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C. Writing Presents: Sandstorm
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C. Writing Presents: Sandstorm


Wyked lil Syn
Ilove Christian
Tyler Durden
Double K
Sen. Santorum
Chris Beniot
Lord Infamous
Stone Cold
Fr. Submission
Fallen Angel
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please exscuse the wierd color and stuff....
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(Inside an underground labortory located in a secret location under the nevada desert, several scientest dressed in long white robes are working on experiments which are unknown to most government agencies in the USA, even the president does not know of the work that is going on. Three scientis, two male, one female are discussing something around a table in the labatory while the other scientist continue with thier work.)

Fr. Submission:Has the photosynthesis reached its level of completion?

ILove Christian:The plant fibers have interwoven completely with the human DNA, within 72 hours we will see if all of our hard work will produce the results we are hoping for.

Fr. Submission:And how is the absorbtion process? How much solar radiation can be absorbed within 72 hours?

Sen. Santorum:The metabolic absorbtion rate is inconclusive at the moment, in 12 hours I will know for sure, I just need to....

Fr. Submissionangry)DAMMIT PROFESSOR SANTORUM! you know you were suppose to have your analisist complete 72 hours before we begun our productivity test. There is no exscuse for your delay.

Sen. Santorumtrying not to get angry)Yes, I know, I apologize, but with two botanical Organic Clonexes, everything had to be doubled, including the time that the test results could be complete. If I had more patience in the people who were suppose to be working with me, we would of been less stressed about the final results..

(Fr. Submission looks at Santorum with authority)

Fr. Submissionbreathing out)Well i guess we will have no choice but to go through with the productivity test, without being in sync with the absorbtion rate, which should not be a problem.(he looks at Santorum who does not return the look) regardless, bring out both BC's.

(ILove Christian Pulls out some kind of walkytalky)

[color=yellow]ILove Christian: (into the walkytalky) we're ready

Voice on other end: gotcha

(two heavy green metal doors slide open, two tall athletically built men walked out wearing only black shorts, they were escorted by four heavily armoured security guards with assault rifles. The two men are what Santorum referred to as Botanical Organic Clonexes. They both looked identical. 6'3, 215, less then 2 percent body fat, thier hair was dark green, it looks almost black at first glance, heavy green vains can be seen from under thier skin, and they blush a light green color)

Fr. Submission: ahhh, yes, these guys are looking better everyday, Christian, have you guys givin these guys names yet?

ILove Christian: Yes, we tatooed thier names on both of thier left shoulders, the clonex on the right we named Evil-Ryan, and the one of the left we named Exodus.

(Fr. Submission gave ILove Christian a strange look)

Fr. Submission: Can I ask exactly why these paticular names were chosen?

ILove Christian: Im not sure myself, I guess genetic scientist have a strange sense of humor

Fr. Submission: (breathing out) gonna have to have a talk with those guys in genetics, anyway, Santorum, did you get the report from cell four.

Sen. Santorum: (Hessitant) The report has been recieved...

Fr. Submission: PLan on sharing that info?

Sen. Santorum: Oh, yes, um, As of right now, when absorbtion is complete, we estimate they will be able to each press aproximately ten tons, at full capability they will be able to fully sprint at 80 miles per hour, and thier regenerative skills we allow them to recover from the most devastating force, as long as 60% percent of thier body is intact, thier DNA remembering ability will be able to fully recontruct thier bones, and even thier brains in less then 6 hours, and on top of that, most fire arms cant even penetrate thier skins, even a 12 guage at point blank range to the face would not have much of an effect.

Fr. Submission: (in awe) My god, that surprasses my farthest expectations, what about thier comprehension skills?

Sen. Santorum: They comprehend things 3 times faster then a man of average IQ, and they speak english and spanish fluently.

Fr. Submission: (smirking) Then what am I talking to you for.

(Fr. Submission extends his hand out at one of the clonexes expecting a handshake, the clonexes look at each other, then of of them extends his hand out shaking Fr. Submissions hand)

(Fr. Submission looks at the clonexes left shoulder to see his name before he begins to talk)

Fr. Submission: So, exodus is it, So, How do you feel.

Exodus: I feel aye ok mr?

Fr. Submission: You can call me mr submission (looking at Santorum) these guys have personalities, I didnt think they would.

(the clonexes look at each other smiling)

Sen. Santorum: We thought it would be better for them not to be drones, now we dont have to inject them with cerebral cemicals for mission, we can just tell them what has to be done.

Fr. Submission: Well mr exodus, we are all very glad that you and evil-ryan turned out better then expected.

Exodus: Hey, no one is happier then us.

Evil-Ryan: Yeah, if your experiments didnt work we would be looking like creatures from the black lagoon.

(Evil-Ryan and Exodus looked at each other and smile, a flash of dark green color light sparked of thie eyes)

Fr. Submission: Whoa, Whats that?

Sen. Santorum: What?

Fr. Submission: Thier eyes, they glow.

Sen Santorum: Oh that, thats just photosynthesis working through the body.

Fr. Submission: Well, Guess you guys can go back to your Rooms, and go back to what you where doing, we will be working with each otherh hopefully years to come.

Exodus: Ok mr submission, you take care

Evil-Ryan: Sleep tight.

(In a hall way lighted by bright over head sun lamps, the four security guards walked with the clonexes back to thier quarters, thier guns were ready to be fired, but the guards didnt expect to have to use them, the walls of the hall way were dark green metal, with a white floor and ceiling)

Guard 1: So what movie do you guys want to see tonight?

Exodus: Um... Something by Terrintino, How was Jackie Brown?

Guard 1: ahhh, it was good, not as good as pulp fiction, but way better then from dusk to dawn.

Evil-Ryan: Hey, what was wrong with from Dusk to Dawn, those vampires slaughtering all those humans, it was my favorite movie so far.

(the clonexes smile at each other with another flash of green light)

(they continue walking a little farther, when the clonexes just stop)

Guard 2: Whats wrong?

Exodus: Theres been a change of plan, me and my buddy Evil-Ryan, see we're not gonna be staying here anymore?

Guard 2: What do you mean?

Evil-Ryan: He means we are about to escape, what do you think dipshit?

Guard 2: And how are you gonna do that?

Evil-Ryan: Well, we are gonna start by killing you four, then kill the next five levels of security until we get to the desert surface, from there we plan on playing it by ear.

Guard 2: tell me he's joking

Exodus: Ok, hes joking

Guard 2: you guys are going to have to stop with the dark humor, its not...

