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Look what I found.
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Default Look what I found.

Now I know I been saying how much I wish people would stop posting wrestling things here, but I tried posting Creativly and nobody seems to care.

Today I was looking through my old back up word documents and found all my old PWFans ECW E-fed files.

Here is the first show:

ECW House Show

Live @ the ECW Arena
Attendance: 1,323
South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Friday 31, 2003

8:00pm EST.

* The crowd grows quiet. All the fans get in the seat as its time to begin the show. ECW Theme song hits the PA system and fans go nuts. Fans chant, E C Dub over and over again. Lights flicker on and off as the camera's swirl around the arena. People at home are just finishing watching the ECW Logo entrance and now it fades into Joey and Joel standing in front of a huge black ECW logo banner *

Joey Styles: Hello again! Welcome to ECW! Welcome back to the extreme rule braking, hell raising wrestling show ever. It's me Joey Styles along with my partner Joel Gurtner!

Joel Gurtner: Yes it's me! It's the high five'n, she loves my body, and she can't get enough of my styling, eating in or out, wish you could suck me, but that's to good for you, Gurtner!

* Joey Roles his eyes *

Joey: Do you ever stop that? Anyway fan's its gonna be a great night for us all! Four matches tonight. They Include Ted Dibiase vs. Raven. Blood and Gut's contenders match, and the heavyweight title contender's match.

Joel: Let's not forget The TV title is on the line tonight!

Joey: Yes! Rob Van Dam vs. Taz for the television championship! Now in the ring, live, Redd Dragon, our boss, has something to say before the show starts off.

* Camera's fade out and in to the ring were Redd Dragon, the ECW owner, is standing holding a microphone. *

Redd Dragon: Welcome! If you don't remember how ECW works let me inform you. We are the most hardcore, extreme, bad ass wrestling federation since the old ECW. We are extreme and tonight we want you to get extreme with us! Welcome back to ECW and welcome back to hardcore mayhem!

* Dragon leaves the ring as "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibase "Money" theme song hits. Fans don't sound to pleased considering this man history. Dibase enters with a long green rob with gold and silver dollars signs on it. He smiles to the crowd as he steps into the ring. He leans against the ring post as he waits for his opponent. The lights go dim and a gray explosion hits. Raven walks out. Fans give him a cheap pop. Raven is wearing ripped jean shorts and a ripped up shirt that says EC F'n W. On the back it has a red X going through WWF and AWF's logo. Raven is pushing a shopping cart toward the ring. It is filled with all kinds of weapons. Even a novelty foam hand. Raven grabs a chair from his cart and throws it in the ring. He then slides into the ring. *

Million Dollar Man vs. The 2 Cent Man
"The Million Dollar man" Ted Dibiase vs. Raven

Raven puts his hands in the air and picks up the chair. Ted Debiase takes off his robe and folds it nicely. Raven then runs toward Debiase as the bell is rung. Debiase ducks as Raven takes a swing.

Raven turns around and Debiase gives him a drop kick to the chest. Raven smashes into the turnbuckle. Debiase then smashes his head again into the turnbuckle. Raven wobbles around as Debiase hits him with a clothesline from behind. Debiase turn his back and raised his hands in the air as the crowd booed.

Raven rolled out of the ring and got a chair from his cart. He rolled back in. Raven took control with a chair shot. Debiase threw Raven into the side of the ring. Debiase hit a clothesline from the top rope.

Raven was down on his back. Debiase then hit the elbow drop to hart of Raven. Raven got on his knee's as Debiase swung across the ropes kicking Raven in the back (ala Road Dogg) Raven flipped up and hit a running clothesline.

Raven then climbed up the turnbuckle and hit an awesome frog splash. Raven went for the cover, but only got a 2 count. Raven slid outside and slid a table into the ring. Debiase kicked Raven and smashed his head on the table then hit a German Suplex through the table.

Debiase picked Raven up and hit a tornado DDT. Debiase slid out of the ring and picked up Raven's shopping cart. Debiase threw it in the ring. Raven got on all fours trying to reaches his feet.

Raven took a pipe and hid it in his jeans pocket. Debiase walked over to Raven as Raven made it to his feet. Debiase pulled Raven into a hammerlock. Raven took out the pipe and smashed it over the head of Debiase.

