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Originally Posted by The Truthhh View Post
Yes, they are all Morons. If a guy is putting on good matches, nobody should give a damn who wins. People who boo Cena because they want him too "lose more" is fucking retarded. A guys status should be based on how good a performer he is, or if he's selling out crowds. Cena does both, and people care about a guy lwinning a lot? I don't like Jericho, but if he was selling out crowds I wouldn't say shit like "he wins too much". I'll never understand how losing to the champ is a bad thing, if anything that should be the only person on the roster a guy could accept losing too. He's the fucking champ, he didn't get there just too lose because a couple of morons decided they want too boo him, because they feel he's stale. The hate Cena gets is fucking disgusting, if you want your favorite wrestler on top thats cool. Tell him to sell some merch, show he can up attendance by the thousands, raise a buyrate. If he can't do that, than just be happy he gets TV time. I can never understand, how somebody can say "I want Cena to cool off" so a guy like Kennedy can get a fucking chance. Totally ignoing that Kennedy blew every chance he's had. This is exactly why I laughed my ass off when Triple H buried guys from 2002-2005, and most of 2006. Because the fans will never change, they'll always be ingrates. They'll always jump on the "next bandwagon", and turn on a guy quicker than a 2 dollar crack whore turns a $10 trick.

Who ever comes after Cena (Which I hope doesn't happen untill 2045) the fans will do them the same way. They don't want titles that mean shit, they want the title too switch every time a guy gets a positive reaction. It goes something like this "Oh, Santino is funny, give him a title run...Fuck Cena". "Jeff Hardy jumped off a roof threw 100 burning tables, and still did the goofy dance afterwards, put him over Orton". "Kennedy knows how to repeat his name....NAME! Put him over Hunter, Hardy, and Cena at mania and let him retire Flair while he's at it...He's a star"...This is the line of thinking of a typical wrestling fan, this why most are morons and make me ashame to be a fan. When a guy like Cena is getting the same treatment, that Triple H was getting a few years ago, or that JBL was getting in 2004 (after Eddie pushed for him to get the belt), despite how good they were. It makes me see crystal clear why these guys become pricks when they get too the top or try their hardest to fine something else to be succesful at like Brock and The Rock.

I hope Cena drives every one of these fans from the the industry.
Every word is the truth.

And for the record, every single "internet" wrestling smark should be thanking Cena they have something to talk about. Cena called it music to his ears, and he's right. Vince calls it money in the bank. And Philly fans boo Santa. Philly fans are some of the worst fans on the planet. They are also some of the easiest to manipulate. Perfect timing.

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