(before the guard could finish talking Evil-Ryan grabbed him by the neck with one hand, and lifted him off the ground, the other three security guards lifted thier rifles, and pointed them to the clonexes)


Evil-Ryan: (shruged) Make Me.

Guard 2: (choking)sh... shoot him.

(Guard 1 pointed his rifle at Evil-Ryans face, and shot him in the head, the bullet had no effect, Evil-Ryan just cocked his head)

Evil-Ryan: Now why do you wanna go and do that?

(Evil-Ryan squeezed the guards neck real hard until a pop was heard, he dropped his dead carcass on the ground)

(Exodus hit Guard 1 with a fast clothes line, and he hit the ground hard, he put a foot on the guards chest pinning him down, the other 2 guards sparyed him with gun fire that he just ignore, Exodus bent down, and simply pulled one of the guards legs off)

Guard 1: (in extreme pain)AHHHH!!!, SHIT! GET OFF ME!!!!! GET HIM OFF!!!!!

(Guard 3 and 4 went to help, but Evil-Ryan pushed them hard, they slid several yards back down the hall, Exodus pulled another one of the Guards legs off)

Exodus: Pulling insects legs off are fun!

Evil-Ryan: Hey, Can I play?

Exodus: Ah Uh, you gotta get your own, this one is mine.

(Exodus reached down pulling off one of his arms, the guard continued to scream for help, the guards evil ryan pushed begun shooting Evil-Ryan, Evil-Ryan casually strolled to the guards. Exodus reached down and pulled the final limb off the guard, the guard was now nothing but a head and torso, yet he remained alive, yelling and crying in pain)

Guard 4: You fucking animals!

Evil-Ryan: Animal! Me? ok, now name calling will not be tolerated, im gonna mop the floor with you.

(Evil-Ryan moved so fast, the guard had no time to react, within a seccond Evil-Ryan chopped the guards head off, he then grabbed the guards dead body by the legs, flipping him upside down making mop motions out of him)

Evil-Ryan: Its ashame, some people can be so hard headed

Exodus: You missed a spot.

Evil-Ryan: Hey, Hey dammit Hey, I dont tell you how to pull limps off your dead bodies, dont tell me how to mop the floor with mines.

(Guard 3 was talking into a wrist radio, alarms begun to sound throughout the complex, lights flashed)

Exodus: You see, you leave one guard alone for 5 secconds and he goes and sounds the alarm, you cant take your eyes off these guys.

Evil-Ryan: Well, guess ill have to kill this one too

Exodus: Hey! you already killed two, that ones mine.

Evil-Ryan: ok, just make it snappy.

Exodus: yes sir

(Exodus went over to Guard 3, lifted him like a rag doll over his head, and snapped him in half)
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(FBI Headquarters, Washington DC)

(9:13 a.m.)

(A man is sitting in a small dark office, he is on the phone talking to someone important. The man on the phone name is Assh Ole, he is unknown to most, yet very important, he is the man who knows information about this country the president doesnt even know)

Asshole: (talking into phone) What happened to the task force in North Africa? Yeah....yeah, yes, I spoke to him, he shot both his sons in the chest.... no others, over 15 times.... ok, call me back in exactly 3 hours.[/color]

(Assh Ole hangs the phone up, almost immediately he sees the light for line 9 blinking, right away he knows whos on the line, each line is reserved for a certain caller)

Asshole: What?[/color]

ILove Christian: (other end of phone) (deep breath) mr ole, theres been a serious event.[/color]

Asshole: How serious?[/color]

ILove Christian: Code Red[/color]

Asshole: (getting loud) What the fuck could of possibly caused a code red.[/color]

ILove Christian: The clonexes are gone[/color]

Asshole: Who stole them?[/color]

ILove Christian: No one, they escaped.[/color]

Asshole: YOUR FUCKING KIDDIN ME, HOW!?!?[/color]

ILove Christian: well...first they killed 4 of our guards, then they killed 6 more, then 9, then 7.... it ended up to 34, after that they just walked into the arizona desert last night and just dissapeared.[/color]

Asshole: Fuck, dont you guys have some sort of tracing device inside of them.[/color]

ILove Christian: well we do, but we never got around to putting them in[/color]

Asshole: Jesus F'n Christ.... So I guess we want me to think of some sort of way to bring them back.[/color]

ILove Christian: Well you are the one who pulled the strings and made this possible[/color]

Asshole: Just my luck[/color]

ILove Christian: Dont you have some sort of Branch you can call that deals with that sort of thing?[/color]

Asshole: Yeah, I'll get mulder and scully on it right away.[/color]

ILove Christian: Who?[/color]

Asshole: (sighing) nothing, nevermind....I can get a task force together, but ill have to gather them from scratch, ill call you back in 2 hours.[/color]

(he hangs the phone up and slams his head into his desk)

Asshole: I knew i should of stayed at the ATF[/color]

(45 minutes later, 6 people, 5 men, 1 women are sitting at a small round table in a conference room, the room has no windows or anything else, just a table and chairs, they sit quietly until Assh Ole walks into the room)

(Assh Ole recognize that everyone he called for was there, they were individualy classified as trackers, they tracked down the most dangerous men in the world and killed them, they usualy worked alone, but for due to the severity of this mission, they would have to work together)

(Assh glanced around, pausing to look at each tracker, he knew them all, but some he hadnt seen in years. They each operated by code names....

Wyked lil Syn: only female tracker, can kill a man without being seductive, the way she usualy prefers, but that doesnt mean a guy wouldnt look at her twice as she went by

Iglooman: A cold blooded killer, good thing he only kills who he is suppose to

Tyler Durden: Just as good as he is sarcastic, usually keeps people level headed with his humor.

Chris Benoit: Tracks fast, but hard to be tracked, never lets you down

Fallen Angel: The newest tracker, so new none of the other trackers ever heard of him

and Lord Infamous: Hundreds of stories of him float around, they cant all be true, but you know some have to be, and even if a small percentage are, you know hes not to be fucked with.)