Debiase's head filled with blood as fans went nut's chanting E C dub! Raven hit three chair shots to Debiase's head. Raven the climbed to the second turnbuckle with a chair in hand. Raven leaped off the turnbuckle smashing the chair onto Debiase's back. Raven hit the roaring elbow and got the cover, but kick out.

It was real close though. Raven took Debiase by the head and threw him outside the ring. Debiase crashed into the crowd retaining walls. Raven then rolled outside with a wood block. Raven try's to hit Debiase with the block, but Debiase gets a shot in on Raven.

Debiase came back with a German Suplex, and then followed by grabbing a chair for a chair shot off the top rope, but Raven superkick into the chair and followed with a leaping elbow and a powerbomb.

Debiase rolled back up slowly and hit a jawbreaker on Raven and then hit his picture perfect moonsault. Then a cover, but Raven kicked out at two! Raven was whipped into the corner, but he got his boot up and nailed the Roaring Elbow. Somehow, Debiase was able to escape at two.

Debiase went to the top, but Raven caught him. Debiase countered with a few right hands. Debiase stumbled into Raven's arms, where Raven tried DDT, but Debiase reversed into a sit out powerbomb. Cover, 1 - 2 - 3!

Winner via pinfall: Ted Debiase
Time: 0 hours 15 min 34 sec

Joey: What a match! That was hell of a match! My god! The legend Debiase fought his ass off and did against Raven!

Joel: I got to agree with you there. That was one hell of a match, but we are just getting started, but what about what is coming up next?

Joey: I know. The Blood and Guts Championship Match. Now that's going to be a hardcore match. Tommy going a little crazy, Kid Kash still is and what about Andre the Giant. Can he get hardcore? We never seen him in a hardcore match, but there is a first for everything.

* From out of nowhere Steven Richards's music blast's and "the King Of Swing" prances out to the ring. He grabs a mic and roles into the ring *

Joey: Now what that hell is this? We have a match coming up!

Steven: Well, it seems to me that the King of Swing is also King of this ring and since ECW is back in town I should come back to my thrown!

Joey: Oh come on!

Steven: People around here need to learn that I'm…

* A loud siren goes off and then you hear a ladies voice whispering Gore! Gore! Gore! Time for more! After you here that you then hear Rhino's theme song. Rhino then walks out as the fans go nuts. Rhino paces around the ringside area. He then picks up a mic and roles into the ring. *

Rhino: You.. (Rhino's heavily breathing) You.. You think that you're the king of this ring? Ha. Why don't you prove.. Prove it to me?!

Steven: Hold on there. Now I don't know who the hell…

* Right at that second Rhino gore's Steven Richards. *

Joey: GORE! GORE! Oh my god! Steven Richards just got gored!

Rhino: Now! Looks like the king is dead! Next week you and me? Your call buddy.

* Rhino drops the mic and leaves as the fans chant E C dub. *

Joel: I'm in shock. I did even know Rhino signed a contract with ECW?

Joey: I didn't know either, but I'm in more shock over what just happened. Anyway coming up next fans, it will be the Blood & Guts title on the line. Some of you may not know the rules of a blood and guts championship match so here it goes.

Joel: I will take this one. The only way to win is to make your opponent bleed, but it is also an elimination style match in a triple threat. So to win you have to make two people bleed tonight!

ECW Blood & Gut's Championship
Kid Kash vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Andre The Giant

* Kid Kash's music hits as Kash rides out on his motorcycle (ala Undertaker) with on hand in the air. He fly's around the ring a couple of times before stopping in front of the entranceway. He gets of the bike and slides into the ring. He climb's the first turnbuckle and puts both hands in the air as he scream's I'm da champ. Then a huge lighting blot hits and a theme song that sounds a lot like Steve Blackman's old one hits. Tommy Dreamer enters with his kendo stick. He starts whacking the air with the stick as he stares at Kash. *

Tommy Dreamer looks kinda psycho. Fans still cheer for Dreamer as he gets into the ring. He stares at Kash. The two wait for Andre, but there is no response. Dreamer turns and looks at the entranceway. Kash see it as an opportunity so he runs over and hits Dreamer with a clothesline to the back of the neck.

