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Suge Knuight goes at Nas...And credits Jay Z, For 03 Bonie and Clyde
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Default Suge Knuight goes at Nas...And credits Jay Z, For 03 Bonie and Clyde

Suge Knight Calls Nas "Disrespectful"

Says Nas should have never been on a Tupac track...

Suge Knight is once again making news. The Death Row head says that Nas was "disrespectful" to Tupac by appearing on the track, Thugz Mansion, even though Shakur was vocal about his distaste for Nas while he was alive.

"I think it's real disrespectful to Pac," he lamented. "You gotta put a price on fame; it can't be to the point where you'll do anything for a hit. Be a man and have respect. If you can't respect nobody else, respect yourself. Don't go [do a song] knowing a certain individual didn't care for you. I could see Jay-Z doing what he did more than Nas on the same song with Pac, because Nas and Pac is from two different worlds."

Knight, however, defended his decision to let Jay-Z sample Tupac's Me and My Girlfriend for his track, '03 Bonnie and Clyde, despite Pac dissing Jay-Z in many tracks during his life.

"Pac can go hard in the paint on anybody when he wanted to and I'm gonna ride with him regardless, but I know Pac didn't have a real disliking for Jay. [Pac] didn't have a disliking to him where if he saw [Jay] he wanted to try and take his head off."

"I think it was a situation that we get older, we grow. If Jay wanted to do something that he felt great about, if he wants to do something that's positive and is also not being disrespectful to Pac, why not? Sometimes we gotta be able to open our eyes up."

As for the Daz/50 Cent/Tupac collaboration track that is on the mixtape circuit:

"That's bootleg stuff. Anything that Daz did, that's bootleg stuff. It's only obvious anything that 50 Cent do on [a mixtape] with Pac, it's bootleg. You gotta look at the respect level of it."

Suge plans to tell all in his upcoming autobiography due out in November:

"I got a book coming out, which is called 'American Dream or American Knightmare.' I wasn't pumped up to do a book. I felt that most people who do books are in desperate need to grab a few dollars. That wasn't the case with me. I felt there was so many books out speaking on me, speaking on Pac, speaking on Death Row. There's a lot of question marks I need to put periods [on]. It will be aggressive, plus there will be some educational things for the kids."

Knight also confirmed that he and Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother, are planning another album release of unreleased Tupac material.

Credit: MTV
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When will Suge give up?? Remember when Nas did the Got Ur Self video and Suge was bigging him up? He was talking about how Nas and Pac settled their differences at the MTV Awards and how happy he was that Nas had asked him for permission to use Nasís likeness in the video.

Later on, he came to NY and was doing interviews with Hot 97 and WBLS. He talked about how Nas was the realest cuz he was the only NY cat that was willing to meet him. He said they had had a good meeting at the restaurant at the Four Seasons. Then he told Angie on Hot97 that JayZ was gay and that he had been kidnapped while in LA!! He said HJay was a coward and was ascared to meet him in NY.

Then after Nasís mother died he was on the radio in Atlanta and LA sending out condolences to Nas, calling him the realest and bigging him up

And now this?

Suge is just mad cuz he didnít see any money from Thugz Mansion while he sees money from Bonne & Clyde. He made Jay thank him in the BP2 liner notes and he also made him appear on his new soundtrack. So heís raping Jay but not Nas so he gets mad at Nas.

We all know your game SugeÖ.
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He's not raping Jay, Jay is raping him...And where did you get all that info, from allhiphop, Suge just doesn't like Nas cotradicting ass, just like alot of other people in the industry, Nas is a 2 faced as they come....But i still like him, though..
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Rah Dib spills the beans on what happened at the 1996 MTV Awards....

Pac and his boys surrounded Nas....And Pac basically unloaded on Nas...Sayin why would he stick his ass out when Pac wasn't talkin to him....And Nas said Mob Deep were his hommies....Pac retorted they grown men....Don't give him that shit....Pac basically did the talkin and Nas listened...Nas said why he stuck his ass out....And Pac answered why his ass was stuck out....

That day they buried the beef right there....Pac said he would take the disses off Makaveli....And that they would work together....

But Suge when they got up there...Said fuck up Nas...Just give him shit...But Pac didn't want to say nothin...Sayin their shit had been settled....

But of course...Pac died before shit could happen...And the way it is is the way it is...I personally feel Suge is a man who knows he can say any shit he wants....
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