Asshole: I know you guys never met face to face, but im sure you all heard of each, so now you will finaly get to put faces with the names you heard so many times, but right now im gonna ask you guys to listen and not say a word...[/color]

(he looked around to make sure everyone was listening)

Asshole: Last night, im not sure what time, at a secret location, out side of area 51, two very important test subjects escaped, since you guys were the only trackers who could get here so quick, and some of you guys I dont know how you did it, but I called you here to tract these two men.[/color]

Tyler Durden: Ok, I can Understand that, but why did you call all of us, I mean I probaly can take these guys myself, lets not forget I tracked down 3 warlords in angolia in less then 36 hours.[/color]

Asshole: (laughs)[/color] Mr. Durden you as confident as always I see, lets just hope your as confident in 24 hours[/color]

(Tyler Durden went to respond, but Assh Ole cut him off)

Asshole: Save it for the hellicopter Durden, we have to get moving, everybody please follow me outside.[/color]
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(2 hours later, flying above neveda desert in a hellicopter are assh ole and the trackers)

Tyler Durden: So as I was asking in DC, what makes thess guys so special that they have to be tracked so fast, and by so many trackers? Are they that dangerous?

Asshole: These guys are not what you expect, they can potentialy be the 2 most dangerous men in the world.

Tyler Durden: They cant be that dangerous, we would of heard of them by now, are they on the FBI list?

Asshole: The FBI doesnt know about them

Tyler Durden: Your FBI, you know about them.

(Assh Ole takes a deep breath)

Asshole: You will find the answers to your other questions when we get to where your going.

Tyler Durden: well the faster we get there, the faster I can do what I do best.

Wyked lil Syn: You mean you actualy do something better then run your mouth?

(the other members of the trackers begin to grin, except durden)

Tyler Durden: Oh look, the poodle can talk.

Wyked lil Syn: I do more then talk.

Tyler Durden: Do you play dead too?

Wyked lil Syn: The only time I ever played dead was in Russia when I wanted a member of the russian mob to get close enough to me so I could blow his brains out.

Lord Infamous: Why dont you two knock it off.

Tyler Durden: Um...Who are you?

Lord Infamous: Im a tracker, We've never met of course

Tyler Durden: Ive never met any of these guys before, but I can match describtions up with any face, like I know that up tight lady over there is Wyked lil Syn.

(Wyked lil Syn looked at Tyler with a raised eyebrow)

Tyler Durden: but i dont know who you are, your description doesnt fit anybody

Lord Infamous: Well i would tell you who I am, but thats not how I operate.

Chris Beniot: He's Lord Infamous

(they all looked stunned)

Lord Infamous: How the hell do you know who I am????

Chris Benoit: My little secret.

Tyler Durden: Wait, he's Lord Infamous???? that cant be right, no offense, but from what I heard, Lord Infamous isnt black.

Lord Infamous: (laughs) Man, theres so many stories out there about me, Im not sure who I am anymore myself, some people think Im female, some think im white, some think I dont exist, I even heard some people say im the midget clone of ghengis khan.

Tyler Durden: Wait, let me get this straight, your the guy who they say killed 60 members of the Columbian cartel militia with 2 ak's and a bazoka?

Lord Infamous: (laughs) There might be a little exageration.

Iglooman: I heard about that, but I heard it was 30 members, with a tech 9 and a crossbow.

Chris Benoit: It was neither...

(everybody looked at chris beniot)

Chris benoit: He was on an inflateable raft 20 yards off the coast in nexico, a small cruiser went by, in which mr infamous here took a roket launcher to it, killing the 17 people on board, only 3 of which he was suppose to kill, the other 14 were not necesarry.

Lord Infamous: Yeah, maybe not, but they where all part of the cartel anyway, so it was a bonus

Iglooman: hey I kill people im not suppose to all the time, I mean they arent innocent, but they dont have to be dead for the mission to be sucessful.

(they sit quiet for a few minutes listening to the blades of the hellicopter)

(tyler looks at the only person on the copter who never said anything)

Tyler Durden: Hey, why are you so quiet?

(fallen angel who he was talking to, just looked at him, and raised his eye brows)

Tyler Durden: (under his breath) wierdo

(the hellicopter stops in mid hair)

Asshole: Ok, were here, when this thing lands, I want everyone to get quiet, and follow me, no questions till I say so, got that?

(everybody seemed to get it)

Asshole: good.
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(after passing several layers of security and travelling down several stories undergound, assh ole and the 6 trackers have made it to two heavy metal green doors, having told a security guard who he is, he and the trackers are waved through the doors into a large laboratory with a dozen or so scientist dressed in white robes, a man standing by a man and woman waves to get assh ole's attention, assh walks up to the man, with the tracker following)

Fr. Submission: I would like to say its nice to see you again, but under the circumstances, its not.

Asshole: (not amused) lets cut to the chase, what happened?

Fr. Submission: exactly what dr.christian told you over the phone, they just for some unknown reason decided to walk out.

Asshole: I understand that they walked out, but how does anything with no personality decide to do anything?

Fr. Submission: The thing is, they have personalities.

Asshole: WHAT? what the fuck are you talking about, I gave you fucking instructions not to give these guys personalities, having beings that dangerous with free will only eventualy lead to trouble.

Fr. Submission: yeah well, the scientist..they um

Asshole: dont give me that, I left you in charge.

Sen. Santorum: Exscuse me Ole, but the personality thing was my idea.

Asshole: Santorum you know not to go over my authority.

Sen. Santorum: yeah well you see, by not giving these guys personalities, they would of been even more dangerous. They would be like tanks with no driver, even with the ability to control them, that wasnt enough of a guarantee.

Asshole: Well it looks like the otherway around wasnt a guarantee either. Anyway, I guess that doesnt matter now. the only option we have left is to take them down, Christian..

(she looks up)

Asshole: See this group with me? this is the task force i assembled to catch the clonexes, explain to them what thier up against.

ILove Christian: Ok, this will be easier in the conference room where we can show them the video.

(Inside the simple conference room, everyone sits at the table except christian who is standing in front of a video screen)

ILove Christian: As most of you guys probaly know, Plants use a process called photosynthesis to absorb light from the sun, and use it as energy. the way Photosynthesis works in plants is special cemicals in plants break down the light with the use of water, into special carbohydrates. The chemical is called chlorophyll, we decided to see if we introduce a special kind of chlorophyll we created called chlorophex, into the human body, would it cause the body to react to the sun like it was a batery...the outcome suprised us all...we cont...

Fallen Angel: (interuppting)so begins the cletia of playing god.

Asshole: (angry)please hold your comments for when shes finished.

ILove Christian: (eyeballing fallen angel)Thank you......Well we continued to do what we were doing until we got the results we wanted...when we got them the results where astounding. The bodies of the three, oh, sorry, I mean two resulted in superhuman levels of strength, speed and durability.


