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Maybe, backstage and in the ring, his gas is legendary. Yes, THAT kind of gas, lol!

Otherwise, I think it's just a cool visual he likes to use to identify himself, like the Undertaker uses the crucifix-shaped tombstone and HHH uses the crown.

Imagery is a big part of what can make a good character great. In this case, I don't quite think it's the best they could've done because it doesn't line up with his character as well as most others. HBK's broken heart makes sense, because he's The Heartbreak Kid. The crown makes sense for HHH because he's The King of Kings. The tombstone makes obvious sense for the Undertaker. But I'm not sure where the connection is with the gas mask. I guess it looks less-cheesy than a red-necky picture of a snake, ala The Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.
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