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Default hery mrs. taylor

hey man i think you thought i was mad but im not I learned to understand that some people have their special needs like you so lets look through the glass and find out how i got up your moms ass this is how it happend just like this so listen up BITCH you may learn some shit

so there i was mowing my grass and i felt here eyes all on my ass so i go inside to make a call and there she is with a titty hagging out here bra well one thing led to a nother the next thing you know im BUT FUCKING YOUR MOTHER please dont hate me i like to but fuck your mother but what should i do with a hick like you i could chop you up silly and feed you to your ant milly but what about your sister that stupid hoe what to do with her well i let you know once you get the fist out here hole she be fucking bitches you dont see that you cant get a women your a FREAK take a look at the bathroom look at your mom she anit aint straight she in the world straight hoeing i would grap a fucking gun and tell everyone to get doen if i wanted somthing because i am a real nigger and we do real things but unlike you who fuck your enmmy;s in the ass when they catch them i i took a sniff of your mother clit then i turned and hit here everytime you look at a funarul line or at a wake think to your self real fast how did this happen you problay think i am respnible because i have a fucking dangours crew bitch well i was i would kill you if i had the chance so never forget i am here and you are there your lucky for that and i think you should thank god for that because i would fucking kill you i wish your mother would have had a abortion i stil be pimping and thuging unlike your bitch ass you
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