Fallen Angel: You say you decided to put this chlorophex into these people, what gave you the fucking right, did these people ask to have this done to them?

Tyler Durden: (whispering to iglooman) And i thought this nutcase was the quiet one.

ILove Christian: We didnt use normal humans, we used clones, types of clones called clonexes, thier DNA is the combination of several people, so with no donor, no one person has any say on what can be done with the clone.

Fallen Angel: What about the moral say?

Sen. Santorum: (interupting) We are scientist, Morals are in the least of our concerns.

Fallen Angel: Not even when your dealing with a human life, I dont care how many people DNA was used, you still have no right to treat a human being like it is nothing but a palet.

Sen Santorum: You know for someone so uptight about morals, you sure picked a hell of a business.

Fallen Angel: I make it my business to make sure people like you cease to exist.


Asshole: well um...are ther any questions about the task?

Tyler Durden: What kind of superhuman levels are we talking about?

ILove Christian: they are strong, real strong, they can lift 10 tens, run at 80 miles an hour. There skin is almost impervious, and thier bodies regenerate at a pace you wouldnt believe, even bone and brain matter can be replaced with new cells.

Tyler Durden: ok, thats it, check please

Asshole: Durden, this is not a joking matter.

Chris Beniot: (losing patience) I figure you got that video set up to show us what they can do, just push play and show us what we are up against.

ILove Christian: Very Well, but i must warn you, the only video we have is one you probaly dont want to see.

(She turns the video, they all sit stoned face,watching as if it was something they seen a thosand times. It was the video of the clonexes murdering the security guards taken by the hallway monitors)

Iglooman: Oh my fucking god, that one guy took some shots to the face, and it barely fazed him.

Tyler Durden: Would it be too early to start considering retirement?.

Wyked lil Syn: awww, did the big bad monsters scare the the little boy.

Tyler Durden: oh no, its the realization that im gonna have to work with you.

Wyked lil Syn: guess you just dont have the balls.

Tyler Durden: In my years in the business, I come to notice that when a women starts to refer to your genetelia, that she is harboring some sexual desires.

Iglooman: Well, he got you there.

Fr. Submission: (whispering to assh ole) Do these guys always act like children.

Asshole: (whispering back) This is the first time these guys ever worked together, they usualy work solo...I guess this just happens when you put guys who work alone in a group.

Chris Beniot: Since the level of danger in this mission is so high, im gonna take lead of the task force, if you guys have a problem with that, let me just remind you guys, I am the best.

Tyler Durden: Who died and made you king?

Chris Beniot: No one, but If i had to put my money on it, I would say you would be the first.

ILove Christian: Now, lets not jump to conclusions, we have what we need to put these guys out of comission.

Fallen Angel: I wouldnt say he's jumping to conclusions, This place is built like a fortress, and yet your experiments walked right out, You even have monitors all over the place, but in the video the guard had to call for help, security reinforcements should of locked down that corridor before anyone was killed.

Lord Infamous: thats what I been trying to figure out.

ILove Christian: (sighs) When were first given the project, we had no place to perform, they had to build this place fast, and since we were on a timeline we had to move in before everything was complete.

Fallen Angel: I guess any excuse is just as good at this point.

Chris Benoit: look, for us to track down these clonexes, it would be useful if we can see something of thiers can could give us an idea as to where they might be going, show us where these guys where kept, that should give us some information.

ILove Christian: Ok, that sounds like a good idea, but first lets go back to the labortory to see if they have what we need to bring these guys back.
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(on the skirts of Las Vegas)

(the clonexes are walking around a small town that is littered with small stores, they are wearing black pants, and black shirts they must of pulled off some of the security guards, they aren't wearing any of the security armor, it would be unnecessary anyway)

(they go into a 7-eleven, the only franchise store for miles, the bell on the door jingles an old man behind the register looks up)

Old Man: Morning

Evil-Ryan: Howdy

(they walk down an isle)

Exodus: why did we come in here

Evil-Ryan: Thought You might want a slurpee

Exodus: a slurpee huh, I haven't had one of those since....wait, have I ever had one of those?

Evil-Ryan: Heck if I know, ooo, look

(he points to a twinkie)

Evil-Ryan: Its one of those things they use to give us, a twinkie.

(Exodus picks the twinkie up, opens it, and stuffs it in his mouth)

Exodus: (with a full mouth) Yummy

Old man: (looking around into the aisle) You fellas gonna pay for that?

Exodus: Uh yeah.

Old Man: (smiling)ok, just making sure.

(exodus and evilryan walk up to the register, exodus piles up some snacks in his arms and drops them on the counter, the man rings it up)

Old Man: Ok, thats 32.50, looks like someone has the munchies...(laughs) cash or credit?

Exodus: credit.

Old Man: Visa or Mastercard.

Exodus: American Express.

(exodus punches a hole through the old mans head)

Exodus: No wonder they call it American express, its so fast.

(they begin to walk out the store, when evilryan notices an atm)

Evil-Ryan: wanna have some fun?

Exodus: Sure

(evilryan breaks open the atm with his bare hands)
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(ILove Christian followed by the others walk into the labortory, she begins to talk to a young scientist)

ILove Christian: Is it ready?

Young Scientist: Its bad news.

ILove Christian: how bad.

Young Scientist: it doesnt work.

ILove Christian: how the hell can it not work.

Young Scientist: the chemical compound we created to break down chlorophex in the clonexes isnt working, we cant figure out how to destroy the hybrid DNA.

(fr. submission flips over a table)


(fr submission grabs sen. santorum by his lab coat collar and pushes him on a table knocking tubes and such around)

Sen. Santorum: (struggling to get loose) It wasnt what You think, We didnt just do it for easier missions, They already had personalities, they are human, we would of had to supress them, and I just didnt Have the time.

(assh ole goes to pull fr. submission off of Santorum)

Asshole: look, whether them having personalities caused them to escape or not, our only objective now is to get them back before they cause any trouble.

Chris Beniot: Just show us where they were kept. Even without the compound to take them down, if they start pulling people apart like in the video, its not going to be pretty.

(they all walked into the quarters of the clonexes, it looked like a college dorm, a big screen tv, dvd's, cd's, video games, magazines, and lots of junk food wrappers, the clonex quarters did not reflect the rest of the underground base)

Asshole: This place is a mess

Sen. Santorum: its how they prefered it.

Fr. Submission: TV's? Dvd players? Playstation, Whos idea was this.