Dreamer falls and Kash runs over to pick up the stick, but Dreamer (On the ground) hits a drop toehold and turns it into an ankle lock. As Kash is screaming from the pain of the ankle lock Dreamer grabs his stick with one hand and still locking in the ankle lock with the other. Dreamer lets go of the ankle lock and snaps the kendo stick over Kash's head.

Kash looks to be knocked out cold. Dreamer then takes his now two sticks and beats Kash a little more. Then from out of nowhere the lights blow out and a huge explosion of fire hits the ring. The lights remain out. Then the lights go back on and we see Andre The Giant holding Dreamer way up in the air, by the neck. Andre then slams Dreamer down for the choke slam.

Andre went over to the fallen Kash and picked him up by his tights and threw him out of the ring! Andre went over to Dreamer and bent down to pick him out. When Andre got down and held Dreamer by the head Dreamer hit a low blow on the Giant to send Andre to his knees. Dreamer then drop kicked Andre in the head. Dreamer rolled out of the ring and went digging underneath the ring. He pulled out a trashcan filled with at least ten kendo sticks.

Dreamer threw the can in the ring. Andre started to get up. Dreamer rolled in the ring with one kendo stick and whacked Andre over the head. Andre shook it off like it was nothing. Dreamer whacked him again and still nothing. Again, and again, and again! Still nothing!

Then Kash (From behind) leaped off the opposite top rope and hit a missile drop kick on the Giant. Andre went crashing on top of Dreamer knocking the too out. Dreamer got back up as Kash hit a swinging neck break on him. Andre got to his feet. Kash ran over and tried double DDT, but the Giant powered out and hit a jackknife powerbomb.

Andre picked up cash and went over to the edge of the ring. He took Kash by the neck and choke slammed Kash over the top rope threw the timekeepers table on the outside!

Andre tuned around, but Dreamer hit him with the trashcan lid! Dreamer then picked up his kendo stick and started to whack Andre in the head with it. Andre sat up as Dreamer continued to hit him on the head with the stick. Andre the grabbed the stick as the two played tug a war with the kendo stick.

Andre then grabbed Dreamers hand and slammed his fist downward on it. Dreamer screamed in pain as Andre took Dreamer by the head and threw him over the top rope onto the knocked out Kash.

Andre then started to climb out onto the ring apron when from out of Goldberg jumped out from the crowd and hit Andre with a led pipe. Andre started bleeding really bad.

Goldberg screamed, "YEEEEEAH!" The fan's went nuts chanting, E C dub! Kash just started to get back in the ring as Dreamer still was rolling around in pain. Kash stood in the ring looking at Goldberg and smiled. Goldberg left the ring as Kash stared down Goldberg still smiling. Kash turned around and saw Dreamer standing there with a kendo stick. Dreamer whacked the Kendo stick over the head of Kash.

Andre started to get back up. Andre reached his feet as the ref told him to leave. He gabbed the ref and throws him of the top rope! Dreamer ran over, but Andre hit him with a scoop slam! Andre picked up Kash and hit him with a double backbreaker. Andre then left the ring leaving everyone down and out.

Dreamer got back up and slowly went into the ring. Dreamer grabbed the unused trashcan and hit Kash over the head with it. Kash began to bleed, but the ref was out so nobody was there to eliminate Kash. Kash hit a low blow on Dreamer and turned it into a snap suplex. Kash then grabbed Dreamers kendo stick and started to beat the hell out of Dreamer with it.

Dreamer's head filled with blood. Kash dropped the stick putting his hands in the air thinking he won. Another ref ran down to the ring and looked at the two. He went outside and spoke to the timekeeper and the ring announcer. The ring announcer got up to make an announcement.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, The ref has just informed me that since both men are bleeding that this match will be re started in a one on one contest! Winner determined by pin fall!

On the outside Kash dives on Dreamer over the timekeepers table. Kash punches Dreamer in the face on the concrete behind the announce table. Back in the ring Kash lands some more punches, to which Dreamer falls out of the ring.

