- americana
bouncing souls - hopeless romantic
placebo - i'm nothing with our you
rage against the machine - the battle of LA
ramones - ramones
SOAD - toxicity
capdown - civil disobediemt
tar -hmmm live in jail from their dont drop the soup tour
empire records - soundtrack
matrix soundtrack
AFI - the art of drowning
punk-o-rama I
short music for short people
the warptour 2001 compilation

ok there's more in the garage but i don't listen to them, and i can't be ass going to get them, but there is al least another 30 or so
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The Natural
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I've got-

Blind Melon- Self Titled
Cake - Comfort Eagle
Counting Crows- August and Everything After
Counting Crows- Recovering the Satellites
Counting Crows- VH-1 Storytellers
Counting Crows- Live from the 10 Spot
Counting Crows- Hard Candy
Creed- Human Clay
Disturbed- The Sickness
Eminem- The Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem- The Eminem Show
Green Day- International Superhits
Jay Z- Unplugged
Kid Rock- Devil w/o a Cause
Kid Rock- Cocky
Kid ROck- History of Rock
Limp Bizkit- first album, can't recall the name... 3 dollar bills sounds right?
Limp Bizkit- Chocolate Starfish...
Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory
Dave Matthews Band- Busted Stuff
Mad At Gravity
Nickelback- Silver Side Up
Nirvana- Nevermind
Nirvana- Unplugged in NY
Our Lady Peace- Gravity
Pressure 4-5 - Burning the Process
Puddle of Mudd- Come Clean
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication
RHCP- Their new one
Adam Sandler- They're All Gonna Laugh at You
Smashing Pumpkins- Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Staind- Break the Cycle
Sugar Ray- ummm.. I have never listened to this one, don't know the name
Trust Company- Can't remember name of this one either
White STripes- White Blood Cells
WWF Forceable Entry
WWF Tough Enough
(I also own Aggression and all the WWE The Music Volumes... but I don't have them in my case)
Xzibit- Restless

I have about 50 cd's that are out of rotation that I never listen to... I didn't realize I had so many in my case until doing that list
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Would love to, but do not feel in the mood to type a novel.
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~"The earth is full of kings and queens. They'll blind your eyes and steal your dreams. Kurt Cobain didn't make it... and left behind a generation of tortured souls. heed this warning."~
<select name=which style="font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9pt; background-color: black; font-weight: ; color: darkblue">
<option>Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box</option>
<option>She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak</option>
<option>I've been locked inside your Heart Shaped box for a week</option>
<option>I was drawn into your magnet tar pit trap</option>
<option>I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn back</option>
<option>I've got a new complaint</option>
<option>Forever in debt to your priceless advice</option>
<option>I've got a new complaint</option>
<option>Forever in debt to your priceless advice</option>
<option>I've got a new complaint</option>
<option>Forever in debt to your priceless advice</option>
<option>Meat-eating orchids forgive no one just yet</option>
<option>Cut myself angel's hair and baby's breath</option>
<option>Broken hymen of your highness I'm left black</option>
<option>Throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back -</option>


<center>I am now complete

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