Sen Santorum: They needed something to remain occupied

Asshole: You look at this place like you never seen it Submission

Fr. Submission: Actualy, This is my first time I ever been down here, matter of fact, the day they escaped, was the day I first met them

Asshole: You mean to tell me, this place has been running for almost 2 years, and You wasnt even aware of what was going on? wasnt you suppose to be in charge?

Fr. Submission: I was the program director, as long as things were running smove, I kept it my business to stay out of the way of the scientist who were in charge of the experiments.

Asshole: Thats no exscuse, A job is a job, do it right, or dont even bother.

Fr. Submission: Wait just a minute, it was you was the one who threw this shit together from the outside, and you this is your first visit.

Asshole: You know very well why I couldnt come here.


ILove Christian: (to the trackers) If you guys wanna look around and see what it is you guys see, go right ahead.

(the trackers seperate and start to scan the room)

(tyler durden sees a plastic coke bottle half full with a thick brownish liquid, he holds it up, and yells out to christian)

Tyler Durden: Hey whats this stuff in the bottle?

ILove Christian: oh that, thats a protein concentrate, the only thing they needed to survive is water, sunlight, and that, they just liked to drink it out of a coke bottle.

Tyler Durden: I guess you cant beat the real thing.

(he puts the bottle down)

Lord Infamous: if all they needed to survive was sunlight, water, and protein, whats all this junk food about.

ILove Christian: well just like anybody else who eats junk food, you eat it because you enjoy the taste, not to live off of.

(Iglooman is looking at a collection of dvds)

Iglooman: damn, this dvd collection is bigger then mines, (he picks one up) casino, hey i seen this, pretty good, and it takes place in vegas.

Chris Beniot: Vegas? how far away is vegas from here?

ILove Christian: about 90 miles

Chris Beniot: could be where they are going.

ILove Christian: It wouldnt take them long to get there, unless they where taking thier time.

Chris Beniot: (looking at the dvds) almost everymovie here is violent to some degree, thats probaly why they seem to get joy in killing, they must of gotten joy by watching it. hey, sanplorim.

Sen. Santorum: Thats santorum

Chris Beniot: (ignoring the correction) You talked to these guys everyday right? how did they talk?

Sen. Santorum: pretty much like young men, they would respond with sarcastic playfull answers, we never gave it any thought.

(fallen angel looks through a magazine collection, he picks up a playboy)

Fallen Angel: Did you guys think it was a good idea to let them see naked women, especially with none around?

Sen. Santorum: theres no harm, they where infertile, they shouldnt even had any sexual desires, they dont even have testicals.

Tyler Durden: hey angel boy, see if theres a naked picture of wyked lil syn in there with celery up her ass.

(no one seems amused except iglooman who is trying not to laugh)

Fallen Angel: (annoyed) grow up

(he throws the magazine down, we see a white-ish stain on one of the pages, no one notices)

(tyler durden walks up to the cd collection, he picks up a rap cd, it has a picture of a man with no shirt on, on the cover)

Tyler Durden: (showing the cd to lord infamous) Hey, infamous, whos this?

Lord Infamous: How should I know?

Tyler Durden: Its your music.

Lord Infamous: what the hell are you talking about?

Tyler Durden: nothing, I just thought.

Lord Infamous: Thought what?

Tyler Durden: that ah, that a smart guy like you would know what people listen to.

Lord Infamous: that right?

Tyler Durden: yeah

Lord Infamous: Kiss my ass.

Chris Beniot: hey guys

(both tyler and lord infamous look at chris)

Chris Beniot: Shuttup....OK, guys, from what I see, and probaly what you guys see, these guys were strongly influenced by the music and the tv they listened to, much like teenage kids...which is backed up by the way they act

Tyler Durden: Cmon, I watched all kind of wierd stuff when I was a teenager, but you dont see me wanting to kill people (he makes a strange face like he just realized something) well, I mean for free at least (he smirks)

Sen. Santorum: they do have a very high level of understanding that makes them smart, the very first time they see something like a vcr, or even an atm maching, they will know what its for, they almost absorb knowledge like a sponge.

Fallen Angel: I guess you people dont think about consequences here.

ILove Christian: As bad as it sounds, the objective is always are main priority.

Fallen Angel: Guess you guys better get your priorities straight for the future.

Asshole: Theres not gonna be a future, (sen santorum makes a pissed of face) not for the people who work here, but ill discuss that with them later...hey Chris

Chris Beniot: (looking at fr submission) Whats that?

Asshole: im gonna follow your lead in this one, You have the highes sucess rate, im putting you in charge of the field team...Im going to stay back with these guys, I wouldnt be much use out there anyway, I want these guys brought back alive only if possible, if not, Kill them.

Chris Benoit: Yes sir

Sen. Santorum: But you cant do that, this is our work, our livelyhood...if you

Asshole: (looking at sentorum) Shuttup....ok everybody, we are gonna have to get prepared, that means we gotta get geared up...submission, what weapons do you have that will at least give my men and edge out there?

Fr. Submission: Only the best field artilery in the world, lets go to the arsenal and get these guys suited up.
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(they enter a dark dry room, it is very dark, and literly impossible to see without any light, fr. submission calls out a code in numbers, and a bright light comes on)

Fr. Submission: the equipment in here is the same stuff our security guards wore

Tyler Durden: you mean the guards who were killed in the blink of an eye, wow, already im over flowing with confidence.

Fr. Submission: They were killed with no provocation, they barely had any time to react, and they didnt have Alluminated Spectrum Rifles

Iglooman: never heard of them, but if they make it funner to kill, im all for it.

Fr. Submission: of course you never heard of them, for all anyone knows they dont exist.

(fr submission opens up a hidden control panel, he pushes in a code, and another hidden panel flips open, it reveals 9 futuristic shiny metallic weapons that resemble rifles off a movie set)

Fr. Submission: there are 9 rifles, so each of you guys will use one, these weapons are so state of the art, most people wont even know of them for 12 more years, they turn light, into a powerful lazer, that travels on invisible color spectrums, when you fire a gun, you feel no force what so ever, so aiming is never a problem..

(iglooman picks one up)

Iglooman: How much do these things wiegh? the feel no more then 2 and a half pounds.

Fr. Submission: 2 pounds 7 ounces

Iglooman: how did you get them so light?

Fr. Submission: maybe you should ask at a later time.

Fallen Angel: so why didnt the security guards have these rifles?

Fr. Submission: the guards main purpose was to keep an wanted visitors comming in, we never thought to be concerned about the clonexes.

