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People really need to put this whole Edge/Lita/Hardy thing behind them. It was 8 years ago!. Lita has suffered enough for one stupid mistake she made which was cheating(FYI millions do it every day).

When Lita was with Matt Hardy they were an on screen couple too. Along with Jeff they were Team Extreme. Such a unique stable that had awsome chemistry & matches. Lita used to compete with the men and was so damn popular.

She made a mistake by cheating on Matt for Edge. Who knows why she did it. Ever since then she has been punished. WWE turned her heel & made her character into a complete WHOR?. The crowd would constantly call her such horrible names. She even said in an interview that she was walking her dog on a day off when a man ran up to her an gave her verbal abuse for cheating on Matt. Whats worse is WWE using her personal life as a storyline on TV just to make some $$$.

After all the bashing she got from WWE and people in reality no wonder she chose to leave WWE. And did they give her a proper send of match like Trish? NO. They made her lose the title to Rookie Mickie James and then have Cryme Tyme come out and degrade her. Sad. I respect Lita/Amy Dumas for putting up with it all.

People need to remember her for all her amazing accomplishments and how much she has done. She stood out from the typical Diva. She was a punk/rock/metal fan and a luchagor style wrestler. No other woman possessed the high flying moves Lita could do.

And as for the thing with Punk. Beth left him for Adam. Then Amy got back with Punk.

Nuff said. Peace, dude
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