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Sting and Nash haven't revealed anything yet, just hinted at a conspiracy involving Hogan and Bischoff. Sting keeps saying the veil will be lifted at Bound For Glory this Sunday.

They are presenting this storyline as a shoot (real, not scripted). They are leading us to believe it has something to do with Hogan and Bischoff in WCW in the 90's, where Bischoff only looked like he was in charge of WCW when actually it was Hogan manipulating everything behind the scenes, making sure Hogan and his buddies got all the breaks and the big money, and guys like Sting were held down. The monkey wrench in this is that Nash was generally on Hogan's side in WCW, getting the big breaks and the big money. Nobody held Nash down; in fact, for a while Nash was the Head Booker (the one who decided who won matches and championships). If this IS a shoot then Sting has a real and legitimate reason to want to expose Hogan (according to Sting, Hogan is doing the same thing in TNA he did in WCW; helping and pushing his buddies and holding everybody else down).

The Pope says Sting and Nash opened his eyes, and he believes the reason he's not in the Bound For Glory main event for the TNA World Title is because Hogan and Bischoff are holding him down.

So far, it's all been hints and innuendo, nothing really concrete has been said. At Bound For Glory, according to Sting, the veil will be lifted, no more smoke and mirrors, and the truth will be told.
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