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I don't really care if he's a good guy in real life or not but his wrestling sucks and his gimmick is so old and boring it's hard to watch. He's not funny, his jokes are poorly written and he does the same 4 moves at the end of every match for the last 5+ years and wins 99% of the time. He's really boring to me and has no charisma and no wrestling ability and is just for the kiddies and that's why people don't like him. I could care less how wrestlers are in real life as long as they are talented in the ring and very charismatic and and can do entertaining promos. It's about entertainment and having wrestling ability and to tell you the truth I would rather watch paint dry then watch any John Cena match, that's how boring Cena is to watch. Also I don't give a sh*t what some 8 year old likes or the children that watch WWE, it's not a kid show and kids shouldn't be watching anyway. I don't like kids so I don't care if little Jimmy's love him.

So do you realize why people can't stand John Cena in the WWE?
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