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Default DYNASTY presents:THE TRUTH Response

HERE it is all out on the fucking table. Go against my team you're go against me...PERIOD.

Rock you came out dissing "MY DYNASYTY" After i've made it clear i had no fucking beef with you. I never have, but the little shit about you making me famous. Every poster here knows thats a fucking lie, I made my self the night SC called his self banning me. And the mods and super mods begged for me to be brought back.I made people tap in that fucking zone my self. And Rock i even defended you when people said you got your style from me.But i'll let you know just like i'm letting everybody else know. If you want a war With THE FUCKING TRUTH...THE FUCKING LEADER of this Fucking Board let me know.And i'll accept point blank.And that goes for any fucking body else on this board...And Marbles gave me this idea...When you war with me now...A tap out means you get the fuck off my boards period.

Stonecold you come out crying a fucking river about people bashing you. When the only reason they do is because your biased. You play favorites. Now your little feelings are hurt..Tough, Grow thicker skin. You made this fucking bed now lay in it...Dont cry like bitch, be a fucking man own up to your mistakes.

You see People this is not going away...I've been tested today, now i'm testing mother fuckers. If anyone of you want a war with me. Pm me, call me out, do what ever. But realize i'm the fucking man on this board. I set the standard here, and you dont have to like it, but you'll deal with it any fucking way...All i'm saying is stay the fuck out of my business and every thing will be cool. Get in my way you'll go down just like everyone else...I'm the King of these boards...PERIOD


I was called out twice today...OT mods this was my response...If it turns to a flame fest move it to Warzone...But since their 2 open here with my name being misused...It's only fair mine stays.

So my question is...Do you have a proplem with me?

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