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I am the King
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Default I am the King


Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo

I'm having a great time right now, so I decided to do a little RAP about how great of a king I R.

Yo Baby, Yo Baby, Yo

Fuck the world, fuck everyone
I'm the hotdog, your the buns
Time to win, so fuck you all
I am big, and you are small
Now it's the start of my generation
Or maybe you can listen to my radio station
Time to kill faggot, time to kill maggots
Shutup, fool. Just bag it
Everyone can touch me, but they can't keep they hands on
Even my own mother tries to flame me. Sorry, your banned, mom.
Fuck every little sucker on this earth
You people are bags full of dirt
I am the one, and you are not
So get the fuck out my face, you stupid snot
Everyone likes to try and kill me
Well, bitch, go fuck your Christmas tree
You try to be cool, but can't you see
You about as much of a natural as Butch Reed
But you stupid new fans probably don't know what the hell I'm sayin
So shut the fuck up, cause with you I ain't playin
I'm a werewolf, but don't be scared
And don't try to kill me, cause I know you've been dared
Screw the world, they all little pussies
Screw that whore, she's just a little wussie
Time to win, I got money to spend
And give some more to my rich uncle big ben
You all suck, you are trained ducks
"PWF ROCKS, PWF ROCK" Well guess what, PWF sucks
Everyone sucks, oh yes they do
You all are like trains, choo choo choo
Fuck that bitch, and fuck that whore
You suck, so I'm showin you the door
Everyone here, thinks they can win the fight
Your ass is gone, I hope you have a ticket for a flight
Your dead body will be a pretty good sight
So I hope your mom doesn't see it, and that would be Vanna Wight
You think I'm finished, well I'm only half through
Half through with dissing the fuck out of you
Every one sucks, bitches fuck you
I heard of some bitch board named PWF...WHO?
You talk all day about how this board is full of action
Well that's something none of you packin
I'm packin my bags each Thursday for a trip to Las Vegas
It's not worth 100,000,000,000,000,000 , so I hate it
Instead I head over to my house
Yep, it cost 100,000,000,000,000,000 now shutup you trained mouse
Speaking of trained, let me step on the train
I don't even care if it starts to rain
No-one knows me, not even my state
Scott Steiner, now THAT'S work-rate
Everyone here sucks, and they all eat dick
Now I'm almost finished cause I'm getting sick
So in closing, I have one more thing to say
You better stop, cause next year in middle school you'll get beat up for acting gay.

And I'm out. Before I leave, I'd just like to say:


Now, I'm truly out, boys. And believe that, partna.
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you are a douche


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