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They haven't actually given any separate information about the Wii version as of yet. So for the time being, you can assume it will mostly be the same, with the exception of graphics, like the PS2 version is.

For the most part, Wii gets the PS2 version of the game with slight enhancements and changes specifically for the Wii controller. Other than that, not much of a difference.


Note: Don't say THQ screws over Wii owners. If anything, Nintendo screwed over Wii owners. Instead of giving them a powerful engine behind their product, they left it with a very weak graphics card and internal memory, just to save money. They don't want to make a computer like every other company has. It keeps them on a niche part of the curve, but it drastically damages the ability for any game that crosses platforms, and arrives on more systems. The Wii just isn't strong enough to run the abilities that 360 and PS3 have.
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