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Default Steve's thoughts

I know you saw the Boston's thoughts politics thread but don't be scared away I am just doing a general overview of the state of PWF

Wrestling: Due to the draft it looks like the WWE wants to get off to a fresh start just in case another Monday night War may be brewing with TNA in the future I think Vince may want to be the front runner.

We still have a slight power mark vs grapple mark battle going do to the return of the WWE Legend Hulk Hogan. Some of us mark out for him and the others just want him to go away. I myself don't mind him around once and a while as long as he does not overstay has welcome. Hell In A Cell once again brought out all of the Hardcore marks due to it's showcase of wepons such as the brabed wire chair, use of a chain and of course HHH's over useage of his trademark sledgehammer.

General Wrestling of course still a Matt Hardyfest. I am guessing right now between the Spoilers and General forums there must be over 10 threads dedicated to the whole Matt/Lita/Edge saga it will be over soon once The WWE brings back Matt for one final run and completely kills all of his heat and everybody finally forgets about Matt Hardy. I also notcied many interesting **spoilers** concerning this weeks coming episode of Smackdown.

Off Topic is also starting to get some what interesting when it comes to relationships and also just straight up sex. I did get kind of argrivated will all of last weeks' Lil Jon threads but I am glad to see things are once again starting tp pick up over in the OT forum.

The Meeting Of the Minds even though I'm still banned from there I still do log out once and a while and take a look at the topics that are posted there. Once again MOTM is still ruled by Trev and Glue's right wing stronghold and anybody who goes against them gets flammed and then banned but of well. I saw an interesting left flame thread posted by ol Trev concerning Bush being compared to Hitler and I said it once before and I will say it again Bush should not be compared to Hitler because Hitler was no Bush. Also noticed many other one-sided right posts when it comes to racism and the way it's being mishandled in our country. I still think I could bring some life back into MOTM not because I am some anti-war left wing hippie but I am an INDEPENDENT voter who agress with what both sides have to say and I would not flame posters who do not agree with me 100%.

Entertainment even though the whole Micahel Jackson trial is over we still have two other pervert celebrites with will get off scott free. Mr R. Kelly and Roman Palanski both who had sex with underaged girls but R. Kelly actually got busted on video tape opposed to Michael and Roman who just have accusers. Also the recent antics by one Tom Cruise has kept the entertainment world buzzing due to his recent Oprah and Good Moring America appearances. I really don't see Katie Holmes actually going through with this whole marriage to her man Tom due to the fact I think she is smart enough to eventually realize her man might need to professional help and the she will not be able to put up with him or The Chruch of Scientology.

Graphics in my opinion the best run forum in all of PWF. No fighting, no drama and no bullshit. You ask for a banner or AV within 48 hours the lovely Monica will hook you up. Anytime I am due for a gimmick change I come to the graphics forum first and I am always satisfied with the outcome.

War Zone I brought back my old Fag-O-Meter election poll only to be currently in the lead as the most hated poster currently in PWF but I guess I was asking for I due to my whole MOTM fueds. The only other action we see is the other outspoken poster from Boston Alex in a battle that has lasted close to 2 month in a thread that originated in the OT forum.

Finally my gimmick change to Tommy Gavin. I am not only a huge fan of Dennis Leary and the show Rescue me, the name Tommy Gavin is also the name of my best friend from Massachusetts that I have known since I was 2 years old.....He will probably be the best man at my wedding when it happens and I will be his best man.

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