Dreamer rams Kash into the ring post. Back in the ring both men trade punches in the corner. Kash with a big boot knocks Dreamer off the ring apron. Kash sits Dreamer down in a chair at ringside and hammers him in the face. Back in the ring Dreamer kicks Kash in the head.

Kash is now bleeding badly, but since it's a regular fall bleeding does not matter. Flair falls face first into the mat. Kash fights back with chops to the chest. Clothesline in the corner by Dreamer. Dreamer sits Kash on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer hits a top rope superplex! For a two count. Dreamer places Kash across the ring apron and delivers a elbow to the chest.

Dreamer hits a guillotine leg drop! Back in the ring Dreamer gets a two count. Dreamer punches Kash in the face. Dreamer misses an elbow drop. Chops by Kash.

Dreamer pulls Kash off the tight ropewalk. Sidewalk slam by Dreamer for a two count. Kash ducks a big boot; Dreamer gets hung up on the top rope. Kash capitalizes with chops. Dreamer falls to the floor. Kash follows out and rakes the eyes.

Kash gets the lead pipe off the motorcycle and busts Dreamer in the head. Kash continues beating Dreamer with the pipe. Dreamer rams Kash into the ring apron, and loses the pipe. Kash hits Dreamer with a sign he found under the ring. Back in the ring Kash hammers Dreamer in the head.

Dreamer goes for a jawbreaker. Kash kicks Dreamer between the legs. Kash locks on the sharp shooter. Dreamer gets out by grabbing Kash and pulling his hair.

Dreamer grabs the pipe. Chops by Kash. Dreamer nails Kash in the head with the pipe. Dreamer then hits Kash with a tombstone piledriver for the 1 - 2 - 3!

Winner and new B & G Champ: Tommy Dreamer!
Time: 0 hours 45 min 12 sec

Joey: Wow. What a match! This is getting interesting. What was Goldberg doing here? Damn, he screwed Andre, but why? Tommy is our new B & G Champ!

Joel: You ask to many damn questions. Up next it is the TV championship.

ECW TV Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Taz

* A Hart beat is heard on the PA system and then a huge explosion of piro hits as Taz enters the arena and heads down to the ring. He stretches in the ring and waits for RVD. Rob Van Dam's music hits as RVD enters. RVD does his world famous hand taunt as the crowd chant's R - V - D! RVD slides into the ring and smiles at Taz as he once again does his R - V - D taunt. *

The two circled each other in the ring and Rob Van Dam shot for a low single-leg takedown but Taz pushed him away. The two grappled on the mat and wrestled back and fourth for quite some time. Taz whipped RVD down and got him in a reverse chin lock. RVD got free and kicked Taz in the mid-section to crack him down to the mat. RVD had Taz in an arm lock on the mat and Taz picked him up with brute strength and slammed him down to the mat.

RVD got Taz down on the mat yet again and locked him in a head-scissors. Taz spun RVD around and got him in a hold, but he grabbed the ropes and he was forced to break it. Tazz was tossed to the outside and RVD hit a leg drop from the top rope on the outside and then got Taz back in the ring and worked on his knee.

RVD locked Taz in a leg lock in the middle of the ring and put major league pressure on the left knee. RVD broke the hold when Taz got to the ropes and then continued to work on the knee. He kicked Taz in that left knee and then got him up in the turnbuckle and slammed him down to the mat. RVD whipped him into the opposing corner and slammed him into him, but Benoit fired back and hit repeated German Suplexes all in a row until he hit five.

Taz got up and signaled that the end was near and he went up to the top rope. Taz was up top and saw RVD moving around on the mat and jumped down and hit a swinging DDT, but RVD fired back with a few of his own afterward. RVD then went up top and hit the Five Star Frog Splash and Taz somehow managed to kick out. RVD speared Taz out of the ring and then kicked him in the side on the outside of the ring.

They battled out of the ring and Taz finally went under the ring and pulled out a table and set it up near the entrance. Taz attempted to slam RVD through the table, but he stopped him and slammed him down on the floor.

Taz took the trashcan up top and leaped at RVD, who was down on the mat, and he lifted the leg and the can nailed RVD in the face. RVD got up and went to the outside. RVD set up another table on the outside parallel with the first one that Taz set up. He tried to suplex Taz over the ropes and through the table, but Taz countered and suplexed him right back into the ring. RVD went back to the outside and got a chair and brought it back into the ring.

