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Match quality:

Jericho - all around good talent be it high flyer or submission or just working spots

Edge - too much emphasis on the spear

Orton - afraid to work stiff, injuries himself doing a taunt, rarely hits his finisher on the first attempt and his opponent does most of the work


Jericho can work a shoot to get everybody excited about the match

Edge works his mannerisms be it the nervous hair deal or the intense look from his eyes or just getting cheap heat from his valet....he has many talents

Orton needs a lot of help from the writers because he is as bland and vanilla as a public access tv show host or mourning talk radio dj.


Jericho as a veteran knows how to piece everything into an entertaining package

Edge as the ultimate opportunist did draw a lot of legit heat

Orton belongs in a stable where he isn't the one being forced to do anything other than the pose
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