ILove Christian: Ok, Im gonna speed things up a little, Why dont you guys, go get geared up, and when your done, meet us up top, we will have your weapons ready, now please, hurry it up.
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(87 miles outside of las vegas, 12:19 pm)

(the clonexes are walking in an surburban neighborhood in the direction of las vegas, they are walking at normal walking speed, when they see a parked mail van)

Evil-Ryan: Oh, look, its a um, mail sender, an um...mail van

Exodus: Um, yeah ok, those are common, whats the big deal?

Evil-Ryan: Instead of walking to vegas, we can just drive there.

Exodus: I thought you wanted to take our time, technically wwe can just run there and be there in less then 2 hours.

Evil-Ryan: Yeah, but now that we have the money we got from that atm machine, we can stop at diffrent places along the way, and still take our time getting there.

Exodus: Oh yeah, I wanted to ask, why did why take that money, what do we need money for, cant we just beat the shit out of people and take what we want.

Evil-Ryan: Well, i guess, but we really dont want to make too much of a scene, not till we get to vegas atleast, then we will bring down the house.

Exodus: So we cant kill again to we get to vegas? that sucks

Evil-Ryan: You know what, I guess we can kill people, discretely.

(they walk towards the mail van, evilryan sits in the passenger seat, while exodus ducks down in the back, they sit for several minutes, until the mail man returns)

mail man: WHATS GOING ON???

Evil-Ryan: oh I was waiting for you, I wanted to mail a letter.

mail man: Get the fuck outta my truck.

Evil-Ryan: This is your truck?

mail man: Im calling the fucking cops

(the mail man flipped out a cell phone, and with blinding speed, evilryan easily pulled him into the truck, where he was killed in less then 10 secconds)

(they drove for several minutes until they came into the driveway of a house that was to recieve a package, exodus dumped out the contents of the package, while evil ryan changed into the mail mans uniform, exodus put on the mail mans hat, and they walked to the house, and rung the doorbell, a 14 year old girl answered)

Exodus: Hi, um, we are the Uh, mail people, and we have a package for (looking at the label) a mrs francis howser, is that you?

Young girl: no, thats my mother, Ill take the package.

(she goes to take the package out of exodus hands when he tightens his grip)

Exodus: yeah, you see, we are special mail people, we like to open packages for people.

Evil-Ryan: yeah, and we like to do it in the house, is anyone home with you?

Young girl: Just two of my friends.

Exodus: Are they female?

Young girl: Uh.....yeah

Exodus: are thier breast as big as yours?

Young girl: (puzzled)What?

Exodus: I was staring at your tits, and they are nice and big, are those D's?

Young girl: thats none of your business.

Exodus: Can i touch them?

Young girl: (getting scared) Just leave the package(she begins to close the door)

Evil-Ryan: (putting his foot in front of it)Cant we come in and open the package for you?

Young girl: No!

(evilryan pushes the door open, knocking the girl back, they walk into the house, and close the door, her two friends around the same age come to see whats going on)

Young girl: (lying on floor) GET OUT MY HOUSE!

Young girl 2: sarah whats...who are you guys!?!?

Exodus: the mail people

Young girl 3: GET OUT, ILL CALL THE COPS!!

Evil-Ryan: these people sure love to call the cops, dont you want your package? hey exodus, give them thier package.

(exodus opens the box, and pulls out the mail mans head, he throws it on the younggirl, younggirl 3 runs for the door, evilryan graps her by the hair and slams her head on the ground with such force, it splits her skull)

Evil-Ryan: well at least she didnt have big breast, hey exodus, which one do you want?

Exodus: Ill take the blonde..

(they both lunge for the young girls)
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(outside the secret facilities in nevada, the trackers are back on top, wearing thier body armor, they wore a type of loose black cargo pants, tight black shirts, with silver protective gear)

(ilove christian, fr submission, and asshole came to the top with a trunk of weapons santorum and the 6 trackers were waiting by the helicopter)

Fr. Submission: Each of you guys will get an alluminated spectrum rifle, with a nine mill, the nine millimeters wont do you any good against the clonexes, but you never knew what might come up. you can take a combat knife if you like..

(they all took thier weapons, wraping the rifles over thier shoulders by the strap, putting the nine in the thigh holster, and they all put combat knives behind thier waist)

Fr. Submission: assh, are you sure that copter can move fast enough?

Asshole: It got us from dc, to nevada in 2 hours

Fr. Submission: (shocked) I didnt even realize...anyway, thats gotta be a state of the art piece of machinery, do any of these guys know how to operate it

Asshole: It can be automated to get you to set destinations, but No, I wasnt even thinking, Not even I know how to operate it, Damn! what the hell are we gonna do now?

Fr. Submission: (thinking) guess we are gonna have to use passenger vans.

Asshole: Is that really the best you guys have?

Chris Beniot: A van will be fine, remember we take the persons personality we are tracking, and try to see where they will be going next. As long as we stay a few steps ahead of these guys, we should be able to come into contact and disable them before any damage is done.

(over by the copter)

Tyler Durden: So these guys absorb energy from the sun huh, just like supeman

Lord Infamous: except we dont have any kryptonite

(tyler lifts up his gun, and cocks it, it makes a strange noise)

Tyler Durden: Oh, i got your kryptonite

(several secconds later, a guard pulled up in a black, no window passeger van, the trackers walked up to it)

Chris Beniot: Iglooman, you drive, ill sit in the passenger seat, everybody else in the back.

(they all get in the van)

Fr. Submission: Do we need to give these guys any special instructions.

Asshole: Dont waste your time, they operate however they please.

(asshole waved them off, and the van departed)

Fr. Submission: (to ilove christian) You almost leaked something back there

ILove Christian: I know

Asshole: Um, what are you guys talking about?

Fr. Submission: Ummm... Youll see, Santorum, lets go back to the lab, and activate the Moneen.

Sen. Santorum: Of course.

Asshole: whats the moneen?
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New Star is on a distinguished road

(74 miles outside of las vegas)

(the clonexes pull into an old exxon for gas, a police officer is filling up his tank, he has a man in the backseat, handcuffed, he sees the mail van pull up to a pump)

(exodus goes in to buy some snacks and pay for the gas, evil ryan pumps the gas)

Evil-Ryan: How ya doing officer?

Stone Cold: Im doing fine, how about yourself, it must me hard delivering the mail in such heat with the sun beating on you like that.

Evil-Ryan: Oh the sun doesnt bother me much.