RVD set the chair up in the middle of the ring and went for the sidewalk slam on the chair, but Taz broke free and slammed RVD through the chair and broke it completely. Taz went to the outside and slammed RVD's back into the ring apron repeatedly. He then got under the ring and got the lid from a trashcan and whaled RVD's in the back.

Taz got back in the corner and geared up for a spear and got caught and then RVD twisted the knee of Taz. RVD then focused on the knee of Taz and drove it down on a trashcan. RVD then pulled Tax's leg around the ring post and slammed the side of the knee into the side of it. RVD then pulled Taz into the middle of the ring and got him in the Figure 4 leglock.

Taz fought toward the ropes with RVD taunting him the entire time. Taz finally reversed the move and RVD broke free from it and smashed the trashcan lid over Taz's head. They fought to the outside and RVD slammed Taz into the barrier in the aisle. RVD dragged Taz to the stage and slammed Taz into the metal stage settings.

RVD went behind the ring and got a 2x4. Taz was down and he held up the board and then stopped himself. They thought he was going to show some mercy, but he nailed Taz right in the head with it. RVD then picked Taz up and throw a chair at him. Taz caught the chair and RVD hit the Van Damanator, but Taz ducked!

Taz clotheslines RVD. Back in the ring RVD hits a dropkick. RVD spears Taz in the corner. RVD with a standing moonsault for a two count. Taz teases walking to the back. RVD throws Taz over the security wall. RVD places Taz neck first across the security wall and hits a corkscrew leg drop from the ring apron. RVD comes off the ring apron with an elbow into RVD.

Back in the ring Taz hits the butt bump for a two count. Taz places RVD back first on the turnbuckle and pulls down on his neck from the outside. Taz with a knee drop for a two count. Taz catapults RVD into the ropes. Taz with a reverse chin lock. RVD with a backslide for a two count. RVD with a kick to the face. Rolling thunder by RVD for a two count. RVD misses the 5 star frogsplash.

DDT by Taz for a two count. RVD hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. RVD shrugs off the bulldog. RVD with a step over heel kick. RVD goes back up top and connects with the 5 star frogsplash for the pin.

Winner and TV Champ: Rob Van Dam
Time: 0 hours 35 min 22 sec

Joey: Well, RVD is our new TV champion. What a match. You have got to give it to both these guy's for one hell of a match, but know its time for the main event. Its time! Cactus Jack vs. Steve Austin for the Heavyweight title!

* The old Bang Bang music hits as Cactus Jack hits the stage. Fans cheer! Cactus enters the ring and does the old finger taunt (Bang, Bang). Steve Austin's music blast thought the arena. Austin gets into the ring and touches each corner. He then climbs all the turnbuckles and puts his in the air. *

Austin gives the middle finger to Cactus. Cactus shoots one of his own back. Austin chops Cactus in the corner. Austin runs Cactus's head into the top turnbuckle multiple times. Clothesline by Austin. Swinging neck breaker by Cactus.

Cactus chops Austin in the corner. Austin clotheslines Cactus out of the ring. Austin follows out. Austin runs Cactus face first into the ring post. Back in the ring Austin buries his shoulder into Cactus in the corner. Jericho and Cactus fight up the entranceway.

Austin throws Cactus into the side of the semi trailer at the entranceway. Austin drags Cactus back to ringside. Both men trade chops. Back in the ring Austin crotches Cactus on the top rope. Austin follows up and hits a superplex.

Austin hits a second superplex, and a third superplex. Clothesline by Austin. Low blow by Cactus. Cactus chokes Austin in the ropes. Cactus tries a cloverleaf, but Austin gets out. Austin drops Cactus across the ropes.

Cactus throws Austin out of the ring. Cactus follows out and Cactus blocks a chair shot. Cactus bounces Austin's head on the announce table. Back in the ring Cactus chops Austin in the corner. Cactus misses the leg drop.

Sleeper by Cactus. Austin catapults Cactus into the corner. Clothesline by Austin. Spinebuster by Austin. Powerslam by Austin for a two count. Bulldog by Cactus followed by the leg drop. Cactus hits a second leg drop for a two count.

