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* We see Blade looking at a Chistmas tree with gifts underneath *

Ahh my favorite holiday, 'Tis the season to be joll....well for me its Violent but it still works the same way. It is the time for giving and on Saturday i plan on handing out one hell of a beating for you Primate, this isnt the first time we have had a match and you can damn sure believe it will be worse than any we have had before. I think the time now would be to reflect back on the year i have had here in the IWO but the history says the same thing: Ive bloodied and beaten anyone who has stepped into my path in the hardcore matches i have had here in IWO. Whether it be barbed wire, table, razors, and scaffold matches it all says the same in the end, Winner and STILL Hardcore Champion - Johnny Fuckin Blade! I plan on having it say in the record books at High Stakes that Johnny Blade defeated Primate to retain the Hardcore Championship, and that my friends in a guarantee. I think i'll begin opening up some of the gifts I have here.

*Blade goes under the tree and grabs a fairly long looking box and begins to unwrap it, he now opens it*

AH HA, my good ole' buddy the barbwire bat. Ive taken this to many of my opponents and caused so much bloodshed with it, its unimaginable. Primate this will be used on you and i will make every part of bleed like it has never bled before.

* Blade picks up another box and unwraps it *

Here we have one of my favorite weapons in the entire world, no not the light tubes my good buddies but this.

*He takes the box and dumps it on the ground revealing hundreds of thumbtacks*

Heh i was in a match of these but i lost, and Primate i plan on avenging this loss and i will make you a human pin cushion, pain will be the biggest factor in our match and there will be no breaks from it as i tear you limb FROM FUCKING LIMB!IM NOT HOLDING BACK, THIS IS FOR THE HARDCORE TITLE AND THERE IS NO WAY IM LOOSING TO SOME STERIODED UP, SECOND RATE WRESTLER LIKE YOU!!!!

Primate you can say your the alpha male or whatever you like here in IWO, but its time for you to be hunted down and thats exactly what im going to do. There is no taking this belt Primate and at High Stakes you dont know what you'll be in for.

* Blade takes a set of matches from his pocket, lights the entire book on fire, and throws it into the tree causing the entire thing to go up in flames. camera focuses on fire and fades out*
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