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Default Who the hell is MONDAY NIGHT RAW hiring these days?

First you have the Big Show calling Shamus a "Ginger" then Alberto is being told he doesnt belong in america cause hes an illegal immigrant!? I know what your going to say. "Its called acting". But still some of the ignorant are bringing up the racial end of the stick. Uncalled for. I like watching Raw but if the show keeps heading down the way its going, im jumping off. I watch Raw for FUN, ENTERTAINMENT, not for some @sshole to make fun of someones gender. Even in the "Be a star" they were trying to raise the awerness of bullying. Now im not saying im seeing NOR hearing bullying, but the racial crap thats being said. It has nothing to do with RAW itself. If im being to antie about this say so but is there anyone out there who SERIOUSLY disagrees? If anything i miss the OLD MONDAY NIGHT RAW cause you had all the good and true wrestlers that knew respect, not wonna be's trying to put different genders in their place. Am i wrong to feel wrong?

And with all the kids ive seen that are hearing makes you wonder how they are picturing this.
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