Cactus chops Austin in the corner. Cactus counters the Lou Thez press with a cloverleaf. Austin makes it to the ropes. Cactus brings a chair into the ring. Cactus swings, but Austin ducks.

Spinebuster by Austin on the belt for a two count. Cactus with the breakdown on the chair for a two count. Cactus with a running clothesline.

Cactus hits another flying clothesline. Austin hits a big boot for a two count. Austin chokes Cactus on the ropes. Cactus hits a botched swinging neck breaker. Austin hits a sidewalk slam for a two count.

The two locked it up once again and Cactus got Austin in a side headlock and Cactus wrenched away on Austin. Austin whipped Cactus off the ropes and Austin came back with a hard shoulder block to knock Cactus down.

Cactus once again posed and then the two locked it up once again and Austin took Cactus down by the leg and then he stomped him as he was down. Cactus backed Austin into the corner and gave him some body shots and then he strutted and Austin kicked Cactus in the mid section.

Austin gave Cactus some shoulder blocks in the corner and then he gave him a reverse elbow to knock him down. Cactus picked Austin up and then Cactus chopped Austin across the chest and then Cactus backed Austin into the corner and Cactus chopped the living hell out of Austin! Cactus strutted and then Austin raked Cactus in the eyes. Austin whipped Cactus into the corner and Austin knocked Cactus down with a clothesline.

Austin whipped Cactus into the corner and Austin flipped over the corner to the apron and then Austin knocked Cactus down from the apron. Austin then got out of the ring and grabbed a "KEEP OFF" sign and nailed Cactus with it a couple times.

Austin knocked Cactus into the security fence and then Austin went under the ring and got some weapons out. Trash can lid and a trash can. Austin then nailed Cactus with a trashcan and then Cactus did a nosedive in the aisle way and Cactus has been busted opened! Austin gave Cactus some right hands and then he slammed Cactus into the steel post. Austin then whipped Cactus into the steel steps and then Austin gave Cactus a body slam at ringside.

Austin rolled Cactus back into the ring and then he knocked him down and grabbed one of his legs and gave him an elbow to the inner leg. Austin held onto Cactus's leg and he held him in somewhat of an ankle lock and Cactus shoulders were down and the referee counted a one count. Austin then pulled Cactus to the apron and slammed his leg into the ring apron.

Austin pulled Cactus to the ring post and he slammed his left leg into the ring post a couple times. Austin then pulled Cactus to the middle of the ring and he grabbed him by his right leg and then he put him in the figure four-leg lock! Cactus shoulders were down, and Austin got a two count and Austin put more pressure on Cactus.

Fans got behind Austin and Austin got another two count. Cactus turned Austin over and Austin crawled out of the ring and limped around the ring. Austin got a chair and he brought it into the ring and he went to crack Cactus in the head with it, but Cactus gave Austin a low blow!

Austin then rolled out of the ring in pain and Cactus went after him. Cactus chopped Austin across the chest a number of times and then he gave him a hard right hand. Cactus chopped Austin once again and then he gave him another hard right hand. Cactus then slammed Austin's head into the security wall and then he took the top off of the timekeeper's table and then he nailed Austin in the head with a monitor and the fans went nuts!

Cactus then watched what he did in the monitor and then Austin chopped Cactus across the chest again and then he gave him a number of hard right hands and then he rolled him back into the ring.

Cactus tried double DDT, but Austin reversed and hit a stunner. Cover, 1 - 2! Kick out at two. Cactus got back up as Austin hit another stunner. Cover, 1 - 2! Kick out, again! Austin could not believe it. He picked Cactus up. Cactus low blowed Austin and hit a double arm DDT on a chair inside the ring. Cover by Cactus, 1 - 2 - 3!

Winner and New Heavyweight Champion: Cactus Jack
Time: 0 hours 40 min 33 sec

Joey: CACTUS! CACTUS JACK! New Heavyweight Champion! Oh MY GOD!

Joel: I am still in shock! I cannot believe this!

Joey: Well, fan's its been great, but its time for us to go! Don't forget next week same Extreme time and same Extreme Channel!

* Cameras fade into the ECW © Copyright logo *

So what did you think? WOuld you like to see more?
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