(stonecold realizes how sloppy the mailman uniform is on, but he doest think on it much, as he is pumping his gas, he hears his radio mumbling)

Radio: 3 dead....sexual..... unidentified.....mail.....stolen mail van

(stonecolds eyes widen, he looks carefully at evilryan pumping his gas and whistling, he sees exodus comming out the store carrying several diffrent snacks, he notices exodus dusty black clothes, and he starts putting things together)


Stone Cold: (grapping double k by the collar) shuttup, shut the hell up you idiot

Double K: You cant touch me! ill sue you!

(stone cold ignores him, and walks up to the mail van)

Stone Cold: So huh, how long have you been delivering mail?

Evil-Ryan: Me? um, about, lets say, a week, 2 weeks

Stone Cold: So how do you like it?

(before evilryan answers, a twinkie appears an inch away from stonecolds face)

Exodus: Hey you want ........... a twinkie?

Stone Cold: No thank you.

Exodus: What about a donut?

(exodus fumbles aroudn with his snacks until he shows stonecold a bag of powder donuts)

Stone Cold: (fake laugh) No, I have some in my car.

(stonecold trys to peak into the van, he thinks he sees some red stains)

Stone Cold: So, ah, do you guys work together? I thought mail men work alone

Evil-Ryan: Thats mail people, anyway, the post office is trying something new.

(stone cold finaly gets a good view of the back of the truck, he is horrified as he sees a naked headless corpse)

Stone Cold: so, ah, ah, so, ah, where are you guys about to deliver mail now?

Evil-Ryan: vegas

Stone Cold: why so far away...

Exodus: are you sure you dont want a twinkiw officer? theyre so tasty.

Stone Cold: im watching my weight.

(evilryan finishes pumping the gas, they begin to get back into the mail truck, stonecold pulls out his gun)

Stone Cold: I want you boys to get out of that mail truck, and put your hands on your head, we dont need any trouble, but i will shoot you if i have to.

(evilryan and exodus look at each other, thier eyes glow)

Exodus: I guess he did want a twinkie after all

(they get out of the truck, they both ge on thier knees and put thier hands on the back of thier necks)

Stone Cold: Now, Im gonna cuff you boys together, and wrap it around the truck, and we are gonna wait for back up ok, i dont want no trouble.

Exodus: ok officer, no trouble.

(stonecold goes to cuff exodus holding his gun in his hand, as he touches his wrist to put the cuff on, exodus grabs his wrist instead and he twist it around till a crack his heard)


Exodus: oh, im well aware of that

(evilryan picks up stonecolds gun, the gas station owner comes out)

Owner: What the hell is going on???

Evil-Ryan: oh just out here about to commit murder

(there is a propane refill tank by the shop, evilryan shoots it with the gun, and it blows up. the force knocks the owner back killing him, and setting the station on fire.

(exodus pushes stonecold hard enough to send him flying several feet back till he slams into his car)

Double K: OH shit! im gonna die! someone fucking help me!

(evilryan walks up to stonecold and points the gun to his, while stonecold is lying on the ground in plain)

Evil-Ryan: nah, shooting you would be too easy.

(he points the gun at double k who is still in the back seat of the car)

Evil-Ryan: nah, that wouldnt be too fun, oh i got it.

(evilryan shoots the gas pump until it burst into flames causing a small explosion. the police car rocks back on forth and catches fire)

Evil-Ryan: whoo, you were right officer, it is hot out here.

Exodus: ok buddy, its time to go, sin city is waiting

(evilryan and exodus get back into the truck and drive off)

(stonecold is still alive, but in terrible pain, double k is yelling in the back of the car)

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New Star is on a distinguished road

(90 miles outside of vegas)

(the trackers are inside the van heading to vegas)

Iglooman: so ah boss, where do we look first whats the big move?

Chris Beniot: turn on the radio

Iglooman: no problemo

(iglooman finds a rock station, he turns the music up and starts head banging, chris beniot slaps him in the back of the head)

Chris Beniot: knock it the hell off

(chris beniot scans the stations until he finds a local news station)

Radio: the three teenage where murdered in what police say was, the most brutal way they ever seen

Tyler Durden: holy shit, do you think...

(chris beniot puts up hand and tyler stops talking, the radio announces the location of the murders, 87 miles away from vegas, it also states it happened around 4 hours ago)

Tyler Durden: that was like 3 or 4 miles away where we from now, maybe we should go to the scene and check it out

Chris Beniot: No

Lord Infamous: What do you mean no? we want to catch these guys dont we?

Chris Beniot: And how do you figure we catch them? by staying a step behind them? we are gonna have to cut them off, we have to know how many routes lead into vegas, iglooman, ill check the vans GPS.

Iglooman: sorry boss, this is a plan passenger van, no GPS, no onstar, we dont even have cup holders.

Chris Beniot: ok, we are just going to have to take the most logical route into vegas, get on the highway.

(iglooman takes several turns and 3 minutes later they are on the highway, they see a sign that says, Las Vegas 85 miles)

Lord Infamous: ok, once we get into vegas then what? we just sit and wait?

Chris Beniot: we keep listening to the radio, and the news for anything that sounds like their doing, they seem to be leaving a trail towards vegas, when we figured out thier next move, we go after them. Since they seem to be stoping to make kills, we should beat them there with time to spare.

Tyler Durden: figuring theyre not already there.

Chris Beniot: there not, im positive, we would already be aware of that, with the entire city.

Fallen Angel: wait a fucking minute, are we really going to let these guys kill all the way to vegas? We have to stop them from killing anyone else.

Chris Beniot: Our jobs is to take these guys down, and only that. If anyone has to die in the mean time, so be it, but this is th best way.

Fallen Angel: even if it means teenagers?

Chris Beniot: even if it means children.

Fallen Angel: you know what, pull this shit over, and let me out this fucking van, it doesnt even make any sense to be searching together anyway, and I dont want to be in the car with such heartless people.

Wyked lil Syn: that wouldnt be a good idea.

(fallen angel gives wkedlilsyn a cold glare)

Wyked lil Syn: You have to look at the big picture, if we follow thier trail, they will beat us to vegas killing god knows how many people, some sacrifices must be made, and our strength is in our numbers, we need this entire unit together, to deal with these monsters, the odds are already against us.

(fallenangel just stares out into space)

(it is silent for several minutes)

Tyler Durden: whoa, who killed the mood, we need a song to pass the time, ok, ill start one, ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety nine...

(they all star at tyler durden)

Tyler Durden: ok i get the point, guess american idol 3 is out of the question.
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New Star is on a distinguished road

(ilovechristian, frsubmissison, and asshole are in the hallway following santorum)

Asshole: is someone going to tell me what the hell is the moneen?

Fr. Submission: just follow santorum

(they continue walking down the hall, turning through several other hallways and going through rooms until they came across a heavily armored door)

(santorum, ilovechristian, and submission pull out odd looking keys, one by one they stick them in a slot. a red beam scans thier optic fibers, and a voice sensor identifies thier voice)

Sen. Santorum: seven four dash nine santorum

ILove Christian: eight six dash j christian

Fr. Submission: seven seven dash three submission

(the door opens, they all step into another lab)

Asshole: whats so special about this place?

Fr. Submission: nothing, its what we have in it. Santorum start the activation

(santorum steps up to a console and starts pressing buttons. a wall slides away inside the lab revealing what looks like a casket standing up)

(ilovechristian walks up to the casket looking object and starts to fool with some controls)

ILove Christian: on three

(she counts to three. she and santorum simateanously press a button)

(the casket type object opens, fog comes out until we see a naked man behind it)

Asshole: and what the fuck is this?!?!?!

Fr. Submission: its another clonex.

Asshole: another fucking one? where the fuck did you get the authority or the damn funding to make another one?

Fr. Submission: from you of course, remember you wanted us to suceed at any rate.

Asshole: any rate without depleteing your funds, and as i recall, you barely had enough money to do what was done in the first place.

Fr. Submission: you know government funding for these type of programs is a joke, we get our materials by any means.

(asshole just stares at it)

Asshole: well at this point in this, those issues are not important, what are we suppose to do with this one?

Fr. Submission: we use it to take down the other two.

Asshole: I dont understand your logic, we already sent the trackers after them.

Fr. Submission: when it comes down to it, they are incapable of bringing them down.

Asshole: what about the fucking special rifles you gave them.

Fr. Submission: They wont do them any good.

Asshole: You better give me a good fucking explanation as in why not.

Sen. Santorum: i can explain better, the rifles are only good for one shot each, to operate such a weapon with such power, you need an equaly strong power source. The guns run on a special battery, and its only strong enough for one shot, a shot that wont even destroy enough of thier bodies to stop thier regenerating capabilities.

Asshole: So your saying sending the trackers after them is pointless?

Sen. Santorum: to catch a fish, you have to put a worm on a hook

Asshole: are you fucking telling me, my guys are less then likely going to survive?

Fr. Submission: wasn't it obvious? we didnt even give them any way of recontacting us once they came into contact with the clonexes.

(asshole ssteps up to submission, his face an inch away from submissions)

Asshole: you fucking peice of shit, i should spit right in your god damn face.

Fr. Submission: to catch these guys, we have to fool them, if we didnt send your men after them, they will assume we have something that can easily take them out, and we would probaly never recover or destroy them, if you think they dont know they are being tracked, then you under estimate what we have created.

Asshole: Im failing to understand what your getting at.

Fr. Submission: the clonexes dont know we have another one, once your men come into contact with them, and are killed, thier solar absorbation rate will slow down, i expect your men to give them a hell of a fight, I dont like it anymore then you do, but they know what line of work they are in, and men in thier field die everyday.

Asshole: But you give them a chance to survive, you just dont toss them out without the proper equipment.

Fr. Submission: To win a game of chess, you must sacrifice a few pawns.

(asshole grabs submission by the collar and pulls him closer)

Asshole: look you asshole, if one of my men die out there, you bett....

ILove Christian: If you boys are done bickering like children, the moneen has woke up.

(moneen stands in his chamber, eyes wide open, he remains silent)

(santorum rushes up to him)

Sen. Santorum: (smiling) you see, moneen here isnt an exact replica of the other two, hes two inches shorter at 6'1, he only weighs 185 pounds...hes not as strong, but his absorbtion rate last a hell of alot longer the the other ones..

Asshole: if he isnt as strong as the other ones, how the hell do you expect him to stop them?

Sen. Santorum: his level of comprehension far surprasses the earlier models, while the other two had to of atleast had some understanding of things around them, he barely needs to know anything to understand whatever, he knows calculus, he um, can play musical instruments, anything and everything at first contact, he even knows why he is here.

Asshole: if you sound so sure of him, how come he is just sstanding there?

Sen. Santorum: oh he can here us.

Asshole: He looks braindead to me, im not so...

.Moneen.: I can here you.

(they all get silent, moneen steps out of his chambair)

(moneen scans the room with his eyes, they crackele with green energy)

.Moneen.: I'm going to have to take these guys out fast, hurry up and get me some gear, before they do what they plan to do.

Asshole: Whats that?

(moneen looks at asshole)

.Moneen.: start world war 3
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(the entire gas station is on fire, the smoke is thick. stone cold is leaning against the burning car with a broken wrist. double k is trapped in the back)


(stonecold cracked two ribs when he was pushed against the car, he is barely able to stand, but he brings himself to his feet)

Stone Cold: im gon... gonna help you

(he falls back to the floor, but stands up once again. the back door is jammed shut. he looks around and sees his gun on the floor. im tremendous pain he works his way to it. he smashes the gun against the back window, it doesnt break)

Double K: IM GONNA DIE!!!!!

Stone Cold: get on the ground!

Double K: For what!

(stone cold points the gun at the window)


(stonecold gets ready to pull the trigger, double k ducks down on the floor. stonecold fires and the window shatters. he clears the broken window away with the gun, and helps pull double k out)

Stone Cold: ahhh! careful, careful, i broke my wrist, and my ribs may be broke too.

(double k is out, he looks at stone cold and knocks him down)

Double K: HA! im free now you fucking pig!

(double k runs off and leaves stone cold)

(stonecold struggles to crawl away from the burning gas station, the smoke starts to choke him and he is close to loosing conciousness)

(he feels someone helping him to his feet from the back)

Double K: lean on me you fucking piece of shit....

(stonecold is shocked)

Double K: im only saving your fucking ass because you saved me, but i should let you burn.

(double k pulls stonecold far away from the gas station. several explosions go off, stonecold is lying besides the deserted road with double k sitting besides him)

Double K: I figure if they know i saved a cop, theyll go easy on me, thats all, i still hate you

(stonecold looks up at double k)

Stone Cold: thanks

Double K: dont thank me again, or i might just drag you back into that fire
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